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Haberman and Middlekauff 4/23/2014 Hour 1

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Studios. You're downtown San Francisco. Well -- -- -- -- you let somebody five point seven the game big day ahead. Do with you till 1131 hundreds of new middle costs are excellent birdie -- -- -- -- I started back to -- Craig today is getaway day for you. Man. -- plus you'll join us on the show today. We also fell away a sweet prize of unrealized silence his -- -- which in there. We're always sweet prize to every -- that about ten minutes and it basically you can win a 200 dollar paper view credit. For the Mayweather fight its paper you get you get the paper view and you get the money throw a party for the paper view pretty sweet pretty sweet deal. -- will be unilaterally and a tennis player now a fifteen to surrender that one only has always fights left in him yeah you gotta. Got to get a -- but. We got funny not against you know who Pacquiao I think -- -- that's come and go visit I mean it's right around the corner I hope so after Manny just. After you boy Bradley by the way I shark saved via various sports scene again last night phenomenal arthritic better than I mean like we think about it. Playoffs an NBA playoffs are unreal right I mean I'm locked in on raptors nets last night but overtime hockey in the playoffs. Pretty the overtime itself. Is one of the best things in sport and don't come at me with like you know soccer guy like oh stoppage time it's the same guys to close enough -- impairment spare me. It pretty unreal. I thought that whole game guy had like a game seven field because the kings were fighting for their lives. But the sharks have maintained. And sustain this energy. It's kind of in their downfall in the last five or six years. Does not being able to get over the top. I mean. I'm gonna go to a sharks and -- -- to a NATO game next round -- this game it's going to be asleep. I'm going to the tank as a peace and or whatever the hell you wanna call. Face painted if you got tickets sealed the outcome with -- to build out this week I don't I don't wanna sit in the mediator I wanna be down. Like by the glass I feel you -- bang on the glass or paying on the glass absolute slam some Beers. Just by a hot -- sharks Jersey. -- -- Joseph Thornton there you go into stereo. -- they go -- -- well. No more hello is Jean Niemi today's a big -- man plays a big day Asian giants that absolutely. One more day to -- it's. The NFL is able to get men to do. Something that man under no circumstances will do. Under absolutely no circumstances will we. Planned something for months in advance you realize the NFL tonight is gonna have a three hour show. To release its schedule except. This schedules already mostly out. We know who's playing -- We Knoll where they're playing each other. We just don't yet know the times and days that they're playing it's insane -- here I think it's four months away you could. Could not. Aim being to plant anything for months in advance. Actually -- let me let me rephrase that the only way you can get me to do something for a month in advance is to pay me to do. Like yeah I gotta be sure I'm working on this day but nothing I don't I love the World Series title -- the World Series schedule had a telling me gotta make sure armed -- Tuesday night. Or I tell you and I. That's all I tell you niners the -- on the first Thursday you have in your head -- you could tell me the browns and the dolphins are on the first Thursday I'm there here's -- -- guy. The the. Announcement show tonight would do a higher rating in the NBA playoffs. In definitely all the hockey games I mean it it'll it'll cost -- it. Ever look at -- watch and like you said the irony is we already know all the damn games we just don't know the exact date right. Raider fans like man who really Emma and I came sometimes they get their first money and I would do that doubleheader as the it's the it's a late game. The last really got the Broncos games Monday night game a couple weeks into the season. Hopefully the raiders yet another month and I -- more about I -- -- -- -- gonna get a couple -- about the possibility -- Seahawks week one that's something people are waiting for today and you see potentially a Thursday night Thanksgiving game the night game may be in San Cisco we are stadium while. I read that this morning. You're. Like a month or so ago and Mark Cuban had a quote where he said that the NFL is ten years away from implosion. We said implosion is pigs get fed -- slot right and Jerry Johnson well I want darkened -- lot of -- are back -- how to save lean. I don't get fat. But this is I would imagine some of what he's talking about this idea of you know over exposure this to me doesn't fall into that category. People are legitimately work stopped when I see so I don't know who's worked up about what a