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The Damon Bruce Show 4/23/14 HOUR 2

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Football. Baby. It feels like it's back even though it's not even close to being back. We've got schedules. And didn't tee and just a second here welcome back to the Damon Bruce show. Big big big doings here. That stacks of cash contest. Going on this hour by the way the code word -- boss you have until ten minutes past the hour. Detect 72881. Message and data rates apply -- you can enter it on the web site at Entercom. Entercom contest dot com. It's your chance when a thousand dollars four times today that's stacks of cash contest code word right now is boss you have. Nine minutes now we have two schedules to get to. Are you ready. I'm gonna start with the 49ers. Because something jumps out right away. The 49ers played the Seahawks. Twice. In the span of three weeks. This is a weird scheduling conflict of there what here's the -- schedule. -- cowboy race. Home to the bears the Chicago Bears are the first regular season opponent -- stadium. They then play at the cardinals they come home to take on the Eagles in the Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith -- everybody. At Saint Louis at Denver. 49ers bye week is eight. Then home to Saint Louis. At New Orleans for the thirty year and rolls around New Orleans it's just a scheduling glitch. At the New York Giants. Home. The Washington Redskins. They host the Seahawks. The 49ers hosts the Seahawks on Thanksgiving they will be the late Thanksgiving game. Then there at the raiders the week after Thanksgiving. Then there at the Seahawks. They played the Seahawks twice in three weeks I don't know why wouldn't stretch that out a little. That's terrible. They'll wrap up their home schedule with the chargers. In Arizona Cardinals. Now. Oakland Raiders. Thank you. He'll begin the season. On the East Coast that the New York Jets home opener Sunday September 14. Against the Houston Texans met Saddam meet your old buddies. About that pretty interesting storyline first -- the you don't like interest in storyline you cut off the music so much in alike. What happened what happened autumn went there it is. And I patch. At the New England Patriots they play the Miami Dolphins in London in weeks four. So they get to love Miami right away bye week comes in -- five. So the body gets out of the way early for the raiders. That got the chargers and Arizona Cardinals on October 12 and nineteenth. At the browns at the Seahawks. Denver Broncos at home on Sunday November 9. At the chargers. She sit home that's a Thursday nighter. Thursday November 20 Kansas City Chiefs. At the St. Louis Rams they post the 49ers again that 49ers. At raiders' game. Is December 7. Same day as Pearl Harbor day. At the -- city chiefs of Buffalo Bills they'll wrap up the season December 28 at the Denver Broncos. We have. Both NFL schedules. Very nice very very nice. Shall we start going through them wins and losses. All it's a little too early for that I think we should still bask in the glory. Bask in the glory of by the way there's a very good chance that the Oakland Raiders head to London -- three. I hate to say that but it's the truth. You figure. Winning. Right out of the -- on the road in New York. Raiders on the road anywhere East Coast usually not so good to. Gotta say -- probably lose at the New York Jets Houston Texans. I expect them to be a lot better this year than they were last year there's a much better team on paper than the Oakland Raiders. So you got it may be they lose their first home game. At the New England Patriots. That's a guarantee write it down twice loss Tony pencil for that. Very good chance the raiders are looking and 013 heading to London to take on the Miami Dolphins by the way that is a -- home game. That the raiders are losing. Go play in London that's not what their away games it's a home game. So the only opponents coming to Oakland this year. Our Houston San Diego Arizona Denver Kansas City San Francisco one buffalo. You've got to schedule -- funny you know what they look like your quick reaction. I don't know how anyone could even pretend. The that seahawk wrinkle isn't really weird. -- that forty -- schedule. You're going to. Wait until Thanksgiving. For the number one rivalry even play one game against each other in the NFL and then you're gonna have -- played again just two weeks later. You think it stagger those now. Think -- stretch -- -- a little bit. And it's getting kind of notre. You just deal. Thank you know where the -- Oakland Raiders have one minute advantage on their schedule. The 49ers are in Oakland in a textbook trap game. In between to seahawk games. 49ers got a trap game in Oakland. Good times. Good times. Look both west divisions AFC NFC have very difficult schedules this year that's all there is -- at the NFC west. Is brutal due to the teams that are rent it. And the fact that they're taking on the AFC west these two teams meeting this year the AFC west sent three teams in the playoffs last year -- The entire division. -- one team we won't get into who went to the post season last year. Oakland schedule is absolutely loaded. With tough games. 