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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/23/2014 Hour 2

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's five point seven. You can tell you have here on 95 point seven a game. Stacks of cash contest code word it is tough. Remember you have until ten pass the power to taxed into this 72881. Message and data rates apply or you can -- it via the web site www. Inner calm. Contest dot com your chance to win a thousand dollars four times a day. And if that's not enough for you. We're also giving away giving away a pair of giants tickets in the 8 o'clock hour. Just be listening for our box. Office blitz sounder one of my favorite shows. During the NFL season on Saturday nights here in the Bay Area. NFL matchup where they break down robbery all the film Sal pal John is. Jaws and Merrill Hodge and he joins us now from ESPN NFL analyst Merrill thank you for taking the time this morning. My pleasure and thank you for watching the match of show that is the best show I'll they're back if I could do that show. I will probably -- television deuce the one show that you get to actually. Chill and talk the truth he talked to be needed to show -- -- welcome the coaching tape. Yet that's one thing when you watch these shows and people are just giving opinion. You guys give opinion and then you show it to say okay this is what we're really seeing here is the proof. Right -- yes definitely that's what makes it's so beautiful to the coaching tape shows you all angles -- -- -- Tony too so. Now whether that means it always critical when you lead wires between good -- player good and you get that shoulder you're. Children. The view were what you're talking about those visuals do those visuals are much better than that doesn't. -- verbiage you know advocates keep the verbiage is so confusing sometimes in the -- you have Gaza so Smart football family right now what that means. But to see it is what resonates with fans. And not only that you're also -- looking at cheer Wikipedia page a short tie aficionado. So not only you know -- what do your terrific running back back -- the -- with the Steelers but the -- -- -- -- -- Well actually venues and actually work was -- we we've blank -- a little bit but I have always been notorious for our -- star when I was a kid in church and I. This cowboy. Bottle that the belt -- I just locked and well atomic time you -- my belt buckle on -- cholesterol so like shorten that time a little bit sort of make you my belt buckle -- army church. That's got to have started I've just always thought you Norton and -- deal here belt when you have your tie on. And found some public got little short don't want -- had my jacket out of the I was shorter or whether it. Just what the long enough the title and like I. But now I have to ties that are. And fashion and they come back there about three inches from my belt buckle Boller got -- -- close to my belt while Karzai about three or four inches separation. LaMarr Woodley Super Bowl champion you know on as a steeler now with a re air. Operators came down said the raiders are a playoff team you hear that what do you think. Well I think that's a player that's player can talk to Blair's government to a team in what which I players and walking -- -- were lasting you know we're struggling you know I. I'd like that he brings that expectation and that's standard are they a long ways from that. Yes you know Hamid. However the -- the last couple years shoot you've seen him get a little closer in some areas. But still a long ways away you know -- Lamar Woodley played like she did a couple of years ago clearly felt that Lamar can't play like he did last year you know the last. Couple years you've got to give back to form like he was about three years ago for him to be apart. But didn't that organization turned around to get them into the playoffs. Marijuana huge. Johnny men's health man and another raiders had -- five pick and I got match jobs who do you see. Going to number five spot for the for the raiders. Listen I think there could be a lot of guys -- -- you know this -- going to be interest in and out of status. If you really launcher turn a program around you better president take -- at all. It's bad vilify Arabs and a united front across -- -- -- more calm however we you know while you have studied him. I -- like it'll most these players to top sixty or so in the you that you're -- guys in college but what you have to do you have to make an evaluation. Of in transition into -- National Football League and that's where. We we would try to do a better job appeared just you have challenged us to do a better job because. When you see a guy -- exciting and does what he doesn't college. Let's go to college. -- you -- hasn't trophy plant like that but when you really study him and you study how -- see is how -- -- and structure. How he -- really rhythm timing anticipation. He doesn't place more than likely doesn't play Smart Armenians smarty just