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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/23/2014 Hour 1

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stand up and say. Good morning everybody. Duchardt Downey and -- on 95 point seven a game. You just heard that clip. Cover your -- on the move. -- -- Our -- studio just reenacted the swing. We didn't reenact was once you realize the ball wasn't going out. Well got I got around and it was the worst worst time my baseball career. I mean I've finally had for two reasonable hard enough I'm zero homers hit a ball hard enough to go -- I think off the wall. But that was on my career checklist inside the park homer down it. I'm never wanted to do it again so -- games you go without a dinner Alice probably. Probably three weeks and almost by you know it how it feels leader Barton that how. No matter got a great show area debut guards Downey and Haas Merrill Hodge from ESPN he's been blown up -- tonic guy easy blown up Clark counties want a man Zell. He's gonna join -- coming up here. At 715. The great can corps act will be joining us play by play and answer the a's -- -- today -- on hold on he's born a man Zell. We -- -- what -- say about my boy you lads you'll be able to get governments are inventing ridiculous game -- act the voices summer is a play by play man at 831. Brody Brazil join us from Los Angeles as the sharks. With a huge win all last night so we got all that coming up Brody nine Kennedy thirty Merrill -- at 715 and we have a first here. For -- -- enough. You might notice something. Usually by this point. Rick would be talking. And recurring talking and he'd be talking and he'd be docking. -- there. Crickets nothing. The senate does not decide not to show the work today looks like glad to carry -- show what's. It's gonna happen all of us -- when you do mornings. There will be a time. Where you sleep through an alarm clock. Warm -- doesn't go off. Let's go mr. view your let's find out where he is seem easy even on our weekly column. And getting nothing. So happy today at least I'm happy to say. Yeah I'm not the first one to be late to work. I just wanna be the first one because now I'm gonna be that guy eventually able to try tomorrow I'm not her show until about 8 o'clock but I didn't wanna be the first guy. I'm governor here Friday Hamas are going to be pac twelve Friday. So now what are you guys are doubts. I don't know yet. For its Arizona State against Oregon stay here on the factor or I know it's -- against somebody I'm actually watched it the other night because of my. It's been eighty from Comcast's. I was watching me. USC is there is on a -- on McCollum. -- -- -- IIR as it was also not off because it's raining. You call this morning to go right to voice our was -- So -- -- and it's our time. Is completely surprised you know I mean as much as he's been great one. The message object that you. The tone please record your message when you finished recording you may hang up -- press one for more options. -- sunshine. This is our Chris Townsend and this is -- -- you know your radio partners. Currently it is 605. And forty seconds. Now I'm going to be honestly we know even working a lot of different gigs but you know what that also -- -- a lot of money so we don't feel bad for him. But we are happy to say that you are the first one to be late for the program you've just taken the heat off on every night. So while we look forward to senior hopefully later on today. -- -- Rick puke here. Why he's easily for warrior games. -- easily for Comcast I think about it is that really for TNT I was thinking about yesterday he just got off a flight. From LA that rough 45 minute flight 54 -- right just help you out. And on a charter GM is freer mood moves -- here at 2 AM and just goes right to the couch. ISI guess. You know my prediction as my prediction is this. He was so exhausted yesterday does use only only a couple hours sleep. Then he goes for you when he left here he looked like death. So he goes home. Probably does one of those power -- where you sleep for like 34 hours right. And then you wake up and you feel like hell legal because I know him in front door for work out now he's feeling good so -- out of four hour nap he's worked out. And all the sudden. You can't go to sleep yet so and then now it's lady can't go to sleep you finally go to -- three day out you yeah I go to sleep like a 130. So it's a constant deal of not sleeping in messes up your body. I guarantee that's what happened to about well we'll keep trying them throughout the morning means some boy he's got to get up bright. He's -- he's got young kids now so he's got at some point the kids are going to be appear in the next hour so a lot of -- and he might just quit. Let's just -- -- I'm adding there's been there's been