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Jeff Passan

Apr 23, 2014|

The fantastic MLB writer from Yahoo Sports joined Damon and said he's not a believer in a certain AL West team..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My friend and your friend if you're a baseball fan who likes to read. I think the guy who writes the best baseball columns out there for Yahoo! Sports dot com the always interesting. Jeff passing joins me here Jeff thank you very much for your time sir I don't. I am greatly servers that are out you know Obama's treating you well. It's treating me very very nice -- tell yet. It's it's it's good to be able to talk. Both sides of the day because I think both sides of the day. Good baseball teams the days especially the giants they cant hit right now although they did. A little today in Colorado the altitude finally. Gave them some benefit of the doubt and how about Jeanne -- for York. Cy Young winner just based on win total strike. So we're crying Kenny is throwing up in a bucket. Like you you realize what -- marquis is best known for rhetoric once. -- blowing out Jose -- in the bullpen last year. -- -- -- -- he did drop the bomb. Like honest to goodness that's pretty much equal between -- and emerging market for -- itself. And he now leads Major League based on victories having pitched nine whole innings. This is Brian -- -- -- the way an argument personified. No doubt about it. You know -- you look at what the giants have right now struggling with -- -- up I mean it's a lineup that's built to struggle. They do around here wing games by the skin of their tee scoring as few runs is possible putting as much pressure on their starting staff and bullpen at all times. All year long sometimes it means you lose 98 sometimes it means you have a parade up market street it's weird around here. Yet it really is and you know -- look. Michael Morse -- a couple of months today such cute guy who always starts are in gets people very excited. And then it. Comes back to her let's play that -- though. I think. Buster Posey is going to be just talked to a mediocre start all the assembled where. And I I do wonder long term not just. What is -- Performance like this season both what's his future with the separatist church I mean he wants to get Haiti with the camp PP. And the giants have seen in the wave that has weight have you -- -- seen the motivation. Shift and they just don't know -- it -- them on Japan's money. I mean I don't think you can't based on the performance the track record you know they're gonna -- becomes a certain point in time where you reach an agent. Who you Lars who you war. There's no there's no like next step into who you might beat the we have arrived it who you -- and I think that the giants realize. This is Hussein and the ball list he is a raw natural. -- -- -- Who can sometimes go two months in a row without demonstrating that as he puts on the way turning himself into a defensive liability. I think the fun is coming to an end. It might be but it still really consulate twenty of the 48 year old -- creation -- And that's where honestly can you figure they will surely some sort of a happy medium junction town. That they don't let their own guys code generally speaking you don't see a lot of premium -- free agents lead separate Cisco and factors especially in this class has scored just mediocre hitters problems and -- Is an elite tight end is a guy who's gonna get paid by someone somewhere. It's a matter if you want to do it different scenario on the different situations. You know what -- temperatures as we did Kate great fans great stadium. Our great place to play baseball. And leaving is an awfully difficult epic shot that looked similar to -- you know he could have laughed and he chose to stick around instead it's trying to straighten thing out. Yeah and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him. I want to bring you over to the other side of the -- talk a little lays before we start talking about how much much. A pitcher is allowed to rub somewhere on his body before he goes to practice his craft. It if sure what's helped ERA. -- a's will probably lead the American League in smaltz is well I haven't seen anybody with smut stuff on the Jeff but their pitching lights out and they hit when they need to. The the I think DA's gonna win the west again this year I really do. You know it is the only thing that makes me think otherwise. Issues. That Texas is going to be getting a whole lot higher. Adrian Beltre is coming back and Matt Harrison come back. And Derek Holland it's coming back and they got big pieces and parts coming back and I know worldly. You know 21 point two games into the season but the fact that the that the Rangers have played as well they have. I'd just by getting knocked around I mean they're run differential this year has actually in the negatives. Initial six games over 500. -- you know on one hand you figure that's going to. Even itself out somehow -- in reality it into Rangers frankly here are a better achievement may have played so far and so seat even at a BA's at