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The Damon Bruce Show 4/23/14 HOUR 1

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While demanding great to have Leo long days stands -- sorry just got room to buy the Texas Rangers. That's -- good baseball team these two teams -- gonna be -- each other's throats all season long and one of them I repeat one of them will walk away with this division. Very good chance the other could be the American League while Carter one of the American League wild cards but we. I'm awful lot of summer in between now and that actual conversation taking shape welcome in -- show. We're dead and gone a little bit late today thanks to the baseball game we are gonna go to 7 o'clock tonight. Which means you still got plenty time to hang out together -- time to take your calls at 888957957. No we got big things to get into today. The ever present topic of it's eighty. Continues. If I may recap. Jeanne Kwan is interview here on the Damon's on the day members show few weeks ago. That young yeah. Not that Malone not yet again. I mean when she actually joined does it sound like she said things like. Well by the end of the summer we will have a decision on the raiders and thanks to the prince of Dubai in the Colony Capital. Construction group which is all over capitol coliseum city and oh we got plans with rich influential deep pocketed people to come in here and make things happen. And did I mention Howard terminal and how much -- like that and I preferred that side for the Oakland days and by the way the Oakland a's are just about to sign a ten year -- With the coliseum and if that doesn't show you long term commitment to the city of Oakland nothing. Now now now that I don't -- blown out. Is essentially what she said. The honorable mayor Jean Quan here in the -- show this is very thank you so much for joining me today. -- -- Now I just wanna know have you had any chance to actually sit down with the -- to negotiate this -- I really want to live in the city in the mayor called I'd I'd certainly take that meeting why won't they meet with -- -- mayor. Got. -- -- -- But what do you think about. Your chances of keeping all team -- -- -- There's not a single point she tried to make on the show which in not even a week or ten days time hasn't been completely this used. Discredited. Report it is on factual. Or just not true. Today. We have even more on this. And we'll get to it a little bit later Ron can promise he. No hope wanna have the mayor on us to get people talking but not if there are just gonna talk misinformation and nonsense. And it seems like that's what we got more than anything else. Got a really good show for you today on a day where we're still looking back in a stinging. Game to defeat. Almost. This soothing home of the San Jose Sharks helping warrior fans should you share an allegiance. Because those sharks. Last night. Skated as good of a hockey game -- you can actually sit and watch figure onto eyeballs. Hockey doesn't get better in the last night. It simply can't. -- the only way hockey gets better than last night is -- the end of the game like that somebody gets a big silver shiny trophy and they stayed around the -- -- it that's the only way hockey gets better. Is -- you have the single greatest trophy presentation. On planet earth after your game but that game itself last night was unbelievable the good and what may -- game -- some. Is the kings were great last night to. Jonathan Quick. Had a third period for the ages he stopped. Everything. Until all grandpa Marleau put one past him on the back candor and no today. What a different contrasting style. Of it in the defect they got the rookie Tomas turtle he got old river Marleau score and. Right now the sharks looked as balanced. And it's ready for challenges I've ever seen them. In any playoff they've entered and I've seen their opening playoff successes and disappointments. I've seen there all this is the year this is the year this is the year sharks. Tell you this could be the year. That's how well they're playing right now. They got a three nothing lead immense series could should be it. Should be a bitch may pinch me -- Jewish -- the kings. Right off the ice. I always -- -- and when you get swept in a hockey series. Should you urges Zamboni. You just got don't need big time. Today in about fifteen minutes from right now we're gonna talk to a hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon is gonna join us we're gonna talk about. This year's draft class. He is. The color analyst for the Seattle Seahawks we will talk about what Terrelle Pryor. Heading to the great Pacific northwest means for all teams involved. A friend of mine. A guy who I think operates one of the most reflective of this -- Christ of our times sports web sites there is. Black sports on line. Check it out. You do not have to be African American to enjoy black sports online it might help. But it's not necessary. It is phenomenal. By the way. I believe they call those grand slams. Sent Hector Sanchez just -- four run he Acker does tied to date right. Let's go to Grand Slam boys and girls. Act and son chase. By the way. -- talk about a very curious article written by. Andrew back early. Which show. Again. Takes takes unnecessary shots and unnamed radio hosts too cowardly way to write an article you don't mind me saying and I like gander back Italy. I do like candy badly. But. I don't know. Feels a little