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Susan Slusser speculates on bullpen changes.

Apr 23, 2014|

San Francisco Chronicle's phenomenal A's beat writer, Susan Slusser, joins #Haberkauff and discusses the late inning issues with the Green & Gold.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our society here on the show every Wednesday early game today Sonny gray game today and the Susan joins us here in 95 point seven a game if just just a personal -- Susan if if if if you're known to sing one song alone on the Carla what do big. -- -- I don't know but it would be something pretty structure. Girl. You can't wrong. Connector on Bon Jovi or. -- -- -- -- -- Let's use. -- but I. After what happened yesterday again. What I think Bob Melvin level I mean it's one thing to have six blown saves each individual one to me for the most part has been egregious -- think these guys are all part. You put in the context the fact that the -- really struggled -- but this team won thirteen games. Lot -- -- and I think -- and threaten them. It you know heart that it was going on -- opportunity earlier in the game on and they are not acceptable and you know. Coming in in an old one run lead all the time but you can. To be exact company that won it. Base pairs something in the current program or. Really hadn't pitched that badly -- -- Their overall numbers -- way to the aid they're playing so -- it. -- very each -- and play out. Many which is. Kind of where almost electric to that there is little greater sense. Count and works its way back in our record I'm in clarity can see the guys that. Potentially could be pitching -- in a lot of you know when it's under. So. It peaked at an influx here and it's where he met -- And will be you know how parents and leave a lot of games that you're pregnant -- -- have that sort of potential flat on and that spot of the ball and. When you mentioned Eric O'Flaherty -- I mean we're talking and at the earliest after the all star break the right. No no he could be backed by the very in -- day. In and yet. Yeah he's he's terrible protect -- he could be out of rehab assignment in a within the next two weeks eat -- What Gary and I were talking about this morning Susan. Was that even in their blown saves the only one I can think up like last night there was a couple basic -- I mean a guy stole base. Jim Johnson's allowed coupled you know base hit singles through the infield. -- deal the home run in Anaheim in and of winning that game but that's really the only ball that I can -- really get rushed. You know and it -- it's like they're given up a lot of home runs in the sixth blown saves. Yet it managers at that bothers me -- locks at that was job and get. You know we're man on -- and that -- that kind of way. I'm not richer reward to discredit dot. -- -- -- That might be why he really hasn't been back in that role -- that out to art you know the red black clothes and walking a lot of guys. You're gonna give up on my comment in that debate and it now -- human. -- You know -- begin to make it billion dollars so. What you really need to do that at street currently. They -- -- a you know an actress clothing -- -- haven't. He -- say. You know it would it will help you out for a during that streaky pat what. About his streak saying it. So many of them wonder -- -- -- really do it's it's green. Is it too early to have regrets about not bringing Belfour back. Here at target say when the age we're talking about sports you want it no longer term deal and from more -- in weight around. And that's why they went and we're here obviously well for your mind. And make like commitment with Johnson with a lot of money but it central one year. Out sort of side in the late 38 I think that they did not wanna be looking at locked in her post or three years. Given talent in him now. Or watching MOV networks here in the studio in Donaldson's on talk about it -- -- this time yesterday right yesterday so he took your spot. Just talked about him I mean discontinuing the play at a high level and always had some defense of problems but as we've talked on the show and as a relief that's and that really concerns us but at the plate he looks like to really be kind of taken that next step. Yeah -- I -- out during the spring about what to expect from novel and the -- in the actually at first really full year and certainly first you know. In which you're playing at a high level -- -- -- -- you know that -- regression to mean an end out that. You know I don't anticipate that we and the team has seen him now epic start figured out we would at -- last year -- it. In other that swing isn't real and that the approach more than eight years to bury it and though they -- Kind of quite -- in platter out and it kind of narrowed its it. It clicks for him and keep seeing the ball really well now on urged. It also wouldn't and -- get on base in front of them. He didn't work at you didn't actually -- with the number caps are in men in. That burden. Work there and right now but you know not cried out. Now he's he's definitely settle in like he said he would -- was he broke his cleats and a reader in a chronicle course online via chronicle blog in her blog and stories terrorists of get their talent Twitter. Susan flustered on the station every day gonna talk to Susan policies and I thank you. I do wanna get one more song in --

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