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Eric Allen thinks the Raiders need a QB "first and foremost"

Feb 18, 2014|

The former Raiders CB gave his thoughts on what the Raiders need to do before the 2014 season, and discussed his experiences in the NFL locker room

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You guards -- 95 point seven game. And of course we always love having him on the program Eric Allen joins us. Of course good buddies with my man linking Guinea who's villain interview -- Eric thank you so much for taking the time -- -- -- all week. I like that he appreciate it hey you know you for point one my priest. I try to. You have people may not know this but three San Diego guys during this interview Al grew up around each other Eric Eric. I hate to start. Out like this mean you rather be talking about the upcoming draft in the com buying and you know we get the raiders taken at number five but. The Jonathan Martin reaching -- -- -- and the whole thing since the wells report came out just the disaster. Down there in Miami. Now we know from the wells report how that went down what are your feelings about what happened there in South Florida. Well first of all the dynamic in the locker room -- unlike anything. In sports rhetorically or industrial locker room that you. You have to have balls 53 guys. Tablets since together and it's a brotherhood and whenever you have disruptions. In that it. In that family. -- -- he was gonna suffer people gonna suffer jobs are going to be lost you know obviously it went terribly wrong. Down to Miami I happen to start off maybe trying to give Jonathan Morton. Well. You. Physical nature to be able to -- the outline and be able you all were called Dole's adversity in the old bad games -- bad please split as we all know we -- now it went terribly wrong so I don't think there's going to be this spot. This year. Four in -- eagle. It it may be -- into the season. So no remorse over sole. -- -- -- downstairs. In hopes that he can you get over the hall of played -- caliber team. -- the -- -- on the other airport Morton I'm not sure you've got to be a guy that you could really count on because that they. When you start to question I've got passionate. Deploy to gain I think that's worked really resulted from I think there's -- issues their queues of people you guys. But for different reasons are gonna have a very difficult time getting back on the football field any time soon. You know Eric it was it was reported that coach turn -- its line coach had asked some of his other office -- and help make Jonathan Martin tougher now I think we can that we can agree that we've been asked my coaches to work with other players. But have you ever heard anything so -- -- in your life for coach -- go and I ask a young man to make another man CD make it tougher. In -- to -- The one being the most important to admit. -- you gonna make another man -- I'd never. Herb that you always heard OK you know what would you rule with this guy is -- power professional. -- about it. You know we were all in the situation where we -- -- patron and we had to try to school -- youngster. In Philadelphia story Carter came from a situation. Where he needed little direction and you just want to make sure to keep on time for the meetings understood. With the walker role in the -- -- -- -- about veterans their point in Oakland patrols with it yet so many young guys that we need to it. Kick out the cast so we can be very productive pulled four -- but that Bobby professional or anything about sort of guy. Know what toughness it's. How do you make it got a tougher I mean that's just ridiculous how the coaching staff would put that on another player. In knowing the background. -- -- -- -- knowing he'd been kicked out of universities and change it wanted to go to a guy like that I mean this. Really just over steps your your boundaries as a -- in a National Football League in the end the project would care law. Six time Pro Bowl selection Eric Allen former raider joins us you see him on ESPN right here he's joining us on view current -- and Eric. When I look at that situation. And you know how the NFL and they filled abouts in protecting players on the field. You know that they're now going to be looking into the locker rooms and now with Michael Sam coming out gonna be the first openly gay player to go into the draft they're going to be worried. How his situation goes how do you think the NFL is going to govern locker rooms going forward. Well I think it -- Really I apply. Of your merit -- -- -- coming up in being comfortable -- with who -- is to be able to announce that. Soul. Close to be trapped -- a week. Incorrect -- situation. -- will help that dynamic in the locker happen delete what have more book presents. An understanding. Of what goes on in day to day -- not talk about you know it as far as you know -- a fish halts New York but he every once every single scene have to be held accountable for what happened in -- our mat stamp war I think it's gonna be a lot the year. -- what the law school dynamics to be more. Outlook. And in something that will be positive. And young men -- -- which will be and I think this is maybe the only positive. To come out of this situation is now every eighteen. Need to be responsible every head coach GM needs to be responsible for the people they bring in not locker room and what happens over the course you can. EA back in the day we used to police ourselves and we had guys -- -- -- magnetic -- mature respectable guys at every position. And every part of the team that that can handle things internally. In all my time to deal with broadcasts and I've never heard much talked about that