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Haberman and Middlekauff 4/23/2014 Hour 2

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First things first just credit and -- -- of days. We got a little in our own space over your -- Singh Indian -- and a tonight we are well yeah you can blame it on my roots. I showed up the mood to kill the deck and ruined your black tie affair. The last one -- know he's he's comfortable now last Hornish. Let you go. Me in the words united dongle -- Keep your round. You don't yeah -- to the chorus. Your defense stacks of cash contest the code word is slow. Cuban music you know everything under French law even if you don't like country music when friends in low places comes on a ball or I mean it's just stay it's a special song because. And he had two cats and that's. Is slow you have ten past the architect of the 72881. Message and data rates apply -- can -- it. BO website at Entercom contest dot com your chance to a thousand -- four times today code word is slow I went to I was a football game and AM. I went to this bar and all they had -- plant now this is pre Johnny. But they had. They tell us Bennett was their claim their plan now amusingly and so everything every song the music feeling and monitors. And I remember one Fresh Prince of Bel Air music video came on in the stadium noted on this in the bar. The whole place stops. And just everybody I mean really cool. And everybody just starts doing the freshness is in this isn't College Station, Texas in like 2000. Donald six or something. And the whole seven -- -- seventh. And all these Texans knew every single word to the fresh prince -- as I do to the fresh prince of dollar I mean some. It is an absolute classic. It is. What a great job idol is a -- off the blue holiday have delivered you guys have delivered we apply anymore let's call I think what the caller number you know we got a we got a special line he can call and we had guys -- call in via. Special a special submission and we want him to the bad singing today yes they don't just can we. If we you know if they gave the show an intern. I don't want -- airing dirty laundry but another is probably nine interns working on the wheel house for an. I'm kidding I'm only half. All right on -- We all ideas when you get and John I want you to this real quick before you back to the singing and what everyone saw this beautiful again once on our. These guys have texted who got it to the song gonna get if you're just tuning in here's the point. We're given away to another gift card for paper view and -- a pay per view fight party for the Mayweather fight. And were -- about how to give away today with softer Vatican Atlantic ten years old got kidnapped catching in the same song over and over and over again. And the kidnappers let him go if you solenoid we thought right this is. Great annoyance with your song -- to persevere and yes the story of thinking outside the ball -- of -- maybe just love the music human spirit giant -- in humans might get text and remind me what time we drove across country my little sister saying the same song for eight. Straight our and a single Garth because you said yeah you saying Garth you see I don't know what my parents took it because we had a tape deck in the car that you can just hit one by they would rewind -- -- on -- those little red. Yet it was that one of the one the black and white checkers and -- now is futile until all right before I get to the -- we got one guy who is on hold who's been listening to put him at the front of the line. He's got a song. Serve. What is your song. We haven't given him. There you go sir what is your song. Aren't your wrong. And Auburn both of those and -- -- -- first base for the giants but we're still in the morning. All great big league man. I got but three amigos. Some old movie. Martin Short. I do little broader drop. The suite is some off. Ovals it's all in the America. Or two day go off. -- -- brown and a picture audited. Or. -- The you're and you're really good to hit it might be too good for this contest. But after awhile I. Know I would take a -- your pretty good. Well -- Wow you're phenomenal unfortunately you can't win this contest because I'm not honorable mention Aubrey Huff the tonight. Don't sauber at wondering -- that. Does that really doesn't look. Good. Tell -- what. Does not act or. Thank you -- -- the songbird of his generation. That's like the best little -- line from a. From -- Brothers. Now. Are there ya okay he was pretty yummy and good to legitimately good meaning you would get -- -- Lowry back the second but I want you to this because. Works we do that yet -- sorry -- you have to talk to -- today I should screw you bar the door. McCoy get this out real quick because we -- our -- and pulled our hair like five years over. The in the -- the bleeping asterisk. What about Berry's home runs what's baseball gonna do what Albert is 500 last night. And it means everybody goes and looks at who's in the club this -- six guys eleven album since 99 and gone and of those 117. Of them with direct ties to