lot I'm gonna watch your gonna -- watch the schedule. Release tonight. Again the idea for watching it did they even got you to care about a date. Four months from now. If you're Mary I'm sure your wives have been trying to get you care about future dates for years you can't you can't get me to respond to a wedding invitation until three weeks before your -- -- them a jerk I'm not proud of -- -- -- I'm proud of it. But you know I've asked three times in the last two weeks 31 you know make it. Yeah probably I think I'll be there. Again I'm not proud of it. NFL schedules come out for months in advance. I'm interested in future dates -- you know the only way we get -- I'm the king -- you try to get media go to I want no part of it you know all lead you on a -- -- I'll give you wishy washy answer. I am all for that stuff you know because I picked the date you know of -- that what -- ago we're talking about you like no you can tell me you know the night before there's a gaming at the -- a little early to get the night before this is four months in advance. I'm five or six or seven you know he's -- Colorado right now we can't wait for the broncos' schedule to come out to see when they play in the way the Seattle they placed ever Cisco to see when inflated chief health and human and I games patriot fans giants fans jets fans all this hope. Cowboy fans you'll get what -- And the irony is they already know who they're playing they just don't know when and eight and now 80% of your games are going to be on Sunday the greatest irony it doesn't even matter one. Like if for example if the schedule comes out tonight in the night urgency after playing week one people gulp hard got to watch that game. One is just comes out tonight the niners will be playing somebody we won. And and others fans are Justin and like it could be anybody that the plane we want on their schedule. Doesn't matter really pissed that like I said if -- brown. Miami dolphins' opening night were -- that. So it doesn't even really. Her white told you what we know we're gonna be locked in on Sundays and Mondays and Thursday it kind the sumo champ obviously plays -- that first game on Thursday night usually a home game. I'd been hoping they don't give -- the niners because I don't want them to kind of put -- all out their surely. That that that phrase for that what does that phrase. Premature. You don't want a little. I mean I don't know anyway and I want to I don't know I don't know what the rules are on radio yeah you can't -- can't say -- quite yet. A prime -- can't say it but. I would just give me Seattle whoever I don't not to 49ers save that for. I want that come down the homestretch like twice past week ten now. But you know the forty error in the NFL. Like you said pigs get -- -- just slaughtered there -- I mean I don't be surprised when they give you forty out of Seattle week one on Thursday night all the juicy speakers scheduled are you you agree with that I mean that's. Would you are you going to be shocked when you see that no and here's why because all they wanna do -- beat everybody into submission right this wanna punch punch punch. You can once you've reached a certain status. Colleges and mail it in for a long time. And nobody'll notice when you reach a certain status you can do it for having Jerry Seinfeld one of the grill time comedian and -- do and other stuff so he's not -- got its millionaire. But he's comedy standup routine is is pretty much when you go see Emmet the original stuff and it's great stuff it's that gets. While Louie CK is a comedian that everybody says is the best -- right now why. Well this guy every single year does what no one else does every year he scratches material comes with a brand new sixty minutes specially done -- like five or six straight years. He goes and HBO or sells it on his website. And it's the best one he's done yet. And he just keeps -- and why Hackett packet Hackett hack and punching punching punching punch it roll absolutely. Relentless and he exponentially grows every and he doesn't. Have to he's reached a -- doesn't have to do a new sixty minutes special every year. Which comedians just generally don't do that at his level but he does -- the NFL I just every year just hacked and hacked and -- And more money and more money in the Rangers are ready get ready for Seattle served Disco week war I mean why would like you -- the NFL why are you delaying joy and like -- -- -- just doing -- you know just general way to do it do what you wanna do do what you know be addressed like why are you on. Well let's see we get a two run homer we quietly given two run homer we -- Screw it. The Grand Slam -- the games that so when they give us Pete and Jim we won that gives them target for the next five or five months right thank you and you know what John if they don't give a second week one. We'll talk talk and I'll -- Manny -- Seattle