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Mike Florio discusses the proposed Jim Harbaugh to theCleveland Browns trade

Feb 21, 2014|

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk joins the Wheelhouse to discuss the story of the potential trade that was ultimately vetoed by Jim Harbaugh of him going to the Cleveland Browns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Harbaugh deal that was sent multiple takes the browns have for a 26 in the first round this year. To the -- was in place between the teams according to the report but Harbaugh alternately decided not to leave the 49ers. And it's great to be joined by Mike Florio who has the story. At pro football talk -- tree -- guys I'm Mike. Would you know go out there it's kind of a huge story like we're we're to the story conference. Well. You know one of the benefits to being here in Indianapolis where every team. Is president and plenty of other league insiders and sources and -- percolate sent. I call -- it earlier today. And it was clear to me that eventually gonna come out so that you know I at one way or the other coming out beat it to repeat we're talking about it so. I pretended to be a journalist or change and nailed it down and and I was nervous all afternoon that someone else is gonna get it before I did and that all worked out for change. Right before we start drilling yeah on the. Well what I know is that a deal between the teams would be in place I don't know what trips were ball -- knows multiple draft -- I. I don't lead cash was involved remember the Jon Gruden to Tampa Bay traded 2002. It was I believe a couple of first round -- -- -- -- -- You want to choose an eight million dollars yeah. Brett I don't think it was catching all but I don't know that part of it yet so I comment on where the other on cash. So I -- I just don't know what is the minimum it would all draft pick. And my understanding is the deal was in place. There are all decided not to leave which. You can look at it straight the -- it. -- some leverage to work out something with the 49ers. That -- now gone beat you had a chance -- it just makes you wonder what happened are on 49 points or. Like. Mike Lombardi who was with the raiders went -- made that trade and is very close to the Harbaugh family work which god and fairly. Work with jam when Jim was a raider quarterback coach as far as you've been able to ascertain it was Mike Lombardi about -- -- that we see the driving force. The liaison with the browns to Jim Harbaugh. I don't know who would the driving force I don't know who -- the eighth on one. Now technically the -- had the ability to speak directly are all about at all. It is he's under contract with 4940 niners. Would it had to authorize. Each patient and that's another wrinkle in all -- and I had thought out. What the brown -- traded for him. With his current deal which goes through 2015. Or did they have an extension in place the deal had been done. And those are factors that currently are unknown and -- -- obvious from reporters trying to get more eke out that's one -- -- keep an eye on. Whether or not the 49ers. Had allowed the brown to talk to Jim Harbaugh about a long term contract extension because we know that are all want one. And we -- 49ers were intent on giving him one but they considered trading him which I think. Said the law. I'm Mike Florio -- pro football talk. Again talking about the report he just posted. Let Jim Harbaugh of becoming -- possibly becoming a head coach the ground balls being traded to the browns a -- Jon Gruden. Out to the -- Buccaneers a number of years back. Ultimately what why did this break apart because Jim backed out at the last minute. Yeah I mean -- backed -- the last minute and and I don't know whether it would it's been decided not to do it could be that it. They're you know there was and understanding places that -- compensation be forward. It could be at the Stanley one of the -- efforts that go I mean by all due respect the Cleveland that area Cleveland. Open -- places but if I choose between the city. And all that things were equal I'd probably be inclined to Francisco but. You know I. I don't know specifically why. But there is some speculation wrapper that they are mainly wanted to meet with typically it is like they could beat it. You know about Hamlet -- point the stress on our family when the Brothers were not the Super Bowl. He played each other twice a year and possibly three times that they get in the policies. So why ultimately and we obviously agree with -- -- in the Bay Area verses in the Bay Area vs Cleveland -- was a nice city but. The stars a football situation I mean I know you're in the same division as the Seattle Seahawks but. The niners are far advanced Clinton's got a nice young defense Joseph needs a good player don't have a quarterback though. Besides money Mike why would Jim Harbaugh even consider. Leaving the 49ers for the Cleveland Browns as they currently -- constituted. -- considered it three straight years in the NFC championship game the expectations discussed I would 49ers anything less than another. Championship game appearances considered to have your -- on the art much lower. And he can go in there with a clean slate like he'd -- years ago when it became head coach of the 49ers and we like that I'd -- here forever and -- years. And you don't clear with a low -- clean slate and you can build something and you can you can take a quarterback. And speaking into gold like he did with Alex Smith memo calling -- predicted any chance to proves. That what the 49ers had done the last few years it's more about Harbaugh that is about the person now so I can understand quiet very competitive guy. Would be inclined to do something like that and -- there were rumblings and reports in whispers during the season that. -- and the law which turned out. And and some people chalked that up to. Natural normal tension between a couple of -- -- But I I looked at the 49ers. We're willing to do an eagle for a reason to think you get some party in her but he why would you give up. His rights that they had believed that this thing could be contract were blowing up. It does this does this type of a situation lead you to that belief that may -- may be they they will park in the near future. I don't know how you rebuild this point forward how do you deal with. With it I -- David 49ers come out strongly deny it. I would not believe their denial based upon my sources that may be their only play. It's -- that it never happened or stated the brown approached the browns made up and offered a deal would ever done -- -- student doing it. Whatever the perfunctory statement target will help. Pull this together publicly. But privately you have to wonder how long the marriage he continued it I guarantee you that what -- reported on this exact. -- is there anyway -- I'm wondering why Harbaugh ultimately says no and goes back to a situation like this is there a possibility. He says no when they worked out the extension for our ball in the coming months Mike. I'll bet that could happen not been told time and again not even been told recently which I assume happened after. That the deal fell through because it happened after the ground ultimately hired my -- to -- -- head coach that signing our ought to an extension. Is. A priority. You know what could be the one niners. -- to hear about Texas. And get to hear about the possibility that Jim we wanted to make the beat play Smart money -- points and they -- it -- their -- talent and luck. If you want now well if you if you have been here we here where we Barkley. Yeah RBR coach -- coach brown and DJ -- had an epiphany where he decided this is where one day so you know. On one hand this news doesn't look that were on point future relationship but it could be that this brought everything to -- and now Jim Harbaugh besides this is where I want a bit. Mike did did dead -- has some fire Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi because they did not deliver them deliver him. Jim Harbaugh. I don't know because I mean first -- the ball to new and there are issues I haven't bought relied on how connect to what happened. With -- banner and Marty I believe it at some point during that the coaching search. Jimmy has lost eight in -- -- ideally you should have fired them or our new coach but I just think at the end of the day. He decided that these guys weren't the right -- and going forward and I instead of letting it play out for a year which is what I would think ought to do. Not anybody yet but I think that I would say give -- a year let it through this season because. Are in those guys. So as soon after firing a coach who is their only a year to perpetuate the idea that everything optional. Great stuff Mike a great work on this graduation is -- -- -- -- story story of the year and thanks for make -- time for -- we know you're -- -- thanks a lot. And Mike Florio a pro football talk.

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