four or five days -- woke up already in three weeks I've been arrested you know what the hell -- -- he's jealous of you. I mean I'm probably make more money and we've been here three weeks I mean might be one of those points where he's you know he was the star now he's not the star. Yeah -- can start now I can't take it are you Communists are really LTE not a radon -- It's Julie Guy with the World Series ring so people think that matters to don't worry about Leo the today not magazine the star -- you're -- value gimme credit now I'm the ex player all I got this water right but -- all your of the -- game today you'll you'll see so people know you're there I am kind of a big deal are you -- Barnes and what does he do when you walk around if you're in the clubhouse is what is not even. -- -- -- Not a bad human being I'm -- against him as a person I'm water he even knows you've talked mad about it on radio he probably -- -- honestly as a player. First of all they're never out by this point right now I can tell you for years -- post game shows the guys knew which is -- about the post games and Bobby aaron's not against family was a big fan of mine. I've been as a player. After the games I would listen. On the way home to some of the post game interviews. Just to hear the coaches to sit here with the players are thinking. I didn't really necessarily care way that the radio guys said but I hour here board votes had to say stuff like Jesse what the sound -- work out other than that. I never will listen to guys like Q so your giants issue reviewed and hang on everywhere let's towns and realizing Brittany for making eleven million. All right did you Brittany. -- -- -- -- Absolute iPad you'll just -- -- still had to do on my show yeah got to find some we got -- fights of all there's no question at some point I I was like this guy is so overpay you find that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There had of been a point to right rip your ass. -- -- twelfth without -- probably I probably would have gone after -- pretty good for. Hurt your -- Matt -- -- call that had to be a whole segment on -- and yet you deserve to be buried on talk about the most embarrassing thing in my career that's probably right up there. Can't get I'm -- all accused of doing a perfect game. Researcher each expects. Us now under radio. And a great thing about that. Well you said about a guy who got hurt during a celebration who by the way is not producing offensively making eleven millionaire or kill them which I mean. Aerial view they have aerial view of that incident where the funniest part of it was when I go down I'm face first day I mean they'll pay top news at the last there was my hands I was jam RS and I know you've got Clinton ideas right after. And now you see nature holds kind of look back. It is now I'm back exit OK then he just took off. In and help me -- nobody cared -- realize if you are hurt theorists also well you would have been on one of those like. Bleacher Report worst injuries however in sports history. Blown out knee in her breast celebrating a perfect game you know I I'd that was the injured right there right new after like a month -- big -- this season's winding down -- got one homer on the season. Nothing workers over that's about it some get a radio by the way your giants. That offense stinks. My -- The bullpen this year which we -- loses strength. Not get it done it stinks. But more importantly last night. In Los Angeles. News now. It's not -- case. Please visit Tripp yeah that's good again it's an overtime within the exact let me read it. How they get was that. We were talking about this series. This is going to be an absolute war. These scenes -- face each other now for years in the post season they absolutely can't stand each other. And patty Marleau. Giving his sixtieth career playoff goal and his hundredth career playoff point since everybody home. And the victory for the sharks in OT they take a three nothing lead against their division right. I'm call I call yesterday and you're watching him swing -- you know -- it. As much as you guys are talking about this is going to be such a brutal death of a brutal series really rip -- Brazil for that -- later on today it would be say seven yeah tell assembly which means he really doesn't -- yeah. I mean this is one of those series like it that we met game last night. Was a good game and another was having being close but. You look at other sharks a one by combined score in the first two games of thirteen to five and last and what that was a great game that was fun to watch when you actually stayed out four and almost almost all I I was I had every intention -- fell asleep there and it was an overtime but. You know I woke up and saw. But you know lesson that was a critical games I know being up 20 in the