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Geoff Lepper of says Warriors are not the same team that won 10 straight ealier in the season

Feb 18, 2014|

Geoff Lepper, writer for, joins Scott and Zak to discuss the Warriors ahead of the start to the second half of the season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff leper who covers the warriors for. NBA dot com at Jeff leopard GE OF FL EP PER on Twitter just how you doing tonight. I'm doing great thanks for spell on that my mom appreciate. Kind of we strive for accuracy here and 957 that's a lot. Oh yeah in that case we did I take -- to any we get advice. So we we talked about this off and on for the last ninety minutes trade deadline coming up and -- it all indications are this is going to be another. I don't -- -- we're done did of the trade deadline season but we may not see any blockbusters in May be Rajon Rondo may be Kevin Love but probably not on either front. Where the warriors are concerned so what are the chances they make a move major or minor. Miners may be but majors. Is likely not you know I think. They would need a blockbuster to give up one of their young pieces and there are. You opt -- -- they're talking. But I don't know they're gonna get back what they want for that. Jeff is it any credence to this you know Mark Jackson knee is not a lame -- he does have another year after this year onto his contract but there. He seemed to get a little testy with the media the Yunel. His job is safe right I think it's I think it's crazy the end of the second round of the playoffs last year there and lined -- go again this year. And yes they haven't extended him but he's not likened it to be under any hot water is he. -- -- -- under hot water but you know you look at the dynamics there and Bogut got extensions that makes him what three years longer than Mark Jackson right now so who's got the power now. Relationship I think. You know that that that whole kind of -- awful over that was you know mark release speculated where he shouldn't in the you know I'm I'm not sure what. What the reasoning was behind that but obviously -- kind of took it to heart. And then went out of his way to statement about it and in a marked departure -- need to kind of defend himself. I eighty maybe horrible over the top because he hadn't gotten an extension but he wanted. You know I I don't think he's in hot water but certainly when you don't get an extension -- directly for it. It doesn't make you feel like -- particularly secure. Jeff a lot of concern prior to the break about the health of the warrior being exit David Lee mystic a couple of games and I had actually heard the shoulder was little worse than he was letting on. And then Andrew Bogut added nowhere misses one game and we think are no big deal was put in every game this year then all of a sudden he is a an adverse reaction to a cortisone shot I mean how concerned should we be about these guys for the stretch run. I don't know that we should be that concerned. In necessarily about the infrastructure on you know definitely obviously has played through a lot of mean. He played through an elbow that practically was infected the point they're gonna you know can't happen without me he. He's the guy who will play through a lot and you know this break has come with a great times for him. You know what I think -- -- you know it -- -- gonna have to care you know he is thought processes that you -- himself. He's gonna make sure that he's -- -- because he's dealt with some some really gruesome injuries over the course of his career he's not gonna necessarily. -- be pushed out there you know but I mean as long as they are healthy in March and April that's really what they're angling for Nikkei. Jeff I'm a big fan of -- zillion up to the point where our game the nickname -- this for the rest of us. And job. For the record you did you I don't think you copyrighted that I think -- that's got to sign held on it but I can use on -- way that it's it's mind to use their call up any word on when he's coming back and when he does come back. The confidence level you have that he can get back to where he was last year. You know I think anything they get. From practice at this point is going to be kind of a bonus. You know obviously that they are I think expecting him to be able to making a return before the season and but honestly at this point with. When you've been out as long has your work and get back into shape and it's it's just you know year. You're kind of behind the -- -- terms of being able to make an impact in this year. -- talk a warrior basketball with Jeff leper who covers the team for NBA dot com and and Jeff it seems like we got. -- a two factions of warrior fans right now and there's the faction that believes. Which is going through fall -- This team is going to be just fine we saw what they did last year in March and April and into the playoffs and then there's the other half which is looks at this and says this is not the same team that we saw -- -- or early in the season they've got issues they're not getting it done. Defensively they're not shoot it Klay Thompson's a mess and I don't think this team is gonna win in playoff series if they even get into the playoffs -- -- -- where where where does the truth lie with this warrior team what should with the level of concern be right now for a team which by all indications has under achieved to some extent even though they're still numbering in the last. The traditional I think somewhere in what matchup they get. You know there are good match some bad ones for them. And you know I mean if they manage to somehow -- into the the fifth spot in the clippers or four I got a great matchup -- -- adding that the team of the match up well what. If ticket -- the first round it's going to be awful tough. So there's a lot of that and it's not the same team that won ten straight because honestly you know you're looking at Andre Iguodala. Who really even after he came back from the hamstring has not been the same player and I think that. More than may be in the bigs they recover from their their injury woes. You know that the two watched figure -- progress over the last couple months the regular season is going to be the most interesting thing to see. Can he beat that same guy. You know not just providing defense but offensively. You know he was significantly better before that injury can he get back to that form as legal into the playoffs he's. Jeff looking at this team you know they just clobbered the blazers at a home they beat Miami. In Miami they almost beat the heat today -- swept the heat of it wasn't that great LeBron james' shot and then they have. They have some stickers against the nuggets they got swept by the bobcats. It do you think that this team is it is aware of their -- down nature and just how much they start needing to take the same mentality into games against lesser teams that they do against the league teams. Well the coach keeps talking about it so I assume they're aware of it. I don't know. You know I think there's an easy answer for why it happens they would have -- founded and implemented it. You know it may be to some extent that it that it's a young team that hasn't really. And really be in through this that often. And you know it to some extent also Mark Jackson talked about the fact that you know we just stop reading. Our own press clippings we're gonna start stop some of believing the hype about ourselves and really buckle down and get to business. All right Jeff bottom line then the last what seven weeks would have we got left of the regular season the workers will succeed. And they will get the best -- they can possibly get in the Western Conference playoffs. If -- what is the biggest factor. As it relates to their success down the stretch. I I hate that it on pulmonary did but I think a hundred dollars. We -- he lands on that spectrum of the guy we saw on the first you know mark the season -- guy. The last three or four weeks I think that's going to be a huge factor because he makes their defense so much better and if he's providing something offensively. In addition of that obviously you know it -- clay Thompson can provide consistent production. And basically that has not been. -- case so far but if he can provide consistent production. That's a huge boon for the warriors going forward. Dirty air Jeff leper that is -- -- if we -- more time at JE FM RJ -- so I'll still. Well I say let's go right. GE. N a GE OF FL EP PER. -- stomach trying to that I Terri Judd John I know -- trying to are trying to do the right thing has got to stop what you're totally I got that extra cockroach appreciated.

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