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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/23/2014 Hour 3

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your radio has never yeah. My seven. Great question. Has come up on our -- luck. Great collection. You can you know beyond time for tomorrow night's game. You know I figured he would be at this point. I mean Goulet seriously Williams when he when you have. Professional cheerleaders now an analyst. You can ask your question I'm a 100% with two -- The question was scientists did -- study and found that men will still try and have Sachs. Despite being in pain while women have no interest while suffering. Basically. The not tonight I and a headache line. This study is completely accurate take it or leave it it's -- scientific study. It's like we just we were trying to bring a little Scientific American into the. They didn't didn't show they didn't answer really taken on -- Alfred and after I answer now now what exactly. And I wanted to did not know I know what they were thinking -- may no way of course that you don't think they know Amish -- back there. You know -- first caller good they have no idea how much money you have if you take your money and your own career out of it they got no chance -- -- Goldman on the way you guys. You guys noticed that yeah. You're the definition of below it. You guys noticed that when when we asked the question that I didn't look directly at them. When they were trying to answer because I knew we made eye contact it would be over for you to guys it was much better than being three way tie railing yeah. You those -- I -- do for you guys and by the way when I said. I need some me time with my boys talking about my kids just like you to knuckle all day well not really paid you lord's tired as we got up on time out. So they're doing okay that's what that was my other idea my other brilliant idea the scientific study. By the way I take that. Because no matter what condition on man. You ready to go I'm ready to play at all. I feet not me why he has sniffles and it's it's it's it's not a chance energy is is seen Jesus. -- You know I'm -- what do you take -- early notes. The Pulitzer sending an essay question -- as you've gotten older I've found myself you know you have a nice not a drinking when you're younger you go home and your firm -- good you're ready to all night and now as I've gotten older I find when I drink now I just wanna be left alone and pass out. Why is that what is happening to me because you're married. -- yes. They be different if I wasn't tear gases are evolving into a derelict essentially what does that mean. That that means life's gone past you some day were sometimes I don't even now I'll turn it. Dumbing down toward on the present and let's say dumbed down what I mean does that mean -- I mean you got an opinion of that Merrill Hodge said that every other sentence he would say. You know he's he's not Smart money not Smart I don't -- some. He's if preference every word that he would -- I love -- girl and explain well anyway my -- using the word hero in my day. I know it here but there is. There is that distinction between and you mentioned Joseph Montana and the and the comparisons. Joseph Montana was eight. Not if it's not book Smart it's -- Smart it's it's. And it's not even knowing the game it's that timing pretty -- has -- class. No I'm saying that he he had that. The reaction time in mental. Hand eye coordination all of that we think that is being physical but a lot of it is meant recognizing and being able to react right away this and you can't learn this well. -- I mean I there's there's nothing to say that he can't. But if you're gonna take him as the number five pick you if you ever demonstrated out there it's like you'd like to be able to see some. Instincts in the college game because it's only gonna get faster. Right the games only get faster -- pro level -- Ryan we've had college instincts. Yeah exactly well there's a lot of got a look there's a lot of guys that have Internet that it had in Orlando well now in a lot of low and polka dot. Worse. Jamarcus -- I was relief. Has leaked -- isn't sale now -- was likes. Last I read he was stealing. Prescription drugs now in the middle of -- -- coaching like ju -- college golf -- this train he married Lee had a radio show at one point column bar yes that's how has always been me that's how far he had fallen he he he married -- charger cheerleader whose dad was like. The lawyer for the charge that key he had the ability to be set up for life -- his money. And some family money from the wide side industry is Obama so he did have some good instincts now. A little at least once upon a time. And last night. Which park free at the giants they can't hit they lost five of six nice bullpen -- forget the days they can't close -- game. What about the sharks here last night life. -- Dampers and asking on our sister station -- fox for patty Marleau as much as he's been criticized over the years. Six deep playoff goals now and the 100 career playoff point for