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Jerry Reynolds previews the Warriors-Kings matchup

Feb 19, 2014|

The former Kings GM & current broadcaster joined Drew Hoffar to talk about the battle in Sacramento tonight, and what he thinks of the two centers on both teams

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Judy Keller asked from Sacramento Kings Jerry Reynolds now 95 point seven the name hey Jerry how are things -- take the time. You know I'm just great beautiful weather here in Sacramento look -- -- -- an exciting game tonight reporters. While the kings made a big trade today I wanna ask you what is Jason Terry. Bring to the Sacramento Kings and the kings demarcus -- -- Jason Terry burned to the squad. Well great question you know I had I don't think it'll have the trade is and I have particularly great impact either way to be an -- yeah I don't think. I think the kings -- hope that it helps them a little bit I think the Mets are open it to the trade helps them a little bit. On the negative side it it doesn't there's probably not gonna hurt either team much. You -- wanna talk about DeMarcus Cousins for a second. And talk about his growth I consider DeMarcus Cousins as the best center in the league but how much influenced is Shaquille O'Neal have on the markets in his growth as a player. Well let patent protection question I don't know how much I think it helped. But you don't kill obsolete got a busy schedule not around much and thank you try to stay in touch but I. I think you know demarcus is certainly had his best year by Far East seems to be you know growing. Going into little bit and automatic appeals at Roland and I think it's probably less quite honestly than they may be -- Williamson who has worked with him on a daily basis on the court. And I think so you know I think that's a reality that. I agree these young cousins just how -- double figures center in the league that is talented and his all around gifted as DeMarcus Cousins. -- on your opinion Gerri how does that how does a player like the Marcus Cousin who has all the skills. Turning its head around because to me that was the biggest issue with 'cause with his mindset. Well yeah that's exactly at -- I think he's still got a ways to go away I think he's made real progress but there's there's still some minerals from the loss of focus during games and it's too upset at times I think but. But he made remarkable progress and I think if he had just continues on the same path for the next couple of years and I think he's set to be the best center in the league. You know by everybody's opinion. For about 7810 years but you know those strides have to -- made scale. The squad is struggling just attack ads this year. Talked about Isiah Thomas once second do you think that he has the prominent. Did this skill set to be a number one point -- do you see him is may be coming off the bench. Well I think he honestly I really think right now he's in the middle of the probably the top fifteen point guard in the league right now I know that he's got his critics but. You know most of really don't pay attention. How he's actually played as a starter you know he's -- better -- 21 points a game in almost seven assists as the starter. 40% to reason. And all and you know they they they wanna focus on what he doesn't do that you know he's clearly outplayed carrier being John Wall. Tony Parker when he went to went ahead and head to head and so you know if if if that's not good enough I'm not sure how big you know in other words I guess my question would be back -- how do you get better. -- get better than he has in the -- your finger remember last year. Over the air route where he just. Put up twenty some in the fourth quarter for -- that you know what I'm Pete is like really. Does I mean they've been dragged everybody tried -- To be -- this year would agree Greivis Vasquez I don't know how that worked up. So you know he's in Toronto and help protect and so. You know I think you know this is third year in the league and I just think these guys. You know people wanna focus on this side you -- he doesn't do about it look at what he does do and how hard he has to guarded -- Currie when I think will vouch for what a shame because he's gone. He's gonna have his hands full that I just like guys they would have a handful of staff. -- -- -- Jerry Reynolds Sacramento Kings color analyst on the TV side sit risk written Mitch Richmond. What does it mean to have him and mayor Johnson -- hall of fame finalist. Well it's great you know I was got traded from Mitch has some years ago and really took a lot of heat over. Criticism in the Bay Area you know like they thought that was a bad trade that we gave up the right stability -- for -- I never understood that message that you better rookie year for the warriors and I am up in -- today we were no risk were taken we look at -- sure thing and certainly proved to be that force. And you know six time all star and then of course mayor Johnson has just been fabulous in keeping the team here and and if these guys both both guys certainly deserve it on a lot of