post speaking of the schedule LaMarr Woodley said something on the station yesterday. They definitely brings -- schedule and apply. What he's dead. And the schedule applies it matters to one man said today -- niners played a playoff team. Take -- -- middle golf bears -- after sports night -- seven again. Bay -- new sound first. Ever I don't know about your night by a seven game assumes Russell Johnson 1045. This from Billy in the far -- -- why look at the schedule because the cowboys fan. I live in San Jose so I gotta make plans to go to Dallas for game -- he's got a real reason tonight. But again when I was Billy's plan is a good 456 months in advance what I'll tell you if you're Yankee or Red Sox -- some live in the Bay Area. I mean I remember when I worked for the Eagles I lived in the marina there was a ball or. A Philly cheese steak place were you. Went to watch the game in place Scott pack and I forget the name authority pretty good -- closet in the marine -- -- down off just a street. So there are a lot of transplants living in the greater Bay Area that the other -- especially if you're. Somewhere in the northeast from Washington and -- the New York Boston now. Yes he came right but if let's say today's the 100 year ever she Wrigley Field right solicit your -- and you wanna go to Wrigley I got to go to Wrigley this year -- You don't look for the game you wanna go do so much easier I think you -- just look for your free weekend. And you know what if they're playing you -- -- interleague series with the Astros -- whatever I'm gonna Wrigley that weekend and -- -- -- -- the Astros -- look at the cowboys game like I wanna see who who they planned I really wanna see him go there to see. I think and it's still a little different for the for the NFL the -- the niners aren't a playoff team and well Lamar Willie suggestive as are -- and while we'll get to that's a -- first have to tell you today very excited because. We're giving away a 200 dollar paper view party of the year for the Mayweather might Donna fight them off. On May third basically what it is. -- you win twenty dollars for the paper view and then -- mines left over you can spend on the party for her relaxer and and and ask you got cash left over this thing on May third on showtime it's -- -- some beer and I'll think about how we get this -- away you know we can do -- nine attacks on the funny your best cost. And I came across the story. This kid kidnapped. In Atlanta. In Georgia or Atlanta via this same question is -- kidnapped. The guy until Atlanta Georgia yes Atlanta Georgia general kid. Ten year old kid. The kidnappers just let him go geologic. Like what -- Iraqi -- to imagine he's opened the door and will that leave downtown Lima yes the age of the -- -- -- ten year old kid. Because he's different life Bryant wouldn't stop singing the same song over and over and over again. And you know in the kidnappers so much. Else Murdoch. Yeah yeah Mario. All of her and all our older -- How long was -- kidnapping I don't know dozens. If if you were kidnapped what song would you saying over and over and over again that would get you released usually nor the kidnappers so much. -- saying it 8957957. Attacks on 95795. 200 bucks for the pay per view and then for the party you wanna throw for -- and Franzen and yeah. For me it'd be no doubt become cabinet on the man on the man -- I continue his we're doing this early we're just screwed around earlier in the office. And get it and someone came -- is like -- -- I don't know what guys are doing here but it's got to stop and I sit released. He came in immediately in what you're seeing it sunglasses in the yeah I like the best song would be one or you don't know all the words if that would really drive somebody that the. -- -- -- man to man not. Can't. How come how could hit it just imagine like a hundred times -- identity as -- as well. I failed war 89579570. You have to sing -- the song -- get a kidnap or to let you go well here's the and the best one we will give the tourism dollar gift certificate give -- don't -- this guy really wanted to keep this kid he's one of you know puts on the overs now. August the kid was singing gospel is about so what would you what would Jews are no -- be mine I don't I don't -- I'm the man a man on man and. In just over turn over and over. They did do a few times you have an -- -- and he eventually got re like yes I'm got a few what's the point. This AME SAM yes I am I doing different -- I give the guy talk I just can't play list is due to my Guantanamo -- they'll likely play. Like little -- or just one song like. Spice Girls or something just over and over and over the people break so would be the opposite of like you remember when these two water board people -- you break in eventually give your seat that was the opposite is the exact same thing that is exactly but. But they they kidnapped her all right -- authorities do the water hit that exact -- flipping it on yes -- -- top -- early on correct -- I'm gonna sing and you're gonna break you're gonna open those damn -- I'm a Ronald remarks credit did say the guys that don't tell you -- yeah. Emily tells her -- would open the door through -- said not don't talent okay. What do you do right this address down in my head I'd give the guy I did the Canaveral list I got -- a few options I -- goal. -- fresh prince of dollar theme song did you go with that or I can say amen -- filled out a Willie Nelson impression. And I think that would drive him nuts whole will and also ideal opponent on the road again there was this odd since the war the road again is absolutely yes but I can't wait to -- -- -- wrote the -- by love is making music with my friends and I can't wait to get on the road again -- over and over and over a variety of regular on the road again. By the manager of seems to go down a highway all USA hasn't bounced and eventually snaps there is a chance Tuesday killed well again. Yes but you're taking your life into your own hand if you -- killed anywhere taking ownership of your -- manage digital peninsula all right yeah not 57957. Use and you get the O two into the vet we got to pick one got a call by some people. You've got to make us want to release you. From this kidnap situation. -- Merrill Hodge was on this -- hear what he said you Italian half about the niners a little bit I read this morning Vernon Davis told pro football talk. He did he think mine's got a one -- this year Merrill lodge let's say on the other end of that spectrum. But Navarro -- not been -- to lose that too big -- all the Smith you know we're all that -- colors and big boy -- you know he'd still need help in the secondary -- -- -- -- look at all the things that they needed to kind of steal land from the things they had -- injuries -- forced to wouldn't appear to be what you would. Consider one of those repeat playoff teams -- so many -- to feel. They do not appear to be what you would consider to be one of those repeat playoff teams says Merrill -- this morning. Now -- latest on the NFL flips faster than anything. And the -- had had a couple things go against them correct best defense -- last year knee shattered. All Smith's. Trouble staying away from law. But I I'm not betting -- him harm on this -- to stack many into me guys come back now to divisions got a little better. Your guide your -- gears now -- right. The rams have a ton of -- It's it's gonna get her every year on people are calling and saying man now compared blinder actually for announce a few trying to trying. But. I -- I would not go out like be shocked they don't make it no -- right now I'm gonna lean they're gonna make it. How -- you bet against Jim Harbaugh he makes their I'd be shocked if they'd admit if I'd be shocked -- I know they lost not only today on your they went ten games. The schedule harder AFC west and their play every playoff team yes. Yes you know the raider games going to be big we're not sure are well we already know that plays we just don't know what day it is. The DN FC west -- it's gonna get harder but if car camera continues to play well I -- -- -- this month. -- -- I think he's I think he's averaging pastime I think he's out of a great great not situation. -- he's out of his mind. All right -- it's a LaMarr Woodley as well we will do that because he talked about the schedule to. And this is what LaMarr Woodley said yesterday's make national headlines actually is what LaMarr -- somebody 57 game that's that's that's us and will rush yesterday. -- record at the court okay let's hear on record and what country I'm on the raiders there was a lot of opportunities here where you can close it out -- game -- -- -- the unity quote without getting into it again and now we could learn how to cool without any need you more -- at all. Now look I'm I'm with them easily he. He believes this can be a playoff team and why shouldn't. But this is -- the schedule comes in the play John -- the raiders have a tough schedule next year. And it will all come down to me. To rule is Matt -- better than. When they play the jets they play -- is he better than G announcement the right he's not giving better than Tom Brady they play the patriots but he could -- conceivably be better than Ryan can help. He has been in his career -- and Ryan can help so what LaMarr -- -- about to meet entirely. An utterly sits on the soul is a man shot and whether I'm he's better then if he's better than if he's good John they are a 78. The other -- seven when teams as if he's better I think. So then it starts getting into here if I was playing devil's advocate -- did you guys are -- you're assuming. Like the chemistry is just gonna happen overnight was seen every ton of new pieces guy I mean a -- the entire offensive -- pretty much redone. They gonna have all new