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Rich Gannon believes this is a big offseason for Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen

Feb 18, 2014|

The former Raiders MVP QB talked about how the Raiders front office needs to look at free agency, and why the talent around the QB's shaped the identity of Pryor and McGloin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well that chemistry that you guys had is -- the reasons why you were so successful and he now joins us. Former raiders in BP four time pro bowler Rich -- right here on view current town he was linking Kennedy stepping in for Rick -- your -- say -- year old teammate. What a treat for me and I can't. Do it anyway you've told the pleasure of on the -- and he would become artists that are gonna have a core of your credit card spectacular not to Indianapolis tomorrow. In -- get a chance to look at some of these young prospects include those young quarterback. Yeah a -- or try to talk about how deep this draft is going to be I I know we we hear that every so often but. And you're not what you -- -- how you would she studied again how you study the game how deep do you think this is distract is over. All. Ought to count -- group I think you look at the depths that you key positions that make you look on the -- -- ball. I'm not so sure you look at the quarterbacks are witnesses -- was very. That supports star I think there's some booted candidates certainly ritual or Louisville -- man itself. Blake portals from central slaughter probably can't read that. -- it all these -- has to have some of that concern but it. Are you look at the principal line and and you know that some linebackers some really rock creek -- secondary it's -- overall recount the collapse. Rich do you really get a feel on them or new position of quarterback from these colleges because a lot of these spreads. Don't necessarily transcend on the next level the pro level -- kind of hard to evaluate future well -- in your gardens or guys like that gorgeous phenomenal athletes. What you've been a great point and you started to drop and the -- figure out there on the expert and so what Simon regard. I had a Robert -- are mostly they're part of the day of the -- -- -- -- in your current single grip in the economy and to try to give back the work on the -- you're back. And high school so yet to be part of it only. The running -- limited what you're gonna and so much to these guys have learned to play and share their work bowl couple troll -- Think the biggest stated these your struggle that there protections in college. A lot of programs have ample protections -- -- a prelude here you know he's got a a boatload of protection you've got five man protection -- -- Seven. -- -- You know it gets very complicated -- And there are a number one so you know that people -- the protection you -- learn you know because you don't choose so much more. Are complex -- in the vs as a coal pollution property in the challenged about Cordoba about the amount of address live. Get a joins us he joined mr. out the football season is great to have my again -- -- former teammate linking Kennedy and rich I had Johnny man's cell just when you talk about Johnny. There's some people think this guy could be greatness there's other people think this guy's going to be horrible we're here in France harking to an ordinary Doug Flutie. I -- both ends of the spectrum on how good do you think he's going to be thirty UA -- Like -- but I have concern. And my concern really aren't the district of popular issues and maturity level of those type of thing. I think he's got the read it upon not that I'm talking about the footwork and talk about three for Greg eager -- -- typical. German code there to a little removable because he'd be able to run wild card Google training. Kind of add that a lot and her -- where -- fell one point out. Shall earlier. Going to be very difficult appropriately community at the goal or it -- -- -- part that dropped them a real impact. That he would you know where he could accept. You know how good our beloved backed out of all the different -- -- -- -- as a client in the tackle position -- worker unit and it. Predicated -- timing and rhythm and does this make you. You can't run around at this level local. About weapons they're concerned a little bit. You know he reminds me well -- -- it's play clinically well -- Are numbered years met Jeff Garcia he's got that that body type you know not strict woke to -- crowd he's. He's chemistry. -- competitive. He's like that Timex watch he can't take public -- drop kicking that that is. It and you know I got opt -- -- option in the pocket and I think that's what you all are on now last year you'll be. The apocalypse survival that the minute. That's set he would order may incident there -- As a pocket quarterback. -- shall we do that. Rich figure Terrelle Pryor -- quarterback so it's obvious raiders need a quarterback but it's it's very risky especially play quarterback -- free agency. You're one of those rare days it took an opportunity to the make the best of your chance. I remember what -- -- given keys in the car you took and ran with it of course rest is history. Would you assess from the freezer quarterbacks and was available for the draft what do you think the raiders' best option -- -- -- I think it Utica. Got a pretty good sense of what area have. In the quarterbacks this I think the -- they're pretty prepared to root for wired pretty good bet. On it. I would love about it at the boat and got what they did lots and and it got pretty good to have to look at other side. Quarterback out there pre gentlemen -- stroke on it got pretty good sense of who know -- or natural are again be gathered. I cattle like out there treat your article that the writer's block want to just probably equal equal short. I think you'll benefit from being consistent and -- motor vocal career -- so. -- -- broke free agent class. I think when you look at the threat. Wake up and said I agree -- -- and you look up or. So concerned articulate it. Yeah you know you look at any bridge well undersized guy and so -- and -- public morals. You know he's got to wait to go a lot of things in the he'd be fine. Same with their car. You look at -- car. The protection community in the senate seat can be pretty expect the guy. After cart opener -- better cup as you'd struggle. You know our. I think he'll look at all and the that's truly regret so you know and the other thing that we need to keep that while we talk about the Oakland Raiders -- -- to a guy like Terrelle -- he needed -- like you're peaking at Dubai so that it has become on the back running -- need more production barely get that last -- the -- on the order. To get better hide in the wide receiver. I mean when you when you look at the raiders. It opens it and not a single single global there and that's the problem and I don't hear what quarterback you bring here is that you got they have. You'll do you evaluate their prisoners and also got a virus going around I want to Oakland. You know I -- Oakland I had him brown and it would out here. You're right -- -- get -- reporter Eric Green yet you know we -- Rickey