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USA Today writer Nate Davis talks NFL Combine and the NFL Draft

Feb 19, 2014|

USA Today writer for the NFL, Nate Davis joins Scott and Zak to discuss the NFL Combine this weekend in Indy, the Draft for the Raiders and also the wonderlic test.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With help in that regard. We bring in our friend Nate Davis who covers the league for USA today Nate how you doing tonight. What's we're good now have you taken a one -- Had to do. Yeah it's damn. That's like that's Ryan Fitzpatrick good fancy pants. -- this in. I'm not I put my belt under the time restriction -- our members that put you out work him. The water. And now go to the guys had taken this test is it tomorrow. I ER I mean. Think BS the early guys you'll spoke epic that part of the medical others. You know they're there and a lot of -- tomorrow and respect are up. What part of it could be that. -- before we get into the that the the the crux of the come -- to some of the big names and what not to budget just to finish this thought how much do. Eight coaches in general managers how much stock did they put into this one early test when it comes to deciding whether or not to draft again. -- -- Most it depended dependent you have it but I think they all look at what is it is an indicator. An epic -- that they couldn't vote you realize that different players or different ways to meet some guys. Org well you group total communication Democrats see things better. Our talk or another -- the field but as we are Robert Blake or so that it truly are the best quick date guys. An epic it relies upon Google quarterly. Not the best indicator of the guys though and all the reports about -- camera did. Optically well collect that a major credit record. Nate just how far can a -- it's -- drop. Based on the come by and I mean. It if he's if he's a no brainer top end image problem from the top of the top ten to the bottom of the top ten if he's. But he's a borderline late first early second but he does horrible image problem into the third or fourth can can guys did -- done and how how much do you think -- guys stock can really fluctuate based on the Columbine. Leo I hate that there are all in and obviously you know -- -- in the real world Libya and you elected -- -- -- to come back. Next week or so you know I get into the today. It's historic point. -- promote guys and and you don't think it is a level playing field for most guys that it kind of argued that based on current so. -- against other guys but you know guy that that -- to not go parked in the -- mark you know generally expand on it it'll work out again -- -- ago. Our guys coming here don't do particularly well certainly have the opportunity to come back and rebound. On a pro or whether whether Roland Berger or back about forty. Or wherever and I really think most important thing come Telecom market for the most unpopular leader in the interview process that we don't -- I'm in the medical I mean that that truly epic would most teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On a typical reader program -- that processor or wherever you know it they'll order a critic of pork. -- and NFL scouting combines with Nate Davis who covers the league for. USA today here in 95 -- in the game -- the the proliferation of these pro -- reference. Has really given a lot of players almost an excuse to not work out. At the NFL -- mine now what's the scuttlebutt heading into this year's event in terms of you know guys who will boy we really wanna see this guy's old but he's not gonna from the forty year he's not gonna -- he's not gonna do this or not gonna do that. Well -- -- -- -- -- you know we're seeing right now is -- not a policy marquee quarterbacks. Throwing it probably is got a drop. That Derrick are out our product. You're near by you guys sort of kind of but we knew we knew -- and wrote in a totally next month and you know -- I mean that this is an opportunity for those other guys a little orchard or action. Come out and children you know a guy that's. Back to work or you get looked broke you know in the main part of the report Telecom Maier member teenage years ago and got it. He used. Typical route receivers common article featured a -- corporate America that that -- doctors -- that happened morrow -- studio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're looking at the raiders sit with the number five -- in your opinion are there five. Cannot miss full blown will contribute for you this year. No brainer picks that the raiders should not. Trade down even if they can get a late first then maybe another second or would you trade down days is that is the draft that deep division tray down. Well it it does seem like it is pretty deep draft and I would think that you know the raiders. We would probably be wise as they were they aren't in debt that's a -- school -- where it through Europe and see how how those -- record -- Kind of -- Play out to -- and they wanted to be -- around him operators you know I want those those. Shortly tree that's all -- -- -- market and it Larkin. Are you don't know split you know that Annika. Is -- what last year an indicator of mature tree now all the will probably -- And Mel -- what I got all agree you he was kinda -- the picked up our country tree you'll see BJ come along that. I'm a perpetrators. Market -- typical. And the ticket putter built on board fatwa or electric. You know -- in baseball chicks dig the long ball in football. It's all about the need for people who who's gonna be the fastest -- -- the common. You know it it is. It is YouTube like I've got a mirror. You can't look at Africa school up on YouTube -- march will cut. But you know ability to -- -- new it's. That we were worried or Portugal or not I'm an expert at the start stop start button. -- -- -- Watched you know what will -- -- -- out there will -- But you know at the end of the day. That you guys know having more and wobble. A last year coming want to Jerry writes for many many years. To a more much football and games beat or acted properly armed. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did doesn't that Tom Brady video that's now being resurfaced from from his combo on Ron where he ran about a 5440. Looked like guidance that. Render all this somewhat silly in terms of the quarterbacks in some of these guys aren't. It's really you know people don't want and including not immediately you know we we -- talk about forty. You know what the ruling mean for -- horror left tackle or whatever or your -- probably ever get a lot -- compiler. I'm gonna throw our guys that that shorter equipment or more important than in the long experience for even. Or factions that they're they're quick at duke -- it's adding up the equipment -- -- or I'm a better route -- being able Christiane beat. Local -- argument aren't properly departure so. Com it is our hope that it apartment a chance side and and called Google that that -- -- -- -- -- You're good three point great you know perished that argument though Tony Romo. -- you know forty local -- markets but you know -- teacher and a very good quarterback metres and number mobile. May go on the other side of the bay the other side of the bridge looking at December Cisco forty dollars real another Jenkins -- did not work out the last on that went wide receiver but it seemed like they need. Speedy guy and his son Jackson -- -- -- they can take the top off of the defense do you see the niners going wide receiver with their pick late in the first round. You know I think that that's a great point and and I did you know first marker but it did it happen -- -- Benjamin workspace to beat by the I just come -- you know the popular vote. Sure is that -- going to be back -- sound like it will depend wobbled to a done so. I think you're right I think that they they you know McChrystal used cervical propaganda. I think -- -- watched -- a poker pro forma picked by accession. But you can't -- more because it helps. Michael Crabtree with which the Internet throughout opal well right now at Churchill got current. On the -- data can do about that upper thirties conviction -- the sort -- -- may -- cheaper. Acute great pop it into the without that we ought to mature. Talking NFL with Nate Davis who covers the league for USA today. If he asked three general managers right now Nate says who's the. I think you probably didn't quite very original characters and I mean -- -- seems like right now how to -- at all now on the -- maybe Johnny and -- -- -- dealing -- repertoire aren't true the plate you know next here. More. You can contribute early on taxes and progression and you know -- these -- -- -- -- and so they're ticked at. Who were greeted so yeah you get the point where you know that got me clots by two -- -- -- -- -- it -- -- Erica. A public -- probably more of our project that. Among the people they keep up that passport they want to tropic that -- story because we are at next -- -- If Japan it's looked at him wherever he goes. I'd get stuff Nate Davis appreciate you Chiming in on both combine in the upcoming NFL draft and I'm sure we will talk to you before the draft comes our way. In May. --

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