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Merril Hoge says the Raiders should not draft Johnny Manziel

Apr 23, 2014|

The ESPN NFL Analyst says if the Raiders want to turn around their franchise they should stay away from Johnny Manziel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- matchup for the breakdown robbery all the film Sal pal jobs. Jaws and Merrill Hodge and he joins us now from ESPN NFL analyst Merrill thank you for taking the time this morning. My pleasure and thank you watched the match of show best of the best show -- been a -- I can do that show. How we approach to television -- the one show that you get to actually. -- and -- the truth he talked to be -- as -- as -- the coaching days. Yet that's one thing when you watch these shows and people are just giving opinion. You guys give opinion and then you show it to say okay this is what were really seeing here is the proof. Right there yet that's -- that's what makes it's so beautiful to the coaching tape Cilic all angles then don't help -- so. Now met as a means it's always critical to immediately wires between good lies a player good -- you potentially Utah home children. The view work what you're talking about those visuals do those vigils are much better then then. Here verbiage in -- dispute the verbiage is so confused sometimes fan you know presence of Smart football fan right now what that means. But to see it is what resonated with fans. And not only that you're also known I'm looking at cheer Wikipedia page a short -- aficionado. So not only you know own what are your terrific running back activity with the Steelers but the ties get those ties. Well actually -- and actually work was mean we we blank Thailand but I've always been notorious for our protection start when I was kidding church and I. I had a cowboy. -- -- the belt buckles I just locked and the way that would traumatize consumer belt buckle on Michael that's wrong so like. Let's shorten that time a little bit sort of mixing my belt buckle -- church. And that's got to start and I've just always thought it would -- deals here -- when you had a tie on. And found some public got little short of what Dominic -- my jacked up to the I was. Shorter or was she was long enough to by the way I -- tie. But now I have ties that are. Cut in fashion and they come back there about the region from my bill book about -- never let it close to my -- what caused about three or four inches separation. LaMarr Woodley Super Bowl champion you know on as a steeler now at the raider. Operators came out and said the raiders are a playoff team you hear that what are you sank. It's not a player that's player can go to players summoned to -- game and what which I play -- walking you know while we were plastic you know we're struggling -- -- I'd like that you bring that expectation. That standard are they a long ways from that yes you know Hamid. However the last the last couple years you you've seen him get a little closer in some areas. But distill all the way. You know having more would -- played like a couple years ago clearly felt that Lamar can't play like he -- last year you know over the last. Cult leaders you -- get back to form like he was about three years ago for him to be a part. But didn't that organization turnaround commitment -- the playoffs. Merrill on a huge. Johnny men's health man and another raiders had a five -- and they got match job who do you see. -- a number five spot for the for the raiders. Listen I think there could be a lot of guys very -- going to be interest in and out -- -- this. If you really watchers turn programs around you better president pigment -- -- -- at Vanderbilt product on the united approach across America shorter more. However you know on. You have studied in. I like have like it'll most these players toxic -- so in the you that you -- these guys in college but what you have to do you have to make an evaluation. Of the transition into a National Football League match where. We we. Would try to do better job -- as you have challenged us to do better job because when you see a guy -- exciting it doesn't but he doesn't college. That's good college. -- wanted to present trophy plant like that. But when you really study and study how recklessly is how pour it plays in structure. How he -- through the rhythm. Timing anticipation. He doesn't play Smart and what he does play -- his minions party just doesn't play Smart. The ball does come out often times a great portion of the time which -- People blitzing and he doesn't hear recognizes. You'd rather run than the role. -- -- -- You look at the football skills that it's not a very good skills at the transitions of the unit so expect a very scary one it's dangerous what they've got -- strip mall over. There's so many things would have to be artists changed. And alert for him that it's just too big projects specialties. Top -- -- He's not going to stabilize your organization and just because he's exciting -- that's -- that those transition. To the National Football League in effect mr. readable aspect. You know large study more and more music I just marked as he placed more -- played doll. And what they've played them as a means stop just he does make the right choices he has played in the structure of these documents or he clearly doesn't understand chooses not to do things should be -- And he's the first player ever. To become -- talking to coaches about him I'm like you know we have a statistic for completions. Those statistics for in completions. You should put statistics together and -- the times that he does not all the ball when he -- should have. It every game he would be it would scare you to death. And