him. We're talking about those X factors -- those things you can anticipate happening on the way. -- -- The rookie coming back from -- wonder years old -- -- and he was the one who pushed it. That got it to overtime essentially that the third goal and the plays are. I mean I'm watching McCain's and the puck handling and the opportunities that they had. Even early on in overtime. And and it's funny how this always works. There's that there's an Alamo there's an absolute one team is absolutely just going attic and make can't finish the deal. And then first opportunity to team that's been getting battered. Turns around first opportunity boom bang back and there's sect confidants and -- you can speak to this. There's Jessica you know when you show up to the -- the field the court. And you Roland gone you know no matter what happens we're gonna win in this be an unbelievable -- because that that that's the -- -- -- the -- right now. It is a feeling you get there we've done that you know and energize 2010 when we stepped out on on feel especially the last month of the season September. There was a feeling then that we didn't have I know I didn't have that feeling the first five months of the season Regis essentially came off a terrible August and September for some reason. We -- off like four straight in and from then on. That whole entire month it just felt -- as we step on the field I don't care who we're facing. -- AB carried on the playoffs with you know face and Lee and Halladay you know it really care who was pitching we knew we were gonna win against so. But she didn't even win every game now don't win every game so when you have that confidence when you have that belief. And they are the nights where it doesn't go your way it doesn't happen and how is it that you wake up. The next morning -- still believing the exact same way even though your belief has been to five. By this but by this opponent that -- going to play again. Well I think it -- all of us it's mental man he's got another year in the playoffs your face the best you're there because you're one of best and you know you're not -- -- you know you're not -- going to play off all the way you win it all without losing game it's gonna happen right. He's got a jump back on the horse and you know is -- like the warriors games when they lost by forty the other day. To me. That doesn't shattered my confidence whatsoever -- and you see if any thing. I'm glad I lost by forty and not my last second shot access more heart wrenching who used by forty Torre and you know what for authority. Yeah it's it's close games where it doesn't break your heart because halftime you know you've lost -- Well that's what happened last night. Is you look at a situation Peter giant F 95 points and the game last night. Your first two games. You beat them by a combined thirteen to -- in hockey. That's get your ass kid that's unheard of and then you go back to their building where they say okay. Is now time for us to take care of our business here at the Staples Center it's not a real series until the home team loses and who. So you drill twice and San Jose then you go down and beat him and overtaxed and you beat him up. And he beat him in the title now without but you went down there and it wasn't like they got they ran away with it down there. There was and I've heard this from countless teams particularly in the playoffs when you go on the road. You just wanna hang around you don't you're not looking to blow them out so I mean and it happens. But it's not like you're going in there thinking we're just gonna take the stuffing out and it's let's just stay close -- this say close and then we get to the fourth quarter. Now -- turn up when not to and that. The home team. Naturally gets nervous because. They're at home and they've just been -- by you at your place now they wanna turn the tables and when they can't. There's that's where that. That doubt or that confidence on the other side grows. Yesterday for the kings are guaranteed to pressure them before the game to win that game -- was a mass. I guarantee there are more nervous that game yesterday that any of the games they played so far and all season long and and now I guarantee now being down -- with -- -- and now there's this there's -- -- but Cisco home these vacation time. Really -- -- not not just get their -- get one hour I if it's like to see how it's time you guys like -- -- enough I mean if you get line you know I've got carrier try to restart at two more of their plays well the odds -- you have that thought your mind. Here you're down 03. But I. I would think -- -- the other element that looms large here is that in game one I'm not mistaken the kings went up early. Up by two goals and I'm not mistaken early. And the kick and the and the sharks roar back take that game and then just so that there's. When when you have that big lead. We've seen it with various Steve's son with the Toronto Raptors earlier this year you -- you build a big lead and you lose it and you alternately lose the game. Now there's no lead is is big enough there's