Dudley. On you bring in an equally good credit but it really. He had an -- the line that was cute and got even better and and then because we have some facts that game -- -- Apparel Wheatley and -- garner mean you look at the power. Leila compared with Terrelle Pryor about uncle -- had and -- -- close. Well you just said there's not a whole lot out there in free agency and the raiders have more money then really anybody's ever had any over sixteen million. How should Reggie McKenzie go about spending that money if it's a week's free agent class. I think you -- got to be -- and got to be marked a terrible that the problem could get picked over -- You've got to have plan say importantly you've got to look at what you party got on the -- you don't look at -- -- that your mother come creep into the draft. Combination of all. But I think intuitively capital I think I don't think other makes no sent the throw money at it as it. Player -- he -- at quarterback and these are the panel linebacker great deliberative. Because you feel you got the money than. I'd much prefer -- -- and Internet it is you know. Have that philosophy where you can draft and develop young players naturally going to be key to all her except now here here's the challenge. It doesn't -- In -- original against it and you are responsible for -- land. In two seasons what do you suppose you're gonna do. Also Mike painter you know all of you were hot seat but look nickel or twelve again it here at all put more call -- together and -- and that money. -- -- -- -- epic commitment helped win that game helped -- get that -- may that and go back but mark if they need to look where where we're trending in the right direction. We're okay. And that that could be account an epic -- spectacle that part -- come -- It's when I look back a lot of our glory years one thing that stood out as we had a system that every player was on our roster -- office. Or conducive and able to manipulate make the best out of this day and -- just seems like the systems are followed by the wayside because as you mentioned either administration's. Or just right chemistry coach and that they don't have the patience or wherewithal to do a whole week you talk about coaching. He talked about being impatient how difficult it is a -- from you over the broadcast decides to see eighteen just. Wait just take your time be patient before they pull the plug a coach. Well you're right lately haven't done it and been so much terminal there and Oakland whether -- quarterback record coordinator and coach -- can't do that article were trapped -- on the -- You know you really look at what they did last year and when you compare to what we hear the late ninety's were 2002 -- -- -- -- -- -- In terms of the complexity. And diversity in terms are -- -- should you -- to propel you to do. You know you'll work on call to replace -- Academically and -- pick up protections. In killer and it. See they weren't able to do not reflect the critical because they're quick break though you know come from that background and has vector signal out. It -- that you're starting what -- -- fire for our lawyer. What -- were able do that and that of course rookie of you know figured culture needed yours you know in the world well now so. I mean -- that they would be able -- Ortiz took the silent into the hollow and in you know this have to live -- -- -- -- are over -- the team in Denver and San Diego and Green Day with the quarterbacks are callable couple police protection. Because they wanted to make sure of the quarterback if they would given that quite possible -- -- about four back -- it see what they can implement that are. Rich get a joins us your view appearance -- 95 point seven a game linking Kennedy in today for Rick puke her and rich you know when you start thinking about. Quarterbacks and contracts it's the number one position the guy is going to get paid at some point here. It looks like down there for they Carolina Panthers at they're gonna start doing negotiations. With Cam Newton. How much -- -- -- nick and his camp be watching those negotiations. All right big -- coldly you know I think that you know these players is there and really you know. Played really good football particularly you know the last you know obviously. Africa -- out here when you look at the body work a lot. Very few months and -- -- pretty impressive army to accept the deal goes to liberty duke and they'll -- and you know the oil. And because while. I think that you know he's gonna get it -- be patient it. As does candidate have a look at them a lot more money in the first overall pick of the draft. But remember now and it -- in the year after aircraft forget that the -- archer had a late you know but he he made about what he he paid about 50%. Less than in the narrated and -- in the first of -- overall pick your report but regardless. You know I think did you know he couldn't -- and ignited -- -- against the will begin to talk about contract that in the cryptic about and then and that felt that he improvement from you know and I think of and it really president Al he's matured and the -- the leader couple -- -- in the capital gains. You -- what is bottom line with a tally of of course cute you're immortal of the last twelve games and big -- why. We'll play at Camden. Rich or got to ask you about the colleague -- for making and he is growth not a quarterback what impressed you the most what she -- so far out of his short career. Well like every good thing that I've been impressed with is that. You know goal you'd been very patient I think they're you know you look at at -- occurred last year than you'd try to dependable. Try to record. You know the wildcat but a vote -- compared -- -- And I thought oh great principle of -- we -- like recruit beat on the one thing that could vote for -- and then. And then of government terrible -- mean you know really good because. From Baghdad that under the clear. How he played in the big gain meaningful game and you look at you know is former cougar. I'm really hurt your quarter a year ago -- people who boldly looked a lot. After Gordon Campbell went well he created a report out union. I think it would build credit with with how this guy has performed. And you'd like to think that he's going to get better I think -- even get better. At a very adult and about the pupil who will think through not the same -- in your quarterback like there. You know these -- Gardner spent a lot of time. You'll make it short. You know you know you know world -- and and yeah that's that's what they do it and I think he doesn't have got a good job of that effort. Grateful to the -- -- need to better you really. He's really the only job and then make your decision yet on it on talent and he's accurate he's -- well. Rich always great stuff loving having you on the program enjoy the off season and every so often were going to be checked it in Libya. Our record epic here my that the group now we'll have probable right tackle him there. -- -- While I appreciate original Marlins were protective brother got to -- -- right to. Take area it's a theory not a good dude he is hands.

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