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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/23/2014 Hour 4

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- five point seven. 957 big. Texas a 95795. Good morning give your giant out here on 95 point seven game coming up here at 915. We're gonna rake him over the coals. That's our -- insider Brody Brazil. You know. We bring these guys on because they're supposed to -- the hell they're talking about. And Brody came on our program -- Elise and on the other shows here on 95 -- in the game became on our program. Sorry about what a tough series. These cities alike each other. Seven game war. Stories if right now series not over it's not over let's not that I mean doing any of us really know we're talking about. Ever its parent now Brody also is branching out he was doing some stuff before the clippers -- warriors game game two so maybe he sees the writing on the wall. Realizes that hockey thing formed just lineup yet. -- -- just an idea. Pretty result our church insiders gonna join us at 915. How -- they feel in the room. But it is a good hockey club so see this organization how they're Phelan. After doughnut threes -- does that that's my dad's Canadian or whether it is a couple of short shown that you son of let's show our view shows up an hour and a half late Cadillac from Oakland won our box office splits presented by. DG Diego got -- Cadillac enjoy the giants game on us we should just like we should leave counting on you finish the rest today I. They would be off I was one or the other suggests is really a brilliant ideas that I had not on my drive then. As I was dodging through traffic. It is it's that we should do the show and shifts. Think that I -- one day. And hey I'm way cooler and it and it brought some -- their husbands may opt out that's -- -- way you're going to beer you wanna finish up the show big boy I don't know probably aren't Greek. You're right here your husband made. Why else. I would love to hear you beat your solo for now are you first what's the outlook -- -- Beers. Our big alcohol content about 4714. If I -- dad's going to be -- every hit the home the only home for a both. Yeah are already here -- and day out being -- I hear they quickly by the way happy anniversary to Wrigley Field. A hundred years old seen a picture of president Woodrow Wilson throwing out the first pitch -- back in ninety. Teen sixteen as well baseball's missing nowadays. Is that old school feel man you. He knew it was a travesty for me when they -- on Yankee Stadium and removed -- -- doing essentially -- all that billions of dollars wasted on making the exact same thing just Newark now you know and that place was this you have all that to history gets there and you know Fenway and and -- if you ever got rid of Fenway her regularly. That's gonna happen and who won't. This is too good triple 89579570. You hear Albert Pujols. Goes and -- the exclusive 500 home run club. What does that mean anything you anymore -- 957957. Because he used to mean a lot. We're talking about you while you're sleeping we're talking earlier today about how. I mean a guy go for 500 home runs. Everybody was paying attention what what time were you exactly when we talking about this device you fifteen yeah let's tell I was nine minutes away from practice you know we are making fun I was actually worried about the human being like -- some -- president I would tell you not at all with the with the -- a -- of -- I title I looked at us then went is bound to happen. Didn't mean for it to happen but that said they have the 500 home runs does. Mean. What it once did in this is the difficulty this is the biggest difficulty for me not to get moralistic on the PD. Topic but. The fact that baseball is so statistic oriented when it comes to. Engaging errors and comparisons of players over years. And this is thrown everything out of whack because there at -- used to be an exclusive club. Matter who you play for a what heir you play for there were certain benchmarks. That it stood the test of time -- with ballparks changing everything it stood the test of time and now all that's been. Thrown in disarray so I don't know how much value to give. Certain statistics anymore because we have a hole and we don't know how long the period was 1015. Twenty years. In which performances in the statistics that came with them were skewed. And if you touch on the PD's in the steroids and and what I don't what you would people don't realize too is amount homers these guys hit. You gotta figure to dissuade you forget the steroids. And think about the park they play again and you know I mean I mean if you just look at like out. And Alex Rodriguez series played in Yankee Stadium how many homers and he just like barely get to right field goal that to 95 side played Texas ally and you know when you look at Barry Bonds. -- he played a part like AT&T. Now and you have that kind of feel the work with and maybe he felt he needed a level playing field you -- guys hitting these little small parks. Hey I'm an AT&T -- would you do play 81 elsewhere -- does balance out. A little in the hallway does now that these guys you've got a guy hit in Cincinnati or Milwaukee for eighty. 