level. Jerry were your friends -- and Mike Malone the x.s and o.s coach. How do you think his players responding to his type of coaching. Well I think he's been very very well received you know terrific job coach I think he's. You know in the reality evidence like any -- has -- assistant all of his life he's suggesting to B and head coach and this adjustment. And but I think that. You know he's very Smart very hard worker and I put -- -- to it could just learn he will. And I think the future very bright for Mike -- -- the warriors have a lot of talent especially in the backcourt but I want to get your thoughts on this Golden State Warriors season. Well I think you know I think people had high expectations as they should look -- Andre Iguodala to kind of fill in the gaps a little bit the you know injuries. Have hurt him you know I mean and I don't know much prize you know he should be and with with Bogut I mean let's face it he's been injured a lot. He's he's a pro viable player would explain of that but he did not he's not a them. But that the jury should just hold up a little while elect George team I think they're they're better than they were last year -- helping. If things get healthy -- playoff time model -- anybody want to. When a deal with them and you get. You know to the backcourt is just absolutely great shooters can't. Probably the most fun team to watch and when Bogut helped you -- helped me. You know the bench certainly is a little weaker I think I didn't think they'd miss Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry both but that's just. Just a minor minor thing but I think the warriors fans better hanging America's much because stick. Take -- -- to give a crap on me about the west. Jurors in the artists renditions of the new arena that's being proposed and is gonna be built downtown Sacramento. Where is this where is the arena issue right now. Well it it kind of in a judge's. And I guess right now for where it will get on the ballot or not. I think most people I've talked to that -- be in the open pit stop. It -- full speed ahead that. You know that the arena will will stay on time that the judge. Will roll out the out. The idea to get it on the on the ballot. You know I think this City Council. You know which is near unanimous and and they were elected to make these kind of decisions so. So -- -- -- reasonably optimistic that everything happened will be downtown that will be a beautiful building -- enough. Probably by 2016. And then in October the -- McCain or play him that they might be playing that downtown arena. How much -- how much juices does this ridiculous dot campaign have. I don't think a lot you know I think it's. You know living in Sacramento where 29 years you know it's it's pretty typical you know I -- there's certain small percentage of people whose main goal. In Sacramento which turned sacramental into Bakersfield. You know who do you think that just I don't know why but that I don't know why they just don't go move. There is an amazing I've lived there for a while it you're right you're exactly right there's a small percentage of people. That that really it's like really. I've been ever major city in America and and really -- -- Sacramento has probably the least developed in the underdeveloped downtown. In America and to state capital of the great state of union and and the you know it's like -- -- -- -- -- -- Omaha Nebraska and they've got more developed downtown to have him here it is this is a probably the last great opportunity to get it done. And I think it will think mayor Johnson's duties as a presence primarily and then on our new ownership group they'll get it done and and you'll see not only renewed -- -- -- new hotels and animals and more importantly. Tens of thousands of people living here. And and that's what transformed downtown balance count as you know and machine and small markets like Indianapolis and and Denver in different places which has has done -- it just -- miraculous turnarounds. Last one for you here Jerry what are your thoughts in the all star weekend did you give boarded did you enjoy the festivities. Couldn't stand does that tell you that I made to go puke. I mean I Durbin let Michael -- I don't watch Harlem Globetrotters and the worst in general as -- a lot more. Competitive. How does the NBA fix that. -- you know I don't know you know it is it's a great question that you ask him but they better try. Because mold after remember Whitman. You know into the middle seventies or -- when those dangerous extremely competitive you know direct variation Jerry West and Oscar -- those guys. -- they wanted to win for pride and money you know the money difference was significant nor -- meant something to a -- And they've got to get that back. You know if they just Horry or get rid of it just have have -- at your house. Gerri thank you so much for taking the time and I really enjoy watching on TV like an old curmudgeon -- -- done all I am an old promote you know I got the same -- you do Jerry thanks a lot and I enjoy the game tonight thank you care.

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