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Celebrity Hotline - Owen Wilson

Apr 23, 2014|

The actor talks about Zoolander and his 49ers experience with Vince Vaughn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maria hello. Owen Wilson. How are or where do I do. He's a Dallas guy I know I say so and I get a little as an actor joins us here you -- Downey and half guarding Alan. -- -- -- You -- it's great man who had in the Cunningham on couple weeks back no got you on a man what is an opera taxes obviously you. What is it about Texas guys were just such bad passes. He had known incidents. Well you mentioned and let's. There -- stupid joke -- on China can always politics and you just can't tell much. Yeah. You know not too long you are member UN Vince Vaughn were around the 49ers what an experience like deal with the niners. All -- home military resolutely went down two years ago you know we were yes it was a simple you know on the fall. And we were were stolen fur the intern ship and now. We got to go through 49ers game and Jim Harbaugh you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's given -- the game ball all guys are pumped you know there shall -- -- Remember Harbaugh Egyptian -- you know -- suck it up -- this -- sucked it up pretty discouraged or. I don't like in the one's own honoring now mean. Don't get me wrong he's a degree temperatures agreed time glued in -- -- -- we got the huddle. You dated some climate change it in the or him it's no soul and but I mean. I remember and our budget shall. Now. I'm trying to remember did you. You broke your nose was playing football -- fallen off the boat -- what what what. You've been -- can be earned the broken. You know won't want to on the -- -- on -- you know its people and better all the aren't. It is one -- the times typically a football and and I'm I can't bag on and obviously not a football player from the government old broken one time. -- -- I ass lawyer who loved the movie Zoolander. And and if you saw me in -- parade where we won the World Series it did you receive my zero later dance after we won that -- and there and a parade. Now that now on this is -- -- -- -- at all about that you like recreated re reacted. In our own -- and finally we just a model like block option Red Cross Q you -- re created -- what exactly did you. Why as I said a little thank you this this millions of fans the city -- -- Cisco and I had a song on throughout the last thirty days of the season where. Wherein it was kind of a rally to rally the team and and it got -- got out in the media so as I finish my speech here in front of all the people I recent in my pants and did little Shimmy you guys did there in the runway there aren't. And -- a fans respond they love -- something of after time yours ever Cisco. And this year and believable and generally have talked since then it's pretty -- and that -- I was in the in the movie. You know the whole old model walked out and -- -- idea I mean especially as a that under bursting with song nova. A lot of it when we have to -- in problem for me you don't do whatever ridiculous and to move comes your mind. The giants fans like it don't you when you you pulled out underwear. I'm I'm I'm known or unknown more furry guy pulling out underwear in the data had a great offensive year the team now this -- -- here -- your your Christian requires. At -- Hey -- we appreciate you stopping by is really cool of you to cull -- Any real quick I was wondering. Appreciate being on the show what what what. What are guessing an NBA playoffs -- -- I love going to the regain what what what's most intriguing and ship for you guys. For me it has to be affected the of the wizards are put in on the Chicago Bulls bulls are so good all year long and the wizards are are. Like the clippers east you just never expect anything good out of it and the fact that our nation's capital is finally -- -- something positive is. Is he -- dinner tomorrow -- -- -- why don't you take care. Much thanks -- anybody Colin Wilson on the celebrity hotline while Matthew McCann on a more.

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