doesn't play Smart. The ball doesn't come out often times of a great portion of the time when it should. People blitzing. And he doesn't -- recognize it. You'd rather run than -- Now when you you you look at the football skills that it's not a very good skill set that transitions of the NFL -- Expect a very scary wanted to -- what they've got bust written all over. There's so many things would have to be -- changed. And learned for him that it's just too big projects specialties. Top five -- He's not going to stabilize your organization and just because he's exciting that's that's skill set at those transition. To the National Football League in fact mr. reachable aspect. You know large study more and more into -- marked as you place more orderly played doll. And what they played dumb and as he's done he just he doesn't make the right choices he doesn't play it was in the structure of these offense or he clearly doesn't understand -- chooses not to do things should be doing. And he's the first player ever. We're out of the com -- popular coaches about him I'm like you know we have a statistic for completions. Listed before in completions. You should put statistics together and study the times that he does not stole the ball when he clearly should have. It every game he would be it would scare you to death. And with almost danger there's so many other good players that are available I mean let's start. -- to -- the best football player either side of the ball. But he -- Sammy Watkins the so there which I don't think captains doesn't happen but you're terrific football player of the transitions. Well. A home and it's mostly on the linebacker from Alabama I mean you guys can plug in run defense to be like Patrick Willis for. You don't stabilize and there he need good football players that you know transition. And I'm gonna stabilize some area of your football team. You don't need the guys that could be there and he pitched clearly open area that you need help him and stabilize and help stabilize the defense be. It'll part in directing you guys -- wanna go to get back of what else. Why he's broke our recent his heart Merrill's -- I definitely I wanted to hear. We -- that Mario Draghi who just lost another view are very well. Here it still lives. So I'll let but it will ya want just didn't just we we do had its playbook on him with coaching tape and I used NFL player examples first and then showed him -- so he got deceit. Or talking about how he plays how what's required plant in itself. And how he really played in college and how it's going to be a little huge learning curve for him to get better and -- -- -- just on themselves. Merrill -- from ESPN joins us here -- downing half 95 point seven a game make sure during the season NFL matchup is. One of the best shows on TV are Merrill IEU mission -- stabilize. And when you think in the San Francisco 49ers right now. Using stability Camille Little bit shaky because of what's happening off the field Vernon Davis comes out and says we must win the Super Bowl looking at this offseason. What's the best way to get. Stability back with the 49ers. Well personally haven't a great corner a bunch of good core players. You know that will allow that -- happen you know it is likely the raiders are trying to establish these guys. To get stability unit area Patrick Willis you've got you got adjustments man you know. He. Gore on -- you an outline it's pretty you know solid even though -- has some injuries there you know. Where they got it better is their perimeter players on offense in a wide receivers. They need more consistency there and better and and the players on the perimeter you know even linebacker. Navarro Bowman been pastor -- challenged. I think people forget how good units in on either equivalent of Patrick -- some very little better to lose that to big chunk. All the dismiss you know we're all that (%expletive) you know where will he be you know even if you go around to where he mentally you know. -- big boy eats you know he'd still need help in the secondary when I was kind of look at all the things that they needed. To kind of alien from the thing -- injuries so force let me. They -- wouldn't appear to be told what you would. Consider one of those creepy you know playoff games to have so many holes to fail in this may be their biggest off season as far as. -- to stabilize their but the people who need to fill in for some key players that are gone going to be a big task. Task for them but it's got to start I think the perimeter guys on offense. So what if for Bowman in all depends on how all that sort of thing works out he's got to come in and the deal play like he's in constant plan. Ford and to do what -- ultimately to challenge themselves do now just when -- Super -- not just get there. And I know you've got to go I just want to ask you this real quick and they got some TV. Colin camper nick when you study him on film as a passer what are EC. Twelve. That the thing that -- personally not very exotic