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Paul Gutierrez says the Raiders will go after a playmaker with the #5 pick

Feb 18, 2014|

The Raiders reporter for brought up one veteran QB who could be a fit in Oakland, and why the team won't look for a QB early in the draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest is my favorite UNLV. Running rebel of all time. And he covers the raiders for Paul Gutierrez joins us here on different I linking Kennedy Paul -- do and a night. General and I'm doing well in -- belated happy president's state mister Lincoln Kennedy. Thank you sir I do appreciate it hey why they held an -- of the day off yesterday Lincoln. Because I don't no longer then president in charge. Paul there's a lot to give in to what do you think is the number one thing that thing that you look at the most whether it's the draft free agency. What are you look as a number one thing when you're covering the raiders this off season. You know I think it's kind of a checklist thing especially with the way the team is situated right now with the more than sixty million dollars in in cap space with a full allotment of draft -- -- they don't have a fifth rounder from the Matt -- trade but the you have set to seventh rounder from the Carson Palmer tournament. But the first thing they have to do is what we entered yesterday these these franchise -- seasons so to speak and figure out what they're gonna do. In house with their own eighteen freeagent then and it Lincoln said earlier to me priority number one it is getting -- or -- -- resigned. Number two 18 it is LaMarr Houston. In any kind of work from there whether it's Charles Woodson Tracy Porter Rashad Jennings and you just kind of work your way there because they want to know who you have on your own roster coming back. Then you going to free agency. And when you start addressing those holes there. Getting that that for the typical edge rusher and knowing -- either way he kind of handled it happened and all the money he really trying to make a big splash. Like. The guys that are up a few more kind of like a Jared -- somebody like that. And then you know what you have -- the -- into the -- from there. You know when I had when I think about it when you have just as much money as the raiders have to span it's always a -- no matter what you know what the record that they -- -- where -- -- Titles possible free agents are trying to get the big cash payday. So who or what are some pitfalls that Reggie has to be where wary he can't really go out their side. You know I Jared Allen or other guys to really big money off the back my pain and hope to get the best out of that right. Exactly and that's that that the danger there at the other flip side of that coin -- in his what do you have to appeal to these guys these. I made a big payday because they just come for the payday that you're not gonna get there ultimate effort right so in the -- -- Al Davis with a draw you know you besides the money out. Obviously if you become and you get it at at the -- in the developing potentially you could speak at better than I could but you could listen -- the history of football history of the NFL. Now recchi got to walk a fine line between promising these guys an opportunity to restart this legendary. Frank the mystique of everything here without getting suckered. For the big payday and in knowing -- background you know use of the Green Bay Packers they weren't -- -- paying a lot of -- go to the guys in the and as Reggie himself that just because of that money in my pocket that would mean I have to spend it on junk. Good point. And I think about the sales job what is -- say you've been around the raiders a long time what is the sales job for the raiders. I think that did exactly that you guys have an opportunity to come in here you're gonna have a lot of playing time and you and have a an opportunity to turn this thing around. In in short order because that's what they have to do you guys were talking earlier. With -- and in you know they go forward twelve and I think that's lights out and and Mark Davis looks somewhere else and and whether that's fair or not. That is the big business of the NFL. So the the draw is -- to appealed it to the players. Side of wanting to make some history and to do some things. You know in the stadium not the greatest stuff of stadiums in the NFL. The team hasn't had a winning season since 2002 obviously. So there's a lot of things here that if you wanna be part of something. That's the way you do it. I believe that when when the late great Al Davis was alive his philosophy as far as players and coaches that if I put the best players on the field. A five year old can coach a tour championship game. Now the that this dynamic in play of of college athletes have changed a little bit since then. But more than that more importantly systems. Where players can really thrive are I mean are hard to come by. And when I say that because if you quickly pull the plug on Dennis -- -- coaches staff every coach brings it useful lists for the new philosophy. Do you have do you put yourself behind the eight ball of deal with a -- we have a roster what Japan and maybe not have a coach that's hasn't system conducive. To the players you have on your roster. When I think that's one of the bigger questions facing Dennis Allen as. When he was hired two years ago first time -- head coach at any level he was basically given the keys to to the friends do which you think you need to do here. And he went out and and to meet one of the biggest mistake he made that first year. Was changing the opposite you know he put in an opposite he's not. -- the personnel and he brought back to zone blocking scheme which did not work for Darren McFadden now McFadden got hurt again but but that's neither here nor there -- -- dispatch unit had a tough time trying to to make Terrelle Pryor. Do that. Prototypical. Drop back offense that they wanted to run and you saw how much. Smoother -- with -- blowing so I think that. Bigger challenges there as well as out of it figure out exactly what players to bring in and then is -- -- gonna be. Flexible enough to change. His personality too if it plays at the disposal and that's exactly what Al Davis that there he brought the players and and the coaching staff had a pretty much adjust to what they accounts there's still levels were. Paul Gutierrez covers the raiders for He joins us here Buchanan -- Downey. 