steroids right Sammy Palmeiro McGwire bonds. -- Sheffield. Someone else I'm forgetting that they Sosa Frank Thomas if Thomas is good of Thomas is a missed on of the seven steroid guys but at Thomas is in the eleven year right. Bagwell 500 over that wolves in there bank yeah yeah metals and yeah. The point though is no one knows its history better than baseball like the average fan in any sport doesn't know its own history better than baseball. And and I think -- honorable things a great example how much time we wasted worrying about whether or not there should be an asterisk on on Barry Bonds home run and Astros on his career or season numbers. Because. Everybody looks at that list today and everybody knows who did a lot on that list there's not one person's like. Sammy Sosa. Must've been just as good as Henry -- and everybody knows Big Papi Manny at an agent and unlike other sports direct. Mean I don't things are guys that died decades before I was born in Major League Baseball. Thank you -- who's the most who's the greatest ballplayer whole time. I mean. I'd say it's pretty universal they got to come up would be Bieber right some would say Willie put Willie's been at a game for a year or two also -- -- was playing in the eighteenth I'm talking being nineteen right. You know Lakewood when the war was World War I gas. When alcohol was illegal. Prohibition. -- were slowing it so great and he is. I mean I think we can definitively say he's the most famous baseball player of all time now. So the idea that you know ball security guy I mean I know he's all -- -- -- -- -- -- said. I'm not assume you like -- everybody member everybody cell minutes so many. Actually sued what Rick -- remember when -- said Sammy okay. If not he's fine. But we look at the list and I mean no one needs an asterisk nobody like again -- the whole fame thing put a man won't know who was who we will now. Baseball's history will now why ask you who's the greatest baseball player universal live war on TV is buried -- there -- me till. I mean I and I I is there even close but again like I don't need to give it even closer to mean now. An image I was like. I mean I've -- Syria liken them all most people haven't I don't care about steroids it doesn't really bother -- I'd I'd never been a fan. Of having even put an -- stricker put him in a separate place in the hall via this tournament I mean when Roger was -- guys down in 1986. For the Red Sox. So what if he you know took the cream clearance and your illustrator mown down in New York in early 2000. Doesn't bother me but to me is not yeah I mean we're past the point is a lot we are at the point where I think everybody we keep baseball does a great job of keeping its own history. If panic takes and Jews to get the base hits right now BL four feet. I know you know I know you what and -- Ever forget it -- get another tune you one more -- furthermore. All right these guys have been -- NN I said guys. We have a duet it's a duet they do wet is on hold now again it's Tyler who -- Bieber so -- avoid -- -- -- cars for kids and will saying. Life after love in the -- in the clubhouse right now leaders in the club now this could be like the -- -- version of like 98 degrees so these guys are paramedics in Moran this is Matt and Brett and that's like into the back story that Seacrest -- before you get the guys and why I like the -- -- backyard growth and a small town in the you all I ever won the Stanley worked at the local pharmacy. Dad left when he was young thought he might just you know life of corn harvesting went through some low lows yeah I'm just you know went through some stuff some anger management issues. Announced just you know him advance this this this time trying to provide for his you know. Litter of puppies that were just -- for a guy on the plan all right so we have Matt and Matt and Brad. Welcome to the show are you guys -- on. So you guys -- paramedics and you're just what waiting for something that happened. Yeah pretty much just hang around there at -- -- you know -- is that it's -- just because you guys are parked in what like what do you do while you wait for something happened hanging out in the ring. -- -- And you are right so this is Matt and Brad. The paramedics and Iran have at it. Our -- you're ready. They have their bad. -- and I don't want a statute polls. To know who. Student. It's out bin Laden. -- -- anybody and I assure you there -- -- who will. And under. Shot. Are you what you look -- Bear to -- and don't. Well while. And then. It cheered and -- am asking. You. And you know I am -- and. My did my -- got a new leader in the clubhouse watch all the ballots thrown -- there should -- about you guys are saving lives. Thing is doing dudes. And as a part. You're wow. The scheduling of the movie with -- Robin Williams is like a doctor with with a -- -- Patch Adams will let you call. -- the doctor just public mound I'm black man rather on my side. I hope aren't there yet keep them on hold it might have a hard Zack and I'm down a man until it was help me in the next -- -- Brad moment that these guys get