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Warren Moon

Apr 23, 2014|

The HOF QB discusses Terrelle Pryor's role in Seattle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well when it comes to knowing quarterbacks the Seattle situation. And just all around how to be a success in the NFL. Warren Moon is a master on all three topics the hall of Famer the nine time pro bowler is good enough to join me here to talk about some of the changing quarterbacking landscapes in the NFL Warren thank you very much are you doing this afternoon. I'm doing great if they ever more world news -- -- like everybody -- you know what you expect these three weeks disputes. Everybody a little bit more to talk about a little bit more. Two. Just. Guerrero where they think guys are gonna go and it's a real interesting time right now. It is the NFL loves the attention -- not. No question about it they've made this an even bigger event -- would have been. That's what they do their marketing genius -- I should. Coming up in just a few minutes from now we're gonna go bonkers over. It just schedules coming out I mean they got -- wrapped around their finger. You know -- levels show on Saturday and everybody will be riveted to -- over everybody of the NFL's so popular right now and everybody you know wants to know where their favorite teams play and who's going to be you open up the season and was Monday night games in the Thursday night game -- Forward a lot of interest in the bill. No doubt and you know there's always so much interest in the position of quarterback and obviously. Bay Area quarterbacks are in the news for much different reasons everyone was surprised to see the Seattle Seahawks. Trading a late pick to the Oakland Raiders. For Terrelle Pryor. Eight here is a guy who is an absolute physical specimen is good -- an athlete as you can put on the field. But whether or not he is going to be. You know and in every day caliber NFL quarterback will the jury still out on that there -- a lot of raider fans who feel he didn't get enough time. When the Seahawks traded for Terrelle Pryor what do you think about the move more. I thought it was brilliant -- outsiders is known for. We're doing things like it is because it's not just look in the draft all the time you'll give up efforts of these things in other young player. Like roe rules you know been in the league already three years has some experiences. Phils starter election cities' -- quickly that. Can still be formed in what you wanna be informed him because he's such a great please have a great attitude as far as wanting to get better so. If you look at if you look at -- for a quarterback in the draft in the late rounds. Please -- -- seventh -- -- -- go for a guy who has already been overly whose only 24 years all of them generic quote it is definitely. And has tremendous potential and they could remove. You know Russell Wilson obviously fully entrenched as the team's starter saw little news on him today that he and his wife were separating. Without being callous. Probably a good idea to do that while you're still on your rookie deal -- war. Well you I hear that because they're both very good people are all very sore but. It's too bad idea that when you what he's gonna make in the future is definitely reveal a lot more than what he's making right now I think he's -- to make about 600 some thousand this year probably about. Over twenty million match. Again the defending Super Bowl champion quarterback will be the lowest paid quarterback on his own team. He enjoyed that rookie contract while you can certainly the Seahawks are. And you know obviously the raiders were looking at -- prior and asking him to may be start looking at doing other things being. In an H back a tight end some other sort of weapon on the field beyond just quarterback. It seems like the Seahawks are are are looking at him as a slash type of player is well. For whatever reason he didn't wanna become that or acquiesce to -- in Oakland but it seems like he'll be more open minded to it and Pete Carroll probably have. A big reason behind that what is it about Carol. That makes players respond to him almost universally positively. Well you know it was great personality and a great group or with players and you know he's recruited players from many years the college football coach. All of a lot of these players in -- bill as far back maybe sixteen years old and high schools so he's got a chance to all of them be in their homes talked. Or a lot about them and even millions final ball. These other good background all of a lot of these -- I'm sure he recruited room prior at some point on the road waited go to USC but. He keeps an eye on all these guys and as they come to the you know what you saw would drill -- against -- in the pre season last year when he got outside the pocket he was. To deal with them they like those type of guys who have a lot of versatility so. You'll -- I think they would still try and develop them as a quarterback if you could use him in other ways during that time want to try and do that. Give him on the field some other situations. I think that the talks are always open minded to that type of thing. If anything you know you develop the guy in this has some value to trade him and just you know might be maybe a third or fourth round draft -- form. After the pre season is over depending on how well he plays so don't throw it looked at all they're different. Different ideas Republicans who you -- the player whether it's for their football team or -- or get a draft pick bill. Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon part of the Seahawks broadcast team joining us here on the Damon Bruce show. I'm guessing -- -- a young quarterback I'm coming to you for advice and I'm sure you've told a lot of people -- stick with it. -- practicing in mastering your craft is the only way to becoming a starter in this league. I'm having said that if Terrelle Pryor walks up to you and says mr. -- They're asking me to play different positions I believe in my mind and heart -- a quarterback what advice would you give because I'm sure it's that. So it's tough thing to do to say stay the course believe in yourself or. May be be open to. Other positions which could prolong your professional opportunity. Well if he tells me he wants to play quarterback about which is part. Sold tells him that he wants to do -- -- from -- tell him to do and maybe that's not a place for him to be in Seattle have. They're gonna they can do a lot of those different things. If they're gonna -- allowed to be in the quarterback meetings -- -- to. Go -- quarterback terminology. To work of a quarterback. Jordan it's -- -- practice and maybe do some other things you know gore didn't do that because the more you can do in the NFL the longer you stay around. But he's still getting a chance to build himself as a quarterback and have a lot of the other extra work he's gonna have to put in on his old one in the film room. Has grown steadily committed early -- out of the field taking guys out working on involved. People who think you have to do overview good quarterback in this league even if that's the only position that your playing so if you as well as do those type of thing -- put that time in. I don't think the other positions will be a big distraction for that'll only be a small part of what they're gonna do anyway offensively. Warren I was reading that you were breaking down the rookie quarterbacks available in this draft and you weren't blown away by what you see with Johnnie -- and -- can you -- also you're -- event. I think he's won the most exciting college quarterback ever overseas the other guy roams around -- makes please. He's very elusive with the ball in his hands but he is also very dangerous it was for all of his -- takes a lot of chances and a lot of those chances I think to get away with a college football you just will not get away with in the National Football League and that's what makes -- those special. We're -- special type -- place. So if you take those things away from his game and trying to coast of if he's still the same exciting player this that you saw in college. I don't know if you can just sit in the pocket all the football daylong like he's probably gonna have to. You know you definitely want his -- capabilities to get outside the pocket but he's got to make better decisions when he's outside the pocket as far as. Taking on taking on talk coolers and punishment you know wanna get hurt you wanna be available all the time. You don't wanna be thrown that ball up for grabs prisoners fill that ball will be kicked off so. Also my biggest concern about him but I still think the guy completely no question about it is either number one overall pick. -- all that. You know the because Pat Riley who coined the phrase Warren the disease of more and it always affects champions champions. Are always bitten by the disease of more you win you think you're more responsible for that winning you turn around you ask for more money more exposure more years more dollars. My -- more rings in year in year in year. More diamonds in your Super Bowl ring than the other guy -- -- we RTC that Richard Sherman who probably deserve at least. Does deserve to be the top paid corner in the NFL but he's already looking to be. The top big quarter in the NFL. Do you feel that the Seahawks will be able to thanks to Pete Carroll hold back the disease of more. Maybe more than other teams have been able to in the past. You know I think so that the team that does still have a lot of guys on this team things to prove. There are very competitive bunch. They they wanna be great they wanna -- I'd known as just a team that wins one championship they wanna win multiple championships that's -- with their legacy will be all about. The way he coaches of football team was very competitive environment he's not gonna allow guys to be complacent so. I don't think this team has to worry about that sure guys are gonna wanna. Get the maximum maximum contract and if they deserve to be the highest paid because they're the best they should get that I think the -- would take care of their home players. Like we've seen them do but. I think he's got to be working hard and I think you'll see that hunger come back and that it would go on the field I don't think they know any other way but the play at a high level. You know we're obviously sitting here in San Francisco we can't wait to see when these Seahawks forty niner games come out in the schedule the world about to be handed by the NFL here. In the 5 o'clock hour can't wait to see when these two teams meet the NFC title game. Very much was the Super Bowl Warren I have not seen -- defense. Place Super Bowl like that may be in my life not since the 85 bears anyways I thought the key to the Super Bowl for Seattle was simply this. The defenders closed on bronco receivers faster than Manning could get them the ball. They were they got the receivers faster than the ball did and that's why nobody I think. Turned around for single yard after catch the entire game. Yet they had a real good understanding what with the brothels wanted to do it like is that they really rally to the football and they tackle very well that football game. Broncos came in that game has moved the leading team Italy with yards after the catch by the receivers in the sea hawks with a the defense that at least the body aren't duplicates so. Defense one that that category and in the -- was tackling because you know that it was gonna complete passes and completed and that game. But they got very little after the catch. If we talk again can I tell you about the time machine that I'm building where I'm gonna take. The Houston Oilers -- -- run and shoot offense and put it into the modern no huddle era what do you think that would dot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She had really food they're up to five yards off most members of quarterbacks would be in. Protect -- much better than we were back in the days so would be a lot of fun on the ball around in this type of a pass happy game. This fifteen yard penalty just look at that Warren Moon -- poet. I know today I feel far for the people of the players unity ticket people of alignment just puts his hand up to try to block capacitance and come down and got a you know just go brushes against a quarterback's face master helmet he gets to fifteen in our ability to really make it up ladies. Time to change in Warren Moon here on the Damon Bert show thank you so much great to talk you -- thanks for everyday and take care.

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