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The Damon Bruce Show 4/23/14 HOUR 3

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome on and it is our final hour this afternoon we started a little late as the days are getting swept by the Texas Rangers after they had swept the Houston Astros plenty of baseball coming up with our buddy Jeff -- and just a moment if you're on hold to talk NFL schedules which were released we have them for all the teams raiders niners obviously. Our focus we're gonna get back to you and your calls in like ten minutes from right now but my friend. And your friend if you're a baseball fan who likes to read. I think the guy who writes the best baseball columns out there for Yahoo! Sports dot com the always interesting. Jeff passing joins me here Jeff thank you very much for your time sir I don't. I am great mr. Versa -- -- -- treating you well. It's treating me very very nice -- tell yeah. It's it's it's good to be able to talk both sides of the day because I think both sides of the day. Have pretty good baseball teams the days especially the giants they cant hit right now although they did. A little today in Colorado the altitude finally. Gave them some benefit of the doubt and how about Jean -- for your. Cy Young winner just based on win totals right. -- Somewhere Brian Kenny is in throwing up in a bucket. Like you you realize what -- marquis is best known for bird once. But blowing out Jose Mijares in the bullpen last year. -- -- Dry -- he did drop the bomb. Like honest to goodness that's pretty much speak only -- an energy market for stand itself. And he now leads Major League based on victories having pitched nine whole -- This is Brian -- kill the way an argument personified. No doubt about it. You know -- you look at what the giants have right now struggling with their line -- I mean it's a little lineup that's built to struggle. They do around here -- games by the skin of their -- Scoring as few runs as possible putting as much pressure on their starting staff and bullpen at all times. All year long sometimes it means you lose ninety sometimes it means you have a parade up market street it's weird around here. Yet there really is and yeah -- look. Michael -- said the couple -- today which cute guy who always starts -- in gets people very exciting. And then it. Comes back to her let's play that Brandon belt. I think he evolution this year is legitimate and it Israel. But supposedly going to be just fine and talked to a mediocre start public Campbell the actuary worry about it. And I I do wonder long term not just. What is -- Performance like this season but what his future with the -- -- giant I mean he wants to get Haiti with a capital. And the giants have seen no way that his weight has Yo-Yo B extreme the motivation. Shift and they just don't know I wanna give left on Japan's money. Not I mean I don't think you can based on the performance the track record in other victim becomes a certain point in time where you reach an agent. Who you are who you are. There's no there's no like next step into who you might be the we have arrived -- who you are and I think that the giants realize. This is Hussein and the ball list. He is a raw natural. -- -- -- hitter who can sometimes go two months in a row without demonstrating that. As he puts on the way. Turning himself into a defensive liability. I think the fun is coming to an end. It might be but it still really -- -- a twenty of the 28 year old go to creation too. And that's where honestly think you figure they will surely some sort of a happy medium giants are shown. That they don't let their own guys code generally speaking you don't see a lot of premiums I created and leave champ Francisco in fact it is especially in this class that scored just mediocre editors published and the law. Is an elite tight -- the guy who's gonna get paid by someone somewhere. It's a matter -- he -- you -- different scenario on the different situations. You know what these temperatures as it did -- great fans great stadium. Our great place to play baseball. And leading in an awfully difficult for epic shot that looked similar to get you know he could have laughed then he chose to stick around instead it's trying to straighten thing out. Yeah and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him. I want to bring you over to the other side of the -- talk a little lays before we start talking about how much from what's. The pitchers allowed to rub somewhere on his body before he goes to practices craft. It if she looks helped ERA. -- probably lead the American League and sure -- is well I haven't seen anybody with Smart stuff on the Jeff but their pitching lights out and they hit when they need to. Did I think DA's are gonna win the west again this year I really do. -- now is the only thing that makes me think otherwise. It is that -- going to be getting a whole lot higher power back. Adrian Beltre coming back and Matt Harris would come back. And Derek Holland is coming back and they got big pieces and parts coming back and I know worldly. You know 2122. Games into the season but the fact that the that the Rangers have played as well they have. I just by getting knocked around I mean they're run differential this year Damon has actually in the negatives. Initial six games over 500. You know on one hand you figure that's going to. Even itself out somehow being in reality it into Rangers frankly here are a better team -- man has played so far and so receipt. Even had a BA's at this point -- Is pretty indicative and then the angels you know being just to me -- gonna come down to -- Jered -- not saying that she was and C. J. Wilson though he's just going to be that guy that he is. So to me it's gonna come out to Garrett Richards and Irish. -- can those two young pitchers who have looked very very good so -- both of them. He'd tighten stepped up to the forefront of the rotation and how about a rejuvenated all some spoiler based on my -- Since we're talking young pitchers before we get to smaltz. Is there any pitcher in baseball better than Jose Fernandez if you're looking for good young pitcher I mean I know how much you in the Miami Marlins get along but here could be a reason for you take that team in your heart once and for all. Under the has zero respect whatsoever for the ownership down matter patent. Three. Ounce of respect possible further and I mean he is. So -- heard and that's excuse me it's so much fun to watch. I mean. He throws a hundred miles per hour like a legitimate hundred miles per hour he's actually did this year is breaking ball is unfair and his changeup. Is like a nasty two seam fastball I mean he's got three incredible pitches and if he's going to be could be really difficult to beat out I mean tactic in the in the National League triumph this year and the fact that it got 47 strikeouts and 31 inning I actually feel pretty good about. Good pick early absolutely -- pass in the Yahoo! Sports joining us here on the Damon Bruce show for those who don't know earlier this year joy opinionated of the New York Yankees -- an ankle Kenya to thank you very much appreciate that. Up in the air earlier mixing up here. -- pitchers getting my my year is gonna say I just called so different and it so they Hernandez shark out 200 obstinacy and Hillary. But here's the thing here's how much respect I have for you even though I knew I said it right when you said Hernandez I thought oh my god that I say -- wrong. I thought that. I anyways. Yankee pitcher too much rise in too much pine tar. On the back of his hand you know always everyone always said what's Zito gone on the back of his hand it was a birthmark. It was the same thing basically. Happening in New York he moved the location of sure -- from hand to back of neck. With zero attempt I mean this is like cheating out of the textbook but they're not even trying -- -- write the answers on the back of a Coke can or anything here on. At the same time there's a certain amount of a pitchers allowed to doctor the ball to protect dictator in control it but not doctored the ball to where they can now control the -- We -- just once again stepped in to do weird universe of baseball's unwritten rules. Yeah and this is actually Britain -- point 02 which is humane -- now form -- and can cause he's reformed church and she will be automatically -- for playing games so Yankee you're gonna -- are from Michael and it. I think that much is pretty obvious at this point. What shocks me. Is that. This -- national news excited like after Michael Pineda. Use the pine tar on his hand I literally wrote a column called the -- guide to cheated. Because he was making such a mockery of the -- cheating can be a very artful saying. You know when you're trying to either tried to substance use partners comfortable and certain way. -- -- -- and -- I think it's kind of charming actually. But when you're more on. And you have had not just on your hand down on your connector can you law called the that -- I mean when when you -- you got it like that. You're just inviting. The opposing manager. To go out and saying something and you know -- John parachutists because that you're gonna cheat cheat their way. So the more -- about it that's exactly what Michael and had a lot of it was a more about cheating and I don't blame them one bit for going capture. God if there's a phrase that sums up the last twenty years of baseball more than if you cheat sheet the right way I don't know what does. This article a perfect jet that should be naming your next book it really should be on Jeff passing Yahoo! Sports dot com helped kill the BCS you should be thankful for that. The fact you can read his stuff for free without paying a subscription is another reason why should be thankful. I bet you wanna spelling bee at some point your life didn't yet. Second place and sixth grade. There you go I knew -- -- least understood you know. A silver medal. In -- spelling -- always appreciated Jeff I know how many people ask you do things and I know how often you turn it down thank you again for saying yes to our request. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Best of luck. Going to -- what are you come into the Bay Area when we see you in a press box near me. -- playoffs probably Ken brown. I actually like I'm I'm glitch in. In pulp fiction in and Jim Brown is Marcellus Wallace and California is like -- area its territories. Exactly. So if there's ever -- Californians. Intensity is but if there's anything that we'll get -- out there trust me I would look -- and have dinner boulevard and enjoy a good time the city. Well when that happens we'd love to be apart of it let's get you out here soon enough I don't care whose toes get stepped Don. This dad's dead baby zack's dad. Thank you very much -- -- pass and Yahoo! Sports dot com great stuff from him I told you that if you had the opportunity to be patient with me. And hold we would get back to you I got a lot of raider fans who were yelling at me saying you -- mean your -- nasty. Tell you for fan base that tries to act so tough. Boy does Twitter reveal how tough you really aren't. Mean he's just honest evaluations. And people -- some guys at all the raiders are bad way to dig deep Damon. The fact that half the -- want me to tell you. -- the raiders are going to be good. I'm embarrassed for you. Who wants a compliment. That hasn't been earned what good is it. You know. This town is full of cheerleaders. Posing is journalists. This town is full of my cup is always always -- any G questions going nowhere ever know critical thinking not ever. That's what you want. That's what you wanna -- your radio show. You want somebody to string you along. In a manner which makes you comfortable. Obama and Tony in K word how are you Tony here on the Damon Bruce show. -- compartment on -- you. Don't sound. Like I gotta say that that's extremely -- quiet but successful what you do you treat sports like science when my turn in the Atlanta alert so much -- You know -- you have to conduct all the hype that the yet. Which are particularly important because I change -- dry -- -- actually -- aren't -- -- right carrier when you get caught up in the high. If you look at and it can land. But not to keen on didn't perpetuate the garbage which secure -- and -- -- appear real about it you look at what works what doesn't. -- -- and currently conducting the. And you know maybe maybe the people who wore assuming. Then I'm this overbearing loud mouth are just keeping them meeting me for the first time I forget that even though I've been on the year here in the Bay Area. For almost a decade I'm still very new to a very large portion of this audience and and I do forget that at times and maybe I need to keep that in mind. What I guess a lot of people don't know and and thank you so much for the call is. I'm the guy that the giants threw off their post game show because I was too mean. Like Larry -- picked up the phone and said he's got to go he's too real. He doesn't stand up and clap every time Barry Bonds it's a home run so. Can be are pulled me off of 680. Put me on the 1015. And put in. Dave Fleming. Posting after home games so I wasn't burning down giants fans with reality is they drove home. And that's not my opinion that's a fact. That happened. I'm also the guy that was once pulled off a forty -- show. Because of -- it was a pre season game against the the Oakland Raiders and I said Mike Nolan needs to be fired right now. Think that it's for a pre season game. I have been so I am the one of the few journalists. And I use air quotes and I say -- -- a few guys who talks sports in any way shape or form in this town. That when he walks into would team's facility they don't run over to hug him. Because I might say something not nice. I might get it do some type of reality. About your team that's gonna make that team uncomfortable. I have -- the 49ers to the ground and you call him and ask him I have worked. The San Francisco Giants to the ground you call them and ask him I have marked. The Golden State Warriors to the ground you call him and ask him. And here's the deal. Here's the deal. They might not like me. But they'll respect me. If you are raider fan. And you look at this schedule the new CA may. I say you don't know football. Where you have a break from reality. This is a tough schedule. That is being put in front of a team that was terrible last year. With huge question marks about every single important leadership position on the team. Billion Fresno how are you Billy you're on the day membership. Downgrade has been turned me on great show. But greater fan and I'm particularly ignored by our -- not optimistic but more so like little man syndrome. All the raider fans aren't like barking -- Cilic right now. I mean really this is probably 1 of the hardest central scheduled anybody things for awhile mean aside from the street -- -- if you -- people. I'm neglecting the fact of the cardinals really should have been a playoff team last season coming in another three playoff teams right there and schedule. And north elegant schedule I just see. Probably the most winnable games are meaning you want her cue from the division maybe one -- -- from the and feed and to be honest. I don't know if I can confidently say I can have a winning season in Manhattan with the liberators as they are right now. And I just I just. Really I would get greater fans that are doing I was parking and if you are expecting a winning season you're setting yourself up for many united industry in this next season. And you better stay away from. Any betting lines whether it be taken there overnight lenders because -- really setting yourself up for some failure in many -- -- at this season. Billy thank you for the call here's the thing I'm not trying to rob anybody their excitement of seeing their schedule. But once you get past the excitement of like oh here it is. Then we're gonna be real with it. And look eat -- -- you should be as excited as you want to be. This excited about it. But you really don't need to waste my time calling up this and I see the playoffs. Really because your eyes are amazing if you see the playoffs. Donovan in severance Cisco how are you Donovan. Donovan area would make gone once. Twice. Donovan was anti me and I wanted to give him his. And I don't think for a second there were