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Susan Slusser: A's could have "one of the greatest bullpens of all time"

Feb 18, 2014|

Our A's insider from the Chronicle brought up what new pitcher Jim Johnson brings to the club, and what she expects from Yoenis Cespedes in 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nobody and I mean nobody covers the days better than our days insider right here on 95 point seven a game from the San Francisco chronicle Susan's lesser joins us here. On -- here -- -- -- linking Kennedy sit and and for -- you curse as Suzanne how is life so far started out down at probably a part in Phoenix municipal. Grant that are currently in testing and I actually right now they cactus league that they at all. Ever -- an actor and I just it's the kind of up now the attic in you know Utah now. And other terrorists and GM in the American League. And they rave about the and that got the speed. That -- entered an Angel GM just told me that basic. It's not even -- out ways to counter what the eight at. That that's how did that -- are now the other team in the division currently am trying to figure out what we're here. -- A lot of grit a lot of bright spots for the green and go Susan I wanna know how is Josh -- prepared to bounce back after the sported season. It could have a little way I am not sure you know you got to be in it I'm not sure he's -- it out on either count he went on. You don't know and for the season you know -- and -- every -- sport so keep weight on. If he can't eat the little congress -- -- the help them. The main camp at that restrict how they can't keep it really impacted at all people last year and that can actually. You know we'll see it but first my opportunities and it's going to be -- -- you know whether you know the year beat or that. Redick -- kind of a drop from the back and app that would help me out here I think the first -- in here we'll get -- yet -- better. Every training camp every spring training it doesn't matter which sport is always a little different from the last one and. Being down their last year's Susan there was -- a quiet confidence about DA's. You know they got it done in 2012 on the last day of the year loss to the tigers but they went into 2013 San -- or not a fluke this was real. Now that they've won back to back AL west titles. What's the feeling about this team being around them for this spring training. -- that they you know they have made changes in the but the line treatments that national lottery turning and then look at the starting pitchers. And -- who -- pride and they are young but they've all gotten another year experience. Or advocate for regular on -- ball and -- couple -- you know not only beauty in a couple of the -- -- out at incredibly valuable player out there. You only get better I think it feel like. What -- got my back and then a petition did it all and which I'm -- about welcome -- -- it could be one of the great bulk and while I'm -- makes a very the but that. You know -- -- around puck out he was practically. You know go occurring just that it you know them they added. Prisoners let it make -- -- big. Acquisitions including canal not gonna be neat to Asia is -- need and it. Susan I got to ask you -- from an outsider looking in what do you think there is need to do well or better this year to take that next step. Well I think it could be just a thing. I mean adding a book -- irons. It doesn't just impact the book and which it got it in those other young starters maybe not hot chili. -- eat any vacant or maybe you're. At the end of the year. Last year care cart -- pretty gassed and you know you both alleys in the result used. Griffin definitely account where India. Can happily and -- and I think our Richard I'm not merely that pitcher's defense. And I think that's gonna root for number -- different. -- And I agree it can't -- -- then it's close very heated -- about -- and one that -- hypocrisy but that. Your mind and if you remember were not let them a lot of the American League that can't that are quarterback that your -- -- -- about -- -- They cut them more out in that area -- could go along way to a ground ball pitcher Matt. Back could be. That that Arctic. -- insider from the San Francisco Chronicle's -- -- lesser joins us -- view current -- 95 point seven a game linking Kennedy and for rebuke her. And Susan -- an assessment is his journey far different from most major league baseball players and his first two years in the big leagues. Kind of been all over the place in his third year with his family secure. He's got the money he has experience he's been the playoffs two years what are your expectations of this of the Cuban in left field for 2014. Why don't believe. I'd hate that guy that can get them a monster -- and the talent and meet you come in and right and -- and other add it up and wait out the utility edit out cookies on my. You know trainer little that I am that man work. -- -- -- You know at the expert and McCain really that. -- and it's like kind of thing. The only motive at key. 81 -- last year a cute you know compared. Attention from the front -- that -- under wins at that grade. That's not what he wants to be known or acting up -- to take heed to another level when it comes to a seat in the area this year you want to -- And I think you'll have a big and a back that -- really like come on an -- -- -- -- can -- -- to get more contact. Better contact. -- the average amount based marketer number. His rookie season when he that he -- get. On base I'm not -- the car there. He was such a better -- more -- an all around threaten public UT Martin because. You know he had -- popular way and get on I I think that. -- -- -- the last one for me is is -- this ought to be enough better to we have as a self analysis missive from his team's batting. Lined up to move to may be and a little bit more power to really make them on a more viable threat and -- are. Spend a lot of time about that I honestly I would not have minded team and pick up at. Clearly what they thought -- -- -- and where we're -- -- under. Or at -- you get guys to didn't cops it make a bigger impact with the no I would like to you know -- that I'm -- at. Okayed you know and I -- payroll team. That probably ethnic you don't get that are out there now in Korea and I want my -- -- kind of expect. You know that that would make them a much more a threat there but that can't you know that we have the way I would articulate that -- that app. Really think it's like they're ramping it up on the term. So we'll see and you know I'm out there but maybe they need that and the aggregate it would. You're the best -- -- did -- Susan saucer RA is insider right here on 95 point seven a game.

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