polished guy which is very understandable at this point. I've finally gotten especially on the real Carolina after game is where. You could tell he was just unsure. And what I'd venture he was unsure of you know pressures coverages and he was Lleyton has attend a lot in the middle part of this. He's not trying to cap pulled the reins back in on him. Now let's say that that's why the perimeter player optional port for him when you constantly changing on the perimeter. You know you're unsure you don't Vernon Davis got hurt you can tell that that really bothered him yes I don't make like Tom -- amazing or Peyton Manning in these guys that. -- interchangeable parts they'd never missed a beat. You -- young guy like that that bothered him you know he could tell he was not sure -- go that route going to be run by Bernard Davis would run it. When Vernon wasn't there organized now -- got wide receivers that digger are going to be the -- all you need in the NFL is just -- Split second of hesitation all you need to mess things up. That's -- site that is not a good you have to be. And you could sense that in him -- -- you also since he started worked through that which is a real accomplishment beat him in that came. And if you can get that consists of some form on the outside. I think you see great growth -- this year as a pastor. And that's what it's gonna come down to you know the past that a tremendous future action game then to be intercepted -- that was a product of the pressure. But he had because they're that the pressure got knocked out because I kept our system currently who was job they'll rush to guy's. But they put pressure in DC deputy -- -- kind of had to back up a little bit as he threw -- lost velocity on it. That's why the ball sailed inside that ball -- -- completions or an incomplete. So that it Patrick I got much better you helping with perimeter players. I teach -- -- CA big huge leap this year. He called -- and it could launch that happens on the permanent foreign. Merrill great stuff is always continued success at ESPN allowed to have be on the program again. -- -- He was tough fullback. Concussions got him I gotta tell you I'm not too happy with a right now well I mean it's like you broke your heart. That's not what I wanna hear our little guy you're -- Johnny -- call don't get how can Merrill hide should say something like that about John in his -- Troy Aikman. Jerry Rice this guy's going to be the next -- -- Appears that he can I give you the difference between that -- Merrill he looks pretty. 49 years old ladies battled cancer reactive for him. I that that NFL matchup show. It's my favorite I love -- even though Ron Jaworski says some crazy ass stuff. But to watch them and insisted they break down the film Sao Paulo we've heard on the we'll -- before it's it's it's a quality show the difference between Merrill podge. And someone like we had Jerry Rice on what we're doing afternoons. Fred bullet and costlier to an afternoon's town hall of fame wide receivers you're talking about a halting quarterback in Troy Aikman. There are not breaking down the film Nazis. Merrill Hodge is breaking down the film. It's really video and select all -- Your breaking down easily and at that he's in that dark room. With fast food and he's breaking down the film but you -- that doesn't do it doesn't account. For instincts. Troy Aikman Jerry Rice I'm willing to bet those guys are looking at his instincts. This guy has just huge you see some -- I love Johnny football. Just like Terrelle Pryor Johnny -- may be some money. It's Alabama -- you I like Johnny thought but I'll say this. I would draft him as much as I like him. He's the most elusive player at quarterback he didn't have the speed like Michael -- -- Michael Vick at Virginia Tech. It was sick -- do you ever do you watch a national championship game that he lost to Florida State. And -- state has a GO Florida State's pumping out these incredible athletes right you've got all these big -- run so fast. And Michael Vick is just basically running around away from these guys and his speed was just so amazing at that age. Johnny football and run like that giant football and -- Terrelle Pryor but he is so elusive. Like got a friend parking ten kinda Doug Flutie -- but he doesn't see it. And that's that's the problem we had a Terrelle Pryor subprime that we see with Colin -- burning as he said that split second when he drops back to pass and he doesn't see it. I mean. You've got to have that clock in your -- robbery. Line to ball's gotta be out and you gotta throw the ball so many times guys not open yet. You got to throw it to a certain spot where you have that trust in the wide receiver or the tight end that that guy is going to be there. He waits and waits and waits in -- that that's the thing like what Terrelle Pryor it's a great example trump prior held onto the football before he threw it. Wait longer than anybody in the game and look into your -- saying that he and prior they are looking to Iran. Is there