only taken like -- a -- showed Damon. Calls -- and -- mama -- see everybody Israel real real tough on Twitter. When it comes to actually. Talk and -- just doing well let's go to this guy deadline. Let's go to school. Oak town raider Bob in Nevada in old town right about. In case you're forgotten you and thank you for not being that can't be -- reporter you know I was a greater attention to blow up. And the reality is looking for a decade we get these -- -- old veterans and all want were gonna make the playoffs. Are you here. I mean I'm sorry I'll probably pick up a lot of people in the -- -- nation and RB KO hitting with a little iron gang up there -- you know what whatever. You got about reality is. And this year I don't wanna quarterbacks are wanna build enough feet deep bench like we used to have people that we moved to LA. Let's get the jacket -- Iraq you know screw Johnny for whatever years. -- -- -- -- you know what I there's a part of me that appreciates it and look there's some really big players can come from small schools and small conferences. But it's amazing to me. They hear the raiders are with a huge question mark still a quarterback and they would take a linebacker that no one heard of before ten days ago from buffalo. Could you wanna take a linebacker no one's ever heard of from the school was zero tradition whatsoever. Over the best quarterback the SEC's ever seen rip it up to the tone -- he won a Heisman. A that would be amazing and hey who knows maybe clear Mac is the next Lawrence Taylor. Let's go to Al in Oakland how Ariel. Yeah. And do murder yet what he got turn your radio down to me. Got a lot there. Who go to. The -- if we go way back forward outdated -- he always be at all. -- -- Outfit later -- a sickening. Thank. The -- Yeah no -- OK so so there goes the -- Davis is gonna help you upset teams. Now they'll not not to go out date is that. If it's not just take a drink it like this simple -- big deal we can't always through third pick. -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad that they need trading that he LB Eric outlook forty -- -- so they understand it you're. We go shop. Leo if we don't -- an eight game that we don't think can at least feel are deliberately back into our -- The ability to. I get. Out thank you very much for the call I notice your name's Al maybe that's a kindred spirit -- Al. Look there's the Al Davis was an absolute. Tighten. Eight tightened in the history of football he is one of the gods. That gave us the gift that is this game. But believe the saying goes. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. An Al was so set in his ways. That he kept on building the raiders in a vision that had more to do with ten years ago not ten years ahead of his time. And then -- football took a big step forward the raiders weren't prepared to take that step forward with a go to Mike in the more and how Loria Mike. Eight and they put me on listen. I've learned to appreciate your commentary. From day to day the first couple days are upbeat raider fan but I'm glad I hung in there what. Again the last ten seasons were rough being a raider fan warn them. What's a couple radio show us. On the schedule. Almost as some call up people call and there's an all over your struggles -- rule here -- -- what they don't understand is that fourteen out of the sixteen games that we play this year. Or seven -- back in 2002. Realignment. And they don't understand that the way of the divisions rotate. It they are blessed -- we NFC west this year and every team in the AFC east. The other in jeans. Replay within a conference depending on. How they finish and their division -- finished or place we played or place. -- -- -- it look -- well I think we all know how overwhelm most people know how and schedules are built we'd normally we have. The list of teams. That you will be playing long before we had the actual schedule itself we just don't know the order until 5 o'clock this afternoon. But yeah the first four weeks are going to be brutal -- of the East Coast fly all the way back home slightly East Coast and then go to London. Yeah we're going to be that we're gonna need to. And here's the deal -- and thank you very much yeah you start off in new York at the jets come home to Houston. At new England and then I'm sure. You know you're not gonna fly back to the West Coast before you just get -- complaining go to London to take on the dolphins. The deal is this they could very much BON three heading to London and then -- they actually lost to the dolphins in London. You are all in four and you're probably leaving Dennis Allen in London and good Pip cheerio. Atop. I know more calls are coming up I see we got an awful lot of calls right here already on hold but we do have. A guy who's up three on a playoff series sharks Winger Mike Brown joins me next you will enjoy little James Brown right now. And. James Brown. Mike Brown. On October 20. They're playing Cleveland Browns from them. He says the Damon -- show Mike Brown of the sharks coming up next. Point seven again. Exactly what we could affect you. It's just -- yeah. I don't know exactly what. Every single hockey -- in the Bay Area whether your season ticket holder just got to the party bandwagon jumper it doesn't matter. I hope you watched -- if you did you are in for the long haul last night's game three in Los Angeles. Was as good of the game skated so far in the NHL's post season. There's sharks are up