always that fear so whereas. You're leading by eighteen. And it goes to thirteen most teams that OK there's gonna be a little seesaw where I don't got to go up by eighteen and stayed there it's got to go back. But when you -- lost a game after having a big lead goes from eighteen to thirteen and there's that. Here we go here we go again. I've got to ask because I've just been watching these guys this year. And you guys have seen of the last few years are they. This good are they this hot right now. The sharks I would say is this hot -- -- they have the potential now because they've got star power they've got players now. The vows he's been big thorn has been one of the best players in the game -- morals the greatest shark of all time so. Niemi has won a cup before with Chicago I mean they have hurdle this kid has an unbelievable -- Allen yeah sure I mean they got talent. To me it's. They there's some familiar names. But it's the new names that may be taking it to another level -- hurdle to me has a talent and incredibly unique talent and and an element that they've been missing. And I think that that probably the veterans on this team that have been -- down this road time after time after time and fallen short. And they look at the new guy who has a skill that maybe they haven't had before. They're thinking. Hey this might be done this might be a little bit that we need to get over the heart Buster Posey -- 2010 A AAA 5795. Said he drew an Oakland welcome to -- her town enough. Hey I -- -- it's not admit they're up there what do you smoke in the morning you know it's hitting it. -- any of back slapping at it and his entire life. Perfect -- crap. That's why not a lot of ball and keeping up at all. Not like changed hands but not do you think that giant that you want to go it all up what out come on you know. Well actually I will not because he's my partner. I've been around some professional athletes losing athletes there was -- hole a lot of pride. -- -- about it I mean you know get. My. Partner that. We're not talking about tanking tanking it and edit it didn't get a draft choice -- -- -- -- you haven't ops team book people who wanna up. OK but beyond that let's talk about aid here because it melted. The ball bat. Maybe you've got to try to get it -- well like a rat out what it and -- to despise -- The back with a ball is gonna have a miserable situation with everybody out are right let's. Thank you -- It's kind of tough you have the defined role of you brought a guy and move. Back to back years. Fifty saves. -- ten million dollars and he goes out what's the bad. And now you're trying to figure out what okay player buys when a bad idea. Near pentagon tonight -- I'm I'm at the point now looks like little looked like he would be the guy greater say I mean it does not mean the days. You take away you look at their record right now. And actually at the standings they still have the best record in the American League. Second best record in baseball -- with a brace for the second best -- what -- their record be if they got stability in the ninth inning. As far different in America held a lot better live on what 45 games and have the best record there and and in the division right now so. Yeah I mean for me Jim Johnson was brought in to do my job. And who was it was accord pulled too early and I mean I think we're all I'm saying this at the same time when when -- as always if it sounded maybe take a step back -- reestablish some -- it's a breather but now that nobody else is getting the job done. I wanted him another chance. It's if you don't know who your closer is. Maybe it's because you don't have -- Maybe you look across the board -- pickers and he's nice -- he's nice Johnson at times can be nice but the fact of the matter is you can't you you can't it's not a matter because you have it's not that I'm guilty saying this myself I have five closers I don't. -- five guys Ryan do you like give a shot at being closer but the reality is if there was one guy who use said definitively. This guy has the stuff there's no question where you look at -- he doesn't belong anyplace else but closing the game. Then we wouldn't be having this debate. -- has came -- said that every reliever -- to have an effective bullpen yeah they love that field of define roles were they don't even wanna hear the phone -- yes they know when their situation -- of their -- getting rental window that -- yeah or when the phone rings they already know it's -- guy that particular time got -- if -- -- and half 95 point seven a game -- 957957. He had just saw this has come out this morning. Because we heard Lew -- in the days wanted to do a long term lease. And we've talked about the fight between the raiders and he is not an actual fight but -- who who can who can secure property get it done. In Oakland. And can they both exist. This for the raiders. They wanna blow up the stadium build a new stadium as he did that we're the a's play so it's been like okay. Who's gonna who's gonna really Carter as we know the lawyers are out -- go to San Francisco. This is come