before they pastel what happens is is they can't pull the trigger and they've got to see the guy wide open for them to throw. They don't have the instincts they don't have the ability and they don't have the trust that when they hit that back foot. They know where they're going with the ball and they're gonna throw a to a spot where they know the receiver is going to end up its unfairness I mean I assume. If these guys especially John and and sell it can make the adjustment. I mean would that that's the big question yeah actually it will he makes -- -- -- he does make a lot of bonehead plays at times and he got away with it there's a lot times where he talks in Iran. And guy he's not -- look at Michael Beck. I -- you go to Michael Vick back Angola -- go to ESPN I can elect coming he hasn't started sixteen games. Since I -- -- years. If you really -- and turn a program around you. You better -- they don't take Mandell. That hurts. I don't know why would you -- we don't like a kick in the -- -- that we don't need a sound bite. We just don't do. You know did you actually hear and my heart fall when he said that. I almost went to my knees. That's. That's exactly the kind of -- why why why can't this guy learn and you look at your breezy shore. I'm Denzel not at all by any standards. -- go out there and give it. I'd like to see him have a chance. He's gonna get a chance. Read what we're pleased you're the raiders he's gonna go to Cleveland and I've got. 2006. Now obviously. The dog thing did help out Michael Vick and the upper -- pretty much downhill after that it's got -- And that those that. Now isn't it looks freer as a male now -- but he doesn't start -- has started sixteen games since 2006. Now he was in the league. And -- when he was 47 and 28. But since she got at a jail. He played twelve games twelve games thirteen games ten games in seven games. So that that that that right there. If you're talking at Enron and it and you're not a big I mean look at prior prior last year -- Pryor and -- huge. TV. -- like 65 I mean he's he he's. He's a specimen for a guy his size and speed. It's an -- he's taller than to think about this are retooled a taller than you are and he runs like it like the wind. But we saw last year in Denver on the goal line where he touched it does heads up with a guy got knocked out. Is that that that's at the end that's scares me about man's cell. AAA not 57 iPod -- anything at Merrill had to say the U wanna react to Tripoli 95790. Fives any. I thought what he said about temporary expecting a better year. Would better weapons. But thinks there's going to be progress is the jury still out on him as you said that I wanna see a 4000 yard season as the niners were the bottom throw the football last year. He's electric player no doubt about it and and I would love to see him throw the ball a little more. You know -- you'd speak commands Ellen yeah you're right eighteen million a year now Tony million a year I wanna I wanna see you throw the ball because those legs -- last forever you want that big contract of the -- -- -- 5000 plus are those of the guys make an eighteen -- a year tiebreak your -- even more -- Anthony in San Jose Anthony your computer -- enough. And gentlemen that you're taking my call and mr. hot under the document that he had been let -- public -- guy LG. Yeah yeah white like why -- caught out loud chorus. That meant that I -- -- Yeah great Major League basically split but no no I don't let the past five I'm exactly the project because there are might -- -- the my dealership by the regulatory and bonds. So so yeah so you're your county he's -- comparable with job. Have -- job out there everyday. And I'm -- when -- hear about the stopgap for me and the next -- I think we she got the quarterback Matt this year no no no no. You're gonna miss on the next big thing until they are now this guy's a future hall of famers like all your all your eggs in the man's cell basket I am. Well with the raiders could do thank you for -- called the raiders could do. You weigh in we know they're big on car from Fresno state man man fails from San Jose state so maybe get a guy there. At Tyler Wilson obviously didn't work out from Arkansas. -- -- I mean think about -- if if all these teams passed on him. On -- and he turns out to be let. Some people think could be just just a rock star quarterback Josh Wright be so cocky and here every single I'm not already. But man. -- -- And if he does work out. You wanna talk about face of the franchise you want tyra open your franchise Jersey sales. Attention. Lead not all the differently because we have more cable networks now than everywhere. And you talk about fox CBS NBC. If he's winning games off -- you imagine becomes a raider nation the jerseys -- alone. And just don't make our job a lot easier do you imagine no amount of talk we have -- for -- in -- every day I wouldn't draft and if I was Reggie McKenzie. But if they do draft him we're gonna have one hell kinda Chris -- I Jameer an Oakland