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Mike Brown

Apr 23, 2014|

The Sharks RW joined Damon to discuss the team's mentality after taking a 3-0 series lead over the Kings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every single hockey fan in the Bay Area whether you're a season ticket holder just got to the party bandwagon jumper it doesn't matter. I hope you watched -- if you did you -- in for the long haul last night's game three in Los Angeles. Was as good of the game skated so far in the NHL's post season. The sharks are up three nothing on the kings and talk about it a man who's already got a goal and an assist. In this series right Winger Mike Brown from the San Jose Sharks joins us on the Damon Bruce show Mike thanks a lot man how -- -- very good. I mean under. I'm guessing -- yeah I'm guessing you and your teammates. Are not gonna sit around and pat each other on the back here but. William at least acknowledge. That three nothing lead is awfully nice lead to have at any point dime in a seven game series. All that's really mean very you know we obviously are 110 record Margaret now. You know at this -- -- take -- one game at a time. You know we get the two wins at home which we are which we needed and then you know kind of speak out last night that was I was used it for us so. You know we got to that they gave their time and right now we -- folks on our night and you know doing -- -- -- With gains one into getting a little out of hand. Were you guys totally prepared. It certainly seems like you war. For the nature of the game three that we saw last night a much faster. Much tighter played tighter officiated game. You know the kings were skating on life support you could see that desperation. And how they're put their blades down on the ice it was just it was great drama and it seemed like you're totally prepared. For that style of game after the two blowouts. You know analyst beginning this series we got to look at LA in the you know we knew that it was going to be that type Olympic Games. You know the first two games we it was kind of unexpected. That many calls. You know we kind of went to this series you know it's written enough struck the other regulars here and -- sides a couple of cars in the past playoffs so. You know we knew that this is going to be a little -- series of really they're really physical battle against these guys and that's clear approach every game we you know tiger we've -- first two games but you know last -- so what we are or what we're expecting greens this series so. From here on -- we that's that's our mindset that so we're -- sort planning on having of these hedge gains and you know we just -- -- -- initial -- working at all of them. And play play -- and then are now worried about what to what they're doing good just focused on what we have. Shark Winger Mike Brown here on the Damon Bruce show and I think it. One of the best single signs I've seen from San Jose in and I know that this is your first year with the sharks. We've been seeing in this team in the playoffs for ten years in a row the difference this year. Is. How random the contributors seemed to be I mean it's like who hasn't scored a goal yet. I -- ME hasn't scored goals bailout hasn't scored a goal but it seems like everyone else has so far. -- and you know what that's that's huge bonus especially -- playoffs. You know playoff you better that you got to roll four lines she. -- keep refreshing way to do -- is to is to roll alliances. To get big contribution from mark or -- in particular. You know sort of order essentially great. You know we we know we have to do we go out there and -- we got to -- -- -- overall and entering your energy going. You know prosecuted few holes it's you know a script that team and you're desperate you are -- issue for all the lines. Which I thought there were two guys who in the third period totally raise their games on the ice last night one of them with Jonathan Quick. Who was incredible in that third period he was stopping. Some just fantastic opportunities that you guys had. And the other was Joseph put Belsky who I think just one every single face off he was asked him especially. All in Los angeles' zone when you guys are on the man advantage when you're trying to get to. You know just just control the puck right off the -- and a power play I thought he was phenomenal. Yeah I mean they're -- quick he's very you know you're critical he's been in this situation before it and you know as early and so. You know we we expected. And replay it real well against us and we know. Eric -- knowing that we were -- probably be put in more than one or two goal game then. That was more our focus is to you know prevent them from scoring criminals and Carlos -- in games so and you saw that more last night but. You know playoff -- -- where you're starting your -- Not a player. Endorsing -- registered he sort of austere. Nomar elsewhere in the winner's. You know it's great to see -- and when -- after -- that's -- playoffs that's so far back. Candor from Marlowe is unbelievable when that happened what is what is the feeling. It ending yeah in the dressing room after the game. I mean you know we just can't. Be sitting prettier than three nothing until it's actually for nothing and that's where it goes. But I need to -- you sit around and it is high five patty Marleau for half an hour is it a -- way to do the job once again. Businesses back on tomorrow on how how long do you get to enjoy. A big win. In the middle of a series. We lost that was so it was a little different shirts and Arial I mean very you know we do it -- -- battled all game. And then you know they're they're kind of old Russian in overtime to -- weeks -- put out there was that -- -- Marleau. You know it -- this time a year you know very angry at sea -- you're buying tickets to -- so you know you know we're real excited real real. Thankfully if that would last night and you know we're pretty -- after the game but you know right after that it's it's a quick turn -- to say you know lately outlook towards Thursday night. Eric how are focuses. You know it's forget it forget about the last we can't focus on next game and Karl. And just basically certain pastors on this -- the -- the game you never know what happened so guys they can't figure anything lately -- you know irregulars have a -- 28 year old right Winger Mike Brown of San Jose Sharks can we talk about. Tomas hurdle who I believe it's 1113. Years old he skates a lot lot older than he looks he's he's unbelievable for a rookie and he -- how how great is it that he has a huge goal in the same game where Graham Bob Harlow wins it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not the same way he you know we unfortunately had that interference you know in both. Mark so my first -- the charge -- has a great rookie -- -- great player. And try to put our Internet you can see that so. Pretend to step up -- playoffs and I think it should be like that it you know -- great for -- and those that are going. It was an incredible hockey game it's been a great series for San Jose who has responded. To each challenge the extra curricula challenges the scoring challenges that physical challenges out on the ice. You guys have overcome an awful lot through three I think there could be some rooms brought out I don't wanna jinx anything and I know you don't want to predict anything here -- Let me ask you -- -- -- Chicago boy northside Southside. Where escrow company north side then and now the inner cities that are -- in the loop. Are not -- ourselves and learn more like more charter city so. -- cubs -- Sox. Mark there are two out Erica sorry sir there you go -- -- -- Wrigley field's 100 birthday today are. Or is it that it could at the very very nice yet deep dish or Chicago dog. Sure our return android or Belushi. Belushi. This all really good stuff Mike we're gonna need to talk again sometime. Thank you very much for joining me fantastic to have you on good luck to you your line mates your teammates. I think this thing might be over -- four -- and ask your prediction but. Let's just say would love to see it over and for you guys just wait around for your next opponent -- be nice my thanks a lot. You know probably appreciate it -- thank you.

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