81 games Arizona -- Philadelphia. -- hitting and and AT&T for anyone. That is if you're all I also think about this scares you play any now last yet you're gonna get the -- -- in Colorado and Arizona. But there are no cheap piece of echo park now there's achieve these AT&T and there's a -- to Dodger Stadium and here in the day you'll AT&T park is it plays fair. You're here today it plays to its dimensions at nighttime -- you take that porch we want it's really probably for forty -- with the marine layer. OK with that said. Who do we look at in some of these ballparks. And we say you know what the numbers. Statistically and for their career are so skewed. That guy that particular guy. Never had that kind of power it's only because he played in Cincinnati or he played in that particular banned by this guy is in the 500 homer club yeah. But I look at like I was gonna say yesterday Todd Helton now -- enough for the Iraqis. Unbelievable numbers on bully Hillary out who like 15100 plus RBIs 400 some homers and you look at his career. What did you put him in the all the balls he hidden in opposite field in Colorado finally meet you put an AT&T. Right but I don't player but I don't think we put. Todd Helton. In that category. And you mentioned one guy and you look and you go OK spent all that time in Colorado that's where his career was bill that's why we think of him that way. But it's that one particular guy and we do think about him that way we do think we do take that into account. I just don't think it's as widespread I don't think the ball parks had as big of an impact. As the PED's did my time comes when you went and when you have the PCDs with the ballpark both Sammy Sosa. Winds constantly blown out in the short towards everybody -- everywhere -- agreed spot -- whereas the theater town and house tonight five point seven a game 26 guy race. Have now. Hit over 500 home runs triple 895795. Said he does is still mean as much do you as eased him back in the day. Go -- the Tony six -- bonds A-Rod Sosa McGwire Palmeiro Manny. And Gary Sheffield. There for sheer PED guys. Jim tell made 612. As not shown up on what I believe uses the Mitchell report. And he's always look it's just there's always quiet accusations out there are -- -- I've always been at least a big guy like. You do you see a dramatic change in him I saw his earlier bury ourselves baseball cards a rookie to this morning and he had my body -- came. Move really. -- was saw him as having a bigger frame and that. Now here is here he wasn't he wasn't joining -- was still be the -- was a pretty thick guy yeah he's he's got he's definitely got man strength and Cleveland now. -- pulls -- someone's been rumored. -- -- If all of these guys work on the Jews. X amount wouldn't have made this list. And the club would still be exclusives that and that's why nobody cares Albert Pujols at 500 there's just too much. Who XYZ here's why was she was waiting for -- for 99 his wife dizzy for 99 and five -- his wife wasn't even there. Really yes you editing your final on our home run your family's not there. Well that's not normally wouldn't do much thereafter other along a road trip -- thing from London or Washington did in Washington. So yeah I mean. You never know that gala -- pujols these cable hit three inning game at any given moment and by the way for us ripping back contract. How come on is still going to be terrible still going to be terrible he's got eight seniors this year he's lead in the world it's a great star no doubt about it seriously there's eight more years there's not you're you're you're. You what is -- place your bet -- com yeah you know this rare when he's on pace is always agree on -- on pace for. After two weeks does he not compare Brandon -- to Albert and we're gonna. To talk about. It says here and we're that's flat and I don't know -- I -- I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I mean none on and on know if we are gonna talk about hey look when he's on pace for. We were saying the same thing about -- about he's all FaceBook. Our problem has got 500 jacks out over 500 Jack. At this point of the greatest players of all time this point do you think that that that the way -- steady -- over thirty. The group -- all -- what's -- on pace for. Probably fifty plus he's an eight now. Okay is so I'm just saying why are you -- he's on pace for that's a hole I was gonna say thirty homers he's hit thirty home runs and basic every season he's played an -- forty. We're betting on yeah I know what will the -- and tell me the way he's looking right now. And our polls is looking I would say like he's not -- piece does it number forty their worst I don't think so -- look at -- he -- it -- easy 36 insists it always really forty to break -- point. It's really for most likely. All I need is Brandon -- to get 25. In the year and I got to -- the of the -- -- no no no no no no it's the giraffe hat now libel where the panda now. Not donor -- to go to the ideals that I know I thought it was a -- -- now where the draft. I was. We sure. -- three -- now in the threes. Thousand hit club you got 28 guys that's still why do you make it in his -- was treated to -- patent and that. What is it really is the draft happy -- eyeballs -- well yeah. You know I mean out of this delight pandas. You allergic tour. -- outages to -- -- -- -- fifty at least the -- -- getting -- -- -- that you know I just never liked all the animal -- is up in the stands and come on you guys write off that no way every every -- you. That's all forgotten today except somebody -- of the got to get a new animal cell in the stands a solid nobody listens and it's a manly thing and I need my knees -- the one day she comes home with a panda -- note not the -- You've burned burned it did you really yeah it's really it's a good fire starter wow great similar. This