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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ken Korach talks about the A's bullpen deficiencies

Ken Korach talks about the A's bullpen deficiencies

Apr 23, 2014|

The voice of the A's talks about another let down by the bullpen and a long road trip ahead

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that's the voice of the Oakland Athletics can call our -- he joins us every single Wednesday right here -- cleared to Downey enough. Can't I -- all this morning. I'm doing well packing my bags for the road has not on the road guys know that you did it. Yeah coliseum gonna be Houston for four games Texas for three and then three finish -- -- At Fenway Park camera problem the bullpen we thought this was going to be a strength of the team. It really has let this team -- think of all the blown games that the best record the American League what do would be if they didn't blow these games. If -- Bob Melvin what do you do. Well it's sick it's the great question and no doubt that an issue and in. On it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the best demeanor when I've thought all along. They leave bill that give John boat that they beat at a at the end of the in the -- vision them. On going into it and when that up and I realize I don't know that is point out that my position. That bill were away from ground. Not finishing -- -- we overestimate. The quality of this bullpen or is this simply a closer issue. Oh you know Rick I think it still have a rate well -- that they buried it overreact situation like that. On -- record and get lighter it would have been worked out a way through it jock ultimate popular and I polygamy and it would be about eight. Are giving up -- part in the review below it and I thought they -- one of the better relate to meet in our room and there were only -- it -- -- -- group. Rough patches and every year and I think it more accentuated. The Mike will it be a little clearer or more and it happened earlier in the. -- I'm seeing more and more Brandon Moss at first base are we didn't finally close and in this platoon situation the first day. I think so I figured he marked on their I'd like what happened. Great start the collapse and now we've discovered being basically an RB -- game. I think he's shown he can -- and -- pitching like that you. A major sport and they look it -- -- in Olympic. -- it -- on top of unity in April at a time out of easily been not up to protect the victors. Are they that you start on the role in the in the mystery -- be loaded one out the war. On an expected yet but I don't like part of the order in law. -- they re. -- ignored the voice of the -- joins us your view appearance -- 95 points of the game you can hear today at 1235. Global businessman's special. Day baseball Rangers and the athletics. I can Michael choice was taken in the first round by the days back in 2010. Traded to taxes. Berg Craig Gentry when he gets that base hit up the metal. I yesterday against the -- basically seeking the days what -- your thoughts. Well the first thing is you're calling the play. The former up about it done very well Perry on it were a member of the game. There's been a revelation. That on -- remarkable it was -- Obviously there are about like an element of your former. Tom Arnold is a -- like we're on the cricket. And I think he would leave -- is going to be a very. -- you you'll like these. Well with area for their bought into that after the -- right now. -- hit -- in the other -- right now. And let it go into it in the. I -- other ranges have taken two games are against the -- so far but. As I watched him play I don't see that explosives scary team that they have the last few years do you still do you see them. The end such a contender against the -- this year. Well pick up original. In that maybe limit expiration is -- and me. Are you would do you make headway in that boat with. Albeit respect it it it all break out of that lineup but it is different dynamic. Parliament and that's why that well where it over at Ted and all of American League record most I've been -- we walked in the -- the people. Though this is that I'm in Europe maybe when you wanna take advantage of the back. That the rate bank nobody don't target them by. I think when they get all their guys back. But you take you out of a lineup right now at the thank you they -- out of there photo and director of the ball farther apart in that not that on your life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As bad as impressed you the most so far there's a number candidates I feel liked -- who. Who is swing it where you go you know what this -- just locked in dialed in in May be at a point where it sooner than expected. Document appears right now. More cocoa in the lead -- but you'd be -- horrible army. On the -- read it on and he he -- about. It. And many expect it yet in the you know hit the -- the only shot that little bit -- well. I pick the other me. And it goes back what we all we demand. -- -- means not. Remember all the concern about it. That's what else. So I ask the question. I don't blame the writers because you're not hundred in the spring you're right about opening but it it's just a bit. Reinforce that those numbers and I think that's at a popular party look at it. The lineup that one spot on that right now they're all -- an -- like that it would have been nice if it is. We got knocked out on a -- in the dirt. Jacor -- -- -- -- sounding 95 point seven the gaming can you've seen just the anomaly young pitchers come up. With BA's Hudson Mulder and Zito you got the new crop. When you look at Sonny gray -- three -- oh. How good it what you see how good do you think this kid can be. Well I think I'd love him -- and the -- day. Mark in Perez I mean not whisper -- Altman is really I can't Rangers -- that these are there. Played him in that respect -- and what are up in the front at great. And you mentioned the big pretty. We're not -- they were ready to do it dust bowl in the big. With stunt guys they are we get beat where they are your -- -- people long. Ago I would always been in the spotlight. Even back -- pay it back with -- is at their party or. An upbeat news department the value well in the spotlight though. Might beat you with it and I don't noted that does it at all. Yet this year I think is best pitching at all of them miss -- -- and he you know he just a great more than. He's a wonderful editor of the other thing I think the -- where we -- to go to the game you want they re on he could be older but if it. I'd love pitchers who become older out there as well I believe that you wouldn't go well. A little excerpt from Katie Couric -- do you pretend you have come and the ballpark today will be seeing you in your office. Not a lot jealousy is a report and -- and Suzanne chairs the voices summer came to Iraq right here -- your Tammy enough.

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