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Howard Beck says there may be a lot of NBA trade chatter, but probably few moves by the deadline

Feb 18, 2014|

Howard Beck, Senior NBA writer for Bleacher Report, joins Scott and Zak to talk possible NBA trade moves

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We continue the NBA discussion with Howard Beck senior NBA writer for Bleacher Report. Twitter at. Howard Beck one word Howard a good to have be on the show first things first who we were having this discussion why is it when you Google anything sports related the first thing that comes up as Bleacher Report no matter what the subject matter. And but the really great question. You premium for that -- not you specifically what your -- your company. -- -- I I've personally written many checks. Does that that is that is absolutely not true. I don't know I -- I don't have the technological know how -- what your listeners who actually her. Belly but. I'm sure many Google listeners property value. I don't know I think it has to do your vote. Which report produces a heck of lot of stuff. Yeah they. So oh that's your way beyond me obviously register are available part of that. -- fair fair fair enough well -- a lot of that to stuff so to speak these days has to do with the impending NBA trade deadline let's start close to home with the warriors and we've had a lot of -- the last half hour over whether this team should or should not make a deal but the more important question obviously is. Will they make a deal what are you -- with regard to go Wednesday. Nothing in particular moment -- -- everybody's kind of search mode right now trying to figure out. Well they should to make it -- It really strange year idiot BA we're now a year in this new collective bargaining agreement. And it effects are starting to release. That -- that the other chains that. -- that -- critical look street's action or destroyed shoot avoided. Offload contracts. We're now in an era where the expiring contract which used to be great -- in -- Europe -- expiring deal and linger in 1000020 million. Of these contracts. That the -- that would with somebody who needs to get out from under their contracts that are longer term. And you know you pick up a couple of corners in the process. The expert hurt -- didn't quite work with these once worse so. That particular currency. It is lesson and then first round picks. Are now being ordered because we're really Eric you were your age. Every team wants to have as much you know flexibility as possible regard the cap. And as much cheap labor possible which are good picks or you know the three your your -- deals there and for your rhetoric or you'll hear so. That being -- court to make deals to everybody who -- the player to deal. That's coveted saying a -- first and pensions and so what you're about or some cute is that -- you know. You know -- so. The trade market is trickier ignorance of the it's hard to identify no buyers and sellers because everybody you know a lot straddling the line it wanna make -- move the -- -- contract beyond this summer. A lot of teams are trying to keep open their flexibility between fifteen and sixteen you know. You know what goes well it ain't catalog of electing directors of sixteen. So -- there's all the long term planning going on her short on equipment which it is is inspecting. All this so. That it's actually deal right now there's you know you're gonna hear a lot of noise next couple days of culture much of the result wouldn't. Our look at the warriors they have a couple of trade exceptions that they don't have many -- last hicks can you explain to the common listener exactly our trade exception works and what the warriors might be able to get fort. Well would you make an imbalance dealers people don't generally speaking in -- match salary -- that. Match and you're used to be under 10% other Arctic -- you've got wiggle room. Treat -- you know -- -- -- would you trade that's in balance more straight going to be announced by at least you know. If you order characters -- million. The scene that sending. That's that's receiving less and turning out to trade exception for the efforts so -- and fifteen. -- got back ten. You got five million dollar exception now. That's -- or exception can W Christian too sick or another player -- apartment or exception you can check on the planet making up to about five million. Your veteran player in the process. What you are still adding salary to your salary cap. In -- meaning pushing closer and lecture taxed worker at the tracks or right date cushion over the line that coach you know recurring attacks. Most and don't want it taxed as you need it because it's extremely punitive. -- -- -- mechanics of that but. And so the trade exception can be valuable if you're willing to take on. That extra salary. So we'll see you in orders and a chance to use that. Where -- -- smarter with regard to NBA salary cap and trade possibilities with Howard Beck senior writer for. A Bleacher Report covers the NBA act. How are these these trade exceptions this strictly with the worries that they did you have an expiration date right I mean -- they're only good for certain amount of time. Yeah I think when your time of the trade so I you know I don't happen. Nobody took probably on the award exceptions but yet it -- after a while they expire so -- going to be used to lose -- You know you -- surely. I think more often than not they don't use them. Because more often than not injured are still trying -- You know stay away from the tax more or you know other considerations so a lot a lot of trade exceptions simply expire. This seems like it's been so complicated last year there was absolutely -- turns to look like is going to be a lot of action this year either Arafat talked about the all star break it. I used to love it I still like it I don't love it anymore. Do you think there's going to be any chance that the new commissioner -- so work can step in and do some sort of mandatory participation. For any of the players or is that totally against. The the CBA or how does that work as there is our way to fix the all star weekend. -- -- It's a couple of years away some of the it let it that participate about. You know the fact that in the case the -- -- it just feels like there are yours only works or does something really do. It's -- -- -- -- -- and so now it feels like. But everything's been and so you know guys start -- gimmicky for -- about have not been. That the gimmicks stimulus. Dollars and people want to would you bring about the -- cupcake. And sit at the -- Crazy you know Brittany or Howard didn't call -- -- and stuff. Told boots and then you know liquor -- Joseph -- -- -- -- that Barbara thank. Blake Griffin. Jumping over to hear words echoed dog contest jumping shark. That he was the yet he jumped over these sponsors corps and won the contest it in the over or orbital car. -- -- -- -- -- I think you're probably joked that. So. That gimmicks don't do it for me -- -- registered at least there's less interest and try to -- urgent I think most people ought to bald. Worse and Greg and John -- the -- was spectacular. But I don't know there's no different being lectured you or written like that and -- This also -- in the Wichita about boycott doesn't always work on the move and missed the okayed it. You know that its -- good traction on Saturday and then report carpet the content that and wonder. So the problem became so it's you know. You can't take it seriously no -- Really -- it all out to -- in the world defending. You know it should guys distress and each other a lot -- in the trying to entertain -- and that's fine. You know after a while those little chuckle -- I don't -- To be compelling the interest -- anymore I know. I go -- I don't really watch that -- -- something that he is a major traction there I don't know about it you know compelling guys to participate. In that targets -- applying it under would go on Kenderick history contest. I don't think there's any with the course that means more money they. Nobody for the charities something like that -- You know it got toward their doctors -- -- there's only cute more than Hewitt I don't think that could. Happen under the CPA so. EE talk about making the game means something make him play harder about following baseball's example how to make it -- at the conference wins hosts has home court advantage in the -- in the finals what about that. Yeah Olympic logo there and no I don't think anybody think this is that based right that would that would look at it in here following these at least concern on popular. -- that problem up in his two that you know a lot of guys pulling me there are certain what are going to be. Playing in the finals so you know it's you're -- -- somewhere else and you know I I think in the right but you've got. You know it's -- seven games seven series then you know the best record their little court image you -- medical problems because it's obviously you know. The -- to the east you got easier schedule because these are an awful. But I India of these doing -- on on that particular note I don't I don't know what else to do you know we're in the major. More compelling and I think it just it wouldn't hesitate to an exhibition. It's -- kind regards what other show and they do and you know I think if your kid. You know it's a lot of fun to watch that I think most that opened the parents aren't accountable. Well the good news is we don't have to worry about a familiar so there's that there aren't at Howard Beck on Twitter Howard we appreciate time -- this year on 90000 in the game.

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