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Jamie Zaninovich, WCC Commissioner, says there is strong conversation about the PAC-12 conference in the selection process

Feb 18, 2014|

West Coast Conference Commissioner, Jamie Zaninovich, breaks down the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament selection process with Scott and Zak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined now by a man who has not only the commissioner of the West Coast Conference which of course includes Saint Mary's College right here. In Morocco but he is also a member of the NCAA tournament selection committee and full disclosure. My freshman -- -- at Stanford Jason. Syria where we're teaming up on -- SR -- -- great to have you on the show. Mock selection last weekend first of all for for the uninitiated which is probably 99% of our viewers in fact the guy sitting next me said what do you mean they do a mock selection had they already have brackets. What exactly. -- is this process that you went through last week. -- I guess this. -- -- Nice to hear from -- like it's a good thing I'm not in studio tonight based on your opening comments on your. Affliction with the. Yeah and none are just getting over colds this lesson like three weeks it's noted this on -- Election to the point of the case the question. Yes -- we've -- you know our committee of ten. All either commissioners are athletic directors for different. Compton schools around the country and the fact she's been working on our process cents. November when we divided up. All the 32 conferences. For modeling purposes we all have between. Six and seven conferences that we keep our eyes on and report back to the committee on during the course of the years we watched games and and steady scorers in the could have another and otherwise in last week was as you mentioned -- -- elections and we all came to Indianapolis weeks. -- in the hotel will be in 26 days from now to your point. Set up all the computer systems all the screens all the voting in blackening software. And basically went through about it 24. There and a half process. It was compressed normally took five days sixty process we get there in March but. What their process of reporting on a different conferences and I'm going to a couple buildings and areas relative to identifying. Schools at this point we would have a radar is either. I'm at large candidates or what are called under consideration schools would be on the board for further consideration -- Debated -- Tibetan. And went through receiving exercise to read that defeating. And number of teams -- -- finally. Went directly actions -- -- actually put an eighty. What is a mock people listed sixty schools in an actual bracket. To go through that process we've been a couple changes in the bracket process issues I was. -- process and all that in preparation for real when we arrive. The second week in March and that -- -- force elections and they can cast their first ballots that -- and work five more games. To get peace -- that. And Jamie is it sort of like the hall of fame process -- guys stand up and go to bat for the teams and their conference they they try to make a case of why these teams should go in is that essentially -- works Obama assuming you wanna get as many genes in your conference in there as possible right. It's actually the complete opposite of that and the -- media blitzes is that the word no way advocating. We're not there advocates for anyone conference and certainly not around in fact. -- any Western Conference schools are. Either. Discussed or voted upon and actually literally walking out of the room. And then -- called back in the the room ordered. Are considered so the monitoring processes by the way that if he were really giving our impressions the strength -- the different teams in the competition top to bottom. And you know what can folks representing conferences and schools but. Although we sort of fulfill those designations are really representing the game of basketball on what's best for this. What is premier event really internationally now for a college athletics and sports generally. -- and Jamie following this process on Twitter the fascinating part to me on Thursday and Friday it was did did media members actually got to sit in I don't know if this was a first time thing -- hadn't heard of -- prior to this year but. Guys who cover college basketball -- project brackets like Mike to accorsi Angel and guardian and the like. I got to sit in and actually participate and do their own field or did they just build off of viewers -- what what what was the what was the process with regard to the media members sitting in and in essence playing the role of selection committee. Yes should get questions to the media mock selection thing going for six or seven years now and generally. What happens is broken man after our meeting for their own day and a half ago the detection and exercise. Which NCAA staff running all the systems and calculating the votes and it's satirist. Literally neighboring and I think ten to twenty media. And they're assigned a committee members so you know one person was me in the -- sensibly and had. The conferences that I cover and monitored those conferences and reported that the committee on this -- -- an Israeli away -- just. -- debunk some of the minutes of the external conspiracy theories and otherwise the -- sort of what happened in the room and I think it's. The media market got a long way to I think increasing transparency the process which is really important and I think you know. I would play that will. I've had a lot more informed conversations with the media says that market happens because they certainly have appreciation yeah. Complexities of well that's involved. Jamie and you know a lot of talk about specific teams or anything like dead but. Being that were in the Bay Area Stanford and cal right next to each are relatively close to each other. How did the pac twelve do out of -- our they viewed as compared to other conferences. And -- but certainly you know one of the stronger competition in the country and there's a lot of discussion about a lot of teams. In the conference and a pocket anticipate will be a lot of discussion about a lot of teams in the go to the final selections. You know Stanford cal certainly -- work through those that were discussed a lot so. I made you know -- well as one of the competent. Monitoring something. Particular attention to the pac twelve I've seen a lot of games on TV including Stanford and talent and a. Public. -- players in the state game earlier in person and go to -- -- late tomorrow so. You know it's it's a really competitive deep conference and -- For further tough decisions. For the committee ten because. At the end of the day it's pretty obvious from the selections to -- He has a subset of teams that even if the people that today you know more likely to be in the tournament. And we spent probably you know the 47 at large selections that we select I would say we probably spend you know seven -- 30% of our time on the first. Twenty -- -- and 70% of our time on the last. And the you know slipped seven and two to nine. Because you know that the last elections is when it gets down. You know clinical resonated -- really look almost identical and -- have a lot of discussions and a lot of mind. The debate to to figure out how he's sort of persons last team. Course -- -- selection Sunday it'll be all about so which teams have gripes about not getting into the field of 68 but it seems to me that we're getting to a point I don't know folks who have been a part of the process will corroborate this that. It's almost tough for these days to actually fill the field I mean do you do you get the impression having been through this that you know once you get to the 45 teams in out of the -- large field that you -- You're kind of -- at this point. I'm not sure I'd I'd agree with that I actually mean you know this whole notion of soft bubble and otherwise is is uninteresting to me at the end of the gators. Greener and fifty teens playing division one basketball. And only 68 -- -- in the -- in terms of you know just very very small percentage of. You know even though there's some every years of separation of top. Is that a lot of -- you know I think that's played out. Determined and actually starts when you put you know. Any number of schools on a neutral site. -- you know on an even playing field the results can vary widely. And I think that's why it's such a great event. Because this one game on -- neutral site. Emotions are high it's it's win or go home. And you get remarkable performances split. Certainly get that the last number of schools. You know a lot of them look alike but I would say it. You know their dinner it's because there's a lack of quality in the play. You know at the end of the day there's probably eight -- -- schools. That'll get left out an annual basis that you know based on matchups or what have you. Probably can make sweet sixteen. And so it's just it's just that the nature. -- how many games he gonna see in person in the next 26 days. You know I -- most of the work we do it on TV -- the impersonal stuff selectively but you know four a typical day Alexei. Either. Partially your whole. Probably try to Seattle weekday five to seven games. On the weekdays seven to ten games and -- ought to -- the artwork and. Keep going through to different points in games. -- work that on TV because it's just more efficient that was. See that's disappointing I had visions -- you were you know fired up the WCC corporate jet and flying to a different city every day and watch and you know eight T eight to TVs on on the flights and get -- worked on that. I don't have one of those corporate jets from here your -- Stanford university's. If you -- -- well we since your since the pac twelve is part of your domain we'll see we can do they -- works amount. -- -- -- -- good time catching up and you let me look at tomorrow night at kill. -- -- --

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