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Mitch Richmond gives his thoughts on the Warriors 2014 season so far

Feb 19, 2014|

The former Warrior & NBA Hall of Fame finalist talked about what it would be like to get into the Hall of Fame, and what the current squad needs to improve on

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I always loved bringing him -- he's one of our favorites went soccer and basketball former Golden State warrior great Mitch Richmond joins us here. On view current shouting match outside -- yet. All right it was an okay I'll bet that. Let's got to feel pretty good to be a hall of fame finalist when you find out when you found out you were a finalist what were your first thoughts. Where are all the rules. Very excited. -- last year owls will also -- Did make it through witnesses say you're mostly just didn't fit the bill part of that group. And bill on a part of well this group that's. Actually looked upon to try to goalie and all. This exceptional so it. Payments Chris Mullin already in the basketball hall frame and everybody the bear you know how much we love run GMC one that got dismantle that broke everybody's hearts part. What would it mean to you in view in Tim Hardaway got on the ballot to become hall of famers in the NBA. Will be announced that it is true that at that the only just on it would sell or sort of sparse almost made -- ordered -- back international's. He. Later this year. Our. Our our rules will also dominated lately in two so it would be great. You know just that. -- the guys that -- What I was there at all paved the way of how we play. And this is excited. Actually goal it would you know. She wrote this and in -- out great. And not only joining Chris -- that your old coach John Nelson. Yet their bad -- of nobody else's it does that mean. And that also also that -- great great. Yellow things like to get in there and with you today is about the MBA all star game because of course that we go back to 1995. You're the MVP. Of the all star game when you're a Sacramento king. You know when you look at the Saturday and all the events if you could change any staying with all star weekend what what would you change. They are out of form crucial -- people or. Are you a question -- problem -- BAR protest or at all this year. But some publishing game. Shouldn't beings are. Net are are really -- it turned -- I know as far as that -- We do so really dark like. Update that would give the crowd up a -- to -- for the next one. Are they giving it to you about a ability. What four -- -- the -- and that's what I thought salt they keep. The -- try to change that format. And all those those dogs because I also would notice that when we don't have much to our school. Did you know we are talking about this all week about how Vince Carter and the dunk contests in 2000 we think back to dominate vs Jordan in your opinion is there anywhere -- dunk contests and go from here. -- Yeah I think -- some ways but I think when you have the hot plasma you know you. Go abroad who really taken out. You know -- by the -- to a -- -- got up early at schools whose -- bills they've just taken off topic to speak great you know to have. Although apparently packet to. So. It sort of sequel to raise -- pop pop stars. Six time NBA all star NBA champion and former Golden State -- joins us in our view current -- 95 point seven the game how would how would play out could it. The commissioner could the NBA and may be along with some sponsors and MBA players association. How they play it out going to the star sand. Hey -- needs you to make this happen we need you to compete can can they really do that. One topic and then that was such a great job at an indelible mark in. Well you know all the players. And endorse more hopeful they -- -- the gas and pepper commercials. Are not think. Are you know we you know they have to. There's got to make for great -- I you know the -- really you're helpless are -- such outdated. Title people go out and see the report card this doubts about it because Michael was in it. Company was evident everywhere was traffic at that front row seat and you don't you have all the player civil side. In the soups just rated for the dog contest epic epic. Back to. It got that it got to. Make that game even more better not about the party. And also borrow. Also on the fans and in -- the fans vote for great track out. With the kids and it'd be -- excited about Saturday. By the box. Well I got an idea. My idea -- EMI idea I do away with -- again. But it what you just said that because -- IBM -- really want to try to go out no no I. I actually had. I respect you so much and I thank you could've been a part of this. So check this out got rid of all the gimmick crap I all I'll keep the three point contest is that it's still a good deal. But I create a one on one contests take like the top eight guys and had -- battle it out and do one on one you played -- and and you play one on once you could have LeBron against Iran you can have a big against a small would have been something you would like to -- While all partly -- out they can do it that way. Or maybe they just don't want to do. These guys hurt because you know that that would do it there are very competitive. And you're out -- -- a big part of it in the so well -- that herbs and put a big -- there are they Dole's got broad try to do little quirks. Maybe -- do that for the retired guys -- out make it's a big cash. Well you know build its. That brought biblical. Missed the warriors are up in Sacramento tonight the into the break as the eighth seed in the Western Conference and just try askew. Where do you view the warriors right now. Well it bounces or let it start out pretty. It shows -- Howell how -- the worst carcasses. I mean you know. Probably about us look at the spending and I don't get spending. All you would pick their -- stayed at the top four -- And noted that have -- -- that year but there what are they excited to watch it won't want you go sit wars play. That I've never looked that this bed that would have never thought -- irritate spot because. So arms I've never watched -- -- was just out but where's the -- is built. You know. You got one of the better teams that. Looking at property. Called the struggling but they are they gained so far. Yet that's the tough thing about it is it's hard to say someone struggling who's 31 in 22 but when you look at their competition. And you look how good the west is they've had slow starts that data bothered him. Off shooting nights they turned the ball over too much -- there's one thing here in the last few games they got a clean up what would you wanna see. Epic wouldn't wouldn't talk about it see that you know has been all -- are out of the -- I assume that. If you're see this bill ought to just jump shots and that does the bulk basically -- they have guys that were eventually go inside vote but. Majority of said the -- Scores. Outside. Because they thought they are are are so apples -- -- I think you probably. But Carlos. We will -- throws. All the calls on them making -- and you can. Concede that they can ticket big comeback. You know what would any but deficit that they have cut it back in 1920 in the battle for me this is probably will hardly they get back in the game with a what shall appear. Do you think you can win NBA title playing the way they apply. -- Thank you can't educate out they just sort of an exciting -- that puts pressure on that -- When you have guys that treat. Global of ball really put the ball in the hole. I mean that's that's. That's dynamic. -- it. That sometimes. Happen did the other team that the decision. So I think it out the away like that the court they complete their gates emphasized. That they could play inside -- -- -- -- but. Talk about two of the best student. That's the beginning today. And let's switch over to your Sacramento changer part of the ownership group there of course she got to did a grad. Just give us updated on the kings and that new arena that their he's trying to get bill. Why are -- -- civics are our Sacramento on the home. This happy and excited that we are and keep in Sacramento. Plans -- everything and ethnic. You know. You know move the basketball. He offered a sack or Q epic would that devastated to stay devastated the this city so it was great for us to keep. You know we're looking forward -- a little built at the Wolverine. And Bill Clinton team. That we're about weight on that. -- rains but have they. No we're gonna get. -- there and it. Mostly the right move looks pretty good week. Well we always appreciate the time and hopefully the next time we talk with you will be saying hall of Famer Mitch Richmond good luck in the process Mitch thanks for joining us man we really do appreciate it. Arnold which is so much out.

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