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Matt Maiocco believes the 49ers won't cut Aldon Smith.

Apr 17, 2014|

The elite 49ers Insider from CSN Bay Area, Matt Maiocco, joins #Haberkauff to discuss the latest adventures of San Francisco's start OLB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Covers a lot of for CSN Bay Area. I see you must use some very adamant she's a -- dot com men Mayo could come up to join us here in 95 point seven game during the season here. Here on the on the show on what produces a Thursday. Also one of the finest youth basketball coaches the Bay Area has golfer Matt -- hello Matt. Were delivering. Only three more weeks until we know we got it why don't we have a better lie you know. What are they -- and I think that -- carrier flying. We -- -- if you've been through. You know -- I I used to I used to do do them -- trap you know. He surrogate and to play those four point oh. And now just like. -- so -- adding that ideal life and identity before. In -- -- about thirty times on the process and and attorney it and than my actual trade a dangling. To the little rant and -- Eagles. And the -- Oh yeah that's because -- productive changer so it's. I'm looking forward. The milk costs. Mock draft SPR. But when you tell me what balky told Jews they're gonna pick that'll make my -- Yeah they take him. You he you know I'm not sure they -- -- the already undertaking. Including about. 85% of the people who worked for the 49ers that Powell apparently they are about having any of their state secrets. Get out there that fly and nobody has been taking all aren't -- that the percentage. That's what nobody had been picking eight gate gate and the next year. And I don't believe anybody had been taking. I guess it was a little bit more. Easy to protect. -- read. Just because -- just figured that that first -- they would they would get a guy. -- -- stepped in and be a starter at the only position at that point Ellis opened. For a rookie stepping in and. Well the -- Smith -- obviously been wildly successful on the field. The context of it might change dole has the niners -- have that I was as an organization that changed the way. They look at them how much they support him since what we saw them standing behind him last season when he went to rehab. -- I don't think there's any question absolutely. You can only give the guys so many chances. And remember you know -- as disappointed as they were what happened. It's September with a do you -- it actually happen in the morning on Friday. But the fact of the matter is. Not only did he play two days later he played at three defense it's NAFTA in -- An elite team back. You know overall that the feeling positive that if he took that step itself. -- in her rehab voluntarily. But 49ers. Didn't have to hope that they continue to pay useful scholarly. With the all understanding and at some point he was getting again. Talked some money from Vienna style. Perhaps -- and the suspension. But more than likely -- fine. And for his off field issues. But now. That that's latest. Thing has cropped up. In in that LEX Sunday. In the end that really sit and two that may be other things a -- and as he came back. Yeah I think the 49ers. Certainly to feel the same way about him. And with it with Vienna well. Either. Personal conduct policy. Are reserving the right to expedite. Punishment for a girl sports center for repeat offender. -- all the match. I think he did it it's very much up in the air a what its future with the 49ers. Can -- While Matt obviously cal comic came out the other day and said that some decision makers have told him that they probably won't play for the 49ers into doesn't fourteen. I've -- your pretty tuned in in the loop have you heard anything like that. Well I think Tim was I think it was reading it's illegal. You based on -- conversation. I think that first. -- business will be handled by idea now. The 49ers. Really tell how. Teams -- really don't help much day. A war really a lot of power. In what they can be sure they cut the guy but it -- -- not gonna do that. But what did this she needed to -- it struck. Really beat beat -- have to come from the leak so I think the 49ers candidate he's strong indication. -- Roger Goodell. There's going to be. The. That it'll leak coming there will be suspension coming. How how much. Of that well you have to go to fourteenth -- that I don't know. How much -- 49ers now a maturity and a -- at this point. But it with some court -- living here he's scheduled to appear court on April 29. India and the LA. District attorney's office. I will have something to say well they're still more over the facts and reports from Alex police. So no decision has been made yet as far as what. Charges formal charges if any will be pressed so all that I have to play out a little bit before we know we're at 100. So from where you've heard right as of right now cutting him is not an option. That is correct yes. I mean look at the first first it -- do ST yeah. From foreigners to play what they want you stick your options that you could you tell it to -- So we will see what they do that from my standpoint and -- they'll pull it and I said the two days ago saying that he didn't think it was really much of it. Much of options that you'd you'd need to take that thing up because. Appleby about you know later remorse come alive or. Eight the year that that that your option isn't. Why not guarantee. But if you don't pick up that security is your eagle printer at. That the if you don't take it out. Eight and now you decide politely to you want all spent our football team. He looks like he's turned things around and we can work with him and we know. How did you cry. You know without intentional -- Inheriting look at positive now if you like keep him your college paying for a million dollars a year or just for the one year. A franchise tag and that means. Three good players that you keep keep on your team because you didn't pick up the non binding option on May third so. But it but partly it's that simple I think the 49ers. Are really considering not picking up that option. While. -- lot of it will depend on what happens at the end of this month met de Mayo go -- -- -- on Twitter -- -- -- Samaria dot com -- appreciate the time Matt thanks so much. Mammy -- This was then he referenced Bill Polian.

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