49ers to. -- -- to get to makes and Cleveland Browns though. That's nice. You get to do that lot of common opponents. For the 49ers and raiders this year. And they will be meeting themselves. 888957957. Know what about these schedules. Jumped out TU the first time you heard about it the first time you've seen it. Here we go baby by the way speaking of playoffs schedules. Thursday night warriors and home. Thursday night sharks go -- for sweep down in LA total conflict of interest right there. Going to be tough to watch the sharks at ORACLE Arena cannot wait to get ORACLE Arena. The -- worst swept today. Giants get a Grand Slam from Hector Sanchez. In extra innings. And hold onto win at Coors Field. And despite all of that happening around us and being very excited about the opportunity to. Talked to Robert told the bottom of the hour. Who is our. Editor black sports on line -- passages 6 o'clock Mike Brown of the shark's gonna join me at 630 right now it is all NFL is all the schedule. Yeah baby. Steven in Oakland wants to talk raiders' schedule I don't Stephen. Stay out there. The one at that date yet even that it trap game among raider fan I think. I think the raiders got a good shot again you've been. Yeah we beat him the last two times we played them and you know they're they're starting quarterback. Will be you know green so we stand again it can't be used it. There at that schedule man it's seven a year because we we got art one yet and that it definitely got trap game with that sandwich him between the adults. I think so I think they really do that's just a weird wrinkle just a weird because you think here. Niners raiders because of the rarity of it because of the G-8 like that's a marquee game Derek. Yeah the the three big games for the 49ers I felt this year. Where -- to see our games in the raider game and get them all three right in a row. And it's not been there because I mean all week really do it helped in order more now and their players I mean we're gonna be out we're gonna be out of so. Late. At night and meeting for a. Well -- -- hey you never know the NFL is taught us right when you think you know something. The -- of the things do change and I'm not saying that the raiders absolutely when the niners get there on December 7 they're still gonna be in the mix for anything who knows. But. Hey crazier things have happened I guess thank you very much for the call here's one way to look at it. -- -- Might be back in ready for both seahawk games. Or so late in the year he might be back from having his knees taken care of got Max in San Francisco Max you're on the day membership. Are you doing today Damon well. I thought this sort of talk about -- -- -- schedule a bit they that won't operate on. As an armed student yeah absolutely excited but aside delete the opener of this evening at the palace. -- -- In the -- go ahead and play the Seahawks. And operators in the three week span. What you are open possibly come back as he stated there's no reason for any matters and not besides this season. And I got a magistrate has been out there is very likely -- possible that before the united how to combat the season you guys could -- -- -- -- -- -- hole. The tablet could be area easier for football thank you. Thank you very much again it if it did these two teams meet so infrequently in the regular season. That I never understood the rivalry. Being as intense as it was between the two fan bases maybe it's just. A battle of -- have nots it's a culture clash on so forth I don't know I'd you know I'd again I'm Mike I don't I don't need to give it to tell the truth. The niners. Are the more important NFL entity right now. When you're in three straight conference championship games you do kind of rule the roost. The raiders though. The raiders. They got a rough schedule but at this that it's tough to get healthy like this. When the teams around you were so good. Again at the New York Jets Houston Texans. Patriots Miami Dolphins there's your first four dolphins games in London bye week comes early. Bye week is out in week five. For the raiders. Week eight for the 49ers. John memory -- John -- on the dame -- her show it's going not. An -- thank you. Just look at it raiders' schedule at all why punitive this -- -- they -- released at all our schedule out there me yet that -- to an away game. You got a ticket to achieve the the chargers the Broncos. Those -- really good hole. They don't they do there and they're they're getting you know that's a better team that's one of the better defense is in the NFL. Yeah I mean I guess they could have gone ahead and scheduled the 85 bears to make a little bit tougher but the -- schedule. Is brutal -- to think anybody in the AFC west you're gonna have a brutal schedule when three teams in your division. All go dance and in the playoffs things get