playoffs. You go into their place you don't wanna lose that one because now you're 21. Your in their place that momentum shifts there's two of them and to be able to go in there in their place and get that win it's huge and now. I mean it's it's pretty much for me that that the kings now they're -- I've said I've seen other teams down 30 in the playoffs the tigers into -- wealth. They gave us a little fiber in the end with Ramos struck out Cabrera. You saw him in the dugout they were -- disappoint you saw their faces I just know you know they have they didn't have that killer instinct. And for you to see it while you another thing to. And when you look at -- down 03 like take the Red Sox. They've they've won a playoff series now Detroit that's all different deal they they got into the World Series. You still see some fight because you have confidence you've won in the post season -- right -- -- had to win to get to the next round this is the first round. It's kind of different now you have a lot of playoff game yet it's in the first round. You talked about breaking -- teams will especially team. You to hate each other. You now go up three zip and beating them on their senators want think you know it's not a series until someone wins on the road. Well when you basically boat racing team two straight games at home and and you go on beat them in OT in their own building. Yet you you you basically take their will boy yeah I'm. Would you say earlier realize that it happens a little bit more often are not in Israel comebacks in hockey and does so we're baseball. So I mean there is a possibility of basketball it's thanks for coming -- in baseball pretty much the same deal except for that one year -- Boston and New York it. You know it's not over but the I'd say they got about him they got a pretty darn good shot at doing this or -- I'm saying sweep. Neil Patrick Marleau who -- been labeled soft. Has disappeared in certain series. They have played so. Many playoff games during his career. And when you start -- and sixty playoff goals. Patrick -- no question is the greatest guy -- -- you know if you're out there in your sharks fan -- 9579570. Mr. -- 9579570. Patrick Marleau. Is by far greater -- of all time. And the franchise. Hasn't any -- hasn't been around it's been around a long time now since the early ninety's but as it doesn't have obviously the history of that. The first six or whatever but Patrick Marleau without a doubt. Is -- greatest player. In franchise history and it's a franchise yes they've been in the Western Conference twice and urban gives -- Stanley Cup finals but you look at all the success of the sharks. Winning year after year after year never blowing it -- always retooling. -- -- got to give Smith began again you know what he's been able to do as a GM -- you got to give them credit a Patrick Marleau no question. The greatest -- of all time you you know you've seen these sharks last 345 years playing I've seen the sharks since day one I got here I got to the Bay Area living in San Jose. Before the sharks got here and obviously this is the first sure I've -- starting to watch them and just by watching them the last three games. Made to me look like one of those teams that are that. Can go all the way that they look hot to me are are you say the same things like are they visit in hockey the same as -- or you just comment you may not mean the number one seed but you just plain so visiting your hot ticket right all the way the -- You know that it would what they look like to -- Is it look like a team with a clear head. They look like -- -- because in the past few even sense it in the arena. Hewitt sensed it like something would go on not go their way -- -- -- -- yeah everybody had that sense. This team of course it's early it's only three games in the post season. Let these guys in this collective group that this core has been expected to bring a championship. To the Bay Area you know because before you guys won. Look how bad everything once. You know for years giants had been good -- had been good the raiders and niners were both bad. -- the warriors were miserable. The only thing we had in the Bay Area was the sharks' year after year after year going to bus these even when you're winning the president's trophy -- And why it personal it's. I don't go on a -- like 957 guided by sending Duchardt -- in house. Not a five point seven games of the sharks a three zip fantastic. And if they can. The difference between baseball. Baseball whether you win in four or you win seven actually winning in four can be bad. Because you win -- then you -- -- while you wait timing just off and you look at Detroit the last two times Detroit is made the World Series they've had to do the IPO clinch early. And then sit and wait that's not good but for hockey. -- the