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Alex Miglio says the 49ers could trade some of their draft pics to move up for a play-making wide out

Feb 24, 2014|

Alex Miglio, NFL Columnist for Bleacher Report, talks NFL Combine and the NFL Draft with Scott and Roxy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alex -- -- joins us. Person I appreciate the time -- -- -- joining us in the world where did you come up the idea write this column today. Thought they -- again it's. Last week in the news broke -- and it took him around on Twitter. Created at I think that it coach treat values and the like that and like Kate came up with a export -- -- -- ahead and somebody mentioned issues right. You know -- treat one so -- just. And piecemeal bit over the weekend and came up with some fun treat -- treat coach. It has some of a year -- -- you have you proposed good trades like Bruce areas for example Ben Roethlisberger. And a fourth round draft pick in the case of hot pockets. And inside of settles on March restaurant the Molson brewery that there's a number of these -- it really took some efforts of thought into it. And it's it's pretty funny how has the response been from people on Twitter about your column. I haven't gotten. Anything bad I mean. Pretending. You I'm -- -- -- humor writers and bring this morning a pair you know usually demo Motorola have a little trepidation arguably the ticket when he goes -- in August target. Well see that that I think my my favorite is is you've got Chuck Cook got a -- -- -- with the colts that they should hold out for -- mercies liquor cabinet. And highs and -- a barrel that's that's that's eleven million dollars meant. Yeah I'm -- you know I. Containing matter much or put on the intimated with typical so. So how much how much Alex has the talk at the combo line. Dominated by it is Brown's. Harbaugh forty niners side. The news broke on efforts to common currency can I mean you know it felt like we spent alternate parking. In my best Jim are welcoming and the comment was autonomy -- -- going on Thursday but. You know an up and down I think that keeps can I think it's -- it's. But the bad and it hasn't come it is really I would approach it for and it's just it's. Too much to it seems like a big guilt or something that did not. What was the what was the scuttlebutt today and -- the linebackers worked out we saw we suck a little Mac and and Anthony Barr go mono a mono and looked like neither one of those guys disappointed it's an obviously everybody's talking about you -- cloudy and his forty time. Yeah I mean Mac look was really impressive and you know imminently it you know some high praise from mom like me I can you you ran pretty pretty quick forty electorate plates. And you know bar with a little look at you ran out sports extra extra day and but typical according to CBS sports at least accident -- 104 parcels. What you like -- pro day. And of course they're retired army who. You know he had a meeting right I mean I think that people are on that night and appreciate it up he went you know pocket or -- unofficially went. For like -- officially. Which was faster than a hoax that tight -- and wide receivers and -- like the secure average at some point after what your sport like Q. And he ran for criteria 67 to protect it -- is ridiculous -- Monster. Alex -- Leo from Bleacher Report NFL columnist and contributor again -- Twitter out Alex make Leo joining us here on the various news Sampras sports. Nice five point seven a game so alright with the forty time today. -- cloudy become the consensus number one -- I don't know you know you're entering the apps for the vertical and -- pretty good. Com -- for what you did participate in that place stoke. Being -- by some. Negativity you know that as his coach Spurrier. Mentioned that it work ethic is just okay and you know it it it can be -- an opportunity to. And dragged down on at least three sacks last year. Little things that keep. Knocking awaited draft stock and the content that -- -- -- content -- outside but. They're going to be people who are going to be -- -- -- couple -- Obviously a lot of concern here in -- country about what opens gonna do having a top five pick in me it's far from cut and dried there's always a chance that cloudy falls to five although I don't think he will. You've got this this this cluster of quarterbacks in portals and Bridgewater and and and and Johnny football obviously is is there any scuttlebutt you can share with those that might lend some. Some light on on where a team like the raiders who has this this high draft pick might be leaning. -- but that a bit about the plot and you know I think that that they depend on the board. Well. Personal country's unity in the that you and he has a Communist and he you know -- -- there could be a wild different. A month from now extreme what the team needs today and and at the end of march so. You know -- With complete with a he needs today the -- one obviously quarterback to be fine in the but he treated equally maybe Michael expertise knocking more than stopped -- I think. If he'd go that direction so. You know without talking about the quarterbacks and you know there's a little bit of Fatah flexibility. -- could be that -- India faults two to number five or or portals -- separate locker. And I don't know how the leaders don't pick quarterback at five it's one of those three guys available. -- -- -- quarterback. But. You know. Strange things have happened and Camby might just -- -- -- like it did last year more values draft. And and Hewlett-Packard and create. On the other side Alex the forty -- they have all these draft picks to use I can't imagine they're gonna sit there a draft day. And use all of these picks any scuttlebutt at all about them maybe possibly trying to trade up. And packaging some texted to go laughter may be a big play play receiver like his Sammy Watkins -- an Evans at Texas and -- Yeah I mean. I'm not sure that they have and again going to any locked in Britain keypad lock -- is also -- five I mean -- the top candidate. Hewlett oh which Julio Jones a couple of years ago so. It's been done and ordinary that we have ammo you know enough but I don't look at market price. But you know where the fault I was sick and in. That that they want a culture at that point I think that that -- certainly duplicate Mike Evans India. More realistic opportunity -- that. If you keep calling on Sunnis and follow that will -- past ten. Around that -- on the greens and I think that the 49ers could certainly use her receivers are you moving. Yeah I'm I'm a big Mike Evans got personally I think that be terrific for a for Sampras Cisco. So you know yet you ask NFL fans so about the -- -- as some will say it's can't miss television. I watch every minute some wholesale my god it's boring out and understand what's the attraction. But you're there you're in the thick of things to give me is the best moment or two of the favorite moment or two from the come -- and. That we are actually I'm not I'm not actually there on them and you're in the bay area of the union itself with them. Well what's in the best moment or two for you being in the Bay Area and watching on its -- level. My my my into turn cute and it -- so I think that out all -- that over like yes. That's gonna answer it. That certainly is -- In my -- -- becoming a Paulson and well we know what your best though yes we exactly. Let's what are revisit this this horror boss saying -- with you Alex one last time his would Jamar Bob. And this situation would -- bulky do you see. That those two guys can coexist with the 49ers. You know there's a lot of smoke here so you know that donors have fired here -- bulky and and our bombing. -- working relationships are important. So I can see why you know this -- You know he might have explored something which might argue over Cleveland and everything but you know in the and I think that you know that these guys want be successful. And happy and successful at this point products he cut it on and you know. Hasn't learned that -- you know talk things to. And and move forward mean that he's got a lot of except together over the past three years and I don't eat a better situation for our ball. Or bulky so I think that they work out. If nothing else that's incentive frightened you know if you did you don't shape up we're gonna ship you to Cleveland I mean that's got to. Alex appreciate it's not tonight thanks for joining us and and breaking his thing down and really have it in a fun column to read. Again the Bleacher Report check out the reworking of Alex make Leo and I thought Collison contribute appreciate the time tonight. It.

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