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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bill Laskey says the Giants are giving Vogelsong a mulligan from last season

Bill Laskey says the Giants are giving Vogelsong a mulligan from last season

Feb 19, 2014|

The SF Giants analyst from CSN Bay Area discussed how having a healthy Angel Pagan will help the club this season, and what he expects from Michael Morse in 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's another one of these guys that carries great pop up on giants pre and post game alive -- a long time pitcher in Major League Baseball bill ASCII joins us here on -- print -- -- -- how how offseason then. Well I tell you I don't agree about the trash like you said about Roland -- -- c'mon now you put such an amount we don't put -- among about. -- OK let's disagree on this via series everybody. -- -- Adequate access to put that put on the gentry and tip every year and I was really sensational -- a great other dominant as the ultimate some great people -- -- -- -- Turn them around to another great tip and now look -- -- to go to Utah and Portland based policy. Bruce -- she has come out and said that the 2014. Giants the way they are assembled. Are better than the 2012. World championship team do you agree. That stuff to say the only thing I -- -- your outlook that is having too much and a rotation makes it a little horse I'll order you know pretty zero had a great year that year. I look at that rotation being stroked the ball to intercept. I think the biggest question is the productivity. In oil -- more -- and no political. Drill a classic question. About Ryan Vogel song how important is it for him and his career to have a solid year this year. Well and get up an expert he's a stellar kind of pitcher -- really -- the world expo he really hurt a lot streak came on the blocks. You know on a hundred miles an hour and secure is ready for a and then of course you injury just knocked it right off so starting rotation and you -- a flight director. -- it -- -- you know. Good and club policy either Netflix like held to welcome them down and and I think I agree or -- this is a big year for him. You know honestly say and -- -- dual mode and I think that's the giants did. From last year that it will modes you can -- this year I think it -- -- on the -- contract with the extension one point five. And I think that's gonna play -- struck by a mental or mindful such a dialogue on -- and you took that way. That is another wrong with a breakfast ball right. -- cut Angel -- gone armor of the giants traded for him and essentially he did not have a great -- New York. Andris tourist -- -- -- here in San Francisco -- your swapping. What you thought were too light hitting outfielders. And Angel -- gone has now become someone has meant so much to the team. I mean the giants. Though they averaged four point five runs per game with him without him three point 63 the record with them last year 39 and 32 without him. 37 and 54. Is it's shocking how much he truly means to the outcome for the San Francisco Giants to you. Well -- you -- and was not registered to -- -- remarkable and you know he's become a leader in that clubhouse. You saw earlier reports on and on some TV it's we're used in the batting cages open actually it. I think the nuclear issue is up forty around and we saw all the last year when you've got to put towards him blah Kosher to outfielders. They were not active role are that are pretty much role players and they were. Pushed into that actor role I never heard -- because they were not ready for -- 34 fireworks at patching and saw how the Auckland -- and -- Angel -- I saw it in September when he came back. He gets some basic -- the truck -- Productivity and a leadoff hole it's huge. And again explained it -- -- so it's huge for the giants -- beat. And would that help the Angel put I believe that offensive to operate. -- dark Brice stadium last week in the numbers that he's. Wants to see from Michael Moore went home 170 RBIs. Even Michael -- to put up those kind of numbers. You know but it was wanted to pop a wrist surgery and has reports commitment really -- Everett's surgery get a prosper. You know there's risk electing two huge. Well plus for the giants and that the Dutch and therefore power ski get a couple of years of Washington in the bleachers and AT&T'S so we can afford Richard. You know everybody down and becomes -- -- to judge are gonna see him in left field wall mining and I think it looked entry -- three match. Maybe you or -- out oil -- and then put some better each and senator and gain. He says he's working hard on defense and spring training a great sign and like as positive attitude come over to charters. The other opportunities -- go to clubs -- -- organization. Was a solid organization anymore and be part of it and welcome like -- -- he doesn't want your moral orange. Former giants pitcher and CSN Bay Area giants analyst bill -- CM on giants pre imposed game live -- great -- going to be coming up here in -- over a month. The panda looks like he's lost some weight. Look into your crystal ball how do you think this thing plays out with this young man who fights his way. And he's a free agent at the end of the year. I'd -- but that doesn't come down and building and being treated turn I hope you understand eight. That what you are being negative on him he's worked his tail off all what are. You are sort of on the -- -- you -- in the -- Is so laughter right -- defense is going to be quicker from our -- hitting coach is saying that he swing -- about that are right at it. But it and you know wanted to take a panda to lose all the weight at the end of his contract. Wanting to do that Q3 years ago you at all so it's it's important that. Key eventually but it's also important that he doesn't pollute opposite achieving that goal. Cuba and -- -- -- editor's note about it. And among senior laden among them -- love him and a three year old. Or 44 hole. You watched them play and I think what the players pushing him over the -- that way I don't really believe he wants to stay here and these are caught a part of that -- Middle of the work. There's one guy on the team that no one's really talking about because he just does his job and -- Hunter -- -- -- every game last year. -- asked do you think that there's pressure on him or does he put pressure on himself to repeat his performance from last season. These -- you know put pressure on himself because he wants you the Russians pushed himself do you agree here last year there's no doubt by two years ago. You know we question is discipline at the plate. You know swing and the strikes -- swing you know a lot of off speed also weren't strikes last year I thought Turkey took two strikes no better I thought you -- approach -- -- -- -- differently. And -- actually hit the ball harder and a lot of them out -- so it was a good side I was glad you saw early. And it was just only a plus for the -- to keep her. As -- -- reporters. They'll always the best I know you got a little coaching to go to do we appreciate the time and I can't wait to see on CSN Bay Area. It's always good talking -- nine seventy -- are you guys are -- and keep going and hopefully it's an actual. Well wasserman winter I'll write off the bat they need a good start this season -- -- --

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