first round seven game war. That really can affect you going forward so the sharks can get out of you know everybody healthy. Four or five games get out go to the next round that that's perfect for us. And I was and that's what Brody Brazil set or what out last week you said that it was going to be one of those series where. You hope that it can be quick and -- -- and hey you wanna have -- -- realize OMB opinion knocked down follows you to be assuming you move our -- if he's -- today we can now -- now -- little -- yeah we are -- in his curiosity to see if he still stands by that seven -- -- -- -- Being worn out. What's up -- your voice. Your boys have lost five of six. And four of those losses they've only scored one run. -- out there they're gone it's. It's -- bad right now as good as they started off the season and -- mean what two weeks go we're talking about is this going to be one top five offenses in baseball. And you know I even even I was thinking you know I knew they were going to be that good but I think they'd be this bad either end. Bad it what's even more troubling is. -- Colorado right now yeah. Facing two mediocre if not bad pitchers starters so. You know you think that this is what all Els and her go to Colorado gets -- get some guys go on and it's just it's not happening and I looked to the the whole lineup one through nine. I don't I see a lot of free swing and a lot of bad pitch selection swing at bad pitches not taken gone well I mean at the seemingly everybody's problem right now. Delay. Will what is the giants' offense sound like right now. Yeah June. Floyd seems like a long time ago when there aren't Arizona an ally via net and what's kill what's what's killing -- is is knowing that. As bad as the starting staff -- -- -- talking about the starting staff earlier on not given much is any innings. Now you got the starting staff giving him. You know quality start after -- argument two runs or less and you know as the -- -- want especially like last night bomber in Colorado to -- is that that. And you lose the game ball to -- and the money you know to Tulowitzki was fastball right down the middle but I mean other. You go eight innings and Coors Field. I mean you think accidentally. You score three denies -- its smallest things right now or they're just so it's gonna have to it. What's gonna have to happen is somebody's gonna have to go out there in the first couple innings in a Big Three run homer and just kind of ease the tension. Because the longer they go through the throughout the game to get the fifth or sixth -- this one run no runs. It's just gonna get tighter -- they need a good first second anywhere they put up three or four and just say -- and did you -- tonight. All huh. At what point -- bringing its April 23. At what point when you're looking at let's see. Underpants to thirteen. Pablo Santa Paula sixty well sixty now -- -- -- -- -- down the list the only ones that even over 300 right now our belts and Oregon and Oregon remember how he was it for ninety dollars -- he's even sailed off the two -- 333 not bad but. You know everybody it's it's -- -- team in hidden. When your -- orders not hitting it affects -- were the rest of the rest Salina in the middle or hasn't mean Buster Posey right now. He's three for his last 35. I'm willing to -- that since he's been over the giants and he hasn't been a stretch like that. And that as a team in general four of the last six games they've been held a one run. One run into those games in Colorado. So and in the last six games. They've had ten runs in six games with 32 hits. And right now a team that they're there runners in scoring position to 31 -- marriage they were leading the league a week ago. It sits -- rough stress no doubt and I don't know. What they gotta do to get ignored is right now they have everything in place to be able to get it going in Colorado against New York pitcher Rick carries about the giants' offense. Come -- lets you like you keep playing not only go to sleep myself. None of coffee in the world did you play no matter what you do have made it. What would you do get out of luck. How are okay put those are you worried. You you just. Are you worried. I'm not worried. Because we've done this plenty times and through when I was there. Throughout the three years -- especially in 2010 we weren't good at all -- stretches were we went through stuff like this all the time yes we went into open remember a three game series we lost. We got shut out. Scored one run and shut out and I believe for the next two weeks it was like that. And we have given the playoffs but there's something he's -- that's why baseball so great because you have so many games to be able turnaround about. It's gonna have to happen soon to what's scary though is as bad as these guys are now. That's as good