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Dan Otero gets ideas from other pitchers

Feb 19, 2014|

Dan Otero, Oakland Athletics pitcher joins Haberman and Middlekauff to talk about how he prepares for games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well you've been able to do with pitchers catchers do with global consumer and so catchers don't really like these first four days too much -- -- -- C twenty pitchers have to -- 56 bull -- over four victories. But it is we get our arms in shape. Turn out to get hurt over the next two weeks so that's what these you know begin in weakest for not to skater field underneath those figures for the full squad workout tomorrow. Is there a rotation it's a simple thing as work on during spring is currently in season in terms throwing pence. He actually throw a little bit more now -- you do during the season because you have to build your arm up and each guys working on their own little thing there's no set. Program. That -- has -- follow each each person knows -- have to do so individually you can modify what you wanna do and I legal bout. Throwing your -- are now. -- offseason plan in terms of did the -- -- young present you some latest discount all the way I want to work in the off season is a pretty much left to you. A lot of it's left to the player wanting that it's over who's dressed as I did throw I think the most I've ever thrown last year in terms of months. Through September office in October little bit. Who would go farther in October that's beside the point so a lot of loses rest you -- rest the arm -- for the season in the news. At this point everybody knows they have to -- new Yorker gives us a -- program. We can follow. And it gets gets a thirty footer for now sounds like maybe not going further and talk to overweight undermine quite a bit. Absolutely you know it always does not something I still think about her have to guys in the snow all the guys and they're still think about -- were so close to advancing. To the LCS and it's something that we're that's gonna drive us into this year. Other specific things you workforce training space stuff last year you wanna get better. My two goals every year stay the same for the past three years it's always stay healthy and make good pitches. Wanting I -- on top of that I wanna work on his -- Nixon and changeable of the more. But at same time we do what they're against hitters are trying to get them out whether it's spring training whether to pick up game doesn't matter your your competitiveness comes out you're trying to get them out. So -- it's one thing I'm trying to. You know keep them back on my system to work on other pitches. You know stay healthy and make good pitches that's just kind of been my focus and it's been working and hopefully continues to work here with a -- terrier a lot of guys say they're working on pitches and Alex feels like maybe more guys orca and change -- than anything else these days but. What's the process of working on a pitch over the course of six weeks can you get a pitch ready for for for big league games -- about. Absolutely can't you know something yet working on in the offseason also Mosul most of the time you were going to work and I it is in the flat ground work. Throwing before your. Every day winter which account partner you're learning a lot from him he's telling you what you balls stolen so you just have to throw it and then. Yet to throw with conviction in the game to get yourself to throat is of fuel stored in the game that you'll never throat. So he's at the -- yourself look it's gonna work its gonna get an out go forward if you don't do that then you'll merit -- What is that like thrown a pitch for the first time a game when a hitter hasn't when you haven't thought -- hitter before. Sometimes it's fun. Other times it's -- nerve wrecking and you drove right in the dirt -- sort of gets -- downloads it's is the mindset yet to convince yourself that you're in the you'd throw it now. Know every pitcher goes through whether trying to develop a cutter curveball slider what have you. These have to get over that little mindset it's all mental twenty overs that usually works your fair. And Ellis. It's as you spent a lot of time together for -- these next six weeks over spring training. Do you use this time hero so many great arms they're in the bullpen to pick up little nuances are so focused on yourself trying to yourself for a I deathly try to take everybody's brain. I've found in my eight. Seven years of playing pro ball now that I've learned a lot from my peers from the other pitchers whether it's. Picking up the skies grip on a sinker picking up guys thought process on a changeup or as good -- what's his mindset what's he looking that. Because that's who he spent a lot of time with the pitching coach can't work with everybody in our day there's is not -- time. So you do. Work talked to other players are sitting in the -- you're going over pit sequencing what their minds it is. And I find that it helps me a lot slight deficit pick each other's brains -- and try to get integrators and Johnson's been as much as I came as they've been around the block and obviously Johnson as of power sinker and greater says a nasty slider so fighting get any help from the MLB -- All the sudden forgot those -- there's always guys around you throw sinkers yet Paulson on -- hopefully second. Pick the -- is a little bit to you know improve mine a little bit more -- any time you always want to strengthen your strengths because you don't wanna keep those goal. So fight and his it is a little bit better. Keep improving it'll benefit me -- room. Did you -- reflect in the offseason a few -- last year I mean it was you know. One of the -- years of your career -- -- -- arguably the best -- and in all Major League Baseball -- it will take a step back and is now that's pretty cool. I think I've finally did when I gut when -- back home to Miami and I'd much of family -- friends down there. And they are all excited you know so that's when I was finally able to do but until then -- -- just my first daughter born on September. So I had that when I got home takes on diaper so easily able to actually rest relax and really reflect on and I was too busy changing diapers which actually -- -- -- -- mind off of baseball so. It actually works. With that Dan Terry talk with the bullpen you mentioned Greg Anderson and Johnson obviously the guys have been here as well in addition to yourself so. How does and after this will be the challenge for Bob Melvin you have to worry about this as much but. From a from a pitcher's perspective what's the most efficient way to spread out the workload to keep everybody freshen and I guess to some degree happy to. -- no idea let's -- I don't want to be a manager -- but it's not just Johnson agrees -- running guys like homers through perfect game three years ago Wednesday you know -- Palmer and throws 96 analysts side. Savory now so it's as they keep bringing in guys learned moments ago it. It is like a ever flowing flow of good pitchers saw it is hoped he ignored the phone rings in your name's -- get in there among a lot of not -- -- shoes and just wait my turn to be called and get in there and do my thing. GE six weeks to develop a chemistry with the catchers because really when you're coming and you never know which one with -- may be in there. Luckily there's only I think two believes that the to a -- -- here in camp but the judge him and as. Brown and Maxwell so. The other guys vote -- and -- they know. Pretty much everybody that's here to Alaska appears it doesn't take long really. It's hard to explain that a pitcher catcher as a very weird relationship. And you get to know each other after a couple pitches. Especially good catchers and we have some very detector so much to worry about that chemistry at all we've -- great catchers in the picked up. Every pitcher really quickly. Jason look comfortable you. Yeah I think he does -- -- local tends to home before we started spring training look good back there. I think he's fine he said he was affliction and also I was good and he wasn't wearing a mask which kind of scared me a little bit diseases. Concussion problems try to keep the ball out of the dirt marceca. Have you seen assessment is batting practice yet. Not this year yet but I still remember the firestorm over something last year so I'm expecting some over that hill or whether. It can have a great spring -- thank you very much.

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