up real fast. Taggart had -- -- at this spending on -- and try to give up that he could I possibly can't collaborators but it. -- idle -- unity where they go to a I don't see any way. I'll go -- I don't know enough -- to look at. They are probably wins the easier to negotiate NFL schedule. A six win team that -- looking at this. It's going to be harder to see 45 wins mr. Carter -- more than 45 wins for the raiders just looking at the schedules stands right now. Of course being -- it get rid of all our system now you ought. Much worse case scenario -- report -- -- entire system what they got plates you know or it looked at those now it's not schedule. And and housecleaning total hugged coach GM all yeah probably high paying. Probably because that would just be. Several years in a row of just when you think you take a step forward and taken steps back and you know again are you a believer and Dennis -- up to this point. Not so much you -- to make me believe. -- -- like the fact that the defense plays poorly and that's his specialty that's his deputy. He comes from the defensive side of the football the raiders -- is playing some of the worst defense have ever seen since he got here. That's probably not too good that's a bad sign if you don't mind me saying I appreciate your call John it is a brutal schedule. I mean I know -- Al Davis were alive he be talking about a conspiracy right here the NFL hates me. But this is this has got nothing to do -- this is the location. The division your in is brutal plus. -- You just happen you -- NFC west this year. Which is the best division in football. So you add to your division being sick. You're on rotation to play the best divisional football. -- stuff. It's stuff. Buffalo Bills are getting better you know. Beat Cleveland Browns are getting better. There's only one there's only one thing on there's only one team on here where I really think. Raiders could win that game and that's the game in London. I think the raiders probably. Can measured themselves in terms of who has the more talented roster. Favorably. Against the Miami Dolphins. Anyone else it's gonna be tough. Go to Dexter in Oakland hi -- Dexter -- on the day membership. I do want to accomplish right now are rated gore made many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also are a people -- -- a little bit of real chocolate visit they can easily beat -- or probably just go to Seoul -- in our secure the other. -- any any good team with -- big plans is a quarterback getting -- away from having all that disappear fast. I agree would you there. I don't see how anyone who claims to really have an understanding of football open up the raiders' schedule and say oh yes they may write it down. I mean seriously I mean if you're if you're saying hey I'm a raider fan and I'm hoping that they made that's fine. But there's no way you can go into the court of law and present evidence that -- Nate is a realistic expectation. For this team in the schedule. Seriously. I -- away Dexter understood even though he overshot date may I don't wanna sit here and rob view. It was sunny day. The bring an umbrella he can you try to get through this schedule. -- in San Diego -- don't ban. I'm doing good hey Bert. Let her go to avatar it's scheduled to go to -- being. So I mean. That I'm really late but angle. Well it started my niners. Like he'd win and I'm really disappointed at at the occupying almost track back leaked. You know that would wanna flip flop you know one year that kept it open up the Seattle won here at opening up against Seattle now. It's really hoping that they would -- prime time game. We won and you know that it would set the tone really -- -- out here and. It's gonna be Green Bay Packers said Thursday night game the Seahawks do get the opener. And they opened with a Green Bay Packers no replacement -- this time around. Yeah I don't agree at -- that -- the niners. Just began to -- at the -- or unit probably connecting recently. Anyway I really -- you know. Next time around and everyone is it that time that they play up to Arizona. And I know we and that he's in with them. I'm going to be great to to really. Maybe get them in a primetime game on because that was a great game and here lecture or Bart -- the lecture. Arizona and Arizona severance is always play each other very very tough I don't know if Arizona brings out the worst in the niners in the -- bring out the best in the cardinals. I don't know how adept at how it all really adds up together but those two teams. Then there's just -- it's like when the warriors and kings play for some reason even though it doesn't look like he'd be an even game it is. Yet I agree in Hamlet which it -- I think -- actually an anomaly. On the they're going to be cut to and so we're have a tough year Mikey that we're one quarterback injury away. But you know with everything going fine and it won't impact perhaps around that Seahawks aren't. It's going to be great on -- -- -- Thank you very much for the call again I -- given to you