as they're gonna get here soon I mean it's if you're riding the wave like this Sawyer it's going to be an up and down season as good as they were early as bad as they are now. Look out in the next week or so I think is the longer you continue to struggle you'll not make as we say the back of the baseball card. The -- continue to struggle. You're gonna look at not having those normal numbers well. What I don't like people say or -- -- like a Hunter -- September orders out of your mind I don't yeah I don't like hear people say well. At the end of the year the number's going to be here but the men's -- is -- well but not only that what if they are there. But the first to us the season when they weren't you lost ten and twelve games when you're going. So you know you wanna be consistent in the end right now none nobody's been really consistent right now I mean with the exception belt maybe -- -- but other than now it's top to bottom it's it's this it's been tough and runs scored is that you can see. There's some money on. You see that those guys are gripping it tight right now oh yeah I remember when your plane pitching coach for the days. Don't have great that idea was bullpen by committee and closer recommending. -- -- it -- that idea well I stand by that. I mean right now just nobody inaudible that is doing their job and that's doesn't know what concerns you mortality durable that a giants' offense. That's a good one. I think about that. I gotta I gotta go giants offense. I mean well look -- DA's right now. Look at the -- are thirteen and seven how many times -- they they've blown two leads to their division rival back to back nights. -- about the blown games by Johnson Johnson company he -- Koppel if -- had a guy a common man and the ninth inning was the ultimate hammer. What -- their record be. Now how close are -- putting Johnson back in there with all these recent dollars by everybody. I mean. I'm if I if our own game today right now will businessman's special. You get in the ninth inning your bone melody Dylan -- on -- -- back in there. Million shots he's getting paid tonight that's his job I'm -- graders and a lot. And I -- have a lot of faith it's just some -- the slider then go he's a specialty Geist about Michael -- the guy you traded away -- -- -- top prospects beat you last night. How that how did that feel for him no you don't want -- -- you -- gentry over me and suck it you gently in the first round value trade me. I'm gonna come back behind -- that's all you look at that trading you go. Boy -- I hope you're right because of Michael choice does turn out to be legit player. You're going to be facing him throughout the year nothing worse than trading what are your top prospects. And you got to face them nineteen times and he kicks your ass all you want -- he stoked about wanna Texas Jeremy at least he has to goad hitters park. You know as all are you doing much good in Texas and Oakland coming up next. There is a mark that used to be so his story. But now not so much. We'll talk about next in the mayor's -- over sports aside five point seven game. Five point seven again. 957 big game. Next delivery and here's a drive -- -- well know left center. And Andre and -- ball all of. Five hundred Jack's third youngest to get. There. And just the 26 player in Major League Baseball history. To hit 500. Gainers. Does it mean anything anymore. Triple 895795. Said he -- triple 895795. Semi we wake up this morning. And you hear that Albert Pujols. It's number 499. And number 500. To join nice very exclusive club. But does like club meaning anything anymore -- triple 895795. Sammy I remember. I heard that poster that had all the home all the 500 home run guys that were still alive and I was like man that is awesome. And you remember when guys were gone for their 500 home run. Like ESPN would -- breaking into every act back right in it was such a big deal. And you look at this list and you look at the names. For some reason it just doesn't feel the same. Yeah I mean why I. I just think with all the guys it and then. Accused. Of all the steroids over the years and all the guys that had been accused -- have been in there with a 500 homer club I mean. I was always I was I was watching games last night and I just happen to goma in mobile website and I saw. We're Albert Pujols is 500 homer I didn't even know it. Intel I looked on my phone and make -- -- just not a big deal anymore I mean you're right it used to be okay -- -- we're gonna come and -- Al approvals suffers 500 home run and you don't I don't even know until I checked -- did you are watching sharks hockey hated the nobody talks about anymore and it's such incredible milestone. Like I K I can't even fathom 500 home runs and simulate it seems like he just us. For me is seem like he's only -- for eight