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Stephen Vogt says no matter who starts as a catcher, it's about winning

Feb 19, 2014|

Stephen Vogt, Oakland Athletics catcher, joins Haberman and Middlekauff LIVE from Spring Training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard to hard to put that in politics you last year I was fortunate to be with Tampa and and be a big league camp with them and have a chance and you know trying to earn a spot in. -- that -- happen unfortunately you know worked out fair for -- failing to get traded to Oakland in warrior and have a great playoff run exciting season so. But there's definitely a little more expectation on my own part for myself this year just -- -- as the -- as. And the same situation on this I'm here trying to earn a job and try and have a little -- solidify its position so to speak. It's sixteen at bats in the playoffs series the game winning -- -- reflect that offseason oldest mysteries. Especially coming up your situation. Absolutely I mean there's there's a lot of a lot of time this offseason spent reflecting back on on the season and you know first few weeks -- you know as hard and watch hardly any baseball on TV news it was a tough tough thing to watch you know knowing we should have been there but. As far as I -- into the playoffs and contributing in the little way that I didn't been fortunate to come up with a game winning hit in game two that was definitely -- memory and spent a lot of time reflecting on that and just kind of the sense of accomplishment so to speak it was great that we talked to David Aldridge -- Google it wars game that's the backdrop of his twit pic. It's him getting dumped though do you stand in -- got -- pretty cool it's awesome I think you know it surprised him pretty good you know I couldn't tell -- -- upset her fears. Just kinda impartial about the moment those poses special mind that's pressure. A -- our spring now and we talk about the depth of of bullpen guys the depth of catchers to. And how to -- there's always a kind of a but it takes a while for you get to learn each other but it seems like there's even. There's more learning has to go on because the number of guys have both positions that are competing for spots. Does it take awhile for pitchers and catchers to get to know each other a little bit in terms of being able to work together. Yeah I mean it takes a while -- -- got thrown into the -- halfway through the season -- and everybody on the fly and so going into the spring knowing that there's only maybe five or six new guys and I really have to get to know in depth. And most of them -- bullpen guys and those guys usually get to know little quicker because. You know they're they're not going to be as in depth with their you know what they wanna do as far as starting a starter takes 234 outings before you really get to know them really well and you know with a reliever could be one or two outings and a lot of conversation so. It did they're definitely a learning curve in the fact that we've got 44 catchers on the depth chart of you know five or six and it's a good problem to have been you know but at the same time that it does it does kind of -- to spread out your time and kind of work together and say hey have you seen him yes have you seen him no. -- switch and takes a lot of coordination and as far as that goes and not trying to get to news to know the new guys. We'll talk to us about that situation special you know horse injuries so it it seems like healthy competition how do you look at it. I think that's what it is it's a healthy competition I think I think we all have the same goal in the same goals to win a world surged this year and whether that takes two catchers are four catchers are five catchers I don't think anybody really care at the end of the year and you know whether -- whether it's me or somebody else certain. To me if that sounds cliche but at the end of the day as long as Oakland's winning that's what matters and obviously from a personal simply you wanna be there you wanna be the one that's back there helping contribute to -- to the wins every night and but that's not so much of that is out of our control and just have to go with what happens and be ready whenever the whenever your time. Comes here with a Stephen vote Lieberman and took off from spring training and -- 57 a game they got it is the starters Scott Kazmir and you both have the rays on your career regiment. As you work with a smaller or at least seen him at any point when you're both -- members that organization. I mean I think I think I may have caught one mortar two pitches in a bullpen but now we're pretty far apart we're two different worlds thousand. Low sink low single day in you know -- of an established ace in the big leagues and so may -- -- into 11 way or another but off the top Medicare remembered it. They are caught his first one of his first opens here before camp started and he looks great in you know it's kind of what I remembered. Watching video on him you know during the offseason Tennessean. Boy you know what he's capable of I mean now with a video. The way it is you can watch anybody's throat any time zone it's it's definitely makes the learning curve a little easier so safe to say you encountered in live in the same account. No. I'm guessing he was in our -- and I was in the you know the project's history. But I mean you tell you say it looks good what what is it about him that -- impresses you. Just is X accused of his pitches you know he repeats his delivery so well -- smooth and he doesn't try and do too much in Ariza. He's a control type pitcher and you know he's got some really good stuff and he's gonna keep a lot of hitters off balance are excited album. I mean when you guys renewable so right now it's returning. You have just kind of you know EC some of these pitchers work from -- you mean steepest that is -- This but you can't say enough good things about the pitching staff whether it's the young guys the veteran guys the guys that are kind of in between you know everybody's got great experience and everybody's cut that stuff I mean this -- and is probably the deepest bullpen in baseball and our starter starting rotation is phenomenal cut 67. Starters that can be starting for any team in the league team. It's a really good problem to have it and we're just really excited to see what -- pitching -- can be accomplished I mean the feeling that we have going season that you know. Doctor have to score a tolerance toward a lot of games it's going to be yet which are scouting report on Luke -- Nasty slider had -- my first and scatter -- I mean Egypt he's. I I've caught him once and I don't wanna face him as a hitter means just. It's kind of got a funky delivery and but it's his stuff moves really well leagues he's he's pretty he's pretty special it's -- tough to catch because that any degree. Just the first just the first time you know what you -- ball movement but all these guys the first time he catchment bullpen I mean. Jim Palmer has about took my thumb off yesterday I had just not know and house ball moves in that kind of stuff so. It does take a little while to get used to to -- in these guys in the ways and -- what their tendencies are but. You know I'm just really happy lot these -- -- Oakland uniforms and auto loans in terms of at the plate where the biggest things are working on this return. For me you know last year I -- I got away from my bread and butter which is trying to go the other way with a you know with a baseball and for me I worked on all winner on that -- continue that work in the springs kind of stand back a little bit more stand behind the baseball and not in too pull happy because -- -- selling elected the ball hardened you know all the bullet at all are a lot more often so. But just getting back to kind of the way decision to hopefully put it altogether by industry. When you sale when we talk to players the giants can't they get high school kids to cats then wrote them you -- similar things to get bigger reps in the offseason. Yeah I mean I'm I'm very fortunate that I live up in Washington State in the same town Jersey -- of former Major League Baseball player and current minor league coach with Tampa day. Does become more -- really good friends as. I've kinda had a hitting coach so to speak all winter long and somebody that's played the game -- -- -- level knows coaching. And he gives me a lot of good insight and helps me out -- kind of work on things together and he's able take -- hitting jewels and do some different things and so I really feel like I I'm a very in a very fortunate situation in that I have a a close friend and mentor that played in coach is now it can work with real winner. But held off for catching you have to get somebody that throws to. -- yeah my wife my life well in my life to get out there shall throwing blocks and just kind of work on things like that I caught a few high schoolers and college kids over the winter break when their home but. For the most part is my wife get an author's tone of balls that are working on the -- -- she's got thrown from sixty feet 66 inches she's just come to an up close and spiking balls in the dirt -- that for about a 4550 feet away and she she brings it in pretty good you know chooses which is a really good athletes but basketball volatile and ran cross country and never played a swing export -- anyway she can have moved through Moreland drives off the tee than I care most days so she's pretty phenomenal athlete with a scatter report on your life. You know she pushes or change up a little bit you know she has a tendency to yank the slider better fastball command is coming along. -- she's got to work on you know get a little more movement on the fast baucus right now it's pretty straight no regrets that signing not -- you know issue as a she's got their first rounder and the -- fortune out to be high enough on the draft board together. Steven had a great spring -- aren't they stress.

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