defense of back. They have all new defensive linemen and -- -- Woodley was leased plane a position that guy he really hasn't played he's been a stand up outside linebacker. You're assuming all these older guys can stay healthy I mean from talked to calls Rodgers to LaMarr Woodley. I'm just. There's a lot of unknown in my saying it's not possible is the NFL things happened fast but. I don't know man we just got I don't see them in the pre season how they come together health wise. I ever pop the senate when they first sign all these guys is is this is invisible ball guys took the chemistry you said it's not a plug in play -- it's not. Now but they have a lot of high quality guys down the it is not like they're going to be trying to get -- they've had a lot of guys have already made the money. My biggest question mark with all these additions guys -- health -- these guys stay healthy. And then chemistry is it's not something you can make up it's not something that just happens overnight. So Wall Street I -- job man I think all that stuff they really busy in the playoffs. Well yeah I mean that's -- -- -- I think if he's better then they they would feel like thirteen and three right you'd be phenomenal and maybe playoffs you know the getting to the specific word that LaMarr Woodley said playoff obviously got -- could be good and he's looking radical on. If we win close games. You could win close games in a good division and not BA playoff team but you could be significantly better. And that's -- I'm looking more at bat but I'm looking more at that are like you guys lined up we got to get to this -- 200 dollar gift cards. Today for the pay per view party of the year. For Floyd Mayweather Marcos my Don Saturday may third. The gift card covers the cost of the paper view plus food and drink. For you in the party that you -- 889579570. And we thought Singh -- the song that would get you released by kidnapped. It's a big they're really out -- gonna get to lighting guys here mark on the tax on says I think mismanaged on -- speak Spanish. It's -- great idea. Our right to your sons Matt Zimmerman lookup another 57 against. Then again. Plus of plus we'll just come up to fifteen minutes is it time for Jim Johnson to closeout game again. 889579570. No Magic Johnson John. The closing of the -- the runner former closer Minnesota again what's. I'm not undefined role this point. It'd 57957. We've got into a George you've guard. That basically let you go your do you pay per -- party of the year for. Mayweather. Might Diana. Which is live on showtime pay per view beginning at 6 PM to a delegate our coverage to pay per view and beverage food -- free paper -- party everything how we have to stay away today that I saw the story from Atlanta. Ten year old -- released by kidnap her after board refuses to stop singing the same song over and over and over again. He annoy the kidnappers so much he can effort through -- car. Safely thankfully and so we think what song would you sing to get a kidnap or to let you go just he just got attacks my song. Would be my little butter cup yeah on the -- short three meals movie you have. -- -- -- They recognize the number good eye wall maybe I'll read. Maybe I'll moderate it always on the building anymore as they are let's certainly do we're gonna let you saying lines are jammed up. We'll -- get as many these as we can before 1130 today and you know there may finally -- Whitney Houston on the -- remember the guys who was sitting in. We -- Williams and like I know the homeless guy with the voice okay. At Merrill Whitney got discovered. She was singing at a gas station the the famous producer was -- -- and that's the story. Yeah guys yet. You never know -- town a year ago the -- Raza got people a -- we get 10% of any future record deal. So we're gonna just you gonna staying and then bull just the ones that are good wolf consider them quote local qualified to pick at the end of shell on good. -- who were starting their ball to -- somebody let's start with to stir the top let me go to -- Stephen. In Fremont Stephen in Fremont or your kidnappers forced us to really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had pilots -- overwhelm or even a pretty good. All right Steven -- it's information you are how the -- I don't really it's not that hard to call by it's going to be hard to pick a winner but that was given to start. Good start I'm I'm I'm unlocking the door -- -- time six soggy Beuerlein by giving Dylan in San Francisco villains camp Cisco. Dylan. I would some. Are already. -- bring the volatility ArvinMeritor -- get better. That'd be well perhaps they're charged. -- -- -- -- -- I can do a man. I feel like it's going to be a high bar across today BA -- you received phone reception is key to this guy -- did very key. Give me. QB Tyler and Alameda. Make us release your your -- I got got got flat the Korea carried