95 point seven a game -- hearing about the raiders and the number five -- Yeah you know with insisting there's we have the talent with Reggie -- -- the season he kind of read between the lines and keep you. Start looking and reading visits over black tea leaves for the beacon and he just kept going back to this one. This one phrase he was talking about he wanted a playmaker now which which nineteen wouldn't wanna play maker right at number five. But but I guess I got the sense they did he did not wanna go with the quarterback at number five. He wanted to see -- -- -- that pass -- need or get a receiver but then again if you get a -- Lockett is gonna put on the ball so that's where I'm looking at a number five he just -- somebody that's a playmaker can get things done I like that a lot in the lot and he talked about it earlier county. He's kind of of ordinary it's more 2.0 I guess you could say. But. Really see them going for -- playmaker there in building the rest of the team around the quarterback. And then getting just kind of a veteran guy in there to kind of bridged the gap until they're ready related take that next step. Well you mentioned veteran quarterback my next question ball was going everywhere quarterback if -- veteran who who'll. -- might fit the mold please all in the Michael Vick turnover machine I don't know if I wanna be who fits that mold. Yeah I am I'm not a big Michael's expense for several reasons besides just the on the field stuff anyway but that's neither here nor there. I you know what I got I haven't. Even going the route in this again it just kind of trying to read Reggie mind here a little bit somebody like a Josh McCown somebody who's been around had a little. Little bit of success bring him back he knows what the landscape as. Somebody like -- Matt Cassel. Somebody like in this vacuum I've kind of been promoting out there and and have written about a couple times and it's been. I've been kind of yelled and lap -- other people -- good idea wait for the New York Jets to cut Mark Sanchez and then let him come back in he's still relatively young. He took the -- that to me if -- title games early in his career and he would benefit greatly from the change of -- getting out of New York coming back to California. And that it oh yeah he also reunite with the the raiders quarterbacks coach John that the political who had -- in New York when it was a rookie. Has interest -- I guess seal a bugle and -- -- your my. Thought I'd drive my car off the -- At least I thought salesman knows. -- -- in business on the silent. But yet they keep in mind you guys his. Is Josh Freeman now I'm not necessarily advocating that but. Greg goals in the -- -- -- -- coordinator -- Tampa Bay and that's when Freeman had. It is most success in the NFL in Greg -- in the big fan of but Josh Freeman as well. All I gotta ask you now because he's a first round talent that's what he -- and I get into this at duke -- all the time he's a first round talent. Greg Olsen had a his best Joseph -- goals and but but the question is. It is great goals and vouching for him with the raiders do you know. Not -- about informed but I do know that when we asked him about Freeman during the regular season he did not hold anything back. And he was he was very very complimentary of him and like we did it was very said the team in this situation in Tampa -- so. What's going on behind closed doors I could imagine that he could be advocating port because as we've seen we in his Lincoln mentioned earlier. We know exactly the raiders know. To the degree what they -- -- -- -- what they haven't dropped -- and there's a reason -- an unsigned Trent Edwards to come any kind of be a little bit of a mentor in the offseason as well. Well -- -- -- what's the future Paul of those two players about McGwire's -- prior to keep -- roster what hurt them too. But yet you're taking up another roster spot if you wanna have bring in a veteran quarterback and develop a future star behind him. Yeah I was a betting man and as as Tony mentioned earlier I -- go to UNLV. I would say that Matt McCoy has a better chance -- -- on the Russians control prior again. But he on -- -- -- -- -- apprentice at the wrong things at me. But it reading that the team lead -- being with and the talented and talent made a point to say that he thought the men going at the future on the team. He didn't say any such thing about -- prior. They always great stuff we appreciated and I know you've covered the green angle for a while the FDA's we're in the west for the third straight year. Absolutely and I'm hoping that they can finally winning game five. That's what I'm talking about I'm -- that's probably disown. I don't think -- and years from ESPN.

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