three nothing on the kings and talk about it a man who's already got a goal and assist. In this series right Winger Mike Brown from the San Jose Sharks joins us on the Damon Bruce show my thanks a lot man how -- I'm -- very good. Thanks for having me on here. I'm guessing -- yeah I'm guessing you and your teammates. Are not gonna sit around and patting each other on the back here -- William at least acknowledge. The three nothing lead is awfully nice lead dad at any point dime in a seven game series. -- I mean her you know we obviously are 11 -- reminder now. You know at this early I think -- -- -- at times and you know we got -- -- -- at home which we are which we needed and then you know we kind of -- -- that was I was -- -- for -- so. You know we do we -- big game at a time and right now we have four sons are nice and you know -- -- -- love. With games one and two getting a little out of hand. Were you guys totally prepared. It certainly seems like you war. For the nature of the game three that we saw last night a much faster. Much tighter played tighter officiated game. You know the kings were skating on life support you could see the desperation. And how they're put their blades down on the ice it was just it was great drama and it seemed like you're totally prepared. For that style of game after the two blowouts. You know in order beginning or series we've got to look at LA and we you know we knew that it was going to be that type of the games you know the first two games we hear it was kind of unexpected -- -- -- to have that many polls. But you know we kind of go into this series -- -- them enough throughout the area are you nervous inside. A couple of cars in the last playoff so. You know we knew that this is going to be a close -- series and it really there really physical I don't against these guys in the actually approach every game we you know tiger -- not first few games but you know last I saw what we were. Or what we're expecting -- this series so. From here on how we that's that's our mindset that so we're I've sort planning on having of these types of games and you know we just legally got to show what we're capable of and and play play -- and then you know an -- about what you what they're doing -- just focus on what we have mr. Sharp Winger Mike Brown here on the Damon Bruce show and I think that. One of the best single signs I've seen from San Jose in and I know that this is your first year with the sharks we've been seeing in this team in the playoffs for ten years in a row. The difference this year. Is. How random the contributors seemed to be I mean it's like who hasn't scored a goal yet. I -- hasn't scored goals bailout hasn't scored a goal but it seems like everyone else has so far. You know what that's that's huge bonus especially -- playoffs. You know playoffs you better unilateral or liar and she -- Gotta keep ever discretion already do this to after all alliances. He gets -- contribution from mark or -- to secure its you know it's always a bonus and it's always great. You know we we know we have to do we go out there and -- we got -- -- -- after the overall -- answering your energy going -- You know prosecute and few calls its you know a script -- -- -- -- -- a lot of contributions from our. -- such as which I thought there were two guys who in the third period totally raise their games on the ice last night one of them with Jonathan Quick. Who was incredible in that third period he was stopping. Some just fantastic opportunities that you guys had. And the other was -- put Belsky who I think just one every single faceoff he was asked -- especially. All in Los angeles' zone when you guys are on the man advantage when your trying to get done. You know just just control the puck right off the -- and a power play I thought he was phenomenal. Yeah I mean they're going on -- you're very you're you're you're -- he's been in this situation before and and you know our wins so. You know we we expected Kendrick went real well against us we know. -- -- knowing that we were -- probably be put in more than one or 20 lead and then. Those -- our focus -- to you know prevent them from scoring who are criminals and -- most boring games so you sophomore last night but. You know well pockets where -- -- stars -- your big guys come out of play and in horse you're not just -- -- sort -- -- and you know most wearing -- winners you know it's great to see when you when you have your guys -- -- playoffs and we that's so far. Backhander from Marlowe is unbelievable when that happened what is what is the feeling. It ended yeah in the dressing room after the game he I mean you know we just can't. Be sitting prettier than three nothing until it's actually for nothing if that's where it goes. But I need -- -- you sit around and you just high five patty Marleau for half an hour is it. Amen way to do the job once again businesses back on tomorrow on how how long do you get to enjoy. A big win. In the middle of a series. We thought I was so it was a little different -- and -- you know I mean you know we do the hard fought battled -- game and then you know -- -- -- kind of old Russian in overtime to -- -- we put out -- -- -- at a remote -- You know it -- this time a year you were you angry at -- temperature -- -- to -- -- -- so you know you know we're real excited real real. Thankfully it went last night and you know we're pretty pumped after the game let you know right after -- say it's a quick turnaround to say you know -- Leo look towards Thursday night. You know right now our focus is you know -- forget it forget about the last we can't focus on next game and Karl. And you know auspicious start contractors. On this in this everything you never know it happened so guys they can't think anything -- and -- -- -- That's tomorrow. 