out. -- -- debate. May or -- -- that's where you bank paid I say. They say say. -- they paid -- he'd it. Oh great -- by Monday. Yeah that's leading lady. Yeah -- -- only. Only time my do you have kids. Do you know that song solo. I have a little -- athletic crap out of it died ignored the rap on me now. Right exactly it. All right can you top that I bet you can. Mom let's go to. Let's go to Chris in Valero -- and blame on line nine what's up Chris go ahead. Another radio Chris Chris Harris. And Floyd's gone your way Chris Chris yeah. Sorry Chris I was on. Chris is gone for these trying to like echo of -- guys get a little more away went to get like gas and food yeah. Chris had a good song to man I -- in the clubhouse Greg input and all it 8957957. Greg. Hello what we're ready. We -- yeah and more people. Were. Why are ordinary happened there have been calls for years. JEA are rare cause for Jews. Juan de and and call it what it is but don't they -- are -- there. The low eighties holds up well on any evidence to close -- 20. -- there all the -- -- Won't you haven't I haven't called reputed. To donate. Call acute. While at bill Europe we signals leader in Omaha -- -- beaver guy. -- Greg star Greg Greg. All right that's close to -- Fred you're up there in -- Greg's up there with my daddy's up and they're dealing with Greg depicts a big cause still. That might put ammonia has created god got a good and they offer he gave would be the member was very good. By Chris in Napa. With an old classic what's up Chris. They're at that on patent -- and it just goes on and I I. People stop being an hour and edit it. -- in -- expressed that isn't just that this is a hot and -- At the and it. And that gets used to it but I am -- doesn't it but I'm that bad zoom -- It doesn't ever and that's genius part Seattle it's yeah Chris. Not it's good you wanna be let out striker Chris Wright are. Yet Chris. Chris thank you -- who meet your formation Christian second tier to Greg in -- to me right now. The singing was solid it wasn't -- annoying the song itself boy I think remarkably in the there's gonna be a couple guys that we may have to call back in the 11 o'clock hour with another song to accuse the beamer was -- to you must think I'm talking about potentially sing off. Because the be the one point seven some cars for kids is perfect. The -- the effort he gave I'm now in trying to hit the notes Al of the special effort it was a I mean Harbaugh and known to man -- the offer was just then put his heart and soul into -- that's all I can ask for will in Walnut Creek no real well song that would make a kidnap for kick you out of the car. -- -- the nervous yeah yeah. Yeah and they're. Yeah. Yeah. Good well. They do you think you and only time -- -- we'll talk on. You and him. I. -- didn't do. It is. Our duty to do. It. Well then you're out there yeah or don't I don't I think the big key getting not knowing so little weird to eventually -- I've put bill on the top -- with Greg and I personally DRI yeah. Now pretty good hard belliard you've top -- it gradually got ballroom anything I have never gonna vote the other thing they're they're not 57957. If you can get again. But it's a factor and Brooks in Concord. Hooks can you top that Brooks. A share and -- -- thanks in knowledge. Yeah it's blue -- about -- and -- and round and round and -- how we learned that don't happen at around. Odd to attack I. -- not go out and -- But my ankle and -- dollar and about Scott opening quote can't do it back around. Well in them on the -- -- Does take up annoyance. And this is one of those where you just are true true -- yeah well I don't. He's. Out there and he knows all the vs. Op he gets I think I can drive around implement an hour more yeah I mean he's not the the others. While -- -- -- a very strong effort. At the. First thing I do is I put him in the trunk. He's -- -- -- solid all we appreciate the effort. Appreciate the effort great deal I thank you Brooks thank you Brooks. I TNT. On six day cruising around in a car. What's up the -- -- -- -- -- You shoot picture and let. And you -- Us it just seeing you are little. And yeah. How Latin music and -- and it's really goes up the -- He's almost too good the -- stop -- I mean -- almost too good. TNT good effort really strong effort I think the bar that bill and Greg in Tyler -- is really high right now. Is really difficult to the real one hour before the break again -- be doing what gives me guys in before 1130. As we can't so let's go to true. Bill in Milpitas up next to an I 57 again I don't. They diligent about bill so you. Agent. Let me this that I know kind of Bible tells me so did blows me that it girl. Rules NATO. Maybe repeat repeat. Strong effort bill beyond with this did you put you pour the whole partner that. I did. You know what day. -- sidebar that tiger -- we want to know exactly when the raiders playing here. Yeah I need