out from the Oakland Tribune this more than this morning. Because. It was rumored that Hulu was looking for a ten year lease and now potentially was interested in building at the coliseum. The Oakland a's have rejected a ten year lease. Team spokesman Bob -- a -- Bob Rose said quote did not address all of our issues the lease. So there's issues at the -- have with the coliseum. And they wanted to do we are here in about a ten year lease. Now they rejected that now of course the two sides can both still may go. -- at any point but what does that mean to you when he hears the DA's -- rejected too many issues there that. Are not. Cleared up that they don't want sign opportunity -- ever gonna put money into the coliseum a new video boards and stuff now they rejected that offer. I just I wonder how the warriors announcement whether that plays into this at all. And we obviously have. The -- situation. If your guys here and Didier -- and you're willing to put money into it than my thought is that. You're wanting to get something out of it it's not just a matter of upgrading this place. And you put ten million -- you put twenty million people every want it to me. You just threaten you put band aids. On I gave you want you to there's no you can make it better. You talking about for the next ten years. I don't care you put new video scoreboards and there need to. Hate to say it needs a blow that place up and redo it there's not just fixing it. They did that was the trop where resisted -- for years it's still list but they spent countless amount of millions of dollars you know Terry now lot of things -- Nice little columns inside and and paying -- walls and big huge scoreboard. But they still have terrible attendance. Nobody wants to ago. It's that it's not about what you do the same -- about relocating and put in a place where people are makes it easier more convenient to get their. I I I ten years since. 2000 -- money for yet in the same place and it. But the other part is. And it's why usually sewage commercials for the next ten years. Like this for me. Twice you warriors. Moving downtown. And and where the public transit is now a public transit is deemed indecent with with Bart there but it has more to do with when you're talking about baseball you're talking about small when you talk about multiple -- anything outside of football. You want a place where people can get out of work and they can either walk. Short taxi -- short. Rail ride whatever might be. Ending go to the game where you can get you get out of work you go to dinner and you go to the ballpark all the new places that I've seen Cleveland Minneapolis all of them there's always things around to do exactly hitters that there's not a whole lot over there and it's right there by -- by your business and you that you you have all the businessman who were just leaving work. And it's just you're extending your evening evening it makes it it makes it that much easier that's for if you're gonna have solid attendance night in night out. That's that you have to have it's not just the physical. Attraction of the ballpark itself I guarantee half the guys have the people are and AT&T ballpark of the guys just got off work don't wanna deal -- traffic up. They're coming right in and just what's let's watch a ballgame -- -- all compared to -- if you look at. Giants crowd from Candlestick Park to the giants crowd now. For far more many people inside the city of San Francisco. Go to games now. Vs what they did down at the stick bigger -- you have triple -- 9579570. There obviously still is so much mistrust. A bad relationship. Between the GPA the city the -- I don't know how good it is I I do know this site itself told me all the time. There are so there there there was still belief that well may be the warriors end up at Howard terminal. No unsolved what was common here. Sales force on the land that for the warriors. I. I had her -- -- -- I had not heard that specific back came out of nowhere but I knew that the under the warriors were common sense is this is so that's. Be very very careful. Of who you listen to. These there that that's my best advice we're going forward. Has now with the warriors going to be in San Francisco looks like there's not too many hurdles -- to have to go through private land private finding their ambulance. They're not have the issues they had before those peers are gonna be able to build it the city wants the city and the people that were against -- 3032. They want the warriors in San Francisco -- old buddy overlooks the fact that having a professional another professional franchise. Within your city limits is good for everybody it's just a matter of where exactly you're going to put it and there's one line in there -- says specifics. Of the lease proposal. We're not disclosed. Hope hope. There's nothing to talk about right now because if they're rejecting it the specifics. Of the lease proposal. Go a long way toward explaining. Why they would have rejected it once again. The just always have an open mind and because so many people. That you're gonna