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Leigh Steinberg discusses how locker rooms will react to Michael Sam

Feb 19, 2014|

The sports agent discussed his experience managing Kwame Harris, and what he doesn't like about the NFL draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is your former agent right Lisa -- had a -- from the Super Bowl owner there in hand -- -- once he's re launched a Steinberg sports and entertainment he's a legendary. A sports agent he also has a new book out called. The agent and he's good enough to join us now least timer how -- I get on. Well you backward which you need. The most noble populist tones a broadcaster and work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. I've got this look out the agent -- have been on the endless -- to work. I'm so sick of the sound of my own bullish thing. -- telling the same stories. But I'll be doing that for awhile and then we re launched with a brand new platform to do. Representation. In football baseball basketball eventually cocky in the rest and then marketing. -- -- -- -- any tackle -- individual or corporation. And then our business is sort of more in the contents supplies that would sports team -- motion pictures. Television. Video games. Any apt -- can -- and experience. And then I'm crusading issues before on the contraction issue. And we have a sporting green alliance to try to take sustainable technology. In this state you -- some practice field and dropped carbon emissions. And to make him educational platform that means that they -- and fuel water rushed for walker who was your goal or solar panel. And think about had to use. -- practices and their own homes and businesses. -- -- -- show -- dom and -- popping or 95 cent in the game. A lot of there -- reasons we ought to talk to -- one of the reasons was that you wrote a piece recently in Forbes as well like Jackie Robinson Michael Sam has changed professional sports. Forever and you were claim harris' agent as well and -- over there read recently where you said back then you would have advised him if had you known that he was gay. Two to not come out but now things have changed and why have things changed now. It's probably the fastest -- Purcell. In terms of people's attitudes towards gay people gay marriage that we seen in this country. In a long time now -- should generational. Shipped. In England under thirty -- reported their social attitudes tend to be live and let live and tolerance and they're not predict we concerned what. And someone sleeps with. And he got personal Obama coming -- and backing gay marriage show. I don't think it's ever going to be a real issue in the -- on the market the players will be just fine there's a meritocracy. And the question is scanned this young man rush the passer and he stuck the -- that he give us a better chance to win. Back in Queens day. Attitudes were who were not that way and I think part of it is the the stereotyping. That. High school team. Males do towards. They're defining their own sexuality and then it they're defining it is not -- and they do some really nasty. Lists meeting and although he -- so it can't be very comparable for -- today athlete in the in the team locker room. And that's why I think they're a little bit under represented in -- exports. -- did you know that claim was gay when he was playing. No. You know the big. Typical line. And I just never thought twice about it and you never mentioned anything in. In other words on the level players would be I got into the -- deepest anxieties and fears and hopes and dreams. I didn't have any sense that America active role for an open -- so. -- I just didn't. Again not at that time. Not against my own attitudes -- scale I think there's little not locked in the world people should find it -- camp it's. We're just protectively. Yeah but let me let me ask you value -- so many great -- -- -- six members of the Pro Football Hall of -- on -- tour -- probably most celebrated were Super Bowl champion Steve young and and Troy Aikman and when they were playing -- I'm sure you're aware this. There's -- a constant rumor around America the NFL that that Steve young and in Troy -- -- -- was that note was ever did you guys ever sit down and talk about that how to work with. Of course. Here's the point in me mail app won't hit police canceled the who get into -- late twenties week we heard this thing all the time and will what was ludicrous about it. Not not the -- and -- be in the wrong but. Or is ludicrous it is I would say it was supposed to athletes and watch. Movies starch in ten models -- gorgeous where can come in and now. While those things are going on. So it's it's really hard to to prove a negative kick has peoples today. When I would tell. -- federal well. Good -- probably. Well I hope it's a very typical thing to to deal where if you want to. Not act like it's something toxic because. You know we all have. Gay people -- -- lives who we respect but. It it just wasn't true. Ali Samberg is Jonas a by the way the book is the agent my forty year career making deals and change in the game one of the big stories he came at your booked. Was. They Ryan -- story Iran -- agent and there was the story that came out when to book came out about him blowing -- team meeting. With that called socket and tell us about that. Ever 300 page book -- -- -- though was sort of a major make. But. Bill Polian. All we KGB agents felt that they should be people at all but hadn't played football coach football. So he said the same things about -- back in 1985. And every other agent. The -- much difference. Was not handed. By god to Moses. On mount find -- -- -- part. The US constitution. It's not part of the liturgy the Catholic Church right. It's -- system. It's sort of on the American designed to prohibit. Someone from going to work or that want to. And just couldn't Guatemala he doesn't change the principle let -- take less money to go to a better should be. So I don't have but a single problem player expressing himself. I hit a time as -- word he's going to be the next ten to twelve the urged. And and Ryan did just that. It's certainly. Better. Then Eli Manning standing up on stage having been drafted. Telling everybody he didn't want to go to San Diego or or the famous John Elway. After you've been drafted by -- Baltimore. You don't tell in the city sort of goes stick it hit and so the point is this kind of discussion goes back and forth all the time I've had sixty. First round draft picks but more to the point. April were chosen as the very first pick in the first round and had the second 19 times so. When you're up there in the draft there's a lot of discussion going on back and forth -- on the draft a player that they think is not gonna cut. Great stuff again check out the book the agent Leigh Steinberg. At least nine berg in the Steinberg Schwarzenegger -- -- Steinberg sports stock comic its economic mind it's always a pleasure talking it thinks is always. It's a pleasure that's required to stop -- recruit -- the. Whenever whenever I'm around you as Texas I just this. Bully us very much a lot of us during the first time we met -- and I met and we went out and went to his place in Berkeley and drank -- like 6 in the morning. And we just don't like. So I get calls it. Unions that house. If you re usually really. And act like a creative minerals like. I tee it up into -- bit. And -- my wife. With eyes -- biggest officers and fire coming out the amount thing where about -- And Micah it would. I haven't apply how to do that if you had an oh worked out the flu related to the right yeah yeah. That sounds so familiar I've taught and this guy exhibited roundly I don't I don't talk much and listen listen. -- -- a lot to learn its right to have you -- -- basically thank you guys that actually Steinberg at least Hamburg.

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