giants mouth PC to meet. And a very odd article. About how it's unfair fans are booing Santa Paula he's this year's whipping boy in that. It's always a minority an inherent. Inherent racism in some of the criticisms. Here is the reason why fans pylon Sandoval. Because he's wildly talented staggeringly on disciplined. A huge pain in the rear end when it comes continued down on -- oh and is aging just tried to place pick them up for a guy who's not even hitting his weight. That's why fans are pissed off the -- the ball they're tired of the dance. Thought it was a really odd column. And it took a shot at a friend of mine to him. Well. I come to the defense of my friends. So we're gonna talk about that a little bit later on. Without trying to involve. Old stations or call letters. It's Wednesday night part two -- tonight. Sure it was also the Monday night but I wanted to -- in the next Monday night. Yankees -- dangerous ignorance. Jeff passed he's gonna join me today. Mike Brown of your San Jose Sharks will join me today is well Warren -- at 430 Robert what's all the editor of black sports online at 530. Jeff pass in at 6 o'clock Mike Brown at 630. That is our show today it is going to be a good one all. I buried the lead did not. 5 o'clock. NFL schedules come out. That's all you really need -- now. From five to 525. We'll be salivating over NFL schedules there. It just shows you -- obtained this sport is. Which shows you how monstrous it is. They hand us a list of teams in the order in which they will play each other veterans like. Odyssey is not my god -- -- you know. And I can pretend I don't want to see this schedule. When will the 49ers in Seahawks meet the power the raiders set up this year. How about these rookie quarterbacks. As seen through the eye of hall of fame quarterback. -- moment is in the hall of fame porn moans and nine time pro bowler who won five great jobs for goodness sakes he joins me next talking about quarterback Terrelle Pryor Seahawks and all things football here on the day membership. Five point seven -- can't. Well when it comes to knowing quarterbacks the Seattle situation. And just all around how to be a success in the NFL. Warren Moon is a master on all three topics the hall of Famer the nine time pro bowler is good enough to join me here to talk about. Some of the changing quarterbacking landscapes in the NFL Warren thank you very much are you doing this afternoon. I'm doing great if it was more world news weighed on the draft like everybody goes you know pushing inspect these three weeks do you. Everybody a little bit more to talk about a little bit more. Two you know discount. Guerrero where they think guys are gonna go and pure joy of teaching time right now. It is the NFL loves the attention does it not. No question about it they've made this an even bigger events and would have. That's what they do their marketing genius okay. Object coming up in just a few minutes from now we're gonna go bonkers over. It just schedules coming out I mean they got -- wrapped around their finger. You know they'll levels show on Saturday and everybody to be riveted to -- because everybody of the -- so popular right now and everybody -- wants to know where their favorite teams play and who's going to be you open it up this season and was Monday night games in the Thursday night games with. -- with a lot of interest in the NFL. No doubt and you know there's always so much interest in the position of quarterback and obviously. Bay Area quarterbacks are in the news for much different reasons everyone was surprised to see the Seattle Seahawks. Trading a late pick to the Oakland Raiders. For Terrelle Pryor. -- here is a guy who is an absolute physical specimen is good -- an athlete as you can put on the field. But whether or not he is going to be. You know and in every day caliber NFL quarterback will the jury still out on that there are a lot of raider fans who feel he didn't get enough time. When the Seahawks traded for Terrelle Pryor what do you think about the move war. I thought it was brilliant -- outsiders. Is known for. We're doing things like this he's a guy that's just look in the draft all the time you'll give up six of these things you can -- other young player. Like two road rules you know been in the lead already three years has some experiences. Phils starter. And like you cities' BP quickly that. Can still be formed and what you wanted to be informed him because he's such a great please -- -- great attitude as far as. Wanted to get better so. If you look at if you look at -- for a quarterback in the draft or later rounds. These pictures several rounds why not go for a guy who has already been -- whose only 24 years old another ten or twelve years left in the league. And it has tremendous did you -- me I think it's brilliant move. You know Russell Wilson obviously fully entrenched as the team's starter saw little news on him today that he and his wife were separating. Without being callous. Probably a good idea to do that while you're still on your rookie deal -- war. Well you I hear that because they're both very good people -- all very sorry but. It's too bad idea that we what he's gonna make in the future definitely reveal a lot more than what he's making right now I think he's scheduled to make about 600 some thousand this year probably about over twenty million match. Again the defending Super Bowl champion quarterback will be be lowest paid