this point -- Is pretty indicative and and the angels you know the angels in the you're gonna come down to Tuesday. Jered Weaver's about the same as she was in Eugene Wilson though it's going to be that guy that he is. Certainly to come -- Garrett Richards and Irish. Can hit those two young pitchers who have looked very very -- so both of them. He'd -- stepped up to the forefront of the rotation and help out rejuvenated Olson that's where based on Mike Trout. Since we're talking young pitchers before we get to smaltz. Is there any pitcher in baseball better than Jose Fernandez if you're looking for good young pitcher I mean I know how much you in the Miami Marlins get along but here could be your reason for you to take that team in your heart once and for -- -- was -- has zero respect whatsoever for the ownership down manner patent. Every ounce of respect. Possible -- later I mean he is. So I was expert and that's excuse me so much fun to watch. I mean. He throws a hundred miles per hour like a legitimate hundred miles per hour he's actually -- this year is breaking ball is unfair and -- changeup. Is like a nasty to -- so that's all I mean he's got three incredible kitchens and he's going to be could be really difficult to beat out a mean tactic of the in the nationally trying to Bashir and defected at 47 strikeouts and 31 -- makes me feel pretty good about. Good pick early absolutely Jeff pass in the Yahoo! Sports joining us here on the Damon Bruce show for those who don't know earlier this year -- opinionated of. In the air earlier Mexico appear. If pitchers and getting my year is gonna say I I just called to that Fernandez so -- Hernandez struck out 200 obstinacy radio. But here's the thing here's how much respect I have for you even -- I -- I said it right when you said Hernandez I thought oh my god that I say wrong. -- Anyways. Yankee pitcher too much rising too much pine tar. On the back of his hand you know always everyone always said -- Zito gone and the back of his hand it was a birthmark. It's the same thing basically. Happening in New York he moved the location of -- mullets from hand to back of -- With zero attempt I mean this is like cheating out of that textbook but they're not even trying need -- write the answers on the back of a Coke can or anything here. At the same time there is a certain amount of a pitchers allowed to doctor the ball to protect dictator in control it but not doctored the ball to where they can now control the -- We have just once again stepped into the weird universe of baseball's unwritten rules. Yeah and this is actually written actually point here too soon as you may use now forms substance and of course he's -- -- -- and -- automatically extent thing game and so -- tournament to start from. From Michael and I think that much it's pretty obvious at this point. What shocks me. It that. It's national on the news I like after Michael and -- -- pine -- on his hand. I literally wrote a column called the pictures guys to -- it. Because he was making such a mockery but to me cheating can be a very artful thing. You know when you're trying to either tried to substance you prisoners constable a certain way. Right -- a ticket and the term actually. But when you're a moron. And you have not just you can depend on your neck and you -- -- that the upon Turkey a key. I mean when when you when you got it right. You're just inviting. The opposing manager. To -- are saying something in you know what. John -- services because it's a cheap cheap way. LP about it that's exactly what Michael and it was more about -- and I don't blame them one bit ago going that your. God if there's a phrase that sums up the last twenty years of baseball more than if you cheat sheet the right way I don't know what does. This article a perfect jet that should be -- next bucket really should be on Jeff passing Yahoo! Sports dot com he helped kill the BCS he should be thankful for that. The fact you can read his stuff for free without paying a subscription is another reason why should be thankful. I bet you wanna spelling bee at some point elected yet. Second place in sixth grade. Because I knew always at least -- you know. A silver medal. In his spelling -- always appreciated Jeff I know how many people asking to do things and I know how often you turn it down thank you again for saying yes to our request. Pleasures -- Trenton daycare in. Best of luck. Going -- Thank you know what what are you come into the Bay Area when we see you in a press box near me. Old playoffs currently -- brown. I feel like I'm I'm butch in. In pulp fiction in -- brown has Marcellus Wallace and California is like is the area is. Exactly so if there's ever. Californians. It tends to be his but if there's anything that will get out there trust me I would like to go and have dinner boulevard and enjoy a good time city. Well when that happens we'd love to be apart let's get you out here soon enough I don't care whose toes get stepped on. -- dead baby sat at. Thank you very much Jeff. Jeff pass and Yahoo! Sports dot com.

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