listen to whether it's talk show host or whether it's. People are being interviewed -- politician. Everybody had they have what they want it doesn't mean that's what's going down you can't it's it's harder really trust anybody on. -- distance and time we've talked about this on we've talked about this with the U with the warrior situation. With how the story's been played out with the assistant coaches in the various things. Can tell you of unheard of for a variety of things. About why it happened and you can just you just you -- that you -- me ask a second third question was somebody and you find out. Totally totally either totally fabricated or somebody trying to spin it in a way that is going to benefit them and there's more than -- that happens more two day. In the media than it ever has before before. Are you guys came around. There was something before Howard terminal. There's a place called victory courts. And I was sold that victory courts the spot this is the place they need to deal. This is an odd man I had this guy and is. Doug boxer I had a month for an hour at his slew -- off in the days that I even gave him any time. And he sat here for our -- sold victory court victory court victory could. Oh -- and that Denmark and now the same guy in the same people and at Howard terminal Howard so I mean he just don't know who to trust because one minute against -- It's gotta be here. Well as bomb that didn't work out now it's gotta be here I don't know deterrence. Is Ivan. I've been here and stuff I've been -- mayor Qantas. Corners there at city hall and done the interview where she said not one to maybe four teams that coliseum city and doing it for us. The cars ever has got their their idea it's a little bit. -- delays -- about Hunter Pence and Johnny Jones. You wanna be a person that makes everybody believe and I get everybody to believe including the guys with a deep pockets and -- this. This -- the city leaders civic leaders to believe I get everybody believing that we can make this happen. Then you make it happen. There's so refusing to -- and I'm sorry dad did all right guys you guys take care of those to his brother because I got AT&T partisan he's garlic Fries and have a -- not -- -- Charlotte coliseum and anybody got him I tell you one day game today. I -- -- and we'll be giving away a pair of tickets at this hour just be listening for -- guys to get this hour just be listening for. The box office bullets sounder. You know who I do believe them. And I can trust. And his word as goals. That's can Cora at the -- BA's next what can end it's the top of the ninth pays I believe. How close and we'll find out from the voice of the athletics next on the bears this out for sports that's 95 point seven a game. It's what got bounced into center field for a you'll score. Texas Rangers. Who runs in the ninth inning and they've taken up five before lose. Not god. Not good could've won both these games can be looking for this week today but instead. You're trying just to salvage game in the series. Of course you do that game right here on 95 point seven a game coming up here 1235. I believe maybe caves. Will be here at 1134. The dugout show coming up here. At 845. One run at Coors Field really. Coming up here we're gonna talk about how it's am it's a movement in baseball. To stop looking at pitchers win loss record that's not the way to judge these guys and Madison bum Gardner proved that last night we'll talk about it a 45. Before it came core action as we're getting monoline. And it seems a little down. Chance -- to send much yet I I feel bad the warrior girls wherein he aired they did take your leave it not her. And I just I feel and a you know here are number longer you know that. Unless the warrior girls are here now at all. -- What are you a doll. She's the number one always yeah then why was she number one today. Well we're just distracted. -- he's just like I said. I'm gonna be honest with you and a look at me right here you me right here. You are number one girl. Conditionally all that years that we'll get to that but we got to get to our number one guy. And that's the voice of the Oakland Athletics -- as he joins us every single Wednesday right here eucharist Downey enough. Can't -- -- all this morning. I'm doing well I'm packing my bags for the road not on the road is because -- know -- you did it. Yeah coliseum gonna be Houston for four games Texas for three and then three freshen up. At Fenway Park camera problem the bullpen and we thought this was going to be a strength of the team. It really has let this team -- think of all the blown games and have the best record in the American League what -- would be if they didn't blow these games. If you're Bob Melvin what do you do. Well it's sick it's a great question and no doubt it an issue and in that it that you -- At least they're not -- -- -- -- India wanted it that big that you relate. On how to period -- are bill out on the best record in the American League west and I've I've dealt -- all along. But I think -- -- build it back to give John the -- -- an epic