welcome to 9570 game. I urge my. I -- to agree lit up like -- Pitt and bill I would draft and yet it back curtain that look. Record in that prison for the left and look forward to do everything. Jon Gruden I think that he had that. What he had quarterback. At the leadership Vector Group. Well you want your quarterback to be let's say you want your quarterback to be larger than life. Look at Peyton Manning look at Tom Brady look who these guys are they walking into a room there -- the star of stars are at Peyton Manning seemed Payton man -- I've seen. Brady and Manning both at the AT&T. There walking around Pebble Beach they're the big swinging guys man. You are -- Peyton Manning walked into the tap room at Pebble Beach every had just turns that guy is a -- all that's what John man's nose ring it's clear the raiders. And you my god can I help you out sure. Joseph Montana. What was Joseph Montana command and I I I have his stats he he threw like. I've had a -- on here before we talk about Joseph Miami we look at Joseph Montana its greatness. Especially in this town no question greatest quarterback of all time right everybody will tell you that. Always view terrorists here in this -- -- that's right you can Wear -- they steal the show anymore -- give her -- enough. Did you cover Montana went. -- Joseph Montana command and Notre Dame was not seen as a tall guy. Now he seized on the -- out he was not considered strong arm. And it wasn't like in the draft was different back then we don't might like it is today. But no in the sand that guys get a -- greatest quarterback of all time and who calls him the greatest quarterback all time. Jerry Rice and what does he see -- -- as well a future hall of Famer he sees. Joseph Montana. In Johnny man's well. Absolutely that's going to be outside that's coming from the best receiver ever play a game they won the things that's. No I got to -- -- question that. I got to ask you question because you've done it too many people making out like it's too easy got to get into that next start your engines. The continental tire Monterrey Grand Prix is making a pit stop. At the Mazda raceway Laguna -- may second through the court tickets on sale now. At Mazda raceway dot com we just went to gets -- qualified to be an honorary pit crew assistant at the races. Visit our contest page at 957 the game. Dot com. Coming up next got to ask a robbery a question. We make it out to be so easy and it's really not. I'm a bears this out for sports that's like five point seven a game. If he was Smart guy. C seven ONE five I took the older guys at 8 o'clock Dierker is officially here at 731. And 32 seconds I gotta tell you as he looks refreshed solid. -- -- As subtly remind me to live from Miami say the story about powdered alcohol coming to. He liquor stores soon. Theater chain of 95 point seven game coming up at 745. Off and a blow it. We're trying to keep -- a secret. Warrior girls. As much as I like Rick -- C a low of the Golden State Warriors in studio yesterday. Warrior girls will be here for take nearly that don't -- at some 45 and now I know. Why you dressed up so nicely today I didn't know I didn't do my hair. I'm wearing off -- -- -- awful ice is brought about some looked at -- I am wearing jeans and an aluminum and they go like that. This point chicks dig lululemon special -- more in the tight ones now I don't know about that now I'd be OK guys. News now a -- Look so good energy I'm glad that I got here because there's so much that I need to cleanup. Listening to listening to the show on the way in. First of all the guy who's late there does not commit and be a load I don't. You -- itself. Into the program no no no no no do not tell me no no no no thank god. I guess I can't believe you guys survived an hour and a half without me but I'm I'm glad that she carried the water. But boy -- I have some work to do to get this thing up to not speak well yesterday LaMarr Woodley said this on the wheel house. It got quicker as a clear -- Last year you know on record and what the country and moderator. You know -- -- -- opportunities here. Where you can quote without you know some game good the first amputee close it out. I think in the beginning. Until now we've got to learn how to cool without any need to be more aware at all. Okay how does this not that bad. But what else what he's expecting a -- channeling my energy and more Isabella but he's not the first. And Charles -- is at the same thing. That that they expect this to be a playoff team. And I don't have any probably promising hey that's where we need to go and honestly people out there -- thinking the same thing. And you need to make and meet that I don't know anybody who's the other -- in the -- -- -- pro player Mara Merrill Hodge says yeah this is coming pro player you'd be. He be an idiot if your players they now I don't think we're yeah I think you know what I think at -- -- 500 you -- you may think kids. You may deathly thinking right line yet we statement and -- to say as fact of