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Brodie Brazil admits being wrong about the Sharks 1st round playoff series

Apr 23, 2014|

The CSN Bay Area Insider talks about the difficulty in closing a team out in the playoffs and why he was so wrong with his prediction of this series

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Los Angeles. Or are so called sharks insider. Who talked about how tough this series is going to be in noble -- The sharks he could be a rough line -- and it goes seven games pretty personal joins us here pretty late this morning. -- seven game Zomorodi. Illegally are really good prediction right now. Oh where in the field. I've got injured day in their right mind that are predicted. The -- these surrogates on. -- we got to be honest town he generally when he is this hot about somebody getting it wrong it's because he put money on it and it's Ariza that's. That's where all the fire is I normally doesn't pay attention because we are we get something we get it wrong. We get it sideways whatever it is went out you can tele -- he has placed a bet because then he gets really furious round games dot com one -- fantasy sports. Brody I I got my broom out and it should I not have my -- up for the sweep. But Olympic I am happy that right -- wrong here a lot like that. That's -- it would be in this situation. In terms of the sweet. I mean you've got I think one thing about peaking right now they have to be mentally depleted because every game. Has been a frustrating loss to think about game one of the sharks opened -- acutely right. Thought the teams are gonna get what back in the game and he scored three unanswered -- a good they're great. And the church -- -- -- -- -- -- to change come out to not being lead -- it because this is art and more back charged or seven unanswered how the leading into that and then not. And only played thirteen eagerly hee-seop context. Or -- -- 10 lead church back tie it. Auto Amman and then for the sharks to have only one shot on goal in metal work. And injured in mortar and angrily in an overtime period with the -- cannot dominated. On the -- try of extra -- he. Because it got beat -- moralizing frustrating more deflating whatever you wanna use about topic and not be feeling right now does that lead. To an easier chance -- this week I don't know but I do this every hockey players earlier before him. And the series is always the hardest we've got the sharks in your -- you remember. You know they -- the bank account monster in the first round which would be pretty big surprise I think. But again take a couple years ago it three nothing lead on the reveling in the series but came back 130 we had a good seven chart one matters -- Are they can't get. Interest here but it's a great opportunity -- great spot. All that's said. That would rekindled hope that maybe they can get they can get this done this time around. Yeah a minute got a prime example from lots. You know cricket. It's that Hugo you guys scored goals beyond Patrick -- Brent Burns unit to rookie. Right in to -- -- who don't want -- -- -- what a great story that -- kid from Long Beach, California. Down here and verse road opt in copper down near the goal scrapped when it was Eric. Certainly need it. It's it'll open adapter you can count on years -- you know maybe the sharks -- players like those guys. We're not as productive or not as reliable one not a battle tested. And if you are giving contribution I mean it. I've just spent last night and all regained some critical or. That they've gotten so -- I mean you know we talked a lot this year about how the team. Battled adversity terms injury could basing rap or at the door he's ignition may become -- little roller -- and he could. Now we're seeing everybody. Back the borrow from the warriors it -- somewhat abstract full squad -- guys. You know you have. That that really -- helpful. Brought in 2012 we play the tires and they were down 03 in the World Series and you could you touched on they look mentally depleted over there in their dog out. Now how can McCain get back into the series if it's even possible. I think and it how cliched the you'd better start of one land. Yeah but -- -- but what. Ordered -- good -- -- like if if I help me. Topped the situation. One in the last night where they were down vote to hear it coming app called big time we cut that but figured out. Like they brought their back. Our last night so. How considered the question -- you're thinking you have ample opportunity. To at least from the series back and -- pay. To get one win under their belt meteorite that momentum. Or are trying to -- some momentum coming back up north but you know it it's a matter of they brought -- -- -- already locked tight in the sharks they'll beat them. You know alchemy -- have a chance that -- -- and it looked. Com BR -- we've typically are not great. But I think we all know that sometimes you can't believe that bill when it got hurt I think the Turks and a pretty good chance to do that your moment. You know if you score more goals in the other team you've got a really good shot. -- I've I've bought into that theory you know it's funny because. Sometimes sport week eight you know we eager cliches from the -- Sometimes brought -- -- literally cute wearing a couple were incredible worker so I eagle. The ability to. -- Brazil are sharks insider from CSN California charges your -- Downey 95 point seven a game you watched the -- for years in the post season. And there are just many times when -- something doesn't go their way. You can feel it at the SAP senator you can feel with the team ego all they might be grip and it's just this team seems different I know it's early but what's the difference in this team than he's seen from past. Well they're certain that who blocked by deducting them and I think other comment on you because they call the other that have been around -- while -- But in your own Howard McConnell -- walked -- like literally right off yeah I should the director and over the lot of excitement grow. Who created hollered and the other Maryland. You know pretty had a party it probably. It was a it was a accomplishment by the players by. Afterwards will we were in there with a camera and -- because there was not that much. Other excitement you expect from -- just one. Rio and here at the market that was expected of the year award and won the district there would not -- water. Extracurricular and it really look at it like atmosphere oval to the point where. -- -- that the collection beauty real measure trio right now so I think there's a third humble. Atmosphere and nature around the room and on -- -- -- a lot -- can be -- They have noted an example so does that help these guys that you know keep it rejected that make them realize that what ultimately. It is actually not one more -- -- in -- series but it. Thirteen more wind the win a Stanley Cup I. I think those are our things we can read in -- would be you know you -- as the well continued what. I think -- evening he was 18100 -- -- he could become an. Maybe is that a result of being here are being in this situation before possibly. But but they definitely comparable confident. Com after one night. I don't know if there's a connection there but do warriors are aware that you were at. You were working. Down at Staples Center before game two on and we saw that results and so. There's suggestion that they can keep that hockey guy you know I thought. And you know what -- for the for the sake of the warriors blah blah so much. -- childhood he'd grown up. Because I feel like I've got -- I'm an X-Factor buy it right there and play out like he's not going. Anymore games just for the good of the team because I felt that. To be here and not blow up that say that. In the atmosphere -- -- -- NBA game as people try to put the atmosphere the clippers game which is -- -- Like it is this. The compass about it that you feel like you should be there for the lakers but you're there for the clippers. I don't know how to describe it. I tell somebody that -- is even when you look commitment after the game and they win by by forty right and then tunnel out outside of the locker rooms. Normally there's of buzz and there's just a feel in that building when it's the lakers. And the clippers clearly have not captured that and I believe that part of it. Is the DNA of clippers fans who have just been disappointed and disappointed and disappointed may have had. A few bright moments of basically they're used to just getting beaten and they expect that no matter how good it's going to they're going to they're going to be beaten again I wonder. Do we have some of that with sharks fans or are they. They can continue potentially see that turning. I think the biggest thing the church and state and he doesn't have. It even a trip like Arnold and they'd paid every year you know. You know and street he can -- that sanity can be and why are you -- -- a good team. But he just some. I don't mean their -- some sort of credibility. That only comes with your team. At least had a chance to play for the Stanley Cup and I and I -- that or I think all -- check -- -- fan based front office coaching our players. I'll be you'll be actually lead the effort is being put them cult in the position. At the plate -- -- so I think. I think that court. You know the sharks predate the really really need much sooner than later thought to be viewed differently they think people who ordered the hockey fans in the Bay Area. We'll be friends -- up if you want to want to have that for crack. You know -- when you put the puck on the net good things are gonna happen. You may interpret the you don't take -- other. They're gonna look at the corner. I can go on and on out here this guy that we hear it starts to any any advice should -- -- -- That's you know down to -- you know that well we. You're down in LA yes he's still there oh that's right it's. The -- tomorrow and there's there's everything it. Is there it was nights and I can tell you death we weren't ago not pegged to what I would argue that it mediocre offense. Are you think about late night. You know what I heard the Dodgers are playing affiliate in that media interest you clearly now well yeah -- you -- let go out there and party. You -- it. Say you're a giants fan I think -- yeah not -- -- -- -- but at the pre game actually decrease. I just don't just yeah I don't Wear your giants Europe they're human a comeback alive but. What are Brody in joy and that seven game series and end tomorrow night. -- -- -- I will items that wrong I don't want anything close -- -- We. I don't wanna hear you say I told you so I'll we we we've totally jinx and bubble where are Brody enjoyed. Via Brody Brazil are sharks insider.

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