a single. The thing and paramedics house get. As there in like -- party was safe way. This phenomenal. -- If you -- qualifiers to get in. Here and plus. I'm more worried about. You more worried about it's painful thing to watch the giant today's yesterday they were limited government -- game. 957 big game. Sarah and a 18578. And 1115 minutes it's the a's dugout show. I'll have that for aids and Rangers. Sunny great today. Sunny great today we know well what -- a winner tournament and I don't think -- Johnny Toni Braxton -- the gas station here we thought I was good robberies. Robbery does have a good voice. The dollars rallies. Breaks Jones media business. You'll be okay and he'll be on the -- do okay. I we had -- we had we have a debate to get to. In a moment about the winner of the 200 dollar pay per view party and get to this the real quick if we talk a little bit. Earlier was who's about the gays in the bullpen. We get -- -- did did you send an offense to Coors Field John. Against some of the guys Iraqis have been run out there and I mean known won a cy young and asked him. Moved and get enough then I mean start after start after start you get bombed our complete game yesterday. You get in -- has been fantastic. Hudson -- in San Diego was great after -- was really good there. Getting the nod thing and my concern with them to -- the US like lectured about the a's bullpen not really. I don't hasn't been pretty at all but I think those guy like again like game by game a look at Gregor -- OK he's I think he's better than what three blown saves are yeah. So for me the bigger concern is -- -- offense that is the a's bullpen. Because I just sitting up more sitting fourth that we like Michael Moore on the show a lot but based on its seventh. Angel of god doesn't make the scariest thing of all John -- -- doesn't look totally healthy he's he's. Dollars and he's hurt. At this offense is putrid right now. And you know I. I'm more -- giants fan and -- and in my entire life now I know the giants torture over the past couple years but. Posey won the MVP in 2012. In 2010. When they won the World Series Huff had a big time a year Posey came up that second half the year was money Pablo. He was more hit or miss -- other guy you know. Corey Roth came -- had some big hits. I'm little I'm afraid to things injuries I mean does not healthy and we that we know what. Is important Salina talked about that with him Coca how important those two guys or we're -- especially. Because it is an enemy XP -- Let's on the many guys and then again and then when things go wrong it may have to like try to manipulate his office that you have to put more set -- and were. To Bismarck north as the Bay Area but I don't remember right 1130 in trying to ideal spot forum is I think Scion to hit cleanup guy would -- he's off which he has been lately and then they are growing because. Is -- every game that goes by you kind of think yourself. Has he become more a marketing tool than a -- baseball player and we both thought especially you and I wasn't far behind -- he have a big year he's a good player. I thought it was a 120 million dollar guy but guy he just looks will he still can my my thing is. -- specifically with him but just is offense in general it's a little early to start pressing like last year by the end of the year we're talking about below cheer their grinder and but it's a little early in the -- to start freaking out about pressing. I think that does probably Wear you down a little as a player can -- garner play third -- I could be like thirty yeah I don't really and I don't worry play -- last night given a lot cup. These are thinking that we just a crazy thing the thing -- I mean legitimately though he makes some pretty good swings where you think you're out yet but he like everybody elsewhere -- for the fences. It doesn't pop he does like legitimate pop I mean this is some out of left field. And he's Grand Slam when out of left field over a fence by a mile current last night rope double. I don't know I to me that it -- it's not I don't understand there are often far greater concern in the a's bullpen -- -- question -- offense has been a continual. Issue for years did I said to someone. And how Bim bam as I like them their madam that. Here's -- and almost singing the anthem played another sport. Like in in football for instance if your offense had that awful for three or four year stretch even if you want eventually the -- point the finger at the office coordinator. It's kind of crazy in baseball. I'm sure -- gets a lot of critics are pitchers have been so good. But they're hitting has been pretty mediocre for years -- one or two guys really buster for the last couple years and even him as an avalanche of bad. Normally talks about that now. Because they've won championships. You know prior to me but I'm just saying yeah I mean I was championship there offense legitimate issue but the pitching carried him. Especially the second to Richard and Buster Posey and anybody out there authorizes an issue with guys. I mean Buster Posey we know he is. We've talked