the matter is you could be a 500 team and make the playoffs we've seen that happen yet so. I don't have any problem -- may have seen this year. -- As for that's going to be very well San Diego got in 97 how about Vernon Davis we must win a Super Bowl title he told. Pro football talk in the same break that. Want to bring robbery in on this. For the warrior girls show up. Winning championships. People talk a lot about it but I don't think people truly realize. How tough it is. Well not only. Tough once you get in the playoffs it's hard you're playing the best in the league has offer. But what is harder is I don't think people get is how hard it is to get in term to the playoffs I mean. I spent nine years my career dead last in Baltimore Tampa until I finally got a taste of post season I was lucky enough once I got the post season those two years I actually did play. When the World Series both times. The problem I have when. When with we must win a Super Bowl or worse -- to win a Super Bowl -- Super Bowl team is there are so many elements that are beyond. Your control. Beyond a player's control beyond a team's control you have to be you have to be lucky as far as health is concerned -- you can't control injuries there -- quarterback goes down what it would aria. You can't control who you're going to be matched up against there's just some matchups that are bad matchups. So. Look we -- that's what your goal is that was that's -- ambition is that's what you think you're capable of good with all that. The absolutes we must win a Super Bowl or where this -- however you want to phrase it. Is to -- -- eve as you said. Once you've gone through it and not obviously I haven't gone through it but I have been around enough for the teams and I've seen. And follow all the story lines and you go -- go back and you look and you look at all the unexpected things. That happened something as simple Miami Heat go on for three in a row. And they're they're playing at Charlotte team that loses Al Jefferson has a foot injury in the first round suddenly that makes it easier now that instead of that maybe be in a six game series is that's that's sweet now you get some rest before your next. -- your next round. -- anticipating that. There's no anticipating what the -- can look like bigger town in half nighttime point seven a game -- 9579570. Dave and runner part. Welcome to the program. Can't -- it. Ethic and integrators that definitely have a group -- a lot but. I forget -- people -- There there's. All lying there ranks all of the Internet ballot but the technical -- that that all their -- on the top and now. It that I had been picked up acknowledging a group that they're their general it for a little bit but -- flat out there ought to. It was buried into the -- it that -- -- -- -- Now -- and it schedules come out today right I believe so the exact schedules. I don't know if it's today but. Yeah yeah I think -- on a day -- who they're going to play a Dana you're in now let me just say the danger and that. Football is the one sport. Where you can go worst to first or first or worse faster than any other team sports. So it's very tough I know on a day and will probable due tomorrow will be looking at the schedule will go over the games. But teams that you think are going to be good at. That you could be bad but you can't look you can't argue with the whole division. They're playing all their divisions are brutal -- division and the NFC west is -- -- is the is the other divisions that their. -- reply are related to best divisions in football and that's that's if you're talking about difficult schedules that's right there by the way I. I wanted to do I wanted to do Americans -- credit cracking me up listening to him. So you don't I say you know instrument timing -- okay let's say difficult schedule what I mean is I mean it's difficult I mean I mean it's hard. Yeah like Khalid times are coming -- -- -- and I had a single cup of coffee. I am still pure panic about it. That is -- still try and I wanted to I'm looking at my. I wanted to look at my alarm clock and figure out what the hell -- Wednesday 3:30 AM. Why is it not my did not go off. And on time and what I say didn't go off I mean that it didn't. You just in here. Know -- slept right through it -- and off all our or you did let. One of this'll do one point -- so -- just reach over turned off during united on you that you hit the -- let's go to Jesse and Pleasant Hill Jesse welcome to view her -- enough. What sharp Garrett hey you know winner -- the championship a lot of bad. Usually get it could change that you Google lock on your side like you won't need change when you guys that the Padres loose cannon or down stretched. That helped a little bit. You would you gotten -- of the policy and and you know Billy Wagner give Kuerten the first round gets little and that had helped a little bit too. Brooks Conrad errors. You have Arum and you had in taxes the World Series in his -- it's a bomb off. Kane off that ended hits the very -- top Brian hall yes everything you're right good college essay says he -- -- tell that -- back it and it's just a calls go your way our luck yet you know sometimes I think a franchise is just do. You know and I think you know it's been so long for the giants and and -- if everything went our way to bounces went our way to calls went our way everybody was hot we get the big hits the right time. They were able a lot of it was you look back candidate and you go how did that happen you can't at UK gravity thing a lot. What's interesting to me is when I look at a guy like Hunter Pence -- look at -- Jonny Gomes. And yet you there's things you don't have any control over. But and and I see this in the way Mark Jackson handles the warriors and handled them throughout game two. Is you have somebody who says. No matter what happens. It's gonna turn our way it's gonna turn our way whatever whatever go this is. Were were good enough to get past this and they had -- they may instill this belief. That's. No matter how -- whenever the -- is whatever those. Things you can anticipate they're gonna happen. That. We're gonna be bigger than that and I don't know how that plays in the entire equation but that equation is a lot more complex than. We have this manager we have these players we have this these pitchers we have this staff. We are this team we play against these opponents there's a lot more complexity to it in terms of determining. As in winter weather is there's a lot of lot Britain haven't said that there also has to be an element of hot -- you come into the playoffs you've got to be hot. You know and right now you're gonna sharks. There hot stock. I mean you you you saw you doing there right now yeah you see them as 'cause they are you can I can see them making a run all the way ago. How were ripped him Brody Brazil today -- -- series she. Is a silly. They basically. What was the second Indiana Jones movie temple of doom. Member -- witch doctor goes right into the guy's chest and pulled my heart out and I thought -- Pulsating. -- with the sharks didn't McCain's last night. They still there will face just just -- there -- the kings are done. Their dad at the tilting slow way -- no -- -- now -- in slots. Coming up next is take nearly a we all of take nearly that dressing today -- -- take nearly unit warrior girl style. Next on the bears music how do you look tired view. Yeah all right I have had a cup of coffee yet. Yet that's like my plasma we'll get to -- -- -- -- -- well you -- you'll get a humiliated out of jail I'm gonna go go go get better off Larry fugitives are predicted a -- didn't that ring off and go get a cup of coffee. Warrior girls and take it -- -- -- next on the mayor's news out for sports a -- five point seven again. I'm 95 point seven inning game. -- actually feel important back here really -- The first flush and particularly they don't know you're into that. Well you tell me here I'm. I'm not politically correct so that I -- even when I see there's a line. I I don't think we -- there while I'm just glad that -- you're still trying to impress you go ahead I'm just glad my wife is an -- our callers you know listen I know way too early. -- -- -- turn to hear about it clocks are gonna come home for it to you guys -- the warrior girls are here. -- I say I didn't say I didn't know that's. Ladies are we doing today or do you think he'll be ready for tomorrow night we got game three they're very excited voice and spend eighty dollars for its clippers. I'm just wondering. As we did the afternoon so we could never -- you guys did like just about every other show. Rather than the afternoon highs and didn't know. -- that okay what's what's what's option because that wasn't good that's off today that was admit that I spoke with coming here and sell. Being an and I asked them why you tell you is it was a very tough. We're doing our show where I've been you know opt for more you guys where -- you'd come out to work out and also in the show a change is that they are you get. That's the amount of effort you guys put him before game is a most fans don't see this it's unbelievable. Yeah I usually you know game time is 730 weren't there by 330 to four practicing already. Most girls come either straight from. There full time work schedule or are full time school self. They can be long days you know even putting a lot of hours -- especially this week -- they have some great near teens for the fans. A lot of great stuff for the playoffs and I hope I -- and I hope you guys are being compensated appropriately. -- that's not an issue because I've heard and other places that you know -- -- got more great job of taking care of us south. Yeah I yeah I used to date a long time ago Buccaneers cheerleaders. Of course can well I had to throw that out -- -- -- find out exactly how I got her name drop -- But I doubt they they don't get paid too well per game that it doesn't it's a tough gig it's loved the job -- We can't because he -- that we love the lawyers' organization