quarterback on his own team. He enjoyed that rookie contract while you can certainly the Seahawks are. And you know obviously the raiders were looking at -- Pryor and asking him to make you start looking at doing other things being. In an H back a tight end some other sort of weapon on the field beyond just quarterback. It seems like the Seahawks are are are looking at him as a slash type of player is well. For whatever reason he didn't wanna become that or acquiesce to -- in Oakland but it seems like he'll be more open minded to it and Pete Carroll probably have. A big reason behind that what is it about Carol. That makes players respond to him almost universally positively. Well you know the other great personality and a great rapport with players and you know he's recruited players from many years as a college football coach. He's -- a lot of these players and they ourselves. As far back maybe sixteen years old and high schools we've got a chance to -- them via their homes -- this. All out about them and even though -- in the final ball. These other good background all of a lot of these because I'm sure he recruited -- -- at some point down the road we've deleted go to USC but. He keeps an eye on all these guys that if they come to the you know he saw what drill bit against us in the receiver last year when he got outside the pocket he was released -- to deal with them. They like post I -- guys who have a lot of versatility so. Even though I think they would still try and develop him as a quarterback if you could use him and other ways during that time why not try and do that gave him on the field some other situations. I think that the talks are always open minded to that type of thing if anything -- you develop the guys in this you have some value to trade him and his you know maybe maybe a third or fourth round draft -- form. After the pre season is over depending on how well he's played so. The dogs are always look at all they're different. He has different ideas of how they can utilize the player whether it's for their football team or babies you -- get a draft pick them -- Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon part of the Seahawks broadcast team joining us here on the Damon Bruce show. I'm guessing if Obama young quarterback I'm coming to you for advice and I'm sure you've told a lot of people -- stick -- it. You practicing in mastering your craft is the only way to becoming a starter in this league. I'm having said that its role prior walks up to you and says mr. -- They're asking me to play different positions I believe in my mind and heart I'm a quarterback what advice would you give because I'm sure it's that. So it's a tough thing to do to say stay the course believing yourself or. Maybe be open to. Other positions which could prolong your professional opportunity. Well if he tells me he wants to play quarterback at best that's what his -- Soul tells him that he wants to do. That's almost don't have to do it maybe that's not a place for him to be in Seattle have -- they can do a lot of those different things. If they're gonna -- allow him to be in the quarterback meetings just to go for all the quarterbacks terminology. To work of a quarterback. The majority of the time in practice in -- maybe do some other things. Gore didn't do that because the more you can do in the NFL the longer you stay around. But he's still getting a chance to develop himself as a quarterback than a lot of the other extra work she's gonna have to put in on his old one in the film room. Has grown steadily coming in early quarter -- field taking guys out working on involves. Well moving you -- to do -- to do good quarterback in this league even if that's the only position that your playing so if you wanna do those type of thing to put this time in. I don't think the other positions will be a big distraction for him -- only be a small part of what they're gonna do anyway offensively. Warren I was reading that you were breaking down the rookie quarterbacks available in this draft and you -- blown away by what you see with Johnny -- -- can you -- also your -- event. I think he's well most exciting college quarterback ever receive the other guy runs around he makes plays. He's very elusive with the ball in his hands. But he is also very dangerous -- -- it was a football -- -- -- takes a lot of chances and a lot of those chances I think that you get away with -- college football you just will not get away with the National Football League and that's what makes -- -- those special where Eagles special type of plays. If you take those things away from his game and try to coach them I don't know if he's still the same exciting player of his that you saw on college. I don't know if you can just sit in the pocket and throw the football all day long what he's probably gonna have to. Yeah you definitely wanted to capability to get outside the pocket but he's got to make better decisions when he's outside the pocket as far as. Taking on particular on our tourism and punishment you don't wanna get hurt you wanna be available all the time. You don't wanna be thrown that ball up for grabs for the fill that ball will be kicked off so. Also my biggest concern about him but I still think the guy complaint with no question about it is either number one overall pick. Format yet. You know the I think it was Pat Riley who coined the phrase war and the disease of more and it always affects champions