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Derek Carr discusses the NFL draft process.

Apr 4, 2014|

NFL QB draft prospect from Fresno ST, Derek Carr, joins #Haberkauff to discuss his pro day, working out for teams and being courted by the Raiders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know we've talked about a lot played the position we talk about lot and certainly the -- five need a quarterback as do many other teams. We know while we love him. Quarterback prospect now former Fresno state. And quarterback. A Derek Karr cannot take time to join us on the show with -- -- -- going to be a -- was the deal. The Taliban. First well. Trying to this be serious for lunch or you. Thank you thank you. We've done a lot of conversation jump for the usually Derek ticks them off track. It happens a lot you know. Noted that Disneyland here -- something. You know -- -- -- look at some point. -- -- I've heard rumblings that Derek is a little mad at me you know I I I unless it's on the table this AJ McCarron off now we got a better prospect in Derek whose anatomy look at you pandering what's going on there medical. I no no I have. That but -- some -- -- -- that aren't citizens don't get your roots the viewers. Yeah get a big head that's -- you to keep them and I mean I don't. I need Derek back when you're seventeen before it was throwing Har -- predicted may be to go on the top ten against Andre Johnson when he was thirteen in the have you. Remember -- I mean I remember you you sound as the Batman yeah. You -- a little Bakersfield Christians know no one knew you were no tackle first well in the global and you you out. It was you and would you tell -- we want to tell. At that. You know 0% for you know. There it would have been hard -- my apartment and a threat to us just went well defined and luckily they -- again abdominal continents -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk about you're com my experience. Did you meet you know did you meet with 49ers and the raiders it's so things you talked about -- other head coaches and GMs you met with in this kind of what they were asking about. Aria you know it was great no one of the things that they bring up that is no because the cannot actually run this says he would not structural and it. If you watch the quick screen to exceed quickly smoltz and what's great is W take those out on the coach a Republican take without. -- pretty you're still pretty darn good football player and you know that's one thing you know that kind of general election was that a police commander. -- that is the part about primaries in part because of the quick -- now so. That's weaponry came way in which was going to be here you know because most. Tired of hearing about you know that's all I can do you know so those those cute it was good to hear that advocate that. It on the board of those teams and talk football and it is -- -- -- know -- and how -- -- know about and. I -- -- Esther and I 57 game have you we know yet the worker with the browns have you met with. Privately be done up the Harbaugh -- niners thing yet. I'm not sure wouldn't know the date chart correctly you'll have my -- you know a lot better I would -- I have not -- about it. You Harbaugh loves to throw with quarterbacks have what have you heard anything from other guys and grow up blow had his work out through with them. Obviously Colin a few years have you heard anything from other guys know what that work out with tar -- like. And you're gonna have not you know in the -- kind of a substantial bit they haven't been much you know. Talked to Jameer that winner things that -- definitely well you know just a trigger orbit. I know I -- you worked over the browns history -- just kind of tell people they're listening what a price to work out with like a quarterback coach and offensive coordinator panel looks like what you do. Absolutely so the first -- it take you and mr. -- the street -- It was effort yet they were Nazis you know. Some some guys -- procedures -- pro ball and policy. Can experiment. Kamal told their kind of routes that they want they want to you throw them. Some guys it's. Probably. -- They were tired you know you know so they'll take you -- about earlier for individual drills really China -- you. Did you -- the -- and then to -- on there you know a bit and then after that though you know they were actually great work when you're tired and that. You know the China -- that point where you're so tired that you wouldn't -- that -- game. Note you can throw him next to that level. No -- that exhausted note that the Attica correctional -- -- depends on who it is you know it and of course is who did what. -- could be or it just depends on the coach and look at. -- card yesterday remember took off on 957 -- the -- one thing we keep hearing and this time we don't know what the trust and I don't know if you have the same experience because maybe you're getting mixed messages. But the one thing we keep breathing is that the raiders love you. How do you feel like that. You know. There's a lot of teams that I do feel that way about you know and I've got a good five collaborators advocate I've tried a lot of teams you know so. To pinpoint -- do they Lebanon. That that equation for the New Hampshire you know find out again