duel between data at the end of the game the way they envision them. I'm going it is great to win that to happen tonight you know I I don't know -- that is going to output but that -- -- position. That don't work their way of background. Are there not been finishing up on it. -- we overestimate. The quality of this bull pen or is this simply a closer issue. You know Rick I think it's still have a great bulk. And I think it buried it overreacted situation like that. On it will record and get a wider a little bit more down on the way to do my job well done in the top of the ninth pitting India when -- do we -- about it. Are giving up a bit best guard in the is revealed when it. I don't think Luke one of the better relief victors in the game are meant there were only one -- -- -- -- Unicode group. Rough patches and every year and I think it's more accentuated. On the microscope it be a little clearer. Or worn out but it happened this early in the. Cannot seem more and more Brandon Moss at first base are we didn't finally close and ended just a tune situation first day. I think so I figured that Demont well all day about why it might just that the World Cup -- it -- popular. Great start the last and how we beat Albert being basically an RB I -- the game. I think he's shown he can hit left handed pitching like that you've. A major sport and I think if you look at -- been been -- it happened the last days. -- it all on what happened at the end of it if they really at a tough time out of -- appealing to knocked out on the detectives returned. Are they are you -- on the role in the first emitted during their basement loaded and one out bit more. On their -- yesterday I don't do like the heart of the order and bought. Are -- to be written about. Can't guard the voice of the -- joins us your view appearance -- 95 points of the game you can hear today at 1235. Global businessman's special. Day baseball Rangers and the athletics. I can Michael choice was taken in the first round by the days back in 2010. Traded to Texas. Berg Craig Gentry when he gets that base hit up the middle yesterday against the -- basically seeking the -- what -- your thoughts. Well the first thing as your calling the play. The former athletics and actually done very well on the jury on Ebert beat him a -- them in the game but our. Has been a revelation for them but I'm sure Michael would wait on mr. Paul you've talked about what it looked like -- -- -- you get your former club. Tom I don't think he would regret it you'll likely go very on the about. Craig Gentry an epic via believe it might -- it is going to be a very good lawyer. But don't you make you'll like he's really been checked with you that. Always very important they're bought hook into but it after the -- right now. Undated being the beat the other women right now arm and I picked out into this on the -- I -- the Rangers have taken two games are against the -- so far but. As I watched him play I don't see that explosives scary team that they have the last few years do you still do you see them. The end such a contender against the -- this year. Well they've got to get healthy. -- that maybe some of the frustration period including meat being. Why you would figure you make headway yet with that while we're. -- be in pretty epic you pick it all break out of that lineup in a different dynamic. And that's why they -- or older. That's sentinel I'm American League record for most I've been there and we walked in the month the people. -- at that time of the year maybe when you wanna they did manage the back. But the rate is banked up on nobody don't target for them but. I think when they get all their guys back. But you take you out of a lineup right now at -- -- they operate out of their photo and director -- spoke farther apart in that not become your lineup. But you anticipated wouldn't be part of. As bad as impressed you the most so far. There's a number candidates I feel like -- who who who is swing it where you go you know what this -- is just locked in dialed in and maybe at a point where. -- sooner than expected. Document B is right now yes. Well Coco pick in the lead -- but continued to be a marble me. On the net Rita unfunded he may have to think about -- -- incorporated. In any current -- but yet in this -- You know we have the rest -- that shot about that a little bit and -- all. I think the other being me arm and it goes back what we always adamant that it -- pretty. Mean nothing you remember all the concern about what do. That's why it's been so I'll ask you I don't blame the writers because if you're not hundred in this wearing your right about opening. But it it's just a bit. Reinforce that those numbers mean I think that's what it -- and act on start you looked a bit. They'll line up that one spot on pick right now they're all due respect but I unlike it that it would have been nice if they. Bully got knocked out on -- -- or beat in the dirt. Can't -- joins -- -- bugler -- 95 point seven the gaming -- you've seen just phenomenal young pitchers come up. With PA's Hudson Mulder and Zito