in the hours stands and. You know it's a lot of hard work but it's -- -- -- at the end of the -- now the one thing that you guys get to experience. That you know only really the players to. Is when you go out there we talk about how loud it is an oracle yes. What it would truly as a dancer as a performer what does that like when you go out there in 191000 are screaming match I think his -- You -- the players on Felix they're sent. It's an amazing feeling I -- and or call is. Sending out feds and in describe a lot and this year we're going to be loud proud warriors at the playoffs and so we're just excited to have -- Or clot and how to around where's ground yet or -- -- T shirts out they're loud proud warriors so I'll 191596. -- all going to be getting a teacher foam fingers and wanna follow me ask Lee. Nation that you get into their arena early the doors are opening two hours early before tip -- And you want loud and my next understated. Is gonna inside her room well I don't know -- else. I'm going double monitor not a horse or cow bells and Tropicana and you think how cool is first effective -- when I'm sure. You know the three well in all the candy -- -- this stick and senior around. It's helpful or tonight here and let's did it take it -- leave it. I can you continue to do. I'm 95 point seven. Ladies and the raiders with the number five pick. Should select are breeze man crash Johnny -- Zell take it or leave it taking it -- on talking about. Wow. The right regime for both -- you know. Yeah all the -- yeah I've -- where a group. The sideline reporter for warriors games who -- -- PartnerRe -- appeared he and knowingly. Hits on you guys driving the coroner I must not take it or leave it leave Mitt. There we go ahead you would use our relay today he'd take that that would have been an issue. This -- -- for robbery. Men -- aware lululemon. Are more attractive men. Take its. Or leave it. That we might damper on this one I'm in his daily bit. Well half. The hunt type of movement in the new. Yeah I. -- -- -- I don't know about you know with him. I'm proud and I'm proud alarm rock and familiar proud of that. Especially I think night trying to hide it now now it's who lululemon really is one of the great. -- allow and then all of -- amazing it's great for the show because I do literally sleeping in and night wake up and yell. I mean -- we're about 4:30 in the morning I think we stay with their first answer -- -- yeah. I had an I didn't Wear on today you'll figure. -- I can't I cannot and I want the hard hitting question I'll be the dirt bag yeah you do it we're all happily married men and I don't know your relationship status toward Alan Cornell. But -- to go on his date with any of us who would you select -- which would you select. Is taken early -- an option now. There's no. There's only abuse and mind you were counting -- dresses up this nice and I don't get -- this meeting today. Went -- he had to select which when he gone. I don't my boyfriend sorry tell us -- Indeed the they -- boyfriends. Court they're hot -- The thing about hot girls you you've got to catch them at a certain point his. They're never going to be single long yeah you've just got to -- Ryan Doumit the right tell -- why you bounce really break up with somebody better get on our way better than we did an academic question there. Are no. As far as I can tell them aren't aren't really any halting answers I guess -- -- as the giants you're the tolerant society it's. OK so why is why is it is it is there's something about having a uniform look where there's a certain. Am not a more just. Dancers in general it and mean dancers are usually I don't know. Some ballet dancers are calls it's just I'm a variety and I mean we have girls firms ranging from your -- eight and two. Five but now. It's all different. Do you guys ever you as -- been studying this by the way you guys ever had increased her. Like young guys and visiting teams come over and he gave a speech he -- -- creepy vibes no no no at all and very professional. Through him because that's -- president doesn't -- baseball guys so yeah. Don't forget tomorrow night 730 game three at oracle it's the warriors and the clippers. Tickets are still available on warriors dot com it's all about loud and proud warriors. Ladies you we've watched if you do a phenomenal job and we appreciate it. And listens to find out exactly why the the relationship with the Buccaneers cancer in. We'll dig in and -- Henrietta -- and an alum and as a -- absolutely. Getting the niners are dysfunctional home at all users functional O Lowell -- a strong libel. Coming up next lululemon. -- down in Southern California I love it. Finally thank you Casey so much for those guys a little lemon and Alia put me in my place yeah I -- Isaiah you know warrior girls you'll see him tomorrow night out oracle but a big -- down in Los Angeles we talk about it next on the bears this out for sport that's 95 point seven a game.

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