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Robert Littal

Apr 23, 2014|

The Editor of joined Damon to discuss the release of the 2014 NFL schedule.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest Robert at all he is the head editors to -- the toolbox. Of black sports on line which is simply I think it it a web site that gets it I mean absolutely gets it. Covering the zeit -- of the times that we live in better than anybody I think he is the new dead -- as far as I'm concerned I don't Robert. -- are much better looking than -- gonna gathered it's been epic -- and agreed to. -- goes without saying -- and I could wrap -- the first -- so icu you know obviously everybody. If you'd -- you flex every time the NFL sneezes. We've got to we we've got to you know our schedules out now what I think is unbelievable. Is -- the NFL's got the we got the actual look at the Seahawks in the 49ers playing twice in the three we expand. They look like we're out rhythm. Or secret or -- it too by what is. That the special you know agree to the -- -- that they will he go or go. Exactly what goes into you know making the -- in the divisional game there why. With something like that and so probably -- supercomputer. That in electrical the world choke point that they do it. They don't makes it you know they like that the -- really need to Barrett. Each put a state between him and you know it don't work well as well as well well above average that you go to Gary. And I'm glad you brought it up because I was gonna ask you next you know we talk about decisions young quarterbacks have to make. I think it's unfair the way Russell Wilson is for -- portrayed is almost like get up perfect boy scout in the media social media and Colin -- Bernanke. It is is you know get this party boy image which hey he's helped cultivate a little himself but look at this the perfect. Angelic Russell Wilson not everything so perfect he's getting a divorce we talked to Warren Moon about this last hour. Good time to get a divorce -- on a rookie deal. I thought I did that they note that is why in a while Russell and added that other app. Is that sometimes. They're you know they can be outlets saying you know not be that much which we need Russell with the City College -- make. You don't -- a good good good door as the calls but it bureaucracy -- -- will understated the PR game. The marketing game. The public perception. You know -- so. Slide it is you know and Powell both forty index built it to come out -- make sure that you UB where the story. You make sure I'll be you'd take out of blacks were a lot right. Any Catholic hate Aldridge who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well now that it would model and a younger audience while the UB -- you right now sought to break -- down. If you wait wait wait so a Twitter model is now called a wobble. While. Now this is also the girl who's available from postings and bookings. And it's actually at the holes in Britain will give her body that that -- -- -- There's two out you know I don't want to hold them to their summation in multiple field -- -- That's tied to the house or do you want twittered their -- There were seven pitchers are a self in the battle with the other two inspirational pop world and probably it will. That is until the -- Opel or if the girls phone number is in James Harden cellphone. She's probably -- -- Doctor to get a bit yes you've got to be -- Black sports online editor Robert -- all joining us here. Talking schedules -- so on and so forth. So it says you horror. Come on just on your own -- -- right now and either San Francisco or Denver. For a possible destination of travel -- this year let me tell you -- You need to come west young man. Partly that you can explode -- -- because you -- player you know a lot and not play it ought to go out and weeks and now like in the -- so I have to player beat out an outlook in state public -- So why go out -- the -- people. -- actually -- It is in the senate spotlight. -- chemicals. Like what medical. They're -- To fault all while the typical match. Like -- 5% -- 49 I want to go out the trash. Well I think the only reason to be in Santa Clara is for the game everything else is San Francisco like when the Super Bowl comes your couple years from now everything is gonna take place in the city of San Francisco except the actual game that's it. It -- dot com. You -- Latvia. To you know senate cloak of -- -- -- in the budget -- -- set it's -- I got you I mean I got I got if you're worried about how to like into the stadium I'll tell you I will be your personal chauffeur right now you're in. Canceled Denver trip we'll see out here this football season. Okay how are kept and the temperature you know I want Butler afford not as proud day. And it you're going to be bottles in the bottom are you not want -- young lady -- pretty decent. Package UK Canada. -- -- -- Absent that that feels more like you and me conversation -- I want to listen and often. You know obviously one more polarizing figures in this upcoming draft it's Johnny -- -- there's nobody who doesn't have a hard opinion on this guy. Everybody is convinced he's either about to be one of the bigger bus in recent memory or the guy that GMs will be fired for passing on because it was that obvious how good he would be where do you stand on man -- and more importantly where do you think. You know most NFL team stand on the guy. What -- it is. Going to -- to -- that working that all the pop that Sheen and tailor the system to your quarterback you know I don't think yeah. You ought to go to a certain you don't king you don't make apotheker had a great year at the Beverly Taylor and all its. Gulf port you know sort locals to -- -- that I get out of street evil fox that standard that law back. Quarterback you know when it's cold after. Appeal were ordered not football -- have to deal with the group and frequently. It all in. Too bad that it could be at stake. IQ player I mean -- we're seeing it. More more -- actually. These quarterbacks that are kind of freelancers who wore out about it and at about white black yellow green while the hold much. Apart now we are not. Yeah awaited Super -- now we saw you don't actually talk with the with the white looked at the right at two diplomat here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you won't work out. It's always great stuff from -- Robert thank you very much I -- I really wanna introduce you today to my new audience here on my news station. -- that John -- at times obviously but for those who don't know. Black sports on line I'm telling you guys -- I love it it's one of the best Twitter followers out there. The stuff is always interest thing sometimes it's not safe for work and that's interesting too and it's always great -- thank you keep up the great work. And you know what. Stick around get on hold and grab the numbers so he and I can talk we're gonna were you -- to waddle get to target the delete by stadium and it's all said and done. Areas Robert at all editor black sports on line.

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