he got the new crop. When you look at Sonny gray lose three in a row. How good do it what you see how good do you think this kid can be. Well I think this guy's problem for him credit and the -- on that day. Mark in Perez coming -- the spurs are not out. Parliament is really up to compliment the Rangers pattern of these started there. Play -- -- and respected thirteen Muster it up a payment and that the press it Greg. If you mentioned the big pretty. When -- get it -- they were ready to be the dust bowl in the big. With stunt guys that they are if you get beat where are they clearly you're. Really feel like they belong that -- -- I would always been in the spotlight even back I will pay it back and followed it can't be there righty or. But nothing -- it -- the guy he welcomed the spotlight though. I think you'd probably be good and I don't know that it is it baseball yet this year I think is best pitching and go out of him just there. They and he you know he used to break up and more than that. Is a wonderful editor of the other thing Arctic watch where we used to go to the game you watch the -- On he can really feel that especially. I love my team pictures we become older out there as well not believe it you'll win a gold glove puppet. A little excerpt from Katie Couric -- if you could tell enough come into the ballpark today we'll be seeing you in your office. -- and I love jealousy is a report nude again. I'm excited and scared the voices summer came to our Greg here -- -- -- enough joins us every single Wednesday -- -- what he said right there about the. Aides haven't had not -- or not take advantage of the wins they need now while it Rangers are down and out. Because these you can say the same about the giants right now not taking advantage of the Dodgers reeling and injury. Start your engines that continental tire Monterrey Grand Prix is making a pit stop at the Mazda raceway. Laguna Sega may second through the four tickets are on sale now at Mazda raceway dot com. For a chance to win tickets are qualified to be an honorary pit crew assistance. At the races visit our contest page at 957. Game dot com. Well we've been talking about some bad looks. Boy was it a bad luck last night. I mean you go out and deal for eight innings and you get a loss. It's just not right we'll explain next on mayor himself for sports as -- five point seven the game. 95 point seven big game. They used to be a -- debt. You've got here. You're just celebrated. You're the man. And now. He goes behind people it's just like a highlight. Talk about being a World Series champion no golf I -- -- will address -- coming out here at the top of the hour. The other is a thing in baseball now where. The traditional stats. You're not with the output is so much emphasis on them anymore there's other things to look at when judging players and their work. Tier team. And massive bomb garner last night proved as people say wins and losses. Are starting pitcher is -- ver paraded. The LA guys or twenty game winner Al hey this guy you to double digit wins -- So much is involved. Last night massive bomb garner eight innings gave up two runs struck out six at Coors Field. Coarse field yeah. And he takes an -- against two very very mediocre elect and -- pitchers. And we'll figure out this costs. The fact if I tell you going into a game as a man who's played many of games at Coors Field. And you know what a circus I -- a course BO can turn into long games beat up your bullpen both teams double digit runs -- -- can be a mass. If I tell you going and Aubrey I got massive bomb -- today going out at Coors Field he's getting 88 innings only give up two runs you're saying. I'm I'm gonna bet a 100000 dollars on this game and I thought you know they're guaranteed victory and. And what's -- what's most disturbing is that like you said there in Colorado and as the giants are struggling offensively and -- in San Diego okay. Are you go to Colorado this is exactly the place it cures all ills for hitters and especially. The couple pitches they faced just -- average the lefties and and you know you'd -- you tell SI mean office right now me for them -- for the giants who have four times in the last six games they've been held a one run. In the last six they've only scored ten runs. And I think a loss in the middle of all this is you know everybody wants to you know point to figures and hunter he's not swinging well. And they wanna look at Michael Moore started tail off. And Pablo -- hall. You gotta look at you know -- wanted to got buster. He's three for his last 35. He struggled he's really struggle right now and in about the pandas were in first pitch into a double car -- she'd love that -- -- love that even bush and dangerous three the first pitch you wanna hit harder now so. You can sense frustration in him on the special Pablo. And what I'm saying on the offense right now and it seems to be. One through nine is they're swinging at bad pitches it seems like everybody's enough Pablo -- -- funk they're going up there swinging at bad pitches. And they're taken in the pitches they