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Tank Carradine says his knee feels as good as new

Mar 7, 2014|

The 49ers defensive end talked about what he's learned from the coaches in his rookie year, and which current players he compares himself to

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Sox a mine niners. This guy was -- the last year but based candy Richard you're his fortieth overall second round pick. -- Carradine -- gonna join us now tank carrier. Her or an area of what's -- -- Good first of all let's let's get the the nickname thing out of the way so it's Cornelius tank Kerry dean when did you become a tank and had a to be counting. I get the main -- drink -- mob you know acute. Problem at all we're Euro. Republic here in town of -- years. Color cue up there applicable. Record over her work although the little cute and wouldn't be true -- -- on. -- -- That's a good nickname to have when your when your football players I should say. But you're here's your quality. And obviously your big fiercer item average guys walking around as a football defensive lineman or more of an edge. Rusher speed guy so coming off the ACL tank where where you. Physically I completely over that are -- to take a little time even this year to get completely -- that injury. Over the injuries. If you're there's been over over -- year or more into. Recently all in the eastern with a win in school and he took some parts is sort of pollute. But all -- ball flight -- volatile I was ready you'll but there was little. Do -- -- -- your inner peace partner of these columns -- actually feel on the senate now. My piano accompaniment and resentment at this time. I could feel it right -- it was. If you do -- -- missing child aka doctor -- but it is like in what they wandered across court to support. What monies were saying I'm good we don't review goes. And color or better before. -- Jim Harbaugh said that's he said of the come in late February right yet the aegis of the scar tissue kind of cleaned up right just recently. Yet the beginning -- Frederick. Beginning of every Erica. And everything feels good at that point now. Jerebko like operate the they know that how we could -- sponsors. So creditors would probably be in the new school because it's a completely -- -- market before range of motion. -- the -- -- partly also. All right and -- all the ignorance. Well well my book you know on the things like -- and it feels so good reduce recreated. It doesn't like average for money before -- -- it -- just like go to leading to a Wal-Mart don't dispute. Okay and everything's so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's great to hear you're over we're looking forward to seeing you play this year so even though you couldn't get the field and play games. How many mental reps were you able to take just watching him your team you've got so many great edge rushers Ahmad Brooks on one side and all the non the other I mean you're more of alignment but it -- McDonald's good Justin's good. Or what what did you learn this year just watching your guy and learning from coach Don -- Or some -- Norwalk. What some of them -- -- -- other career prosecutors are prepare prepare for getting him. Editorial orderly you know you can all -- out there -- able to pick equipment can be. -- -- -- view it and -- -- actually got to see a lot of people probably hear things. Talk to deliberate what what everybody -- and I try that no. Talk more so when do. Now that'll you'll never been Iraq might now know how to. Prepare for partners prepare and all season. You're ready for camp and things like they're truck picked up a lot also with the electrical on salute our own sugar coat and a Larry McCain's corner and techniques could -- your partner so about these is to hear oral written and witness who would be bigger and inherited meant to him being like that didn't work out fine and all of these -- all of this -- -- -- Pick it up from productive partner so mountains already Google shouldn't go -- you -- A security -- and at the Genesis sec or -- pick in 2013 fortieth overall. Out of Florida State to -- them at six for about 275. You always been a sack guy yet 26 sacks junior college in two years eleven sacks last year. At Florida State and and we all know about the need it is that kind of how you fancy yourself -- people haven't senior player you a sack guy is at at this NFL level idea Teddy envisioned that. Yet -- -- and then start Rome almost viewed but now you know more well you talk -- yeah. More over this art market -- -- feel that in a moment these are new. -- to him people -- the speaker. -- computer Pineiro lap record there. You're good to me you know and and are still below the yard but when -- -- there also your right well -- Now when our daughter who's in the years all -- -- you know soup commercial street. Now when you're Florida State -- to you guys played a 43 or 34. Where portrait size when you make the conversion to DN and a and a 34 you're playing a lot of five technique and you you've got older. Her her her armada and on the outside Saudi have to tailor your game. To play. -- I mean -- different you know chicken won't go. And -- that a -- regarded more like one of war between partner it will look different ago. Some doctors just to horrible. Because they deserve more -- Russian and if -- was you'd better prepared because outlook should be garden put SP dropped. That have figured out now on guard you know it it is to have -- to rest and also I would -- -- -- forward -- -- are sort you can quote. Yeah you Sydney he said you're off to a 295 so would you be gained about twenty pounds since since Lehman College. You are under we. Well it without written like there's just keep that record deliveries. Aren't arbitrary though it's. Fortunately got somebody you didn't like preview of their record and we must not follow. Stylistically. Who would you say your game. Analysts say it's you know you're modeling yourself afterwards -- you most like in the NFL I've read Justin Tuck and you kind of adjust and -- kind of player. Their -- more so drunk when asked judge he's good players adjusted ethics. -- -- -- -- -- Someone -- -- their vote more so are now little bigger -- more arrogant about it. And don't go -- from -- have been right there so we -- -- -- And on some new book on what you'll report. A security agenda -- round pick in 2013. -- -- forty overall amiss the year with an ACL and now these are ready to go lettuce at some scar tissue cleaned up nearly February now he says he's ready to go. Here in the wheel house and -- five -- -- we talked about severe guys at Florida State. First of all did you incur Corey lemon -- have a have some sort of a bad because he's an Auburn guy -- Florida State got to do in any kind of a bat off him. Doesn't do. Critical moment where we hope you talk about. They didn't report can start here. Are gonna go to that -- after that or they're going -- and it and it actually came through is that they both played him in there and to -- rule which also been -- on quote our own. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course if you answer. Or you're so we're. Who are sort of the network to upload user who would note. The top are pretty well know to win it was gluten you -- that would roster change. Nice and -- -- you -- and ask you have to understand Florida -- children that needed to go up against -- a much in practice -- Watson of course is that the raiders went to pics after you. In the draft give us your opinion on him. Oh great players let it in particular there and -- and -- Yes although I -- and just some -- out nor do well. You know when you are only part of Vietnam. What Yahoo! -- because like he's and other applicable law and Marcus is -- -- -- -- my word I pick up things are good where all the required by. It's and it that you play right hander left and school. Part of what will operate more like you know I don't I would always the last. -- -- Barbie you know people didn't write. A little while while I. Medalist put his feet -- he's got great feet he's a dancer by night it let me play left tackle with Florida State. -- the other part food on -- -- that they move over there at left tackle GQ -- its own rhetoric you know. So you know we've got to -- out some. Of their written work. We also go home. A lot of -- who as well because on our electoral computers -- even -- They're big -- tree -- to -- -- and if you abuse because it sort of witnessed it wouldn't like art but it is true. Over there right -- become -- being caught it and they've kind of written you know come up where are going to be. The music -- not a direct your heart to new camera being greater. -- it wasn't that -- was Winston -- in the scout team when you're there. You're somehow with that religion wouldn't we just like one is this guy Dillon -- on the scout team. Yeah in my home on the book really from the world he -- -- things like that. We knew him rubio real great player about it I don't know who's going to be right -- -- Arkansas. -- and complete baseball intellect. Political humidity -- embryo. And will become group. And kind of talk about the how home -- you know being -- -- -- very cute they're -- around -- the. They take hey thanks for the for the time we appreciate it we're looking -- do finally see any on the on the field I'm sure -- -- looking forward to as well thanks for the time. -- -- --

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