about pence a lot but we know what he is. -- he's better than this. Yes I mean problem he'd better than this since. You know comic -- as an omen but every guy instead we talked to Derosa yesterday and he said -- he's got a president doctor Michael Moore she's the F panel looks like he's pressing a little bit. And all these. At some point like answer the -- sweeten the deal do for yourself on some -- now there's some mechanical issue that's one thing that this is we're talking about with him talk about. -- -- that's what we all fan and had you not press. In -- situation heading up -- I'm what -- I just only many can do about it other then brought out there I think Shawn Estes said yesterday on CSN he's got to use it may be set on when he was on the wheel house got a swing his way through it. Guess -- his way out of it. Like that's baseball you know I'm sailing in football you okay we're gonna do this and that and what did you guys out into the baseball. Well last night. I think it was the second -- pence flied out to right field but he hit it hard yeah I mean the guy had a I mean cover some serious ground crew goes like that's -- -- you know there are -- you get pleased with outs -- what's crazy baseball like. You're pleased with failure like when it's a positive failure. Like he want IKEA the ball hard hit the opposite way group like you keep doing that ball will fly to be fun. -- -- -- like you please like a missed jump shot right it's you know good form it's the only it's it's what makes this more unique it's hard to. It's hard to cover -- -- debates because you don't wanna get too high you don't wanna get too low. You wanna call people's heads you don't wanna say dramatic changes. But we we talked about this beginning to the depth I mean if I put god is. Guy he was laboring swinging. -- that last they'd be in the ninth inning is is. Would be is less leads it's is not right to vote but here's the thing with the -- if they've got a lineup that hasn't hit for three days what other guys will just whatever they can move things all around question there isn't if you wanted to make a dramatic change of the -- on right now. There's nothing you can really do aside from a quarantine or -- about third. What I mean you -- get a second or or Brandon hit second I I don't know promise that instead of if that -- there. But again it's I don't know not really -- of six William Sorrell later in life. More an idea or even for -- -- again that's when they sign him it wasn't to be the cleanup and so local. Anyway -- we announce a winner here we've had some great phenomenal. I I think it's it's down to four right. -- done before which is really five we had. Tyler who -- Bieber. We had will who -- share. We had Matt and Brad and singing paramedics. Who's saying Britney Spears and a really good we want them to save our lives if brutal -- We had and we had Greg. Who. A heart attack MI have refereed the cheeseburger for a -- Greg who's to who's doing this for a good cause let's say you say cars for kids. If you don't mind they're all battling it out John for 200 dollar gift card. For a paper view party -- for the Mayweather might -- fight. Don't mess. Marcos el -- my Donna take on Floyd money Mayweather on Saturday may -- live on showtime pay per view beginning at 6:30 PM as the battling for you get the the paper you -- party rider Max Kellerman yes McDormand. So we were we did real lot of debate. Hear about this and it was very difficult. But in the end. He's on hold now can we just reveal him by having him sing on core version of his song. All right let's go to move the winner of the gift cards at the Pentagon doesn't Greg for an encore performance Panetta Greg. Watergate. And there and call for yeah. John day area all it's called for -- -- And there have been called for a period. Donate you'll caused you to no use dirty or. Law Nate than just the link scuba geared. Yeah all. We can. Load OK just and call for years don't they jolt caller cute yeah. Congratulations. Enjoy Floyd. And el -- Niemi eighteen packet CLs -- some DVR. Oracle pizzas. Congratulations Greg thank you I think -- you guys were awesome tonight thanks to make it a fun and all the guys on all we can get to a lot of people they solved. I know what I'm thing everybody else other thing John death we get to this again some time and who think no question which is undoubtedly. What everybody. Has to be thinking -- people wanted to because we're gonna somewhere this Wednesday. Well I think people can throw as yet they would give away. That's okay -- still work and come out there yet you're out of here adios to all right. I didn't talk for most of the show was fine by me. The singing was phenomenal things are you guys try to get him got in a Texan who voted no on the text line you. -- Dug -- show is coming up next he didn't get him by the way to save it will try to do that against some time. Let -- just coming up next. Phase and the Rangers signed -- got a day. They -- an -- today government milk off the various mishaps forced 957 against.

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