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Casey Pratt says the A's can get past a 1st round playoff exit with the right match-up

Feb 19, 2014|

Casey Pratt, CSN Bay Area Insider with the Oakland A's, says the A's have had bad luck when it comes to playoff match-ups. Casey breaks down what the A's need to do to advance this season with Scott and Zak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

JC Bradford CS and Bay Area CSN California how are you my friend. Scott -- I am currently busy filming the dictionary to us. -- can't. Tell -- test first overall delegate that's that -- guy. I know for a fact you're too young to have a dictionary used in the Internet your -- Or -- -- exactly. I. Set -- the second of all that the the big question is why the heck aren't you in Arizona I mean spring training can't function without Casey -- there. And cut utility -- there might go there. -- he did it Jack it means. You know it's funny to note here without their other living out of the hotel chaparral on -- Scottsdale -- Peter I'm perfectly content being element. Watching from Florida and to my young infant dot. Our fair enough so maybe US chamber of commerce thing that in what you there -- you brought that this snow and now you're back here and it's like 82 degrees in in Phoenix. Sir -- it's party charm that's why we have you on the show your work we're far too happy we got to bring it down. I first things first and most intriguing storyline for you when you talk about DA's heading into the spring what do you think. The most intriguing. Story lines are apt to be probably need. A potential hopeful about Specter forgot rhetoric. He potential hopeful. Break out here demand in York -- it is true. Really didn't -- that massive step forward a lot of people are coming -- you know in the 2013 feet and I think. They're big challenge. At the end. Pitching at what you're starting pitcher is it's called the option that ball in particular the art. You know last year they seemed to almost run out. Of relief pitcher -- else that you couldn't. Have just about guys -- it really remedied that problem. I think all the in the line up and he really is double and came Josh Donaldson repeat because. Yeah lot of interest in story lines can exhibit read your work on fielded teams for CS and Bay Area -- -- on a couple of guys from AAA or no longer. Here but Michael -- Michael Taylor and Bruce Billings I want to ask you about Addison Russell he's the only prospect DA's have in the top 100. You know the rankings were released whatever that means but. Do you see him coming up this year and making an impact. You'll it's great. And I'd say that and watched a lot and spoke with them -- He -- -- and so highly touted so so talent and so yeah I mean. Last year got its first shot at the big -- Stepped into the cage for a lot pitching he got real. I can't remember him. -- -- that the key to fighting back tears and -- that Adam and watch that. -- you know how the young -- fresh and -- And for -- -- back in Tacoma. Make -- -- potentially some well it's the app itself there what you I don't think people should expect him to jump out. Have a great minor -- campaign -- team if he could happen a lot of people -- obviously it's attraction people. He is 88. It's it's a sobering reminder how young these kids -- -- in the a's hadn't done as is taking the kids at a high school. In recent seasons on so Casey getting back to one of the the X factors if you will for this season. -- Josh Redick is a eight polarizing figure made the most polarizing guy when you ask these fans whether or not this guy belongs. Eight in an everyday outfield -- -- what what what sure. What's your assessment of Redick at this point in his Major League career we've got a decent sample size we've got power we've got not a lot of average we've got a cannon for an arm but. They're obviously some holes in his game I mean do you think this -- a long term answer is a Major League regular. Potentially absolutely I think what they do they'll. What they've brought in Craig Gentry should make sure it's something went wrong in the Redick or what the going -- It happened in other guys also in that race and it Redick attended and make it possible to -- them. -- really is right I mean eat sensibly studies. You've got water up their BJP can match the stick and you know a lot of people read Albert got rhetoric in you mentioned at all right acting like it. Confirmed that. Actually because he's one of the more vocal wanted to work -- at the -- you know identical Assad personally look at what makes it drifting -- And the ability to beat himself. -- -- -- 8000 ballplayer ought to really struggle that speaker -- -- -- in the corner and shut up and member let's. He really started playing well when he got to be himself so back to -- though. You -- east in that series were hurt his -- colliding with a walk out early in moderate injury all year. Obviously something that 100%. While we've had surgery -- out C exit out. I think people might be a little too worried about traffic going considering the fact that he did surgery here. -- well what I look at this team. Obviously they exceeded everybody's expectations two years ago they met everybody's expectations last year when I look at they're tough tough playoff exits to me it's it's more on the offense. Than it is on the pitching you touched on just how good the bullpen and the starting staff is. Do you think there's enough there or do you think the pitching is good enough that they can get out of the first round as it just bad -- that they saw Verlander twice and get our. Back it is -- is ordered their house as. It is currently I don't know. Especially create that one of their biggest problem is it. Running into eighteen bit. They're really unit set match up extremely welcome an extra two years in a row you look at the stuff they're able -- often means it's. It is unreal here bill would not come in 2012. You know first round playoff exit obviously is tough but the beauty -- in king after kinda re loading including the roster twenty lurking getting out. Again by the same team in the same pitcher in the same I'd been -- I think this year. -- -- -- -- It is capital -- revenues come into the Cumberland. Scott -- Zacharias talking with Casey proud of CES in Bay Area dot com fame in. That case I'm I'm looking at the field the team's blog here which is great stuff on the web site. And -- and get series -- you giants six but I think the beauty of this is sort of the that the sports randomness that you and parts on -- on the fan. Your most recent entry combines metal detectors and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models who wanted to clarify that force. I'd like to try to. Do weirdest and most entertaining. Every morning and -- Put it all on the one place that you're bored at work there it is -- your morning -- lawyers -- you'd get. Caught you know. He Qaeda in and he went to model you see -- pertinent to your days in the Bay Area sports scene could be. -- -- -- -- Silly string. Rates stupid. Cuban baseball player trying to about it itchy at. I didn't any got you got Michael Morse working out with Frank Gore liked the Bay Area solidarity thing that's that's good. Frank Gore -- did you incher -- I I don't know what you guys think Netflix. I don't really eat Frank Gore is very good spot I'm not sure what position you excel at -- gives dignity pitcher or elect. Fielder -- the way. He's built satellite sustenance I'm sure is at the same skills. -- -- slowdown -- they don't forget going. Up another Utley had fever and gave the girl okay. In Sochi after experiencing exhibition and eat -- he can't -- any control at all. I was all about curling where where the ice dancing thing come in Vernon Davis was -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd we look forward to the end next installment of field of teams on CSN Bay Area dot com Nike sopranos could catch in Upton I don't district. I will not and decorate their seven. No -- No it's yeah like 23 yeah and ask him I did the updates from 230 to 630 and then they slit you right in that seven -- life Jason he also walked to and from work both directions through decisions not spelled backwards -- -- -- no doubt but -- I -- --

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