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Scott Miller: "Road to AL West title goes through Oakland"

Feb 19, 2014|

The long time MLB writer gave his thoughts on how Tim Hudson will fare in 2014, and why big money contracts for pitchers can cripple teams

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These are the top baseball calmness. You can bomb on Twitter at Scott Miller. BBL. -- right BVL. Scott is that right on your Twitter account. It is dense enough BP EO Scott like Scott Miller baseball -- All right -- we are just looking at Clayton Kirsch -- contract. And -- how many seconds there -- year and we worked it out he basically makes a dollar. Every single second throughout 2014. And leave -- there we started gone through the long term contracts. What are your views on it does of course were around the Oakland raised and we seeded Tampa Bay Rays these clubs never do it. Very successful how do you feel about those big hundred plus million dollar deals. Yeah I mean I think -- -- dangerous especially for pitchers because. You know what did I mean just for example from first name pops and might have looked at Johan Santana with the New York Mets a few years ago. You know you -- vote. That much dull and have many years to a starting pitcher these guys are gonna get hurt eventually. Now that's. Dodgers are the top tough predicament because. You hope that that it can be quite Kershaw -- of this world. He's won Cy Young award to the last three years he's being compared to sandy Colfax. So. I I sometimes think that maybe that's -- witnesses. I think it's sometimes in some ways easier to operate the purity athletics or -- of their ways and you don't have those deep pockets because. -- I mean what. You'd rather have a deep pockets that money -- that because that you know -- makes it easier. -- say it's easier sometimes separate from the eighties -- the race is because you don't. Have you -- those -- decisions duties if you haven't quite -- on your right well they'll. It's gonna cripple franchise the next several years lack of pay that kind of money Dodgers obviously have very deep pockets on net that that. -- billion dollar television contract. And you know they need stars to put on TV as well those guys are gonna win so you know commercial basically -- them over Bangkok. Two Cy Young awards last three years -- persons cynical -- basically it's if you're the badgers -- guys probably get checked that we need to write. Scott I want to talk a little bit about the -- west the a's have -- this year in the division and when it comes -- the Rangers bring on since -- -- would prince feel anything they have done enough to chase down the -- in this this year. You know it I'm not sure that this -- I like well I like Oakland's pitching and that's what else starts and and I think. Yeah at the Rangers have improved themselves and touch you and fielder are. -- are theoretically at least as we sit here and in late mid February on paper. They're gonna solve a huge. Rangers' problem for the last. You're a couple of years and that is scoring runs you know they lose Josh Hamilton last year they lost Mike Napoli. They had a big time problem last year offensively. And then of course Nelson Cruz went out for the fifty game suspension itself. Very. Are going to be better there's no question and yes I think the raiders can't win the division. I think they've got they -- -- potential but. Yeah -- -- the last two years to be what all closed on the and the pitching Dave bill. The road -- west side it was right to Oakland you know a couple of years back it went through taxes and and what all closed done. They built a complete team my love with a double -- is deductible and this year. I mean -- has set down and in broken down by a final predictions -- about a block away probably from that that. I -- looking at here today I still go to one Texas to. You know I'm I'm glad you brought up about the road through the for the AL last week go through taxes because yes they did represent the American League two straight years. In the World Series but the way I look at attic is people want to still act like that's the same Rangers team and stop the top of my head start they can. The heart and -- Michael young's gun. Josh Hamilton C. J. Wilson teen -- alert Nelson Cruz a meat is go down the line of all the players that they have lost. They're not the same team the core is completely different speak to this then the team that went to the World Series two straight years. Absolutely right and and and I think that's why we've seen you know they're two big reasons to be what the Rangers have slept. From those back to back World Series years. One as I mentioned. Last year offensively they just didn't have the batch. Two and and I probably have these roles reversed. But two is what you just mentioned a bomb. That does the cords just a different team in Texas now. It all back where they have the World Series is that team going to I think get better pitching back then. You know Yu Darvish of course is very good. You know Derek -- had the accident over the water and in