again in case you missed them. Here all our. Your NFL schedules for the raiders and the niners the raiders. Opened up at the New York Jets come home to play the Texans. At the New England Patriots played the dolphins in London the bye week is week five. San Diego Arizona both an Oakland. At Cleveland at Seattle home to Denver. At San Diego Kansas City at Saint Louis. December begins with a 49ers on December 7. At Kansas City buffalo at Denver. That is the raiders' schedule then niners' opening -- Dallas. Come home to play the Chicago Bears the first regular season opponent at -- stadium the bears. At the saint at Arizona. They've got the Eagles and chiefs. Both at home. To roll out September and ring in October. They're back to back on the road at Saint Louis at Denver. Bye week is week eight for the 49ers. Come home to play the rams hit the road to play the saints. Stay on the road to take on the new New York Giants. Home to the Redskins. And here's where things get weird. On Thursday night. Thanksgiving. The 49ers are the third the late game hosting the Seahawks gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble Turkey gobble gobble. Seahawks on Thanksgiving. At the raiders on December 7. At Seattle. On December 14. The Seahawks. And niners played two times in three weeks. Which means. The raiders are sitting there in a pretty trap game scenario for the 49ers. Yeah and then nine Ers force Seahawks. Could be so beaten up by playing twice in three weeks. That both teams spotter in their final games of the year by the way the niners do wrap up. At home last two games of the year at home San Diego. And Arizona. There your schedules once again it's a lot easier to read and listened to and got to keep track of things but we wanna share with -- Coming up in about eight minutes from now Robert -- hall is the editor of black sports on line this guy. Absolutely gets the way sports should be covered he has the right amount of dead serious and absolutely absurd. Dripping off of his website all the time on the huge fan I think you will be too I've never had a mind. My show. And people haven't said get that guy back on he's fantastic. Oh by the way just little pat on the back here. Even or brand new here to this station I do count my shows from the very first one I've ever done. Yesterday. Was my 1001. Dame and her show about that we count these things today show number 1002. Overall shows that's just means as the host of my primary show. The overall radio shows and I've done today show what 2168. There you go you can. There will be a quiz later. Leonard and no work Leonard hi Dylan. I'm good by the way when in Newark go to. Go -- win Volkswagen in Newark wouldn't be doing commercials for them soon I just wanna give men early plug I don't. The -- that the little. We had Christian and 800 -- -- empowerment and life that they do. We didn't. Iowa personal -- don't ever catch anybody in my words there's no you guys going on here this is meet. Down playing your raiders. Okay William -- can tolerate it I didn't say -- browser improvement in the buildup improve being. All the camera -- -- the -- that haven't improved. Raiders have improved the raiders had improved but let's see what they do their draft let's see if -- shop doesn't looks scared as hell when he plays football next. And let's see if you know how to protect them. Let's see if Dennis Allen is the right guy eight. I you know there's there's. The jury is way way way out on the raiders for me still I don't know what to believe -- who to believe then. I got to see it I am a doubting Thomas show me the wounds. -- what is that like the regular and -- I can get a question. Like I said raider fans who don't get benefit of the doubt from me. Again I am the tough love that you need. You know raider fans got an absentee father he's like to run the -- talk and all kinds -- -- filthy mouth terrible terrible demeanor. You got a new daddy here and down on -- how to behave. And as long as it's realistically. Everyone should get along fine. There isn't a raider fan in the world who can say he understands football and say oh yeah eight Nate I like it. Eight name means you have no idea which way the season's going to go. You have no opinion today -- It'll be very hard for the raiders to get to eight -- as their constructed -- -- schedule. Again. I don't think that that's an opinion I think that's a fact. When we come on back Robert let's all. The proprietor of opinions and back -- black sports on line joins me next on the day membership. It's. Yeah proof beyond -- 125 point seven thinking and. What began by saying congratulations. To Robert and Pittsburgh you scored a pair of days tickets he heard the box office blitz you to call and you get dad's every Wednesday for your chance to win giants or needs tickets so congrats to Robert in Pittsburgh. Our next guest Robert the tall he is the head editor to cheat the pool -- Of black sports on line which is simply I think it it a web site that gets it I mean absolutely gets it. Covering