28 year old right Winger Mike Brown of San Jose Sharks can we talk about job. Tomas hurdle who I believe it's 1113. Years old he -- a lot lot older than he looks he's he's unbelievable for a rookie and he added how how great is it that he has a huge goal in the same game where Graham Bob Harlow wins it. You -- that they're supposed to expression about you know big big name guys are stepping up and playoffs and contributing its. Not the same way he you know we unfortunately had -- injury during this year and but I. From what I saw my first after the cash charge she's had a great rookie grace Gator great player. And try to put our Internet you can see that's so. For him to step up and playoffs and and contribute like that it you know it's great for us those that are going. It was an incredible hockey game it's been a great series for San Jose who has responded. The each challenge the extra curricula challenges of the scoring challenges that physical challenges out on the ice. You guys have overcome an awful lot through three I think there could be some rooms brought out I don't want to jinx anything and I know you don't want to predict anything here might. Let me ask yeah I says -- Chicago boy northside Southside. Where is great company north side then and now -- live in inner cities that are in Chicago area in the loop. Thought enough about ourselves and learn more like our charter city so Daryn the cubs and Sox. More crowd is erupting mile trek out so I -- be a concert. There you go in -- Wrigley -- 100 birthday today are. We're happy for -- and didn't think it happened very very nice CN deep dish or Chicago dog. Or prefer android or Belushi. -- bush. This is all really good stuff Mike we're gonna need to talk again sometime. Thank you very much for joining me fantastic to have beyond good luck to you your line -- your teammates. And I think this thing might be over and four and I can ask your prediction but. Let's just say with lung disease over and for you guys just wait around for your next opponent to be nice Mike thanks a lot. Yeah probably appreciate it thank you. Could write good hockey. Good hockey conversation you know it's amazing guys from Chicago. Sounds like he's from -- but. Remember one Madonna moved to London. In Newton within three weeks she sounded like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. I just straight up cockney accent. Are you from Michigan. Which series are you from Lansing Michigan cookbook. Are you British all of a sudden. And -- mine went to Australia. Came back talking like -- What I meant your from terra haute Indiana why you have an Australian accent. All right here's the deal. I don't care what your accent is or where you picked it up if you'd like to use it on the show to talk to me you gotta give me -- call right now. 888957957. Know our final segment of this -- coming up next here on the Damon Bruce show you are more than welcome. To be a part of it. Or forever hold your peace. To show -- 95 point seven big game. We are running data showed today. Not run out of -- today's get my purchase deal. Half off tickets for Sonoma train town come enjoyed truly unique experience 120 minute train trip. That goes through tunnels over bridges makes a stop in our own miniature town by the way it's really cute you got a -- bring kids train sounds very cute. Get this deal now in my purse dot com tickets are only valid on some days -- speaking of Sunday validity. We've got a lot today with the announcement of NFL schedules have been talking about that quite a bit and that's our gonna wrap up today show. Except for that what this this that you printed forming child -- was looking after the a's got swept today this is it what they rained. Your fan posted. On the -- page. I hate BA's. Because they won't give me a reason to hate them I know that that doesn't make sense. But I want to be 100%. Pro Rangers I wanna hate every other team in their division. And I wanna have good reason to do so. But the eighties just play excellent baseball this is unacceptable. On the need them to start overpaying players were signing juice yours or something. Last I've become in a -- A that's pretty good that's pretty if only all sports fans were that cordial. On the Internet. I'd probably be on the Internet more by the way speaking about job. But starting to overpay players last Billy -- if that's in his plans probably not. Billy dean joins me tomorrow David Li joins me tomorrow we have one hour for you tomorrow from three to four before. The phase get go one tomorrow so. A Big Three o'clock power hour coming up tomorrow on 957 the game -- try to get everybody who was on hold up and in as we walked out the door. -- in Fremont. -- you're on the day membership. -- on. So. You know scheduled release then you know. You know I couldn -- know Olympics and virtual port and whatever I mean a little premature to make predictions and people -- throughout. And you know again as a result -- -- like games on. Sure but you know this sports talk radio were indeed let's assume let's assume we know what's coming business it's what we do. And the nice thing is and