to know because of their -- to -- three years and I need to know what I can do a lot of channel and -- in your own. Yeah exactly -- why not -- when they -- appreciate the call we're not an issue with everybody want -- -- -- everybody wants to know Jesus loves you bill. Yeah the kid got release was singing gospel view us. -- -- -- Bill seems they got no I wouldn't mind just driving around don't you know really why it's -- Like bill again build into it -- to cool -- -- the car and these phone lines are lit. So Tyler. Greg and bill are still our leaders in the dugout but. John there's still 45 minutes left. Play time to knock them off. Zero -- get my first dealers have bought tickets for Sonoma train down. Come enjoy truly unique experience a twenty minute straight trip that goes through tunnels over bridges to make this stuff and America down get this deal now get my perks that come. It's only valid on Sunday is. Is Jim Johnson the closer again how close are we do that we'll take a break from singing. Susan's Lester will chime in on the next and those guys on the line to get back to your song to my room -- governor accustomed again. Rangers honestly -- thought all right there. It's funny you know. Is there. Final five for Texas she's not what happened. To -- the last inning of last at bat a lot of times what transpired during the middle innings of game. Good opportunities earlier. Yeah last night nobody missed opportunities to -- stories insider join us just a moment lighting guys on the phones as well. I don't wanna make a correction I was saying bill was among goalies will -- last segment we did was. Sing the song that would get a kidnappers to release -- group. And there's got to be annoying obviously and the winner gets the 200 dollar gift card for the paper view. For the a Mayweather fight and of course you get the fight with that you drinks food whatever. And so all I guess the phones we're gonna get back to this necks are trying to squeeze a couple in here as well but it will will -- -- our top tier right now on the golf will. Saying life after love -- share. Greg. Oden from an all for a good cause cause for kids and that Tyler saying Bieber baby. So they -- just his effort -- -- have so little girl I know. Prices plus are -- society here on the show every Wednesday early in today's -- great game today and as Susan joins us your 95 point seven game if just just on a personal note Susan if if if if you're known to sing one song alone in the car -- -- -- Action. I don't know but it would be something from the -- structure and eighty girl to marry a Tanaka to a Bon Jovi you work. No meaning like more -- little new AD now. The last it is Erik yeah yeah gender -- in any. When necessary. But I. After what happened yesterday again. What what do you think Bob Melvin level I mean it's one thing to have six blown saves each individual one to me for the most part hasn't been egregious right thing on these guys are fallen apart. So how do you put in the context affected the bullpen really struggled but but this team won thirteen games over. A lot of clip scanned and I think now and it's right on the money went. You know that's what's going on how the opportunity earlier in the game on. And they're not acceptable and you know it come in in and -- one run lead all the time -- literally can it. Think we got the company did not one bit and elevate and error or something in and -- and current court. And he really hasn't pitched that badly -- little I mean we're of their overall numbers are okay extent that -- they're playing so many close games. I'm very cute to see how that it can play out the coach Mac mini pig which is eager amateur and mark kind of are almost a left right platoon at that point would do little greater sense. And if jumped and works its way back kid and I had heard rumblings when the clarity comes back he's the guy that. Potentially could be pitching in the ninth inning a lot of you know what you get at that speed under. So you know it could peek at that influx Carol and that -- where he met at the tender. And will be you know -- it's believed that a lot of games this year it's -- usual to have that sort of potential -- going on and that important and the ball game. When you mentioned Eric O'Flaherty -- I mean more talk and at the earliest after the all star break the right. He could be back by the variant may certainly in Japan. He's. These terrible protect and he could be out of rehab assignment in -- within the next two weeks -- -- What Gary and our target and -- this morning Susan. Was that even in their blown saves the only one I can think of like last night there was a couple base -- -- a minute I stole base. Jim Johnson's allowed coupled you know base hit singles Peruvians feel. Do little deal the home run in Anaheim in and of winning that game but that's really the only ball that I can remember really get rushed. You