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Maurice Jones-Drew comes home!

Mar 31, 2014|

The new Raiders running back joined us to talk about the excitement of playing for his childhood team, the challenge of quieting the critics, and of course, #DJaxToOakland...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But let's talk to one of the newest traders Maurice Jones-Drew comes home you can follow on Twitter act. Jones underscore June 032 in the raiders -- back joins us now how -- yeah. I'm doing great are you guys. Welcome home man you mr. excited about this -- -- -- side note aperture to play. There aren't which -- raised me I'll need to be my family my grandmother's. You know aunts and uncles cousins that are -- -- to a exciting. And I just can't wait to be a part of it. And MG AM JD so take us through the process and you've visited other teams have how to -- play out. You know it was there are about or are teams interested. How's it looking at when you look at the price in the running back situation you -- understood game is in my -- you know where barriers so. Their -- about -- the big deal are slim but not by. Or me or does want to be happy and so. I have an opportunity to retire here Oakland -- particular group watching. From the around about a -- -- -- and move markets around. That that was exciting and not a consolation now Reggie in an understaffed -- Talk couple gotten back it's cooler there on the code that Howard entered and quality control guys that this year and how they talk about Greg or organization where is going. -- wanna be part of it. And a great Nick Cole was with -- Davis Alan. Yeah exactly yeah so if it. It's pretty has pretty awesome and they wrote secret goals it was tactical or a couple years actual. Those computers some good a connection there and didn't hear the truth about the same corners -- -- -- Do you kind of look at this Maurice as though your careers come full circle when you when -- broke into the NFL you did it in a coop with a great French sailor. And you came in you know -- a variety arose mainly on the goal line were great touchdown maker. Then you got the ball they they gave a -- a lot those middle years and now do you count a look at at where we're Darrent kind of the way your career starting with Fred Taylor. Are not necessary being you know one out I'm understood terminated -- com -- not going straight for. That do note that coordinator -- article out there. And each other better and you know -- -- Europe this year that went and punched. I think it read -- -- -- nowhere. I did when he when they shall -- cute you know and -- And other -- on the goal at the basket and spread. It out here there. They have that little bit different here at our eastern -- -- so what you opting out and play -- It's exciting we competed at some you know another back as it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rees Jones you're gonna to join us so raiders running back John -- -- Bobby or 95 cent in the game. I would imagine as very motivating when -- the a young age of 29 people say hey this guy doesn't have much left in all these kind of things. Talk about that and then where where are you health lies. All our our help -- I'm kind of recession. Lash your route to cut situation and it's on people's Richard and remote they've never played -- game -- Now I look in my career you know the first years. Back who are some numbers. Mean martek to limited. I -- came back out you know ball throw. -- pro bowler. Are holed out come back -- immediately rushed for broke my foot in Oakland. And so -- you not know -- to have the abilities Arctic at holier opera come back in the current surge prolong. I don't happen I'll see it to the recovery there every time that surgery -- to be able to get back on the field at eight to nine months. Surgery January February and December. And really didn't have a release just are trading at work it out for all show. You really trust situation but -- couldn't talk through it directly at you know detained. And you know an -- and a different place Fazio at all worked out in January. And you know everyone it's everywhere and -- that now Syria or the year. Yeah I think the reason people are saying this -- is that you only have so many car crashes and yeah and when I look at the number times they gave -- -- You know two and 99 -- 312 and at 343. On top of that he had -- forty catches you know going -- a match -- -- twelve year. Wash your body as fresh as it was when you're young man after yet would you charge of 370. Times that year. Yeah I'll I'll just stretcher pressure -- I didn't do OJ met in each. So. You know -- secure ballot that was their decisions that are made in. And it took it -- more years -- career and you know. Just so happened that broke out Clinton Oakland are Mandela at that point ignorant well. Now in order to rushing. Still put -- at the same numbers. Our -- -- back -- the reformer much faster so. Now it's still like you know let him an opportunity to compete nationally are out process. That we talked haven't changed. It currently have a great running back in Libya. And what a leader -- and help him and wrote him a little bit actually kind of starting saying deal and so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- give me a chance to compete you know or even plant and out of -- gave him. And so now did you opportunities that are working hard to get ready to that now. Restore -- good enough to join us raiders running back at Jones underscored drew three to. In regards to match jobs some of the deals that mean obviously some of the veterans we talk about the match obvious -- a -- -- easier going against him. With the Texans for -- Santa didn't watch him as much what kind of quarterback we're getting here. Our brand split in the torso multiple times in Jacksonville. I know he had a bad year and everyone you know it's kind of a year by year league Sherlund at call craziest police still have a library -- -- of -- I've seen him make her every row I've seen him scramble for a first down -- -- the leaders to where we need to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys that are in play at a high level for a long time and good patterns. And go -- and theirs in that locker -- in the Kara they have they have there and that locker room. You know that should be a great thing at the current leader to continue to work towards achievement. And get better on what we need to get better on in the -- bill. We're gonna have to have a Kodak co coliseum extra -- for you when you commend their cause we wanna make sure you can stay healthy -- that place. Talk about the first game and I'm JD -- -- you played at the stick a few times that you were so hands to play that first game and watch wanna twelve and like this. Second play the game I don't even know how I got older what happened yeah. Play -- game broke my actual. And you know -- -- it is. It is it is avenues and those paying you know the routine tackle but got. Sort this. It broke so tractor went out there ran the play got eight are you. I didn't do my there was something wrong and where we're all America sector saw everything. I know try to get help your second time Earl ray L -- -- they'll all I'm. Stating. You know it is what it is that he didn't -- need to be no -- -- went in high school you know Orlando and played. Appear well -- -- silly -- like that just. I can't wait to get back in the coliseum and play it don't expect that -- Really got a full game intricate entered 2000 batteries so that it be that'd be a long time comic. A populist talking about is there -- and I heard I heard a movie aired a documentary a film on daily sale football's coming out of -- you know about their need to be involved in that. Reality and an adult when he -- Campbell on everyone goes down by -- it going to be phenomenal. And it's about our coach and you know. The qualities and abilities he installed dollar players and at some that they in his personal life is our art is to balance. Paula and have a family you know so. I hit it a great movie we there's a great academic merit I got my acting debut. Though Byron about that -- buy it and enjoyed it. That the greatest player and de LaSalle high school football history you got twenty seconds that's all. I'll I'll I wouldn't urgent call myself great there's there's some good guys at DJ Williams you know he's got Mac it's rare creatures some. It's a great great high school college players guys that lately so. And -- money kiryat -- Taylor yeah I don't know -- -- him. You were you -- -- generally comes and JD BU there was due out fresh out freshman there -- I -- check -- goodness the united school. I do priority England he let the best player at their retirement high school so it. I even when the show we had to work hard. And he's a guy that you know please help -- throughout much -- -- -- to Miami China watcher looked him as well so. He's got a -- button you know Alicia in the best of luck in Chicago as well. A real quick do you know DeSean Jackson at all. Yeah I try to handle. Have carried out two over anything no. Everybody wants to let. I know hopefully if he does decide become your appear he'll be -- or so are you jemaah resurgent China have a couple of buddies actually. And cheaply can get -- money your decorators. It gets a hard sell a lot of Enron and I you want him here. The more talent mortality -- better days. Got a little Allen. Right into account guy -- the upper opportunity. You know. I didn't. I don't know -- they great to have you back it down men welcome back and I know raider nation based on the response -- -- -- -- -- up for the time. Thank Yasser -- appreciate. Welcome comments they -- there's and JD at Jones underscored drew. 32.

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