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Mychael Urban thinks Tim Hudson will be a leader for the whole Giants team

Feb 19, 2014|

The long time MLB writer and returning 95.7 contributor explained why Barry Zito won't take the season off, and how Hudson will influence Tim Lincecum in 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome guys sorry. It is that it's great to have you back the original try most of the -- and trying to. Absolutely back -- and a. Good time so it's fitting that well together right now. Very much is this a little threesome we have going so take it easy -- -- to say that our kids it's true. So it's NTELOS. Tell -- what's going on with -- going to be bringing to the table it's happened and I know you got your Saturday showed on again which are very excited about always enjoyed that on the weekend so -- what's happened. First up it's going to be a job and already I'm out of the best times. I'm always seven kids now I'm jacked up about it I haven't. I haven't done this and allow them excited to get back into it it it's an absolute need in the Bay Area -- -- fan bases are all crazy and I think both he intercepts are pretty nice -- and a lot of people are down. On the giants and I think just apparently people are generally down on the table and again some level nationally but I still think there's only in the back of Enron had. No matter how loaded they look people always kind of what it is like believe it when -- always considered for a couple years and and so I think there's a lot to be excited about many in the halls. May have come up in the offseason. Billy plug them expertly as well as usual and -- you to be examined there's a lot of detractors are out there but. I just think he quietly goes about the business of building a chance the team that's got a real good chance it. Put a lot of joy in the lives of a lot of people in the variable teams do that on a regular basis and I'm excited to. To be talking about it but it's it's not just that it's it's the national scene as well you know there's no. Strictly baseball dedicated so in the Bay Area and so I'm excited to be. Resurrecting that I think it's going to be better than ever. You're the perfect guy played ball at USF pitcher and covered both teams -- way back when I'm with me on Comcast with the giants most recently. Let me ask you about Tim Hudson because he -- is today we also are coming up Michael and went to Atlanta had a terrific ankle injury and now they they bring him in two years 23 -- what can we really expect dealing from Tim Hudson this year. I think you can expect a lot of what you're saying for the last month and a half maybe before he went down. -- -- on the ball as well that are being used are winning streak do you have any believers last ten starts. With the area with under three that this is a guy that you look at on the surface you -- -- is definitely a lot a lot of years Imus is you have left in the tank. But then you look at that strip strip before he got hurt and just you know as well that is Greg this is the ultimate competitor and know that sounds kind of -- people like to throw that around. When somebody's on the downside of it. Career and they used to prop them up well he's a warrior he's somebody that can give you -- he's got well you'd like to think everybody in baseball to resolve these -- but what -- -- That's a differentiator. And it's something that he has even more of now. Is it he truly is a pitcher who can be a leader for the entire baseball team that's one thing to believe your first step. And I think going to be fantastic in that regard I think you and Tim Lincecum. I think they're going to be kindred spirits two degree I think Tim Hudson is exactly the type of guy. That Tim Lincecum has never had and as always needed to look up to and an extensive beyond body types and I think they've been through. The same types of things in terms of experience with people always saying -- too small to do best is not going to be able to do that the people have you know. That that type of let me prove view. How long -- you mark and Tim Hudson has proven more people to this point even in Tim Lincecum Matt and I think Tim Hudson also gone through some of that and some of the Dodgers not as dramatic. It -- to come -- anyway I just think if you cut the guy. More than any other type -- guy that's been in that giant clubhouse. During winter time with them that he can really look to insist that somebody who is like me and I -- be even more like him and he's well he's also somebody you can -- for guys like bomb -- in -- as much as you'd like them to become leaders of this stuff. Particularly have that in my thinking and got a little bit more. Then that Madison does right now just because of -- But they're not quite cut from the clock the Tim Hudson attempt. It's flat out leadership qualities and the fact that he's kind of -- good old boy just -- -- and -- garner are. I think that can help them out to the -- warrior spirit -- saying that were vocal song and in the Hudson could click. Like victory that -- the pitching staff leader he's already there it's gonna happen naturally. But during the time we VA Tim was that -- picture like that who gets the entire team to follow and that's not something that I can easily explained. Or that easily be easily qualified. But when you've got people