champions. Are always bitten by the disease of more you win that you think you're more responsible for that winning you turn around you ask for more money more exposure more years more dollars. -- no more rings in your big year in year. More diamonds in your Super Bowl ring than the other guy we RDC that Richard Sherman who probably deserve at least. Does deserve to be the top paid corner in the NFL but he's already looking to be. The top big quarter in the NFL. Do you feel that the Seahawks will be able to. Thanks to Pete Carroll hold back the disease of more. Maybe more than other teams have been able to in the past. You know I think so this -- a team that does still have a lot of guys on this team things to prove. There are very competitive bunch. They they wanna be great they wannabes. -- -- known as just a team that wins one championship they wanna win multiple championships events -- what their legacy will be all about. The way he coaches of football team was very competitive environment he's not gonna allow guys to be complacent so. I don't think this team he has to worry about that sure guys -- gonna -- Get the maximum maximum their contract and if they deserve to be the the highest paid because they're the best and they should get better I think the or would take care of their home players. Like we've seen them do but I think you've got to be working hard and I think you'll see that hunger come back into the -- they go on the field. I don't think they know any other way but the play at a high level. You know are obviously sitting here in San Francisco we can't wait to see when these Seahawks forty niner games come out in the schedule the world about to be handed by the NFL here. -- in the 5 o'clock hour can't wait to see when these two teams meet the NFC title game. Very much was the Super Bowl Warren I have not seen a defense. Place Super Bowl like that may be in my life not since the 85 bears anyways I thought the key to the Super Bowl for Seattle was simply this. The defenders closed on bronco receivers faster than Manning could get them the ball. They were -- they got the receivers faster than the ball dead and that's why nobody I think. Turned around for a single yard after catch the entire game. Yet they had a real good understanding of what's what's the brothels wanted to do it like you sit there really rally to the football and they tackle very well that football game. Broncos came into that game improve the leading team in the league with yards after the catch by the receivers in the sea -- with a defense that has the least -- yards after the catch so. Defense one that. That category and and the -- was tackling because you know of the state was gonna completes passes that he completed and that game but they got very little after the catch. If we talk again can I tell you about the time machine that I am building where I'm gonna take. The Houston Oilers didn't run and shoot offense and put it into the modern no huddle era what do you think that would done. It below funded is with the rules where they are the way to protect receivers value. -- had a -- -- still together after five yards off line of scrimmage the quarterbacks would be in the protected much better than we were back in the days so it be a lot of fun throwing the ball around in this type of a test at these games this fifteen yard penalty just look at Warren -- unemployed. I noted in Iraq still far for the defense of players unity ticket veto the linemen just put his hand up to try to block -- -- and has had come down in Ghana. You know just -- brushes against a quarterback's face -- -- his helmet and you get to fifteen our ability just really makes it's tough to play defense. Times are changing Warren Moon here on the Damon version thank you so much great to talk to -- Retirement here I tell you. We're sitting here talking a Warren Moon trying to pay close attention everything he's saying is deet tails bits bubbles of the NFL's schedule. Starting to be leaked ahead of the 5 o'clock release time. Forty niner fans Thanksgiving. And it's just been canceled. Or you could say Thanksgiving has just been amplified the Seahawks at nine years. Will be the late Thanksgiving game lead by stadium. You can kind of feel that one coming. My question is will they save seahawk niners in Seattle. The before or after that will be the opening Thursday nighter. I wonder I wonder I wonder you know at 5 o'clock. We'll be looking forward to seeing those schedules when they come out where you were gonna go pro with a fine toothed comb. By the way on day schedules. Released last year yeah. My day of scheduling. Predictions. Didn't come true for both teams I was dead on both raiders and niners. We'll see if I can be that accurate again 888957957. Now tick tock tick -- fifteen minutes NFL schedules. And with the team and show. Seventy. It was good -- -- and that's what you greater gains or placing -- good to -- suitable. That's only be glowed like he's going about it that we get another chance and we do ask the same chemistry with the same guys that are back throughout the world so we have and have a chance to -- it. Vernon Davis on NBC sports networks -- pro football talk just yesterday. Talking about the urgency of winning a Super Bowl. It's not something they want to happen. 