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Klay Thompson on the Clippers matchup

Apr 16, 2014|

The Warriors sharp shooter joins us to discuss his development this season and his thoughts on the team heading into the likely playoff matchup with LAC

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Clay Johnson is good enough to join this is the lawyers get ready to wrap this season. In Denver against the nuggets -- collect. Well paced back. And do you know you play that nobody else is planned to want to -- a lot of play either. In there we'll see. Come game time we'll find out. -- -- You know to be what wins have been. Yes there's no question about it. Let's let's just talk about the season and of course yet one more but. Personally let's look at the season had an -- think you've grown. Now in this season. They got to -- on their -- below its own. Build off that size the people's well you know won't conflict in the neck in the race and finished. Still shoot it's true also. I was a going aspect -- gave him -- alone. A wholesale defense knows who. Playing so horrible defense if you take those -- -- get better but multiple you know give them a rebuilding it -- the seasonal. Yeah let's let's take it piece by piece 'cause there's not question your your driving it better your pain points are up balls cause a driving and posting. But is it is the driving element clay just a product to them running you off that three point line and having to go that way. Talk about your mindset as far as driving -- and you really like to go to your left hand when you go inside and finished. The left side is that is something you wanna work on to go to the right side talk about just putting it on the deck in taking an in and scoring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you have players up to Portland it. About -- more closely -- noted -- -- report a midrange. As postal that they have legal like that -- -- -- -- public changed clutched the two a little bit more you know it's a little quicker going to. I still will rise again sometimes it. As culture you're dead or people around you talked about when you drive. You're you're creative when your body where you can go up in the air and then avoid. Contact -- look at the shot up but sometimes I'd like to see it take it into the body and create the contact and go to the free throw line because there's such a good free throw shooter. Is that something you're trying to work on to create more contact when you drive. -- jumped and defenders you know using politics. Alone. No genocide unity to roses and two defenders on issues -- the ability you can learn over the years to get in the utilized. Like you can step. Policy. Because you know players but to stay open jumpers which -- analogue for the but still -- -- gets a lot of -- and -- cases goes jumping into the defender's body more and use politics. Talking Klay Thompson John -- and a great hobby or not 57 game mortars finish up tonight against the nuggets -- had not to the playoffs. It is or your mindset he's ago into the playoffs this year and last year you win that first round series that maybe is Kelly K were happy to be here this year when you go -- the play house -- what's the team mindset. Ochoa -- 21 game at a time you know in the about it go to them and they've said. Or Oklahoma City where -- We know -- is the winner of those places I mean. We've done in the past -- you know little old -- left. It's not just try to -- if you instinct which and you know when he agencies. And we really feel like -- do is do we just a plain selfish. Simply stout defense interest which they would give them an opportunity. Is first your post games and post game aegis you're playing so much slower when you get the ball in the post -- when you were younger -- little anxious to make a move and yeah obviously like that right block and you wanna turn left shoulder towards the baseline the shot you made. Over George shelled the Winnetka Indianapolis just talk about your post game did you dad help much there because he was a big guy who. Played with -- when his back to the basket. Q did a little bit. The faces some -- that you were. And six you know it's opposing manager of the -- she goes 62 victory and you know like he's my leg just. Like you said take my -- get to world conflicts -- shoot. And other and that this year you know on the Alaska visa play Russian little bit. I got better in the post election edition of good coaches. Felt much better with people of definitely. You know -- please don't just take my time coach -- is agreed to I mean just tell me take my time down there. And dictate my pace and and you know make the defendant do it alone to do. They talk about. The challenges of playing without injured Bogut for a little while here. -- -- Assistant and then execute it's going to be -- amid some. We got we got guys coming through and they could Nixon know it means that you may still playing great. And we you know most states -- great offensive threat. On -- -- -- but the forty team as some small and so. Is that do collectively in the room you know achieve defense and definitely the change in the paint a much more personal -- back. Let's talk about your defense a little bit and I really think. And I sure wish all NBA defensive team -- put you on but you would be on one of the top three in my opinion without question. You're gonna get Chris Paul if it's the if it's the clippers are gonna get Paul and if it's okay see you're gonna get Westbrook so I don't know which one you're thinking about this talk about Paul. The pick and roll game their half court offenses so much better now with Blake in the post what what's your mindset when you're trying to check a guy like Paul. Who's a pure point guard but then he can do is glitch -- score on you in bunches. She -- It's. Available at the door and the uptick rule you know you gotta. Trust the big body comic covers but it got to you know -- it. You know -- -- -- pressure -- force more pedestrian China's treatment responsible. And you know guarding guarding him or Russell Westbrook huge actually it does for. You know you really just got to. Trying to make -- to note that both those guys agree get the -- and anymore you know ticket at the humane society issues so. But the matchup with Chris Paul mean. Chunky -- and it was possible China's then maybe she drove his school without -- that the best you can do against him. You your your young. -- you work hard to guys who score and shoot with their legs like you do don't get the defense of challenge. Did you do there ever nights they're just tired and spender he just got young fresh legs. Public of forestry fresh -- -- Sergio would be. Followed the rules -- that point. -- -- -- today playbook. Level. You know it's it's so hard work locally you know -- embracing it and the -- -- -- and -- I -- -- to a player and judge makes you get your rest and recuperation that actual point when you play achieved -- like that so. In his country a little bit. That's. That's it. Hey a real quick if it's the clippers in and I know you guys -- this rivalry gallon but it certainly seems that. Blake Griffin just this is awful lot of guys -- -- -- why is that seems like good enough guy. Days ago of course but it -- places -- -- he plays pretty physical. Lost a little bit for those zones. So he's doing much its program -- open. And that is you know little off to a -- Can electable which which. Potential sometimes. And they used to these few flops and as a company got a big national flop that most of yeah like yeah I can get under people's skin and be ferocious play again. Itself men hey do you like tonight if you get if you plain and congrats are polite and I'd take tonight -- -- -- -- agent and I elected the class meant I dressed -- immensely got a -- there you -- when you play him and as far as the.

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