the zeit -- of the times that we live and better than anybody I think he is the new dad's been as far as I'm concerned I don't rob. Are much better look at the -- gathered -- it's -- I think they would even agreed to. I goes without saying -- -- could I -- -- first -- so icu you know obviously everybody. It -- Virginia flex every time the NFL sneezes. We've got to. We we've got to you know our schedules out now what I think is unbelievable. Is -- the NFL's got -- It we got the actual look at the Seahawks in the 49ers playing twice in the three weeks band. You you know they're there to look like a word out rhythm that no one really knows the secret formula to buy you know what is that. There's this special you know agree to the top by chicken that they don't think they'll go go go. Exactly what goes into you know making it's that you know it's gonna be your division okay with everything in both why. Would say they do something like that in itself probably we're supercomputer. That you know gonna take over the world so point by trump they just. They don't make sure that you know -- like all of that the -- a -- to -- they need to. Put a space between them and you know don't be don't work well the wicked Russell -- -- marriage are the -- go to Gary. And I'm glad you brought it up because I was gonna ask you next. You know we talk about decisions young quarterbacks have to make. I think it's unfair the way Russell Wilson is prepare been portrayed is almost like a perfect boy scout in the media social media and Colin -- Bernanke. It is is you know get this party boy image which hey he's helped cultivate a little himself but look at this the perfect. Angelic Russell Wilson not everything so perfect he's getting a divorce we talked to Warren Moon about this last hour. Good time to get a divorce -- on a rookie deal. Up on an outing actually but -- -- walked in the outlaws will their end its other aptly. It that some guys. You know they can be -- saying you know that it not be that much -- with which we need. -- -- -- City College captain nick you don't win good good good doors are calls market differentiator that Russell will understated the PR game. The marketing gave the public perception. You know gains so don't live it is you know -- and Powell both forty inner built spirit and cry about it make sure that he'll be doesn't quite the story. You make sure that media take out or black sport a lot to be right. Any kind of changed Aldridge who. All of this yea and people portrayed that well you know like it looked like I did -- for the -- right now -- now that would have model of a young new audience while it's you being here right now got a breaking down for. And you're way way -- -- Twitter model is now called a wobble. Now this is also the girl who's available from postings and bookings. Unfortunately at the holes in Britain will give her body that that -- -- -- there's two territorial viable -- They'll hold it and give information. And multiple felt beef in about. Except I do not that important if you view of one on Twitter and our first. Spot on their work seven pictures all I felt you had to battle in the other two inspirational Bible quote and probably it's one. That is wonderful when people -- or if the girls phone number is in James Harden cellphone. If she. Probably -- Doctor to get yes you don't today. Black sports online editor Robert -- all joining us here. Talking out schedules squabbling so on and so forth. So it says you're. On on just on your own Twitter bottom line right now and either San Francisco or Denver. For a possible destination of travel for you this year -- -- tell yeah. You need to come west young man. -- Probably maybe you could explode understood because you're not a planner you're not a lot of -- not play that the body -- -- Soledad -- -- -- We've got the million dollar like that -- boot so I have to play. Beat a doubt in outlook in a new stadium like cool Reebok stadium -- Jack -- languages up at the national people. And actually that the ideal it is the Santa Clara spotlight you don't what was -- -- where everything is chemicals. Like look back a couple of. There's this -- only to fall ball while Google Maps and how it fits in its. Like why -- you -- the Santa Clara 49 wanted to go to -- Detroit at AA. Obama doesn't think the only reason to be in Santa Clara is for the game everything else is San Francisco like when the Super Bowl comes your couple years from now. Everything is gonna take place in the city of San Francisco except the actual game that's it. That was what you got rotten com. You gotta throw at me go up to your notes that a clerical catalytic you've lost if I get ball. You set it's done after I got you I mean I got I got if you're worried about how to like into the stadium I'll tell you I will be your personal -- right now you're in. Canceled Denver trip we'll see out here this football season. OK I can't remember -- true you know I wanna go to a 49ers aren't proud day. And you're going to be models in its you know I'm not one