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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>> NBA Writer Matt Moore talks Warriors and the trade deadline. NBA Writer Matt Moore talks Warriors and the trade deadline.

Feb 19, 2014|

Matt Moore, NBA Writer for joins Scott and Zak to discuss the potential trades for tomorrows NBA Trade Deadline, The Warriors deal for Steve Blake and if they will make anymore moves.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With Matt Moore who covers the association for CBS sports dot com Matt thanks for taking the time -- this at this what I imagine is a pretty busy time for you to trade deadline coming up tomorrow. Yeah did you Yemen and pop up on bed intruder Merkel. And I. Now now -- yet the point where every time being get a text on your phone you like jumped thinking oh my god this could be the big one. Yeah net and got a tournament -- -- technically -- -- as seen from a report on. So let's start with what's already gone down it's not a blockbuster but I think it's it's significant for the warriors as they get Steve Blake. From Los Angeles Blake has played well this year when he's been able to stay on the court but obviously injuries always an issue for him. Yet amusing you know you -- roller coaster career real. I'm gonna like -- -- Tony really took which. That's great Internet happens in Tony obviously he has. The march -- paradoxically. To have the freedom issue under -- obviously he can play. On the top of the -- -- -- only speak up and down the gauntlet and opera points elected or really warriors. Met I'm assuming. That this trade puts an end to the hogwash that I saw that the warriors were thinking about trading Harrison Barnes to the cavs. To get Jarrett Jack back was there it was there ever actually any legs that. You know I got. He kind of nowhere -- Maryland. Looks like a bit like that. It was brought up and Robert -- I. Think it. Got in the billions and Yani -- I would have another conversation he got out. Annika in India would never hear about and probably more realistic options. But the thing on the park now. Tomorrow there's still a lot of occasions about possible by Italy I would -- -- I would not expect your jacket he beat Blake on the backcourt. So Jordan Crawford Steve Blake clearly though the warriors are gonna trade for another guard -- you think -- a chance that they're not done eating they still might make a deal and is that tides the potentially the health commander Bogut. I think that winning a game and we look at how they react in the bar and over the course of the trees and generally. 1140 draft that they wanted to trade that sick Allen made pretty clear they couldn't by the deal updated on the -- bar. Yet their contract last year but in the bargaining power has not looked at during that make more moves can get a better camp. Got download special and sort of occupation and a I think you're looking at -- -- -- team material that movement and that way and it didn't look like you immediately -- on -- kind of improvement curve. They've looked -- it's a deadline by another term and act even had to deal. -- I'm hoping they do not deal Harrison Barnes and -- the prices line doesn't selling the prices to lie on on. Right now -- looking at this team. Obviously a lot of impatience from the organization up top they added. It would dollar to the mix last year but this is just a year 234. For Mark Jackson how do you gauge where he stands with the organization. You're you're only a couple of my hair on the other hand in the compromise legal team tell -- -- at all odd. And they're able to February of last year in the playoff -- in that in the can threaten to contend for the electrical -- Go get help part that the American Media constructed better for -- -- in Korea -- contract. You look at a lot of the big because the pressure of increased. Yeah god can do in it out on the Albert obviously concerned -- got it's a big step up -- -- moment. -- being -- -- -- around the perimeter and they -- the only place that welcomed the other being added. A bit better than last year there's no treatment bank and the they can't make a run their own eyes and the impatient. And the urgency. And reported today that -- that it can be. Is -- -- -- a little bit there and have a chance the twelve cooler but he he. Thank you Matt for talking some sense into the people ha. -- requirement were right there with you we believe we beliefs. Matt Moore covers the NBA for CBS sports dot com you can follow him on Twitter at Matt -- CBS. Matt let's step the step out of our Golden State warrior cocoon here momentarily. We here. Big names being bandied about as potential trade bait right general Rondo I don't think that's gonna happen how this all sounds like a guy who might get moved but. Where is your money on. In terms of the guy who might make a big splash tomorrow. You know -- that. He cannot occur because you're going to be -- trade deadline I really thought you know you can see a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- look real active. And then ultimately can gain and everything why why would it. And we thought well you know me -- -- DA is extraordinary because now. Over the shorter term between -- and -- urgent move these big contract their books. Pick to become -- or all of creating capital Kabul where they're being over a year ago that even possible. Because they're being held on you so much in. They're not an option to recruit short -- buckle date has been more movement that if you look at -- a great I want your name and -- got out of that. Now. Getting their upper or any very very technical and contractually medical update a row -- -- and think how. And everything you own -- minority get him with a guy like that the available. Could make an impact here in value is lower now coming up the injury or rebelling team that possibility. If -- -- in place right where. Anchor. All the younger guys. You're not put together strong and a deal to talk to visit -- pending move that Rondo and that they're Olympic and wondered -- and market. -- -- -- Matt what about Kevin Love I know he went to UCLA. There's been reports that the lakers won and it's not in a trade. This year than when he becomes a free agent do you see Minnesota moving there you know. Their franchise guy. No they're not -- opposite yet you know now are right now there and hold -- now. They're really part on July 1. Period and they get thirteen. Making condensed and you want black Hispanic and in the unlikely or gay and that becomes the bigger class they're not under. Begun yet yet is that that note I'll leave why not get out and it is yet apparently. I love the -- talent and arguably might play that leaks when it helping and actor and you're not going going to beat them. That kind of talent they want to hold on -- bit longer possible so the indicate in the conviction on alternate -- out there -- injury. I didn't look anywhere humor or any of that. Yeah I think there'd be riots or two in Minneapolis gonna do at 42 and sixteen tonight in the win over India he says he's good. So it what you -- saying that mad if I'm reading this correctly is a much like last year when the dust settles tomorrow. That pretty much. So it's a total look at that with a straight deadline. We probably last year. Took decades. -- a boot. I hit it hard right now to predict community bank currency I think if you look at. Where everybody. Again let -- -- -- than the typical European everybody feel -- and when everybody nobody out. Getting deal on it kind of typical. I won't let it go we've seen in -- -- where -- anymore the very last minute and a country that -- All the popular and I thought I want my job but a lot of time. -- -- don't get leaks they don't become public until the deal of time on the table in order but anyway I think about possible out in Phoenix. Yet you don't tell Pia you've probably seen the local traffic were willing to make -- it would take on money. An interesting buyers in the market means sellers wouldn't rule out golden gate but he indicated right now current. So you're saying there's a chance oh man that's that's phenomenal focus on our Ahmadinejad here on this gone back to the wars and they have a couple of trade exceptions but they don't have a lot of picks the package double that how valuable those trade exceptions if they don't have anything to go along with -- Not great near you basically. And that situation which remote and look at -- -- is trying to capitalize. On someone's at the market that had predicted -- we're gonna move this guy no matter what books. And then making it by no market they want form and get away -- I elect Obama get because -- don't know where they're considered and then move. I would have got -- going. They're gonna get money out the books. I have no other topic on dirt anywhere except that any young player makes some -- room. In ordeal which capitalized and particularly although all the except he could not being -- got a lot couple of years look let me get in kind of get -- It began an -- you don't actively but it's possible that there on the right. Team desperate not Big Apple. I did stuff Matt Moore let's get back to it we promise not to text you before noon tomorrow in a -- -- gamer. And that little piece of advice they helped the Red Bull go to coffee. There. You don't think you don't think I'm deeper -- that. I know -- I'm not good for business does is got his first rodeo -- held on not good for you might modcast father always told you stay away from the rebel -- bad things. I've met it's just the.

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