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Josh Donaldson says he is always working to get better

Feb 19, 2014|

Josh Donaldson, Oakland A's third baseman, joins Haberman and Middlekauff live from Spring Training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was a great -- to see the guys again and insists new faces around here like you do pretty much every year but. Because is great to be back in this environment you can get back on routine. Re able to use the offseason on this reflect on last year and success you have -- you know upon halo. It's been about a month or so kind as us trying to get over the playoffs. And then that's you're not able to kind of go back and this kind of thing. -- -- Positive things so that happened throughout the season and that's. You know it's unfortunate because -- five game series and you know you're going up against those great team. You wanna get thrown in the dolphins. You know kind of hinders your all season for a little bit US attorney yet to get. A sudden move on what motivated you more in the office you know what you think about some of those positive things are some things would have liked to do done better. -- definitely you always look to see -- you can get better and you know whether it's all defensively offensively. And -- just kind of one of those things are here if Jermaine there's a such thing is maintaining the year get better gonna get worse and -- -- you try to get better. That'll cost. What are things in this in this spring training you're working on specifically. On the -- just you know hitting is always just one of those things where -- fine we're trying to find. You -- contact points for so long and for some pictures and -- just really trying to slow everything down to where you know business as we face some of those sir throwing ninety miles an hour we haven't seen that now four months. That's it's gonna look pretty fast at the beginning -- -- -- is having get in there enough and try to you know allow your -- the real slowdown. Where you're hitting off of during the what are we -- often but I haven't I haven't taken -- -- softening kind of pitchers which had never doing -- -- That's not a normal for ring. But in -- you know being -- is doing well and BP and an occasion things like you know hopefully it -- pictures over. Deserve particular reason you don't you don't do that now -- Well for one there's like not enough quality around for going to even -- then and then you know from my old high school and socially my image of me just. Of outside of school kids because you know than they try to be Superman and it smoked me and that's the last thing Allen goes in head. In the offseason so. So does it take you longer to get warmed up for candlelight -- actor mean after the first couple BP says you're in rural. Yeah -- chances is he means is that play. Over time it has -- it's becoming easier to -- man make the adjustments earlier months. And now. You know right now -- trans who you know pretty laid back environment so there is no need them. On this -- in the super -- but at the same time we're trying to get our work done prepare for the season. Your guy I think just tells our guest tonight 57 game confidence you've had it in yourself. But the success that you had last season did that reaffirm anything for you. Sure every it it definitely. And told me they like clearly the best in the game. And you know help my team went on an everyday basis. With that said -- the beauty about baseball -- yet to provide for 162. And an even after the in the play else. So. That's that's Michael's -- go out there every day and you know prove that I and the guy I was last year per saying as far so we my team win. Not try outs is thinking like instantly don't let on to the statistical thing where I'm trying to hit 300 -- online assault our own. With the success you had last year's person coming into this year opposing pitchers drops gonna have to game plan against Josh Donaldson. Is that something you think about it talk regularly and better and worse is that you have to your game to the next level knowing that people are focusing on you. But you know ball. Answered her question to what I definitely felt from the middle half of this season honor. It was policy paid more focused in my -- Just because you can tell the adjustments -- begin to make words you as a hitter. And I as a hitting you have to make those adjustments back as far as in your approach managing my swing might gain anything. In that manner but you know. -- last year it was kind of one of those things were. Earlier in the year was taken a lot of pitches and then people sort of -- -- fastballs for strikes a lot so then -- after about a week of that happening. A sort of on murder and first procedures and then. About two weeks after that happened in ovals sliders and everybody's gone back to sliders and announced certain Walton more undo all of those also. -- Debbie it said people were making adjustments to me last year wasn't -- we're just gonna be honest this is cute he's didn't 300 let's see if you can still do it now there are still game plan informing last year but. This year is gonna be able to more focused and surely on. I would imagine I mean coaches and you look football -- self -- so you know if you sell scalp what do you think the next adjustment to use. I'm not -- not -- hope the opposition by any means. What you thought about how without without you know you you definitely like I said earlier you know you wanna know -- -- to -- A good baseball player. You have to -- tracing it deny your weaknesses. And for the most or. Your strings are going to be your shrinks -- -- you can build upon your weaknesses and that's what kind of turn takes it to the next level. And you know obviously trying to address some eyewitnesses from the past and you continued sort of turned dozens of countries. Can you sense the level of excitement in this clubhouse. Yeah I mean especially Iran it would borrow all the position players get here you know people are ready to go -- I woke up this morning and -- as I should -- -- today was they want for position players. Couldn't hardly sleepless night. Just like kind of business -- training. And budgeting just excited here and everybody you. Kind of just rose to see whether what has been Dillon. The spirit is pacing yourself a difficult thing for you. The -- as it is definitely it it's become a little bit easier with age. But it's. -- before I was like 26 years old everything was one -- saying go gated you know trying to. Trying to do everything. That I can. To get better and you know sometimes things have turned to a negative at your work and worker worker worker like you you have to know. It's about quality vs quantity sometimes. You know go out there -- someone to take. Fifty grumbles I want those fifty grumbles to percolate I want to be very good quality. I'm not just Russia. To take grumbles I don't wanna continue to these swings and not -- -- -- -- swings and not working to work. I'm working to get better. And trying to understand what's happening. If I had a camera on Josh Donaldson when Chris Davis -- the ball and took it to the house against Alabama what would have been his reaction. You know I was all I actually. I hate to kind of that this I was on the field the entire third quarter. It was solved. You know it was freezing cold there and -- buzz -- went off just a little bit so I went. Jason dumped her sweet to go refill. And a half. As -- sit there actually watch in the game. And right before Albanians was gonna keep the elicited he's gonna run as hypertension. -- -- still -- that any heat when he did it I literally when -- -- break free I literally just kind of like dissent there was like I can't believe this happened. I can't believe it and then I went nuts. And then there was this guy that I was with -- so -- running down the hallway and he like rain over like three women on accident just kind of appear just -- -- drove -- is that a top five day in arbor campus and move -- without now I mean that's just something where of what's even crazier by is the week right before that was the Georgia game where you you get that hit. That tipped pass off a defender of the Georgia of the sixteen that I should just get dismissed the other day. But. -- -- such -- ball up there. Guy won hands in touchdown and then the next -- say how can -- top that game. You top that by running a hot iron nine yard field goal back for touchdown to win the game we see Auburn had ginger I mean this is becoming an SEC clubhouse to some degrees a lot of trash talk on Melamine the viability -- some point when everybody is trying to be friends right now. So you can't just come in right away as men talk. -- other people yeah and it just present time have a victory Christian.

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