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Seth Everett, Fox Sports Radio MLB Voice joins Troy Clardy

Apr 23, 2014|

Seth tells Troy that it's not time for the Oakland Athletics to panic. This will be a dogfight. Texas and Anaheim are better this year and it will be a close finish. He also details his thoughts on the territorial dispute between Oakland and San Francisco plus headlines around Major League Baseball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- very trying to -- -- -- or are we they've rapper. A we can send IQ -- you have those two ringtone how about that. Bigger at the Ricoh. Americas cup Arctic that would be a bad apple -- -- And we know and and should you be that guy and -- the only want to be that guy. Ago what -- here at free amateur. You'd think where you have. Oil oil or certainly appreciate the time it's important to have it here and pitcher by an initial thoughts on the Oakland days here they got swept earlier today. By the Texas Rangers couldn't knock out Yu Darvish in game one bullpen coughed it up. In game two and they ran into a buzz -- further Rangers pitching is concerned. Earlier today a's dropped three to the Texas Rangers so that means a's fans should be enhanced mode right now. It's like you don't panic in April. -- panic -- -- and -- say here in New York coliseum. But I wouldn't prepare. About that -- but I think -- -- -- -- -- -- spring training like respect yet -- appropriate the other acquisition was the right acquisition a lot of people -- that I liked it. I think Oakland the quality team I've never disrespect the BO pay. I just expect that bite into and think about that the injured. I think and I'm better. I think Seattle better and you like so many games against your own division I think it's really who wins in their division I would not be surprised. BA's greater spirit -- the same record outside the division and -- garbage utterly nonsense. But hey it's their head to head matchup against the Rangers get the Mariners against being. Yes and Texas did much of this obvious without Adrian Beltre Shin-Soo Choo was lost with a with a sprained ankle or -- in the late in the first game. Of this series they've had guys going down left to like not let the game. Last night as well they're doing this without a lot of their big guns just how good -- Texas speak. I could get a bit erratic pitching Arctic pure and you have a hundred buried this thing. Outback you guard Tyler recently that I did not know and I I never thought app though showed you -- on -- -- hit. You know you'd garbage you are currently. And because of that -- own structure is different than the typical Japanese pitcher. And because he had been brought up in Japanese way of seeing baseball. He had -- bit -- it and I'm not trying to be funny here aren't they cute they're real yet it into an -- Japanese pitcher and the body. A different files picture. And back or get through a lot. And that's why you garbage they always act at a higher yelling and -- get all but in Europe -- aka -- -- with that Bjork. He's a big guy term six foot five he's such a joy to watch pitch as well. Even though I didn't answer I can get some days. I at a Japanese writer come up and tell me reasons. Have you ever seen execute jeopardy. It never got an -- in Japan right. Cornell you see his six foot 51 and he's one of the better ones in the do we talking to set ever is he's discussing Major League Baseball thus. Here in 95 point seven the game which nobody ever said the payroll quick set the giants a -- based got off to a pretty red hot start there. Twelve and ten right now baseball and back just says the pack just -- but now behind the Dodgers in the NL west. Overall though any surprise to look at giants have been able to do so far this year. Lacquered or are surprised that they've been able -- Ryan -- given up -- you know -- -- where you. I'm alarm or renovate it they won game six the court. Where where you had great respect the team if -- backed -- behind early they would not be able to come back at. That come from behind on that argument dramatic come from me I come from behind it like -- -- any experience when your looting and it's not a lost day record back. It's totally cute -- a lot of credit for that. It's buried in the accurately give a lot of a lot of welcome back at a cardinal the other course back. They're 1110. Or not. Anybody out out of the Milwaukee Brewers this kind of a ticket but all part -- genetic -- that Dodgers so. I expect that for the month of April maybe some other media that -- -- whatever and it went giving like apologists for the month of April. And and and and in the in the division that you covered most closely being with your creation with the Mets you know that the NL east is just natural G and it seemed to Atlanta I have too much had root against the royals. Our -- here -- Atlanta they're getting. Okay Eric hurrying at that point 70 era he's morneau hit it right -- bizarre world. There's no way that it's working and I can't understand their current. Out there are some cancers that are just. Having reached the unbelievable you look at the restart Beirut you've got Wainwright. You've got joked Kelly of the PL right now Michael -- speakers -- -- to ERA. Ten limit here as a substitute ERA everybody during pitcher -- and nobody's really hot again out the Milwaukee Brewers. And I'm sorry even if you're a big believer that the brewers when a hundred games they're gonna come back down to earth a little. -- -- to joining us here in 95 point seven big game -- I am told that you have thoughts. On the jays stadium situation which is taken a turn. Pretty even nastier over the last 24 hours with the coliseum authority saying hey we -- -- -- -- really say again. There are I've I've heard I -- it being buried things Leo that with five million dollars background and this and that now BA's have broken off negotiations. So I