touched yeah. The -- court but now having give me rose. I can't imagine now -- -- but they say that it shows -- so -- speak at all and that we're now you know what they're treated and of course a draft day. Anything goes no it doesn't matter you know what that's there -- going on you know compressed and -- can. I know you're really competitive guy and obviously to come by get to meet guys like giant football -- morals Teddy Bridgewater. Is being in the first quarterback off the board something that's important to you or you're just wherever you go you're gonna make the most of it. Well absolutely not -- as a competitor of course you want to be of course you want -- -- -- -- got -- We have an opportunity -- himself -- You know that he doesn't know be the first draft -- -- now. The way it happens I don't know who knows. Have been a different time restriction articulate it to work in particular to figure out what's -- -- going to get put to stay out there. You know give up their trucks campers get to work know that that's that's honestly what I'm most excited about whether rich. You know pick one -- picked -- it doesn't matter how are -- -- to. Do you have any do you feel like the feedback you're getting we talk about locking showing you love do you feel like. Teams think your first rounder. -- absolutely. He kind of election you know just from what I'll say who of course -- you know won't go undercover teams but it. -- give us some Derek. Who isn't who isn't in love with you Derek who hates you decide and it'll -- Besides milk or some other guys and maybe there's maybe one other deputies not a picture. OK -- that comics today. There will save -- It I guess I mean I guess is that it may well. Now -- pay attention he I don't think that has meant to me this hasn't choke artist that -- her. When the chase a mix Jason get a soft arm and say you think Andy Dalton method. -- -- -- -- Intel is to -- you know eighty art school you know -- in the playoffs. I ran out on Q I always ran against -- a deal cards to. -- didn't -- too. I got a question obviously. You know you and your brother close your brother's been a quarterback and wait for templates here's. Passing teams kind of have been linked to say that they may bring in Dave with you have teams talk to you about that -- -- they drafted bringing your brother. You know as a as like a back up mentors to be around you discuss from a comfort level. Another couple. Couple that talk about it and think about it. You'll and the main reason it like it is because you're gonna get -- now who want to help Iraqi law -- time. They can push me harder than anybody because you want the bench and at same time on the best for him shall push them and thank. And yet you guys that are on the same page urges -- to win championships and so. That's what they like you know there's no division in that locker room you know because book reports -- not. -- England so you know the other debt it's going to America. On film that was really matters when he has time to play it and no resources angst -- -- that these symptoms and to the best licences so. Derrick what -- -- what does it beats you out. Put when it comes with you in the BC out. Well look I don't put -- that Elena why you seem too worried about. Now. No it would be armed. You know we should maybe reluctant. Ticks ticks and turns -- to an all in all seriousness you better David. You know reluctance you know you all matter that you. You know as a competitor of course of course Austrians but at the same time -- can be -- of course a little brother -- so. It just intentional. What happened to open field. It. -- I think you know going into the draft. On the -- -- American draft and I hate saying that but two veterans. And the most humble way you can -- I believe that. I'm more confident in my abilities. We have -- you -- car gestured -- -- -- and again a lot of people asked us this. That they want to know from you don't see a lot of on the text like this guy might be a first rounder the final -- Adams is a Bay Area guy. Iowa a wide receiver what what about him as you've thrown with NFL players what about him his NFL player you. -- against is not arbiter of your contract ball here. Don't get it like Judas. You know that's not just on the boss upon. No and come back to -- back attacking football. His knowledge of -- covered in not to run Israel should really -- children. You know the cat is so young and so that you really draw comes to football. You know when you think about him being a basketball player games -- you know he -- so much to learn has so much. Ability that because that's for sure Schroeder is the best receiver and stressed there's no doubt -- much I've been around that's you know. A lot of talented guys that know about upside that this guy has. You know just where he's come from in the past barriers and all of all the more to learn from the -- -- that the -- He has everything in the world can be -- While their car juries or I 57 again -- thinks it's time thank you for. Keeping this thing on the rails thank you for -- the hatchet with middle -- with forty million silver and black -- do you throw -- Harbaugh we got to find out what that was like. Hey thank -- it started of course seeing their car.

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