you know. Now she just lost it. Is he uncle everywhere as I -- and I don't know. Do you check the couch. At the dog matter now with a somewhere you know shouldn't that be the rule though he's got to hit 253 or the panda until he's at least 250. That's my thoughts are put an additional rules on none on and on us about him on volume out of that's out at AT&T park. For all the fans. No no can't assure its open and the guys yelling it to fit well -- he's got his weight so that's priority to sixty. Earth hour is funny how that that -- nine million dollar contract so I don't know three year forty million us to start is like you're pretty juicy gossip. Does that remind you of five years a hundred million not an. Take the years away whatever they offered -- a hundred million he turned it down. I -- I network I don't know what you're saying can adequately and I just here. Just when you thought it was safe. To go back into the water. We now heads to Los Angeles. For our so called -- insider. Who'd talked about how tough this series is gonna be an all -- the sharks -- -- be are off line trolley and it goes seven games. Pretty Brazil joins us -- Brody bay hill this morning. Screw me. And a tough seven game Zomorodi. Illegally are really good prediction right now I think it. It game by game I'm not sure anybody in their right mind I mean the hardest of hardcore sharks fans who are you know back -- -- field jello. Oh where the -- glass and not even sure today in their right mind that are predicted. The way the -- games on. -- we got to be honest Tony generally when is this hot about somebody getting it wrong it's because he put money on it and that's Ariza that's. That's where all the fire is it in normally doesn't pay attention because we are we get something we in Iran. We get it sideways whatever it is without even telling Tony has placed the bat because then he gets really furious drab greens come one day fantasy sports. Brody I got my broom out and it should I not have my brute up to listen we. The Olympic I am happy that right outside -- wrong here a lot I doubt that that's OK with me in this situation. In terms of the sweet. I mean you've got I think one thing about peaking right now they have to be mentally depleted because every game. Has been a frustrating loss to think about game one of the sharks opened up hugely great -- the kings are gonna get what back in the game they scored three unanswered etiquette they're great. And the sharks at the end -- or shut the door gamecube can come out to not -- only a candidate because this is art and more back. Charged or seven unanswered how the leading into that and then -- not only only played thirteen year earlier cease all contact spot or can expect a 10 lead -- come back and tie it. You go on and on and on and then for the sharks to have only one shot on goal in that overtime. And injured -- mortar and literally in an overtime period with the kings came out and dominated. From the truck -- of extra hockey. They've got to beat -- moralizing -- trading whatever deflating whatever you -- years. About public can be feeling right now does that lead. To an easier chance critically I don't know. But I I do this every hockey player will tell -- the Portland and the series is always the hardest and we've got the -- in -- I still remember. I'm you know they've got the -- who were not -- in the first round which was a pretty big surprise I think. But again you take a couple years ago in a three nothing lead on the red wings in the period to break him back 13 we had to go to seven chart one better so. On the he can't get interest here but it's a great opportunities are great spot. All of a steady is there something that you can look at and say this is different about this sharks team. They would rekindled hope that maybe they can get they can get this done this time around. Yeah -- I've got a prime example from last -- you know -- it. It's that you go to -- who scored goals beyond Patrick -- Brent Burns unit to rookie. Tight. In to watch -- got one at -- yet oh what a great story that certificate from Long Beach, California. Down -- a lot Angela first rode up in a -- down near the goal -- Stanley was there. I'll certainly -- just. Is it a little bit of debt that you can count on in years past you know maybe that sharks debt players like those guys. We're not as productive or not as reliable one not a battle tactic. And if you're giving contribution -- -- it it would have been just spent last night external regained the critical or. But they've gotten so. Com I mean you know we talked a lot this year about how the team that battled adversity in terms of injuries convincing because. The door in the heat emission electric some cultural grow our course and he could. Now we're seeing everybody back to the borrow from the warriors did it come out and full squad tribute guys all. Yeah oh yeah -- yeah. And that that really come back and helpful. Brought in 2012 we play the tires and were down 03 in the World Series and you could you touched on they look mentally depleted over there in their dugout. Now how can McCain is get back into this series if it's even possible. I think -- cliched the you're better. -- -- -- -- Non non Jesus. Astec holds what. What is it -- gripping it like if if I will help me. Topped the situation. The wanted collapsed mine where they were down 02 in the series coming out called think -- -- we cut it apathetic. What they brought her back seen our last night so. Consider that the question -- here became you have a golden