with all those things that it -- so many other good players that are available meatless products. -- back to me the best. Football player either side -- the ball. But -- got and we walked in and -- -- which adult thing happened doesn't happen. But he's terrific football player of the transitions. Well. A home and it's mostly on the linebacker from Alabama I mean you guys plug in -- decent QB like Patrick Willis for. You don't stabilize an -- you need good football players that you know transition. And I'm gonna stabilize some area football team. You know -- -- -- that could be there and he could which clearly open areas that you need help in and stabilize and help stabilize the defense -- -- part in directing you guys to where you wanna go to get back to what else. Like he's broke not resign his -- Merrill's aren't aren't realizing DeVon island here I don't. Get them out this -- -- -- here and there are still lives. Other illicit it would got to watch has been cut we we do have a discipline books on him with coaching tape and I used NFL player -- Examples first and then children to easily get to see. We're talking about how he played how what's required played in itself. And how he really plays in college and how it's going to be old huge learning curve for him be better and there could be some what successful and so. Merrill -- from ESPN joins us here -- downing half nine to five point seven a game make sure during the season NFL matchup is. One of the best shows on TV are at Merrill by EU mission -- stabilized. And when you think of the San Francisco 49ers right now. You think stability could be a little bit shaky because of what's happening off the field Vernon Davis comes out says. We must win the Super Bowl looking up this offseason. What's the best way to get. Stability back with the 49ers. Well personally -- a great corner budget good core players. You know that will allow that happened you know it is -- the raiders returned to establish these guys. To get stability in that area Patrick Willis McGahee got adjustments man you know. He. War on offered you an outline property you know solitude and -- this has some injuries there. Now where they got to better is their perimeter players on our. -- a wide receivers on. They need more consistency there and better and at the players on the perimeter you know even linebacker. Navarro -- not -- back to -- challenged. I think people forget how could use you know -- -- equivalent of pastor quilt -- little better to lose that too big chunk. Although it's mystical world that -- you know where will he be you know even if you are out to where he mentally you know. -- big boy -- you know what needs to these -- secondary almost kind of look at all the things that they needed. To kind of feel it from the things they had lost injuries so force. They it would appear to be. What -- you would. Consider one of those creepy you know playoff teams have so many -- to fail in this may be their biggest off season as far as. -- the stabilizes their but the people need to fill in for some key players that are gone going to be epic task. Test for them but there's got to start -- the perimeter guys on offense. So what if for Bowman it'll depend on -- that thing works out he's got a commitment to -- play like he's he's accustomed -- Forehand. To do what they ultimately to challenge themselves do now just went to just get there. I I know you gotta go I just want to ask you this real quick and they got some TV. Colin camper nick when you study him on film as a passer what are UC. Well. That the thing that I expert was not very exotic polished guy which is very understandable at this point. I finally gotten specimen real airline after games where. You could tell he was just on each year. And what I -- he was a picture of you know pressures coverages and he was -- hesitant. A lot in the middle part of the East Africa pull the reins back in on him. Now to the data that's why the perimeter players or -- for him when you constantly change on the perimeter. You know you're unsure Norbert Davis got hurt you detail that really bothers him you know economics like Tom -- amazing Peyton Manning -- these guys it. -- interchangeable parts they'd ever -- to be you know a young guy like that that bothered. You know he could tell he was not sure you know that route going to be run -- Vernon Davis would run it when Berkman wasn't there organized now gotten about what -- -- and dig -- going to be saint. All you need in the NFL is just a split second of hesitation all you need. He'd messed things up. That's cup -- it is that's -- did you have to be. And you could sense that in him. On what you also since he started -- from that which is a real accomplishment in the -- came. And if you can get that consists of some form on the outside. I think you see great growth in this year as a passer. And that's what it's gonna come down to you know the -- A tremendous championship game. -- to be intercepted drew that was a product of the pressure. That he had because. The pressure got knocked out because -- -- -- president who was -- don't rush to -- But they put pressure -- if we need you know kind of had to back up will be used to it so it lost velocity on it. That's -- the ball sailed inside that ball -- either completions or and complete. So at the -- -- got much better you felt it was perimeter players are keen to initiate a huge huge leap this year. It called cap predictable as that happens on the permanent form. Merrill great stuff is always continued success at ESPN allowed to have be on the program again. Region are happy to do it thanks Merrill. He was Thomas fullback.

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