years. I mean -- my guy she did so fast my. You can't have a sense around the same time my dad and he's doubling my home run out the best at that that is amazing just to think about that AAA. 9579570. When he here 500 home runs Albert Pujols this was such an exclusive club. Is still carried away. Now 26 guys and at 500. Horny guys have 3000 hits. These are looking at this list. Bonds. A ride Sosa McGwire. Palmeiro. Manny Sheffield. It's stains. And then I I don't wanna go Jim domain. You have your question marks on domains -- question marks are out there on -- Liverpool's. But man this list used to be so let's go to CJ in a car CJ. Welcome -- her town in half you here this morning you hear the highlight Albert Pujols hits career number 500. What does that mean to you let what does that mean you still in baseball. I'm well I think about it they'd alternate routes were very long time. And Charlie at least eight people feel it but I writer all right it's still really good number. And Albert -- a phenomenal fire along with the other there -- on the list to go Peter I'm. I don't know I Atlantic engaging all -- anymore. It -- a really good number only wanted to keep worked at an all these years might be it's still something that you can be proud. Sentinel -- -- baseball. Thank you CJ -- Iranian point there. They're used used to be benchmarks that you hit this benchmark hearing it right yeah no 300 lands a 500 home runs. Look and -- -- 3000 hits you get to those marks you're guaranteed lock and pretty much where I won't say guaranteed. First out all there is some guys that means I can't harming children took like four times neck I had. 573. A must be you're getting into Fiat 500 jacks. Yeah and no question and I and you don't and all these guys unless you can I can honestly say ending guys. That I don't have there was one guy on this list and -- that I played and where I can honestly look at and say no. No way he -- on steroids and that's for me. -- junior. Just that natural beautiful swing you if you look at his baseball card when he came up. And you look at his baseball card now. You know as is and if it refused gain a little way I mean but not -- yeah lay away but no no affect us that bad but not that bad but you know. I -- I do the baseball card test for me what does a guy look like as a rookie and what does he look like at the -- -- let's go to AJ and Dublin welcome to 957 game. I'm a quality earmark night and plot here and a paper called it. They check that out 26 and I can Obama happened in 2000. So it's. Almost happy that cabin in the past fourteen years. All out of junior baseball yet secure so okay -- and then Democrats fourteen -- at channel. Your average -- one year. It's like being in you know much -- disparity cute they're -- catalog a little bit -- They have very good point and of course always a good point by Glenn and -- Yes you certainly can down the list so many guys and and that's the sad thing. I -- bonds A-Rod Sosa McGwire Palmeiro Manny. Gary Sheffield. Play it it it's where baseball is today and we can't take you back where you admit you look at all these other guys too I mean. Who's to say like in my -- today they were on something there wasn't really my strengths and my heart might -- it said it if if it he said he would have -- if it. He didn't take it put Schmidt has said like man united that was really going under in my day yeah I. I probably would have done it right he can -- monologues. They eleven nationally in home runs a -- time he says that -- what what if he didn't do something you never know OK well. Hank Aaron. And I and I read this and we are celebrating Hank Aaron earlier this year Hank Aaron tried and -- -- means once. Wants. Right so it was around PCBs were different forms of PE eighty honey the only guys on this list. That you really can say okay no way. You have to say rules. You'd have to say hey Jimmy fox. And probably Mel hot as they played so long ago that you that's only three guys -- between six he would say. Well you know occasional I don't know a little early and how that fact and those guys are doing that they were going green easier don't have to enemies back to what you're talking about PD's you talk about the reasons that means there's no secret that I -- I -- matter all. -- and it got me go on it was just like a huge rushing caffeine basically for three or four hours now -- that make me hit the ball any farther. No and to me that's a distinct difference when you're taken something like like I agree near an -- yes it's illegal if you don't tiger -- -- -- it. It to me it's completely different than when you're on you know you're taking human growth or steroids. We take your greatest or make you hit the ball -- 55 feet it is not gonna happen so to me. You know that's not that's not really the issue to -- the