49ers say it must happen. Your niner fan that's what you must wanna hear absolutely do. Here's the deal boys and girls the path that the 49ers. Will try to take to the Super Bowl the path that the Oakland Raiders will try to take. Back to respectability. Will be revealed to us in about twelve minutes from right now NFL schedules come out at 5 o'clock. I don't wanna say were holding our breath getting excited for this. Home we are holding our breath getting excited for a minute this is this is the biggest sport in America is about to show us the sixteen weekends that will captivate us. What we do know. Is that the 49ers in Seahawks will be playing. As marquee match up as you can possibly fine. And it appears. That -- stadium will be hosting. A game Thanksgiving. Against the Seahawks. So that is going to be very interest staying -- make an incredible day. Even better. All so a little bit of a rumor. That the very first opponent in Levi stadium the first regular season opponent. At Levi's stadium. May be to Chicago Bears -- Thank you very much that's all we're talking about right now actual facts. Will be handed to us before the end of next hour or have a -- -- the beginning of next hour. Meanwhile. We've got Robert at all of black sports online going to join us next hour I'm sure he is going to be all over him. We're gonna talk Major League Baseball -- Jeff passing and sharks fans we've got Mike Brown. You're 28 year old right Winger. Seven himself a very good series just like every other San Jose shark right now. Against the kings he's gonna join me at 630 looking forward to talking to him. Everything that we talked about with the mayor Jean Quan. Has officially now either -- debunks debug debriefed or dismissed. Let's go to mark in Pacifica how -- -- mark here on the Damon Bruce show. And commitment to economic talk. Yet it's all what the raiders -- and lawyers it's just it's looking worse and worse -- actually. Here -- in other words are on the right and then. There were set to know -- -- they wanted to -- operators burst. You know and that comes out Monday night at the -- even -- that Letterman check to interpret this policy -- city. That and they have on their base into eternity and a lot younger set they were gonna do it ten year extension again. And all. They're gonna have offered it and now we're not interested -- that anymore it's just what what's going on in. All -- like complete -- It's amazing the amount of miscommunication. Disinformation. That is being passed around not among sports talk show hosts and listeners and fans mark. The by the people who are in charge of this it doesn't seem like there's anybody who is taken ownership of solving this issue. Everybody's got a different message -- how can you deliver. -- -- -- -- anyone in the right direction if everybody talking is pointing in different directions. -- -- mind boggling until. I hate to independent record and I. -- got it shall immediately picked. We're all preachy and -- -- on the raiders get somewhere stole -- and here in our interpret it ten were -- Let you know art it is something going -- not -- in that that -- and been going on behind you want to get your thoughts on that and a carburetor. Thank you very much appreciate the call thank you mark. Look I don't know what the raiders real intentions are like if you -- -- take Mark Davis strap a -- share. Sodium pentothal the hell out of them the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth. What would you prefer. To stay here in northern California. Keep your geographic rivals. A rivalry going with the 49ers. In get a stadium done in Oakland. Or would you like to be the first. To farmer's field. Should that ever did built in Los Angeles like people were up do you -- region rather day. He'd probably say Los Angeles right. Just based on size of media market TV revenue. Starting in new. I don't know I don't know. To me. I remember when I was a little kid and the raiders moved to Los Angeles. I didn't know much about sports I didn't know much about football but I knew the word Oakland sounded a lot tougher than Los Angeles. I was like Oakland Raiders just sounds good Oakland Raiders sounds tougher sounds like a harder team to beat -- The Los Angeles raiders. I don't want him to move. I wonder what they really want. Here's the thing have you noticed that there's not a single team. In the Bay Area. Getting in new stadium. That didn't bust their own rear ends to make it happen for themselves. Waiting around for somebody to come and get this done for you. Means it won't get done for you. And that's what's driving us nuts. That's tough initially I think driving everybody was talking about this -- Fisher family can -- About this if that is your family wanted to let let let's say territorial rights. Didn't exist at all. If the Fisher family wanted to buying. And demolish. A ten block radius of downtown San Francisco. To put DA's there they have the money for that. The Fisher family couldn't buy and sell the Steinbrenner is ten times over. The Fisher family could turn around and buy and sell how many of the actual collective. Giants investors. These people got we can handle the money. For whatever reason they're not handling it -- their own money they're saying mrs. mayor what are you gonna do for us and basically what she is saying is. That the -- not no no not not not now won't won't. And that's what the -- won't even take her call won't even set up a meeting whether. I watch NFL schedule walls. We're gonna get up next here on their numbers out.

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