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Dusty Baker is waiting for the right opportunity to return to baseball

Feb 19, 2014|

The former Giants & Reds manager gave his thoughts on how the A's and Giants will fare in 2014, and what he's doing currently before the summer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just stay there candidacies here it's great to be joined by former giants manager. Dusty Baker how are you. -- Don't know I'm just Gregg Cutler and I love how you're doing memos that we're talking in -- the last time you did not go to spring training. Seven years ago. They missed the last time the 2007. And then that time before that was 1987. And then the now mumbo 2007. That 1987. Had to ask -- or confer ESPN after you left the -- Torre went to the -- that's right. -- -- -- -- So are you done sir have you retired or are you gonna manage again where you're at right now. You know either by an estimate which again I yourself. -- -- -- So. You know I don't know what what's next is obviously to reggae Congo's davis'. You know summits will guide me -- that -- most of my life. You know this that got that word go has worked out pretty good and you know I'm a lot better shape. And in any ways when -- started this game. 47 years ago so. You know either way it's. Has been great been up and down naturally -- Felt like -- and you know their violence though argued. I don't know -- so I'd note that fiesta. People living people on the line. And and physically you're good now. -- -- we have mom I'm excellent I am a whole lot better than last year we started -- is that it actually started. So those skinny. I admit every. -- Rogers Barack isn't cardiologist. You know it in between mercy hospital at UC Davis and you know those guys to -- great. Great care of me. Great. Well poked and prodded the laden. You know they were worried about me make it to last year but it was there amen you know that same. He that this is that allows same inside this is the Soviet kind of you know kind of curtail. You know like. One -- instead -- -- after the game of golf losses -- you know did you rest. China its heartbeat. You know it's excitement too much so you know like have made it to. Last 2000 real. Test that actually. Last year you know feeling great now. Where you just a UN Sacramento now. Aaliyah and Sacramento. A improvement great out. That that that. You know. I'll get it out and humbled -- -- because it got up on my on my eight -- -- need to do -- how to operate but use the outlook is just the time you leave yet it's so. You know on the -- -- -- my -- play -- -- -- development -- yesterday for the first time which I haven't. This time of the year and so. And I have appropriate for a different projects going on them outlined just sit around oh. Energy project area of the building project. Other project to do ancestry. -- -- Alec ancestry that commons vote difference. Thanks so you know a lot of people contacted me -- in the business world that it in baseball as a personal friend. And so you know people that have some offers business world and -- -- partly attitude. You know a third chapter in my life. About your opinion I'm sure you keep you obviously keep up on the game the Bay Area teams -- giants need to bounce back -- go for the third consecutive. West title at what he would see where we get what you see when USC million local teams. Well you know I have really followed much as -- because they usually tend not to follow when you know. You know you're guarding interference on Easter -- feelings back intact. You know but I know. You know I'd say that and lose votes in the code examples there and knows there. You know figured it out. Because they always do and it's tough. You know when you'd have won the way they have the last few years it makes it tough winners coming -- one has not thought that makes for a short -- it would be. You know really trying to you know don't have time to. You know to really regroup. To the net to process in the times so I think that leaders -- think -- world. Willow will definitely be as good that they because they had a an outbreak of staff together that his staff. You know they -- -- played pretty good defense. I think it's going to be. Dog fighting that western division. -- two I think April going to be better Seattle has been as outstanding pitcher. Yeah they should be better Texas that think. So I think they get their work cut out pharmacy would be exciting. These. So when you said earlier to my question mark Gary -- he said I can't hire myself so. If someone calls you middle of the season just -- -- you talk about coming back in managing again even this year. I don't know depends on where it is. And depends. You know what I. Think about their. They can't in the women's and there are states in order for somebody. The embassy to you know what I have to -- do a lot of people who think -- would uses certain days mr. You know it's here behind it that you don't know what but I think at transit. You know all generations. And so. You know Vista did you know I -- I -- look at that he would have gone. And you know see who who wants media mean it's it's tough sometimes when I've. Always. You know you'd hear it seems that -- duties they bring them opposite you know -- awaits a top. You know -- construed as you know -- you so I would like to consider. Either situation where. Were you trying to do more with less. Like dubious situation where you can do borrow more. They like that situation well so. You know like it fit in -- yeah I got my eyes open. You know wait by the phone. -- on camera you know -- yet so. This chemical -- -- do what I had to do. And -- -- to enjoy my -- enjoyment family you know I cannot fault the guys on what preferred place. He's just turned fifty last week -- Richmond high school. You know but I'm a busy but I -- -- -- ever get tired of politicians with that it was never have had the opportunity to I hope that next bout talk peace. Then later this summer overpaid mapped -- efficient you know I'll pick that. They get very fit that that. You know Iger got a garden here a thousand. You know I got a lot to do that I have that I. I have two -- -- -- -- of -- It goes against our lady at the break and even which most closely knows bill and you know much about through them learn about. You know fertilize them numbered about kind of stuff so. You know let's. Now you say you rather do more with more than less was more that nobody has more more in baseball in the LA Dodgers. There's always been the rumor since you're such a celebrated player in the glory teams of the seventies that. That you might go back and manage their but then we hear rather the parting was in grade and -- can't go back. Is there any possibility you would ever manage the LA Dodgers again domestic or manage the Dodgers. I mean they're part of it was great because it's so different. Cast them out there before and you know I -- have been with the without them abroad cavs can't screw that bank of the contacts mean two or at least. And that in right after. I got that built by Cincinnati and it really -- was kind of the guy. You know stand the shadows. You know Don Mattingly wasn't offered to me. I've put my name and had a couple -- that are in the past but they've potatoes direction. And so. You know like if it can't if you know you know if you want it. So. Something that really that. You know waste my time thinking about. You'd like to have a situation. Kind of like that when you have more with more situation. You know not to be. So you know on -- by the extension knows there's so. Sobered by -- As well as view. This is great to talk to you recently pursued time and we have to do it again real soon thanks. -- -- -- I enjoyed this and the other football game and. I appreciate that was -- that was that Peter Tosh you listen to just the Reagan. I thought I. I got I got spies and you had this guy isn't. Up. Yeah houses that do the verdict 46. Except radio the -- Yesterday -- again that's a stomach my life in front of my. You know from. Schools -- -- sooner -- they -- -- my assistant commissioner. There thinks that's a new -- Dusty Baker.

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