know it is -- it's like they're given up a lot of home runs in the sixth blown saves. I'm a manager and the thing that bothers me it locks and that was just look at yeah it would you know or command on the America that come election. I'm not quite sure the word to describe the -- -- is great but I might be why he really hasn't been in that role I think that would -- that you know apparent -- at close to -- -- a lot of guys you can give up a home run now and then you can give up debate it -- and the editor human errors are closer. You know that's it begins to make billions of dollars so eight. What you really need to do that have a TrueCrypt street a lead they are not -- in the net and you know and actually the clothing Hewitt -- happen. -- -- -- And you know it would not it will now give me up for a during that streaky at what -- but apps -- streak save it. How many of them wonder Q I'm really really hard to do it's it's -- mutual. Is it too early to have regrets about not bringing Belfour back. -- Yeah it's hard to say and when the eighth we're talking about sports you want it no longer term deal and for more money -- -- around that yet. And that's why they went another way because we're here every now obviously well before your time. And they felt like commitment would jump and a lot of money and it's such a one year. Outlook on the older side in the late thirty. I think that they did not wanna be looking at -- -- actor got -- -- three years. Given that talent and young talent that happened -- -- or watching MLB network here in the studio and Donaldson's on talk about it zero at this time yesterday right yesterday so he took your spot. Just talked about him I mean just continuing to play at a high level and always had some defense of problems but as we've talked on the show and doesn't really -- and that really concerns us but at the plate he looks like to really be kind of taken that next step. Yeah -- -- at out during the spring about what to expect from novel in which you say he. Luck with that person really full year and certainly first you know. It which you -- playing at a high level income and Ebert you know medical regression in the mean I'm staying in it. You know I don't anticipate that within that team that's seen him now. Yet they started to figure it out we would've seen that last year so that you know those that. Swing isn't real conclude that the approach more than anything it's very important -- that they -- And -- think you look in fire out that kind of yeah it's that the that really clicked for him and keep seeing the ball really well right now on urged. -- but it also helps when -- had access to get on base in front of them meet you get more at occupant. Actually -- with the number caps are in -- in it. I think at that started eaten up. Talk work and right now that -- you know not. I don't. Now he's he's definitely settle in like he said he would -- is was he broke his cleats in. A reader and -- chronicle course online via chronicle blog in her blog and stories terrorists of get that come on Twitter Susan's flustered on the on the station every day gonna talk to Susan we'll see soon. I thank you. I -- wanna get one more song and -- John and I -- -- -- -- -- it was Whitney Houston against Tony Brown Tony Braxton and gas station singer. What a beautiful voice and found -- You know -- a Clive Davis is Whitney's guy I'm not sure. It was a ball. LA LA Reid. She -- LA those really lights my mind. Very rational. I saw him in doing today we've been given away to another gift card for you -- have a paper view party for the Mayweather fight and there's a story from Atlanta worked kid and was kidnapped you sing a song over and over again the Connecticut got so -- let the -- go we thought all right senior song that would make us as you can never let you make you golf would you golf. -- got three guys who we think our top of the list -- you -- we're gonna get back these next -- let me get one more and before that time one more here. We all want all right let me get branded in San Jose -- lets you -- got. I didn't -- -- a good man. I'm sure he got hurt its -- before every late night ratio. -- It carrying. Little room. I am here a lot when we need to get out there and see Arctic animals in the. -- -- Derrick -- -- -- -- and that -- creativity level strong and this region one is deployed already heard a noise it was good. I don't think he's not those guys off the top I don't think -- -- but that was a strong effort I'll say -- I change the channel that commercial comes on and he makes me so uncomfortable. Which is the idea footage too uncomfortable. You know -- I can't look at the eyes and it's sad puppy. We got a couple saw -- once I was because I don't generals yeah we got some plus we totally overvalued. How badly we need the asterisk. Timmerman a knock off -- 957 again.

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