opportunity to at least send the series back. And pay you get one win under their belt beat you ride that momentum. Or are you trying to ride that momentum coming back up north. You know it it's a matter of they brought their best game already last night and at the sharks they'll beat them. You know how how can -- how -- have a chance in the period that looked -- looked. I'll be up front we've known -- typically are not great. But I think we all know that sometimes you can't believe that bill -- occurred in the Turks are pretty good chance -- -- that your blog. You know if you score more goals in the other team you've got a really good shot. So. I I've always bought into that theory -- you know it's funny because. Sometimes the sport we hate you know we -- in cliches from the athlete. But there sometimes for up there are no better way to explain you know -- what we're seeing -- -- -- help -- -- but the ability to. -- Brazil are sharks insider from CS and California charges are bigger town you have 95 point seven a game you watched this team for years in the post season. And their adjustment times land -- something doesn't go their way. You can feel -- TS AD senator you can feel with the team ego all they might be grip and it's just this team seems different I know it's early but what's the difference in this team than he's seen from past. Although there are certain attitude -- are in the dressing room and I think other comment on the tube because they call the other that have been around in a while big. Don't get me wrong Howard McConnell -- walked like literally right off the right into the draft here and there was a lot of excitement for a lot of you hooted and hollered at and that the atmosphere was you know pretty satisfied you can tell that the by the it was a it was a accomplishment by the player but. Afterwards will we -- the camera because there would not that much. Of an excitement if you expect from -- just wanna Rio in the series that would look at that was expected to be. Along that -- different. There was not a whole lot of correct or correct listener it really looked a bit like atmosphere -- to the point where. Unity and act the collection do you eat real pleasure trio right now so I think they're -- a certain humble. Atmosphere and nature -- on the -- and I'm not here in the back a lot different from your -- They have noted an example are so there's -- help these guys that. You know keep in projected that make them realize that what they ultimately you'd. It is actually not one more win in the series but it. Thirteen more -- the won a Stanley Cup I think. I think those are our things we can read into it BP you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you but I think even -- as what 15100 now on the code you can go to -- is that a result of being here -- being in this situation before possibly. But but they definitely comparable competent. The one night. I don't know if there's a connection there but the warriors are aware that you were at you were working. Down at Staples Center before game until. And we saw that results and so. There's suggestion that they can keep that hockey guy you know I thought yeah. You know what -- but it for the sake of the warriors so I loved so much. My childhood he'd grown up. -- because I feel like I'm bad luck I'm gonna buy it the rest of their NBA playoffs but he's not going. Anymore games for the good of the of the team because I felt that. To be there about blow up but I will say that. It in the atmosphere I've never been to an NBA game at Staples Center but the atmosphere a clipper game which -- you ought. Like did it. But something about it thank you feel like you should be there for the lakers -- for the clippers. Don't know how to describe. I told somebody that Tim -- even when you look commitment after the game and they win by by forty right. And their tunnel out outside of the locker rooms normally there's of buzz and there's just a feel in that building when it's the lakers. And the clippers clearly have not captured that and I believe that part of it. Is the DNA of clippers fans who have just been disappointed and disappointed and disappointed may have had. A few bright moments and basically they're used to just getting beaten and they expect that no matter how good it's going to they're going to they're going to be beaten again. I wonder. Do we have some of that with sharks fans or are they. Hit it can't continue potentially see that turning. I think the biggest thing the church and candidate doesn't out. It even a trip to the Stanley Cup final and they'd -- every year you know yeah. You know. And street he contributes and an eighteen to be in the playoffs. You know there'll be a good team. But it just some I don't you mean there's there's some sort of credibility. On that only comes with your team at least having a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. And I and I have a typical or I think the whole franchise without talking about and based. Front -- coaching staff players. They will all be looked at extremely different if they put them cope in the position. To play it Stanley Cup so I think I think that what. You know the -- and -- it really really need much sooner than later on to be viewed differently they think people who aren't even hockey fans in the Bay Area. Will be the franchise clocked at 121. That her crack. You know Brodie when he put the puck on the net good things are gonna happen. You -- -- -- out of the shot you don't take you don't know. They're gonna look -- -- -- the corner. I can go on and on out here this island what -- that we only have brought it here are the sharks today any any advice from what I should do it wrote today in the. That's yeah down to -- you know that well we. Your -- and LA yeah he's still there that's writes we -- The -- tomorrow and there's there's everything here and -- -- is -- And I can tell you death we weren't ago not pegged to what I would argue that it mediocre -- -- -- -- -- everything -- late night. You know what I heard the Dodgers are playing the Phillies and that may be of interest you clearly now well yeah you don't -- you know let go out there and party. You do it. Say your -- man yeah. Not on that that's just that at the pre game actually decrease your answer. Had I just don't just yeah I don't Wear your giants gear up they're human a comeback alive -- Well I definitely wouldn't. I hope. I will items general and I don't wanna see anything close to seventy Peter that what we. I don't wanna hear you say I told disown we we we've totally -- simple where are Brody enjoyed. It via Brody Brazil are sharks insider. I was looking at all these hockey plus days. They got to find a way to put the puck in the net put. You know that's that they need to do. Why it was in baseball sometimes you win sometimes you lose sometimes -- rooms. And battle back there but coming up next. Do we really need another way to consume and consume alcohol. I highlighted just the way it is yeah I I really. There's a new way common. I don't like it we'll explain next on the bears this out for sports has not five point seven a game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Genevieve your town may end up here on 95 point seven games somebody on the tax Linus said don't drink. The beer made by Anna's husband does she's brought for us today. I've never had a good experience with people who made their own beer they'd never tastes good so. We'll see you scared. Now I'm out trying to twice. How about. Because once you're not trusting that it was snags it as bad as well as bad experience we've got to grow. About. Alcohol. To company. And has this gotten passed by our government. Does this weed and alcohol caffeine pills all that stuff wasn't enough for you to get a buzz. How about powdered booze. It's just been passed by our government yes. US alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureaus approved. Even cut this company -- guard that they got it approved its can be hitting the shelves in the fall just add water. -- rules rules six packs. Just add the water and then bang you've got alcohol there's even -- options like vodka. You make it cosmopolitan. It's powder. As a mile water to dying now I guess you got out that I was thinking that it was just a powder and you're just like you're snorting a shot now or whatever. But but that's gonna happen actually transit so this is just a matter of being. -- beat them having good economic being economical with your space. If you're going on a trip and you wanna take your case. You can carry a case in your pocket. You can carry a case in your shirt pocket. Because all you need now is like a water hose and here we -- -- expected to did you say snort. Of course on their website the one question that's asked all the time. Is what you can -- or not him. And says let's talk about the elephant in the room snorting alcohol. Yes you can started and you'll get dropped almost instantly good idea question mark you know. It will really mess you up. Again. Okay so what part of that is not a good idea. Yeah the point if you're going to the point where. It's all about your buying powdered alcohol your -- you're doing it for the effects and you're not doing it for the taste and so if you don't. -- for -- effect yeah this is north absolutely. We're gonna snow Barnett. And can you cut it actually gets in faster if you if you go rectal annual. And you know this time I've heard at the back. You've heard now they wanna get something in their system quickly and that's where they go -- -- You know people out there and try to Allen mean rim shot right here notes and know you're gonna take it there. You didn't just how MS hi all he's been here for how many weeks now you didn't know that there was a real good possibility that he would take it there I'm just moving on with -- moving on Merrill Hodge from ESPN broke on every little heart today -- so Stan. I'm still getting over that so sad I mean I'm what is your advice you know it was Tina. Troy Aikman Jerry Rice. They may know Merrill Hodge broke out -- heart earlier today. Rick of course -- sleep your hair I -- silence I heard it raiders fans turning in you should not -- Johnny football. If you really want turned programs around you better president pigment cell just because he's exciting that's that's -- -- Those transition to the National Football League you look at the football skills that it's not a very good skill -- that transitions effect it's a very scary wanted to dangers wanna they've got -- strip all over. Now Merrill Merrill high teaser video guy he's a -- I now. You know why you you wanna hear you with the instinctual guy out there -- yeah those guys Hastings. Got -- in -- is. You like the rice you like the whipped and girth of this -- ourselves. Montana or out of college he wasn't all that come out of college he turn into a hall of Famer statistically. Right wasn't all okay. Jerry Rice backed him obviously -- is jeers and Jerry Rice is back commands well I -- like down leads about -- Homicide a -- a certain -- let's get