issue. The steroids and all accusations steroids. And once in a lot of people on time felony counts of steroids. Certain -- -- I'm not -- play -- here but certain -- improve your vision to. Yeah I remember -- I remember watching game -- Tony Gwynn was talking about it and Tony said you know every. Gives you why would you want to Iowa nice is -- people -- -- Yeah he starts he was on cheeseburgers and it was -- on -- but when I was talking about his fundraisers of all time are you saying you know everybody just focuses. On what this does free strength lies and allows you recovered all this but what they don't focus on which could be the biggest benefit of all. It improves your eyesight and see in the baseball tracking the baseball. Figuring out early on what kind of pitch it is. And what you're gonna swing or not is more important then any type of steroids when it comes to muscle -- the ball harder now are talking about site. There's a year look if you look half of these guys here I guarantee like even the geyser ever accused of steroid someone -- how many of them had laser eye surgery. Now I didn't have that back and today I was doing a show former giant former AFP Santangelo you know lefty out after he's great -- via television and you guys -- Yeah he -- you guys drive at a Sacramento so. Asked me. I was doing an interview with a one time. And talked about the reason I could play anymore does he was in great shape could see he's still in great shape yeah yeah -- 47 straightaway is married to a playmate for -- say Perseus. Bob. But you decide if he said he could see anymore. Why guys like hawks as a one thing -- -- go to my about everything else is following are now you guys have to mess look Posey away. He's a late day we'll hear from sunshine next also. The move has been made in the NFL we weren't able to give to a really yesterday. And one team I think is gonna do the right thing looks going -- -- bears this out for sports as I five point seven game. You -- point seven. The playoffs. Whoa whoa loan. We need to slow down coming up here at the top of the hour. And and mother and I told you this earlier today they knew people were in the room we're talking about a lot of things I like about robbery. I like Kane that you can make fun of yourself as a lot of guys that millions of dollars and our. World Series champions have their heads apart their ass they didn't do a half the year not that guy Peter Jennings have a nice five point seven again. But the one thing I do like about you also the fact that you have gone through that journey. You have won a championship. You realize how tough pitcher because we'd make it out to be a -- lot easier than it really is so we'll get to that coming up here. At the top of the hour. So you might notice something today. -- -- Well that's right he's not here. I gotta tell you guys that are quick hour without him. Let's call -- let's find out where it's like where's Waldo where's -- -- that -- long get a mama I want you -- on the line now. -- -- So as I have as the morning radio -- it's gonna happen to. You'll have I'm glad I'm not the first guy to do you know he's in traffic badly I hope I hope he's as an -- hour traffic. Pax. East -- Danny we know he's up. How about that panic when you wake and -- or worse and you. At and -- out. First time -- longtime listener. Where the hell are you. I am I'm not get her -- or operate. Well thanks appreciate that -- -- Half Moon Bay. Well look everywhere else has been able to find it I know I thought. I thought well I know exactly what do you this morning. Yeah yeah lucky did you. I've only I only wish -- because you've got a little morning look this. I when I suddenly woke up -- -- you know -- -- you get that feeling you got a bit rate to bite from where. How might it be yeah doesn't feel right. -- I've been there I've been there is. -- and you immediately wake up to panic. You seemed herbal tea and local flywheel. That was great about the first 10 minutes this morning. But I bet that at this point you the stayed bad days and has taken the day die or whatever pay are you onto eighty yet. Are -- -- yet. I can't I can't -- like. A little time I got absolutely I would like. What -- where where exactly are you as we speak. I. -- -- -- -- Lucky -- big -- It. Who give him a little break after all hell now after the warriors I'm eyes and I say you don't get -- -- you you won't even be here by 730. I don't know eight. I say after eight are -- say drive a vehicle. That is so that I I'm not having a meeting over this. I am now if there's a meeting it's with the nuclear alone I am not -- and I was terribly happy to be punished exactly I am -- Mr. Tampa I am not have a meeting about there's no reason we -- -- small. Just like him when -- when a pitcher can't go to first base makes an air. There we all -- Holyfield has to go out there and UCSD yeah I'm not an eighty PFP today not 48 game. Yeah we're Hillary's game day I'm excited are actually get to see this they're beautiful stadium and Oakland you know. -- don't don't tickets. And only educate us -- what -- -- -- beautiful sailors -- beautiful stadium RT this. I'm going to be happy amount not pain in sixty bucks for Beers that are probably not twelve ounces. -- tournament I'm gonna be glad to be back in my coliseum where I can buy a big beer. And it's not get a break me I I gotta be for the giants there that's ridiculous I mean it's at 18 ounce beer for between twelve bought I ordered three Sierra Nevada is aunt for us. You mean delay. And it was. 35 bucks for three Beers and I X I had three of those I would feel a thing. And they they claim -- twelve ounces I actually wanted to -- the test absolutely no way they're twelve ounces so you actually get a big beard Oakland nice yeah we're gonna get big Beers were gonna get the Italian sausage -- -- it is phenomenal world driving home. It's got. Well or rolling -- a couple of please please see it as as my friend Dick Callahan would say drive safely. So I remember win we really weren't able to Guinness. Well over and under 735 you locks in the studio all he's he's not even on 280. He's definitely -- the guy he's guinier a yet he's getting on 92 which is gonna bring him down to further and I know you -- he's he's paid people listening who know let's 92. Who named and have Monday so he's getting 92 he's he's entering. He's about to end this 92 is is a pain he's about to enter the belly of the beast. Has once he gets into San Francisco he's going to be in morning traffic sell its. I just turned back to bad why here he said -- -- some quality kids time zero. Obviously were the most important thing is like today is you -- you get lucky I mean that's what I that's what I that's -- they keep me back. Now. Sleep would do well there is only a couple minutes on how I play this way too long area at 7 o'clock -- lucky for -- and why don't you want -- I remember the day. Al Davis in the supplemental draft that Terrelle Pryor. And I was on the air that night back when I used to do -- solo show. And I enough to carry anybody can just do my own thing railing yeah growing so all of I remember saying you know what I love Terrelle Pryor throw Pryor made me money. Ohio State when he did he was they covered they were good bet a lot of Big Ten games. You make a lot of money when he got here boom. I remember that night saying the best thing that can happen to Terrelle Pryor and I use the Kordell Stewart. Model when he was slash. When you got the football in his hands and -- sometimes you play quarterback sometimes who played running back sometimes he lined up at wide receiver he was just an all around weapon especially in the red zone. And goal line. Terrelle Pryor was a terrific basketball -- he committed to pit. Before he committed to Ohio State -- looking at a man that size that -- lettuce is some. Huge fans. To me you beat them up. And this kid could be an absolute less than forty. Tired and a multi purpose guy pay on goal line you get on the goal line why not -- and quarterback and -- and I mean there's a lot of different things you can do with them. But now he wants to be a quarterback. Well I wake up today and read the Seattle times. And also saw another article today. Talking about it. They're looking up in the Pacific northwest. The Seahawks are gonna try get Terrelle Pryor to do that over his say if he wants to stay in the NFL. What don't -- you should they're not taken a month to play QB -- look at look at Tim Tebow he your -- big don't you know you have that heart that you your quarterback you know you're not. Here you gotta make suggestions if you wanna be an NFL player. -- you've just got to get that on your head I'm not a quarterback and they're -- -- Tarvaris Jackson is he's the number two guy knows the offense they trust him. You think of Russell Wilson goes down Pete Carroll's gonna. Put his Super Bowl hopes on Terrelle Pryor no but he knows what -- the novel could be the best athlete on the field. -- jealous so is what didn't happen in Oakland. Could happen in Seattle and let's say what -- you start catching touchdowns search scored touchdowns in the playoffs and making -- run of the Super Bowl Terrelle Pryor will be a star in this game. They're probably doing the right thing for this kid and why what you want that permeate your -- tell us is how guys wanna be QBs who cares by the way. When we take and I sure don't look behind you there I got Pryor's Oakland Raiders coming up next there's a raider who needs a slow his roll tell you that is next on the bears this out for sports and I five point seven a game.

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