whatever happened to those days for a. What you know what Lincoln as a great court in last week over the over the past may be seven or eight years. There's really bared 88 emphasis on younger teens and we don't will exceed. The group well every group. -- to -- quarterback running back receiver I didn't have like -- veteran guy. You know we really don't see that is much anymore I mean the veteran guys nowadays -- -- several years. You know when we were playing. You know we had guys who were in the thirteenth fourteenth year that you could look at the roster of teams being -- you William Thomas is ready to. Got to keep our. Thirteen years twelve years fourteen years and -- bit around the league and we've seen guys. You know were ordered -- products were able to pass a lot of that -- -- -- -- from. Walk went to mark went from got a guy -- they had a great understanding that not just. How you conduct yourself in the locker room what you look like history about the league about you know how things change on -- Fortunately we'll meet arched a lot of Philadelphia it's just so phenomenal that you players like Reggie White course. You know ships ordered quite slim inspired evidence mean -- guys were mere. And when you came into the locker room you have to respect. The law school there -- certain things inside the law school that never left and we kind of control and police ourselves because we knew was spot for dolls were going to be able -- hand out that lots sold yet. I spoke to see it anymore because the league it's going to a more bright younger league veteran now and eight -- you -- -- pretty early so. I give up making you a weak cheese. Guys get back to their -- Point in time when there were true victory in the -- -- really cared about the legion in cared about leading the league a little bit better -- round. Well I know both you guys care about the raiders and the raiders future and Eric they're gonna have to just over sixty million. To -- at this offseason. How do you want to see the red raiders are Reggie McKenzie go about changing their entire roster this offseason. Well I think we have to kind of go back a little bit before we are talking in the way we're in the late in our Enrique got here before me. How we kind of turned around -- quarterback position. I think what rich yet he came in you know week we had a great ride yet back -- receivers but. In jolt we got a quarterback we will be depended on. And who really understood what blows syndicate to be successful I think you're still saying I think the raiders need to find a way to really. It behind a quarterback in whoever that guy to pick in the draft free agency you don't find away to -- quarterback and that's first wobbles were there. Did you start to look how -- we help this quarterback there we need to find a way to really rally around good guy who's gonna be able to. Service that they are sort like Aleks Maric. All of them -- by the Dodd is going to be a dominant player that makes players around him better softly that's key number bought. It and your comedy that guy so you gotta we gotta find a way to get a shut down corner I mean the raiders always. Economic guy you know what it would -- -- much -- for Charles -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now see that got lost right now -- Goodyear between -- great quarterback got to do is keep going got to. Quarterback didn't got to get a quarter to get the ball back for. We are or were you in the free agent market we have lunch on over the facility as senate though we were close woman talking about you come in there. And I've never got a chance express bridge remark -- wanted to know what was it you know we never did talk about what put children it's up to come play for us over -- did a free. Well you know what that is -- it's a great time which were the only time did you feel like you're truly in control of a war you've got to go and that got a lot of responsibility. To take and I was able to do it twice actually wants regroup a little Buick which Portland. They of course want from ward to Oakland and the wanting you wanna do it is you wanna be able to cashing in on background you know beyond -- wanna -- -- it. That you won out -- ability to be our guide a place for a quality football. -- the rubble must -- in -- -- as promised me everything under the sun. It -- it didn't happen so I was so excited. To be able Q -- the way too much output and I'll look with one reason why I wore 21 -- we would let so. We're going through bit mixed today. I remember going to Oakland it's saying it. We were struggling to Portland. And we'd -- -- got so. How I got to make their transition to come to Oakland it after sitting down talking with you. Talking to -- And -- well. And understanding what direction biblical epic that was really what the selling point was the direction the key goal. And then the final conversation with mr. Davis. -- that this -- what I need to be a little closer all the people from India become open checked me out to win the silver black playing with guys like -- and they're gonna Google while they told we bought sold Lipton. Eric turner was a great shape the they have to -- Witten got market for a new range from. The world to play with -- it sold the building blocks repair. To be able Kabul -- -- great Roland. What. Overwhelming. Selling point ballistic I -- the locker room that vision for the future gruden and of course -- -- Well not only were you a phenomenal player would you turn into a phenomenal broadcaster who loved ones on ESPN I love your -- ESPN radio. And we really appreciate the -- would be well we'll catch up so. Every -- guy went well thanks very.

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