a little more hot G in here and tell you about whether he makes good decisions are not with the football. He does make the right choices he has the whole structure of documents or he clearly doesn't understand or chooses not to do things should be -- You should put statistics together and study the times that he does not pull the ball when he clearly should have it every game it would scare you to death. Nurses say he can't learn that in the end of India felt it and there's nothing to say they can't I agree with that let you. When you -- in the number five pick. To me I don't wanna be taking a guy where I'm saying OK he's gonna have to learn. Some basic things to play his position the NFL level I I honestly I don't have a problem. With taking Johnny -- now. At some point I'd just don't believe in taking at the number five pick and I have to think this Merrill knows this looking at at at. Tape. That everybody at the top of the draft does and that man Zell is not the guy is visiting Cleveland. As minute and a number teens have been instead he was a number one pick on some mock drafts at some point. They've all seen nests and nobody is rolling the dice with him at the top of the draft. We have a bunch of sick listeners and I love that about you. We're sitting here Jenny football Merrill right. I I just I just looked under the tax line and it's tax after tax. About. Getting high. By going through the backside. I. Pay -- it's cold Turkey -- I mean it's all this I mean that's what it's called pay new meaning injecting go okay down. I mean a heads up. Easiest way to get enamored at a ball game kitty I mean. I don't know what's -- -- trying to buzz bowl. Try to -- bullies 18% alcohol that's all these it. A poison idea and eighties punk -- at a Portland was known for vodka -- Just say and I. Not dozens ever says you know let's all let people hear what what what it becomes a time Turkey based -- her he didn't -- But now you have the journal that you have the journal. All. It. If you have a journal snort the alcohol at the though the powdered alcohol out that this is that's. At any crap that's where I draw the line that is cannot -- guides us over the holder can't or Indian dude you -- -- you know we we you worry. 'cause of the car bombs. -- -- -- TI DA Steve Killian -- your way dressing and it looked just look we know we sit a guy. You still get the same carves -- -- go low back -- how would you do that would he stand on your head. Well. You know all we gotta get to Roger Clemens can. You can kill -- -- leather pumps -- pain physical clues you don't know the story. What's the ideal position if you don't know this will -- how. The rocket. Got a rocket field goal in before the game I get a little heat on. It go and you people out there but to stick guests obese and we love you and I alone here. My kind of people on the bears this -- for sports -- five point seven the game. Five point seven big game. -- programming note. Terry Francona Tito Francona will be here tomorrow at 645. Maybe the drive. That's that's a great dude right there. Good people kind of guy you have a beer -- tell me. I hit it you know he was that the case for a little bit as -- -- -- we found somebody that Tony would not have a beer with. Good point well I can name a couple but I won't say the giants are going to be hooking up against the tribe right. Interleague I got today -- -- flying. At this early I'm over it I'm I'm I'm in over it where -- earlier or not I. No probably -- you play out part of the season then interleague comes. So it's something but now doing it. First series of the year last series of the year it says it it it says it does it's not even notice when they started doing events policy and I look up the other day and Enders -- -- you know does that happen and when they start doing a show I liked it I liked it when it was. In the middle as in when you had a particular week or two and everybody was doing and -- were doing it with. It was -- geographical rival or there was some history than science you're reaching back for that. Made it fun and and you watch for that week at the various ones now you never know when it's coming up -- -- like deal or real still is that big run. That's a great when. The does this gross via. They keep coming and guys and tell you that texting cumin and you're like on the learning we can have a whole show and attacks I don't get enough the tax line. People take alcohol from behind not only because it speeds up the effect but because she bypassed the intestines. They're for the body doesn't take in the calories. But I swear I don't know this from experience from the 51 now now back to the scientists say slate makes sense to me -- tell me -- won't gain weight. Tough again tough again it's all for the effects at this point. You drink IT IP days for the flavor right. But the takes yeah. Has some ideas together gather some ideas are too much else children here because again just such a good buzz is that the buzz from an IPA type farce appear honest hard -- four on the light Beers it's just too much. Are again not to go period I'm with you that's ours that's why I got there and that's why don't drink anymore. -- you're well on your way to. -- Robert now Miley think Kobe Bryant's a big deal LeBron James is a big deal Peyton Manning Tom Brady right now these guys in the big name guys when. -- today -- -- us on fox. Who would you say is the number one earner away from not the actual. Competition Michael Jordan -- and well actually active guys I can't say that -- an active