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LaMarr Woodley sees the Raiders as a playoff team

Apr 22, 2014|

New Raiders DE LaMarr Woodley joined The Wheelhouse on the first day of offseason conditioning to discuss his expectations for himself and the team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They every now and then on the wheel house -- got to throw an audible because guys love -- and and we got one -- and right now pop. LaMarr Woodley. The raiders are in -- starting phase one of their. OTAs -- our area Greg Papa and and Henry were offered. I'll -- to great area to a. Do you -- I actually mad I don't know if you're called issuers in town visiting drama and during a warrior and that was a playoff game minister regular season game. And we were both on the west side club having a beverage. And you said I'm LaMarr Woodley in Ireland yeah LaMarr Woodley. And then -- you and I wind up hanging out together for about a half hour virtually the the tab came in and I couldn't find yeah. -- oh god you should be secure and. That productive that -- -- -- -- You have an open account there -- -- generic Thursday night or you're actually coming over to see -- out of the warriors against the clips on Thursday. Yeah -- -- government -- the united I gotta go a lot late so buried up a lot oh career you reduce your -- I'm -- into it now. You guys know each other from junior high and -- and -- tell me about a young dream on during Lamar. Not actually a reminder that about seven years I -- -- outlook statement -- -- out over a year ago. It is grandmother and his mother who is and -- -- and your brother took it in ought to -- we don't have failed government school there. -- been a big men like and the you know and in my whole life in outdoor comedy that holders so. After in my ears is not because you're likely expand -- He's a tough guy plays basketball like he's playing football I -- he's admitted that he play football at all. It is their political well we'll look drawn out please go to a regular. You know you go beyond on the basketball court order you have you bought -- -- fighter but. -- -- repairs that mean attitude about it their behavior. Did any we have we have video ahead didn't try the spring game at Michigan State to -- jump in with a tight end. I mean track it and it won't go there. He's a little pat anybody. -- idea though. It will be about accepting what I try to put well -- speechwriter now it. How are you and who she played hoops Lamar. Yeah well and who. Utley who -- them. Who hired through an appetite you know it would -- -- o'clock call. Let's let's talk football now I -- we watched her for years with Dick LeBeau is defense and you or your outside linebacker and a 34 and you played. Jason Tarver in the role they have for you will you play up as a linebacker and hybrid roller are you strictly coming here and learning to be a. I learned BP the united you know common kind of similar in Pittsburgh not greater -- where you act but -- repeat -- to -- enroll. Or -- gets eroded in Cornet quarterbacks. It in Pittsburgh opened up a linebacker. Unit a couple of more no more co responsibility or down or Batman or. In the coming out here totally different to put my hand background. Formal portrait or about. You know Marlon a look at your stats I -- I should preface this by us and have been a fan of -- -- -- were playing college ball and Mischka and -- working -- and Grand Rapids and I knew you're gonna be a stood. I'm looking at your stats let's just break him down over three years spans. From 2008 through 2010 yet 35 sacks over the past three years you've had eighteen. You know what it's gone on over the past three years. And at nine there's no way and Helen and ask you do you have anything left in the tank. That's an obvious yet I have the numbers slipped some over the past three years. One and wondered -- -- you know you as much. Hurt my announcement about. Capturing one year last year there aren't -- one. -- what they do today and wanting you to let opportunity OP chair court back in you know like -- here Clinton appears murky as it was more work. Under -- covered patent battle record. So when you when you have -- -- let opportunity to have that. Let the opportunity to get more sex so you can hear what you brought lead I'm not accurately report. -- they -- big -- mortar dropped back peppered throughout the year. Time now yet you have opportunities out -- equal or. Majority attack. I assume they're gonna put -- -- right -- and chalk it left and -- editorialists Smith inside social talk about the composition of your on your front four. Me you know in the near the end you have an opportunity to we talked it -- appears he. Come into your it was a local tailored. Japanese nuclear left -- right so you know albeit not -- you've never really you don't want. Well we're we're two guys that technically right that. The leaders -- we will look to order you know have the opportunity to play together in. You know being a party -- the government change you local park that we economy it is because though which -- year period -- -- coming -- way. And -- erode -- other. And then in the base you'll play when your hand in the dirt obviously but what what JT play with a little bit Jason charm your coordinator may be stand you opt. And move -- around a little bit in the nickel utilize your your your -- skills from Pittsburgh. Pay it would it be you know whatever pick up -- game -- you know problem and it. So funny to stand at I mean over and that there. I wouldn't do whatever Gartner. And argue and win. Lamar were coming off a season worth three AFC west teams made it to the playoffs. Do you see the raiders as a playoff team next season. Oh here uproot their quicker -- the Korea pretty. Lecture you know on record in what appeared on the greater. You know there was a lot of opportunities here. We're in quote you know some gains in the irked at -- equals about I think in the again. Until now we could have learn -- to cool about -- and you morally at all. Right so what's the deal today's Fay's slow the beginning of phase one of the OT -- CU for the first couple weeks you can just get in the weight room the coaches camping around ulyetza. Sure it was all there -- all there with the now with your teammates. I'm now under -- from. Here. City quality. They like I'll let you -- they are. Electric. It would relax strict you know in Europe and meet people in front value -- the audio program. Like you -- like oh okay WWR. Larry you know undisputed champion their rhetoric market. When you -- download Reggie McKenzie. And the coach Dennis Allen what was said to you that convinced you hey this is the right fit for me. You know you know what you would -- kind of and to now have in the pyramid. If you haven't -- to use immunity to it like that it be the talk volume anymore as a pastor. Cannot cover you know that's what that means either -- want to change my career or other item on the cover. Our receivers to try to get them cute anymore ones who have -- love what I do. And that is that the court speculated that they want me to do it won't be to be at the court you know you more -- -- personal quarterback and update out -- front. I'll try to get the quarterback. Don't want -- You're too young direct call this but in the decade of the seventies. It was there raiders in the Steelers -- even though they're not and our division. We don't like the Steelers at all so all that all that gold and black Lamar. Yet tucked away in a trunk and we don't see any of that anymore. I've advocated. The change the -- much leaks. And every day and I had to go to the you know what triggered a courtside out preachers. Brew crew guys it will used to actually that Pittsburgh will play but still the only. The highlight of -- still Lugar in the rear gate and I think you're. Greater because -- a lot to a group will. It was reported and see how are you scared what you -- with that. What -- -- history goes LC Greenwood gold cleats you have those. You know America medical leaked build locally -- likely. All black weren't careful black or. -- thought that I Thursday night right after drain on dunks on Blake remain of the west -- club at 1030 got that open Teva got to -- we got to get going again. Okay Yucca -- under reported. I like him whenever you're right after the games over their behalf are up by a couple. -- car are welcome it's and then are welcome to tell men best the law. -- Lamar Willie nice audible right their friends join us now.

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