hopes that you can -- on the radio -- different -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absent dad that feels more like you and me conversation for now everyone's listening and you know obviously one more polarizing figures in this upcoming draft it's Johnny -- -- there's nobody who doesn't have a hard opinion on this guy. Everybody is convinced he's either about to be one of the bigger bus in recent memory or the guy that GMs will be fired for passing nine. Because it was that obvious how good he would be where do you stand on man -- and more importantly where do you think. You know most NFL team stand on the guy. Well I think -- -- -- basically due to doubt that fourteen that all of pop the scene it's tailor the system to your quarterback you know I don't think you. You already reached almost to a certain you don't -- you know maybe you have a habit of really great year because they literally Taylor at all. Gulf port you could also lead the locals to actually got it really opened IB get not a straight -- -- fox that standard -- -- back. You don't -- back. You don't Wear -- you're gonna have. After a deal with a little good -- -- football you're gonna have to deal with a little bit of frequently. At all in. Through that I think he can be a stick IQ player I mean -- we're seeing that more more that retreated. These quarterbacks that are kind of freelancers who wore out -- it it -- about -- white black yellow green and while the whole bunch out there. Art now when they're not winning -- -- -- against the winner Super Bowl not we saw you know Latin mass teacher. Talking to you took the white looked at the right at two diplomats UB40. I think you're not a typical so -- don't try to change and you look at what they'll they'll walk you know don't try to change debate on how to change prevail. Because it won't work out. It's always great stuff from -- Robert thank you very much I was. I really wanted to introduce you today to my new audience here on my news station and had John tons of times obviously but for those who don't know. Black sports on line I'm telling you guys nail it I love it it's one of the best Twitter follow is out there. This stuff is always interest staying sometimes it's not safe for work and that's interest thing to and it's always great man thank you keep up the great work. And you know what. And stick around get on hold and grab the number Sony and I can talk we're -- to -- where you set up the -- along get the dog at the delete by stadium and it's all said and done. Areas Robert -- all editor black sports on line. Modern media right there that is a new modern media member if there ever was one the guy gets it I'm a big fan if you start following them. I know you will be too when we come back your phone calls whether you love me hate me because you think because I think the raiders are gonna have a losing record this year. It really doesn't matter there's more evidence to suggest. I might be right. Then you. But the beauty of sports is we sit back and we watch and we see. I'm not trying to rob you of your enthusiasm but how you can look at this schedule. Knowing who you got on that team and say. Eight may write it down. Here is sunny side up kind of -- if that's how you feel. 8889579. By seven now start your engines. The continental tire Monterrey Grand Prix is making a pit stop at the Mazda raceway Laguna sake it. May second through the fourth tickets are on sale now at Mazda raceway dot com. For a chance to win tickets and qualified to be an honorary pit crew assisted at the races this in our contest page at 957 game dot com schedules around. Higher is up. Robbers -- rock divers are down how do you feel about your team's schedule that's next on the Damon Bruce show. Now adapt to Damon Bruce beyond what 95 point seven they can't. Thanks so much -- stop it on by 95 cent in the game this afternoon hopefully plan on doing an awful lot again. We're not hate not any thing. We're just dealing with the realities that are all around us. The reality is the Oakland Raiders have a brutal schedule as do the 49ers. The AFC west and NFC west -- Picked the wrong year to play each other because those are stacked. Absolutely stacked divisions. Jeff -- is gonna join me at 6 o'clock we're gonna talk about a big busy day baseball with him Mike Brown. Of yours San Jose Sharks is going to be joining me at 630 looking forward to talking about that three nothing hole in one of the best hockey games you could possibly. Find on television last night it was incredible the sharks. And kittens but made the game so good is that both teams were answering the bell anytime at rang the other team answered the bell it was back in fourth. Really physical. Over fast hockey it was awesome it was crates. But we wanna get back to the king it's good to be the king the NFL is king. We have schedules we're talking about a -- -- -- then South San Francisco the jewel of the peninsula I don't -- What got to -- and regulation on the new job you. Quote people -- from New York though