and somebody said -- Damon if you're wrong will you cop to a hell yeah I'll cop to it when I'm wrong about something. I'll admit that -- you know it's nice being in the -- stock whether that the sport stock guy 'cause it's like be in the weather guy if you say it's gonna be a sunny day and it rains. While everyone knows you were wrong you still don't lose your job at a. -- respect that that respect well like about ninety. Thank you very much I like that about you -- I got re in Fremont -- that's who we just spoke with thank you rate. Tony in San Jose what's up Tony. Then -- -- -- and many -- seven and bash at the I don't -- that that. Thank you man I'm having a great time I'm glad your enjoyment. -- -- -- -- Don't want them to -- then there's another thing to be delusional. Right I love talking to stands I hate talk -- -- -- I don't -- -- the McCain and -- stand and be realistic. You can look at and be delusional. Says that's not open to look at on the -- roster. That there that they're gonna make that jump to -- eight Nate. 97 whatever you -- call. Schedule come -- to look at the -- at. The deliberate than last year in the baby but they picked up -- I don't feel like they're building for the future of the web. They do have to play games and I'm very -- I eat lunch well that's probably the marker -- and. Yeah I'd say four and 125. And in five and eleven it is I think the most I can talk about the raiders that is five and eleven. I mean everybody's making a big deal valued on the register on June -- -- back below. What do you do when you have a clear cut number and unpacking and I think there between those two. I mean I'm personally not. Well not it's it's it's weird that you didn't slick footballs we're now there is no clear cut one back anywhere except for maybe Adrian Peterson. Everyone uses a platoon the problem with the raiders platoon is it's made up of a whole bunch she can't stay healthy and hasn't been relevant. Exactly and -- challenger in the spring chicken anymore so it's seven you can get through page I mean he's taken a lot of Atlantic carrier. Not sure I haven't been knocked silly -- you know the entire career. I just. Here. Tony I thank you for your call though I really do. We got Scott. From England. -- were big across the pond how are you Scott. Hello moderate and -- I don't think you'll get a caught. That chill and go cry to speak to somebody would actions -- Well it was I was just pointing out how it's amazing how. -- you talk to any hockey which you spoke with Mike Brown. Who is from Chicago. But he sounds Canadian because he's been in the NHL for so long so he says organizer nation it's like and I and the example I uses when Madonna. Left the United States moved to London live there for three weeks and started talking with a cockney accent. So I would go and created an it worker and I called. Little bit being in the corner at the trash out rubbish it's like I'm no look I'm -- to get there about you know. Next thing you know football will only mean the NFL to you when you're gonna start calling it soccer. And I watched the other fellow Olympic -- and I I don't have a local cheating but I tell you what. I've been trying to listen on the radio guys -- to get into the pistol a little bit which I've no idea bout on the cricket -- You know Richard good to hear and the white brightest what you guys cope. I tell you one single. I -- I'd got good political Clinton oh I'll watch them. Greeted the end of -- signed on I'm on a -- As much as budget it's like you know completely couldn't eat but the good. You gotta have something to bring the crowd and. So you're saying Johnny -- cells got international appeal over across the pond. Yet -- -- -- you that's more than any cricket guy at the guy can say Scott don't be a stranger. Literally any time you wanna call the show just check in with the accent. Go ahead. This is Lindell final called the day what's going on land Al east Palo Alto. -- Rendell sorry about that like Rendell high. I ran out commute into acute short -- where I got much respect for you and rated number -- Trent. Merry go well that -- it that's it that's a team that is just. Stuck in the middle of being really good right now or may be rebuilding two -- the chargers it. That's another tough NFL team to figured out you never know you're gonna get week in week out -- that team. Exactly what my. Like called about my act. And I I developed without an element school. Go ahead hit me with -- wow and he knows that's an accent as much as it is annoying but I thank you for it. He has -- gift he wanted to share. Share your gift here on the day membership. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their talents. By joining us today Warren Moon Robert -- all from black sports on line. Jeff pass and Yahoo! Mike Brown from the San Jose Sharks is great talking all of them again tomorrow. Billy -- and David Lee coming up in my 3 o'clock hour. Just wanna say thanks to everyone who got us up and on the air today thanks to my. Producer Kyle mark -- great stuff as always thank you to Zach arrive for all the updates Patrick for an assist as well thank you very much. And thank you so much for tuning in again one hour tomorrow please come on back from three to four a's baseball be taken over the in the early evening I'm 957 to gain in the meantime please do remember sports don't build character yeah. They reveal. Like back. School.

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