tweaked his -- so what do we get out their talent this year. The -- -- -- god don't have Matt Harrison. -- -- that was our you know I don't know -- to meet there're there're there are bigger questions. In their pitching. Then there have been and the other thing. I -- like acquisition Prince Fielder I think over a 162 games he's gonna help especially -- park but. What we -- popular so far. Among other things he has -- been an electoral player means the tigers finally -- debate with him because he couldn't get over the hump they were so close in fielder wasn't the player get over the hump. He's got a lot to prove that Texas site. Scott or talk about the giants' rotation a lot of the focus centers around Tim Lincecum Matt Cain rebound. Brian vote with song with a guy like Tim Hudson the old -- he can be a -- to guys in transition like Tim once kemba what kind of year do you expect Tim Hudson have. You know. I yeah I'd like that too much is signing a lot this guy's a gamer I think I'd always had arm certainly deal in the past easy the cabbage surgery and -- but. I think he'd pitch is younger. -- his years I mean what is about -- He's got 38. Yet 38. To me. He's he's he's he's still a couple of years younger army to meet pitches did it -- more mid thirties thirtieth he's got some bullets -- I think he's a gamer I think he's a competitor. And I used to be a terrific dynamic club policy issues I think the younger pitchers I think. Are -- find it -- it's really cool I haven't Tim Hudson is called Oscars is this guy has very knowledgeable. And disease can be a good teammate and those guys. I'll no doubt I mean how can you not love Tim Hudson and then of course. Hopefully for Tim Lincecum Hudson rubs off on him and we will we look at bounce back years. He'll bounce back here for Hudson coming back from the ankle than you look at -- you look at Lincecum really get Vogel song last year Scott. The giants total ERA for their starters was four point 37. That's their highest since 2006. How do you think this starting staff rebounds this season. Yeah I think long first off I think any longer offseason is gonna help by -- Took the EU could be key indices. Those extra post season. -- adding up when you know guys -- -- engaged in have a copilot as fastball last year in in some of the guys just look flat. I think I think number one I think the longer more rest this winter's gonna help. -- I think that's where it's gonna start and then be that. Yet there's there's no question that. I yelled Bom Gartner is is is an ace in waiting and I'm anxious to see. What Matt Cain brings this year because you know we all know what a horse he's been what do what do what do you know a war course and atop the rotation. You know from. You know that no hitter of the World Series in October heroics. You know and then the step back last year I think maybe the long Nazis and has a chance to help them. I'm not sure about the Lincecum -- -- I love Lincecum -- hope he comes back strong. Com you know Egypt and view last year especially in our specials first innings last year I'll have to that you guys have. The other there was there was a lot of people wonder whether there was some mental thing he could get over mental hurdle whether he's he's maybe -- at this point given. The terrific job he did out of the bullpen. It would change in October 2 years ago. That maybe that's where is better suited for and obviously the market because -- -- -- are displayed. Well for that money you're gonna only pitched nine innings so. -- -- -- legacy still he's still young enough to figure out I think. Now he's got -- starting didn't go a little bit better in the second aspect when he started throw on the curve ball but just as a closer I just picture this. He's coming out and not just on his heart as I can. And I'm just use and that his fingers is is awesome -- strike -- -- do you really think he could be closer. All I I think he could I mean I think -- -- -- -- A tantalizing glimpse of that is in again and -- policies in two years ago I mean I think. You the pitches you mentioned in the other thing. And India in this is where it's based properly remains so fascinating is is in that mental game because to me more than any other sport. It a lot of that is played upstairs you know in his -- in it would -- -- I know. If you said he figured out more second half last year. But a lot of those first inning pick -- some people thought he's just out thinking himself and you put that together whereas. What he did an October 2 years ago and I note that the thinking of that once one reason. He can eat it dominated the late innings it's not just to stop. But he doesn't have to think so much he just goes out there just lets fire. And I think given his pitches and given that part of it I think he could be a great closer. Great stuff is always will be catch up with -- throughout the baseball season. Look forward to the guys and yes -- for the delay. And I are good or bad don't worry about you take -- -- Scott Miller won the top columnists in Major League Baseball.

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