athletes whose number one in endorsement money Peyton Manning. Kevin Durant really Tiger Woods smokes all the -- stale. Not even close cluster -- he's lost the numbers you lost he's still Macon 65. Million dollars a year just to forget about him because as golf now count golf exactly you know who's number three since golf is a sport no one cares. Who's number three on this list I -- How to say all doesn't comes after you just talked of how -- of the master you have his number three. Ahead of LeBron ahead of Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson at 44 million. These guys dwarf years superstar athletes the golfers if you dwarf. Dwarf from a surplus and if you get into the international sports -- the international stars there's guys. That are not. NFL. Major League soccer guys yeah you're make huge though there are some real well I'll pull it up again but when I look at the biggest. Biggest marketing stars in sports. And like race car drivers. Formula One drivers and some guys did you. We are not aware of and would never think of but when you talk about on a global scale who's who's raking in the most dough off. This -- field of competition. It's there's a lot of sports that don't necessarily resonate in the united as us. He's elect out of living out here now you don't ever hear about NASCAR about. -- of responses -- no doubt that area no doubt all you hear about wrestling and NASCAR hurt my my in laws are an Atlanta. Yes same same deal I don't dig NASCAR. But it. I I did the sport I just can't watch it I mean when those guys to block it out and they got their suits on. And they've got all the advertising. And they're all like my size and act like they're like seven feet tall and they all have a hot lady walking out to him to get the car and -- off those are fun because -- if you've ever been one of those events he's been a weekend there you like your trailer you set it up out there you can't ballot -- -- I hear -- if you can't hear you have found inside inside you can't dot inside I've done that Arizona -- -- -- buddy -- it's like. It is the most fun time you'll ever have. It's the only problem is when you wake up with your hang over there around him -- Now you got to grind out that three hours a busy he's got to be right back in a lot of dollars out there there're there're. Couple of tracks out here Laguna -- down by Monterey Sears point. Gorgeous track Sears point gorgeous out of the Sega. Is an all -- took a hot lap on that wants. Fun nominal and it's just beautiful in the middle generated you do alas I was I was in the I was in the passengers. Doesn't -- -- and the funny thing is that test did you go. We were going a 103. You know -- But the crazy part is is that it's a road course so it has like. The CDC making points where you're going up and over and all you see is sky. Going a hundred miles an hour but the scariest thing being in the passenger seat was there's this long turn. Into the into the final stretch. And year so for about -- feels like for -- but probably I don't know ten seconds ten seconds. You feel like you're going into the wall the entire time because you come around that and they let them back and slide and you're in the passenger side -- -- the -- -- and you're just going. She can you like. -- But it was a lot of fun it was hot it was web lawyer car is running fast that's a good day of -- You. We're on the a's game 1235 pyramid we'll have the dugout show for you and 1135 we'll have a little paper cup for you. From. Iran ten new 1130. You guys are going to be is and I still have work to an athletic if I violates its purely gardez where you gonna guess more work again. You're right. -- -- You write a double the one to one. And plus in all of it. I woke up and I was like oh my god -- wouldn't -- what am -- -- because that's -- that we wanted to do women do. Trying to get my stuff together just felt it's totally out of sorts and I was thinking. And 63 horse opera -- open. I had that feeling when you know like for this show if I look at -- I would really care -- but. Written with baseball -- I I know there's been times I walk up for brain drain on like ten minutes -- stress time. Do not -- my address. -- that's panic mass panic time I Agnes do just get the email things that you care about right right. KJB wants to see in the office for meeting after this tricks that that doesn't mean anything. Is that he basically once that every day so -- let's see and I'm not looking as bad as -- as a bad sign I'm. Looking that is things are pretty much par for the course. The top of the ninth inning a's have the lead against the Rangers Jim Johnson's. And confirmation we take you. To look. Do little. Given up on my boys -- five year deal -- -- it must have reasons. Hi got to go Jamie Jamie -- gonna go back and information to annoy any year. He's right answer because there let's give another run nobody else is don't you know finding is we haven't heard the numbers on a five year deal I wonder if I have five year deal is worth the ten million in the business and toxins get an the they're really happy that we don't have them right now I do know numbers. Coming out. Next its neighbor come off right here on 95 point seven a game that we got a's dugout showed 1130. First pitch from the coliseum today. 1235. Sonny gray is on the hill we'll see out at the coliseum will be back tomorrow though six attendant. Italian half a beer and maybe you couldn't. There's these efforts towards 95 point seven a game.

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