not in Oakland and let they're Reagan got up very typical beginning here. -- seek to major problems. I'm going to re East Coast gains in the first four weeks very unfair. And I'll one home game 6000 miles away from home. Incredibly unfair. They have to be eject and use it gave warning to its feet and going to be -- that Barry play. Yeah again while some people on Twitter here and thank you very much for the call. Are saying that let's see this is from my Katie says you're a colossal ass wipe every time I get in the car. With my H I give you another chance then end up with the headphones on you will notice your your age your husband he keeps me tuned Don he knows what's up. -- if you listen you're gonna learn. I know it all comes out harsh at first but believe me in the candy -- Bay Area media world we live and on the sour patch kids you need. Let's see here. Anthony Dominguez. Who should just change his Twitter handle to at totally insecure raider fan dot com. Says he's not insecure my analysis is second rated best the only embarrassing thing is that your show is on FM radio. Again Anthony. 44 and a hundred that's the raiders record since 200544. And a hundred. My opinion about the raiders since based on a systematic. Decade long. Did you talk about trying to be bad. You almost have to try to be as bad as the raiders have been. They've gone from. One of the more tradition rich franchises in all of sports to the least valuable of all NFL franchises. I'm going to shine a light. Of honesty on your team that will make you uncomfortable. And how you feel about it is completely irrelevant in germane to the situation it does not matter. Mike contents will not bend to. To be more sugary sweet for you. It's not how we do things around here. Jana in Santa Rosa how are you -- you're on the day membership. I'm glad that avenue. And I. Think you're right it happens it. At all this year and -- And I don't you know I don't understand okay -- technical 88 I don't get it immediately dictate. Johnny and now. Right you have. You know -- there's question marks about the offensive line the quarterback the back field. The coach the general manager of the defense the -- the corners on the team. I'm I'm not a bit and had been kidnapped and Barry you'd better and and -- you know I'm a writer and I just went back and happy. -- I don't see it happening every -- -- coaching that they acted out here that you don't have. It's like I need to get back. Exactly it's about system football everybody's got a system if you change you change of you any time you change in offensive coordinator your centrally. You're installing in our language. It's in our language you're trying to teach -- team every year. And it's not until now he got -- hey you know that that what got out. How did on the street you know you have to be better at that apparently that can't work our players and escorted. I appreciate. I appreciate your call -- thank you very very much again I'm not trying to be extra mean trying to be extra real with you. You -- -- -- four -- team from last year improves with this schedule. Based on well we don't Maurice Jones-Drew yet to sort of the jaguars for how long -- that do for them. And you gotta match up oh you mean the guy who set an NFL record for consecutive pick sixes. Like that guy pardon me if I'm not get getting that excited. The 49ers on the other hand. That is a well built football team. In a brand new stadium. I think they're gonna have themselves a fine season if things stay healthy they're good. Good teams. -- good. Bad teams are bad. Nine is still a good team raiders are still a bad team we will not flip classifications. Until the season tells us to do so. It's the benefit of the doubt in Oakland raider fans. You've earned none. You've earned no benefit of the doubt. Things are gonna have to start lining up before I assume they start lining up. I guarantee you that. All the butt hurt guys who -- tweeting me right now calling me a hater again you don't even understand your own language and what -- I hater means. I hater is someone is trying to deny you the success that you have burned. What successive you weren't. There is going to being. -- If truth bothers you you are going to hate the show. What's amazing I got a Mingo -- though. He says every time I listen to this guy I can't stand. To make sure you keep on using the phrase every time I listen. Every time I listen to visit I hate them. But I keep coming back to listen all the talk every time I -- show and every day I can't stand him. Segment after segment after segment I hate this guy on there are only -- -- that. Hamas. But here you are coming back in back in back every day. A win you over. I always do. And again. Damon why are you being so negative on the raiders flagship. Because it's not the raiders flagship. When I'm on it it's my flagship. In my sale is bigger. And carries more wind. -- the raiders and it aids and anything else combined around here. You're welcome.

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