should be swinging around and right now you just see what they need is somebody to go out there in the first couple innings tonight and and put a crooked number up on the board just a panel relax a little bit this they're gripping the bat so tyrant especially -- runners in scoring position. We talked about it. Two weeks ago how good they were their top league with runners in scoring position and now. Durham amongst the bottom. And it's this disturbing right now this it's I don't know like language is so whats worst a word are on the giants' offense the a's bullpen. I'm lean more toward the giants -- -- on how to pass the struggling with his. Celebrity hotline to. Right now with you could -- he had. Who is it Maria hello. -- -- What program were more or do I do. He's a Dallas CIA okay thanks and again a little -- than the actor joins us here do you guards Downey and -- good morning -- Morgan Kroger ground. You guys it's great man who had a McConaughey hey on couple weeks Spagnuolo got seal on a man what -- -- -- is obviously you what is it about Texas guys were just such bad -- Could have known that shouldn't. Slowly making them look whenever a stupid joke I heard on China can always tell it actually did you just can't. Until much. Yeah. You know not too long you -- member UN Vince Vaughn were around the 49ers what experience like -- the niners. -- -- military will -- -- -- two years ago you know we were the F Susan bully on the fall. And we were poor film -- -- the intern ship and well. We got to go to forty niners game and Jim Harbaugh and you know he. Pull some strings and got us come down. It's the locker room right after word and him. You can have the game ball in all the guys are pomp you know leadership now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't get me wrong he's a degree temperatures -- great time and you brought that he only got to huddle and -- needed some time to change it in the Ottawa him he has no soul band but I mean I remember I'm a huge challenge. Yeah. I'm trying to remember did you. You broke your nose was that playing footballer fallen off the -- drunk what what what. You bring it sounded to many times have broken. Yeah -- won't want to and -- football and it's you know it's people laugh all the time and I don't. -- -- -- the times typically a football and and -- I can't bag and a mom obviously not a football player tournament -- broken one time. Paul and I ass lawyer who loved the movie Zoolander. Anna and if you saw me in a parade where we won a World Series it did you see my zero Leonard SF 31 that that's in there and afraid. A bit now and this is special slump and Arlen -- all about the you know like recreated Reid reacted. You know how old Benton mine we we just a model like walk option and if you you kind of recreated -- what exactly did you. Why as I said a little thank you -- this is millions of fans the city of San Francisco and I had this song on throughout the last thirty days of the season where. Wherein it was kind of rally to rally the team and and it got -- got out in the media so as I finish my speech here in front of all the people I recent in my pants and a little Shimmy you guys did there in the runway -- And fan and a fans -- they -- -- some dilemma at their time here is ever Cisco. And then there's an unbelievable literally had talks on its next three you can pass the grass court. There was -- enemy in the movie. You know the whole whole model walked out you know Ben's idea I mean especially. That under -- seem to what song you know. A lot of that we we used to have to account in on the -- and do whatever ridiculous -- move comes your mind. The giants fans like it don't you when you you pulled out underwear. Hold out on the I don't know and more unknown more furry guys pulling out underwear and my -- has had a great offensive near the team now this is -- We're live at your your preaching requires -- I got a half Taylor we appreciate you stopping by is really cool muted color and. There will quick I was wondering -- I appreciate being on the show what what what. Yeah -- -- an MBA -- up to now lol I love going to the McCain look what what's most intriguing and -- it for you guys. For me it has to be affected the of the wizards are put in on the Chicago Bulls bulls are so good all year long and the wizards are part of like the clippers east he just never expect anything good out of it and the fact that our nation's capital is finally contributing something positive is is a contender. More news from -- -- it's just I don't you take care. Thanks so much thanks -- anybody Colin Wilson on the celebrity hotline while Matthew McCann on a more. Raymond you know I wonder if he Vince Vaughn looks like he could play a little -- He's appalled dude and I get the feeling when they do their when they do movies it's basically just two guys like it's like us doing a movie. Coming out next this used to be such an exclusive club not does that seem like that big of a deal and there's -- now for sports aside five point seven again.

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