every single person in that clubhouse. From Jason Giambi and you know all the superstars on the team when you ask him that was the leaders of the team they are mentioned in the capitalism that's so rare for a pitcher. And he's gonna bring that but I think on the field but. You saw last year the guy was the dominant pitcher you don't. You don't dominate for ten straight starts and not have something left in the tank and now that this guy has some -- chip on the shoulder some -- I think bodes really well percent of -- Are thrilled to announce our good friend Michael Irvin is back with a 957 game inside the base from nine to noon on Saturday debuts on March 1. Appearing here on the wheel house every Friday. And for those who don't know -- great relationships of both the -- And the giants you know Brian savient Billy being very well you're a great book pieces about the of the Big Three of course. I think you've been introduced to introduce Matt Cain and his wife to you introduce them. I -- actually put my my reporters skills to work more than it is a funny story when they first -- I'll -- circumvent -- talk along with the but. Matt has just signed his first big contract extensions to avoid arbitration I think. And I introduce them to the gallows and waitress so my favorite watering hole for -- In Arizona but he's naturally being a big the year where is skeptical that -- just want me for my money. If you look at first scholarships or acidic you can do a background check on that. And -- Came back in my report to lawmakers she's going should've been you know your baseball player you have no idea what arbitration even means you're good to go so. Then that I have a great relationship obviously he's he proposes she suggest they have this big fancy wedding and punch line I don't -- -- remember you weren't invited and the last thing after all that. Yeah the one of the grooves and I know it. The candidate for agers did the servers are creatures it. Why because the player because that was -- that other players would be freaked out that a member of the media was at -- later. Come on until except. -- it's different you're. I think guys and don't stand -- -- I was. I thought that was different now back to Tim Hudson somebody on this somebody -- is once. We were out paying out if you know I -- an executive. Let's just say no more. -- just dim light let me check deafening Allen that he can bury it. It looked items that don't worry about it they're like come on herbs and he's. Yeah. See that's well that's it that's that you got a relative. Absolutely pay and I I don't have a great relationship with Barry Zito and I read yesterday where. He's gonna take the year off have you talked to -- in to where is he is words you know mentally. I don't think you can take a year off you know he's he's. He's a very unique position and it's a nice position because he doesn't have to rush into the and I think look the fact that he's gotten in camp obviously means nobody's beaten down restore. And we all the reasons for that if you look at the numbers you have last year and why would you but -- spring training goes on. I think that maybe you'll get some calls and some guys go down and he'll get a sniff but he's again in that unique spot where he -- after rushing anything you can kind of pick your spots. Yeah he's been keeping them and himself in shape and he's absolutely not thinking about sitting out the entire here he's just being very patient and very selective. Is it a financial deal and I would think someone would back off from the veterans minimum to come to camp Michael why is he not. In camp right now over someone. I think he's just looking pretty absolute perfect opportunity and it just you know in our buddies and he's not technically speaking to the media so I don't wanna speak at -- -- I was -- but. I think there's a couple of teams that he has in mind and right now those teams don't have any opening future open one pops up on the road. When he's in West Coast guys so we discern without without to push it too much. The -- from San Diego and has lived in the LA area. Can you ridiculous. Yeah Seattle Mariners it sounds like an -- and a -- ago. Players that it's it's really great to have you back in we misty and obviously we can just Helen's doctor knew for a few minutes that obviously your baseball knowledge is great. And were really excited not knowing ME on this show but remember how great the inside the big show. Was and I know it's going to be better than ever and to be a lot of fun so what welcome back we're really excited we're in a lot of great response like that detects -- right now so very cool and we're glad you're back in full. Thanks so excited to be back with -- all the guys thank Libby for pumping out some Mac Miller -- -- -- That's good stuff man I -- Around too late -- slows your was that hurts them Italian style and that is. Ended outside like her stomach. I see we haven't though we may be an exam every loss is a really governor approached him that's gives them. That taped excerpts get every Beck and the background -- -- -- Kevin. Again Michael Irvin back here and 57 game inside -- nine to noon at. Debuts on Saturday march 1 makes you tune in and he's gonna hear weekly on the -- almost every Friday during baseball season and that starts. Next for us.

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