understand you have thoughts on this whole situation. The floor is yours. Well you know Burton -- I think it is indicative but the only good part I expect it but I brought in Atlanta. Two weeks ago I ER eight -- -- -- and I accept it but expects I think he had to pick Oakland. Speak or eat he can really. And there's a major art store and I have been screaming about their careers. -- -- the -- what the situation. And I live on the east coach but I -- national bank for our sport. And every question I get about relocation is about Tampa. Can't perhaps fourteen year let subtly. -- no problem -- don't figure that one out. But there -- -- her situation out. And expert about I don't -- -- -- -- the country has been reporting on this lawsuit about the territorial -- I think that what happened at the result. Is open record are now. That they have no leverage in getting an expansion -- Oakland coliseum deal. -- charts -- frankly they should have been negotiating with the many about a -- here it's two years ago. The coliseum and the every state Al Davis. Had all the electric collaborative situation. Demanding your tenure and advocate that the only way the county can actually make it a recruitment out of their investment. So -- -- obviously it would expand by one or two years or they wanna play I think you'd be part one or two years. And what Nadal coming down to is exactly what it came down to what the Montreal Expos and the Baltimore Orioles. The Montreal Expos wanted to move to watch it in beta bear territory they didn't wanna do you know Angela I saw in front corporate. Absolutely not act bell back not happening what what happened. -- got a checkbook. On our CAA's got a computer hard drive that did that pay the guy. -- what they're gonna beat you I don't not yet either but bigger network in the period the Washington metro area. I'll bet -- Atlantic sports network the mid Atlantic sports network is partly owned by Peter Angelos editorial. And even know that nationals are the most popular draw that network. Or he'll get a recruitment -- bad investment. -- a settlement. And your -- don't -- to -- because you're not gonna take the old days away from the bumper -- television market in the country. They're not moving to Portland they're not -- in Charlotte and they're not in Canada and you're my product figure out that lockyer wrote in a room and settle at. And no play each act which the coliseum because applauding network. Set well says there of course -- -- north of all the money knowledge and this teenager all the TV ratings money. As well a couple of questions for -- ever talk Sports Radio talk and MLB with him here in 95 point seven big game. It seems like one of the bigger maybe more hidden subplots of this season so far this year. Has been injuries to pitchers left and right guys getting Tommy John surgery. All throughout the season to date -- Josh Johnson from San Diego again. Do you make of all these injuries we've seen the pictures so far we're not even a month into the season. Look cute things that are happening number one doctors are able to clear. MRI. And they're able to discover the severity are scared. You could be you're either torn or not now what's happening here you can beat rate and the exact -- exchange when I started working for MLB. Probably around the turn of the century it was about 60% success rate. And it's 60% ID article I and one particular -- -- -- now but it caught the 8788%. You're seeing 88 in eagerness. To go through the process. Sure you resist -- -- -- light but you can have it fifteen years of a career -- Targeted to perfect example. Number one -- spurred no one thinks any less of Strasburg potential -- sure he would handle with the equipment and I'll let other -- They could deploy -- concert so great it. I can get even better if there are pictures out their whole -- Fernandez who is my new favorite picture in the world to watch. I I would think he'd become a better option if you want to play free agent market. The had Tommy John surgery earlier Nazi or arbitration years that there's no question on his recovery credit card he gets. If holding -- and it could not content. Probably got surgery. His ability to get -- six year contract have been issued because he don't wanna argue or six years ago -- -- -- you -- Interest and -- they are certainly makes a lot of sense especially seeing. How injuries have gone for pitchers as they get older in -- heck even if that he is -- don't get older as rip this up one last thing here and abroad PNC park between the pirates brewers on Sunday and he said he said punches thrown suspensions handed out fines handed out. But Garrett cold doesn't get anything he started this whole thing how is he not get a banned from all of us. Where you can argue Croat Palmer editor when he walked when he watched a a double. So I I take a little bit of this agreement -- the -- catcher I don't know he got -- here because he landed on. By the way the NHL Tibet periodic or show that everybody else and I think that what -- gonna happen as a result. You know I try to argue -- all but here's the problem. You're trying to you -- barely. It's YouTube -- hole any -- you have to give him experience. And he'd barely anything like that may like -- I'm sure he started it but you if you give them one game -- no impact dramatic the tape dispenser. It wouldn't even expect it it would allow him to -- you remember we. And so -- results. What happens if you're gonna give Garrick colts they gave you couldn't give Carlos Gomez ninth game and you're not gonna -- the -- -- -- gate. So I understand Michael couldn't get a think if if it was apple Apple's. -- gets suspended but because he's starting pitcher are. That's why he's one of the preeminence. MLB insiders and the -- right doubts that ever paid for joining us tonight welcome board attempt against him yeah.

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