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Scott Ostler, Columnist from the SF Chronicle Weighs in on Warriors vs. Clippers Playoffs

Apr 23, 2014|

Scott joins Troy Clardy to talk Warriors vs. Clippers NBA Playoff series (1-1). He believes that the Warriors we saw in Game 1 is more telling of the Warriors of we will see in Game 3. He notes with the absence of Bogut and Lee, the Dubs will have to do what they can-run and shoot. He continues on his expectations for Game 3 and Mark Jackson's future...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Scott Austin Scott -- talk -- and how you doing. I'm gonna -- value. I'm doing outstanding appreciate you -- taken on joining the program tonight. Now down two very different results so far induced series warriors win a close game 109105. In game one the and -- the clippers just -- raced the warriors beat him by forty points in game two in you're mind. Which of goals to results is closer to the truth from the warriors. Love that the first interview but the truth is always there. When here. -- your -- point worst -- and I relate well it makes huge difference is -- but that has forty point difference -- I. I think the rest of certain. Make your own -- and I'd be competitive. Now were you surprised by how things went in game two is -- sitting down watching all those things -- called. -- -- The one thing I was shocked at how well they were ticked that they were able to take that equipment to the extent curry and offensive actions. I was impressed with. Andrew -- only able atlas while everything kind of -- -- and south. And -- didn't -- in the report. -- clippers certainly could do no wrong and gained two. A couple of nights ago you mentioned step -- he's been somewhat quiet by his standards. For the most part so far in this series. Any reason to think that that that there's a trend you're developing. In this series this person person -- I know one -- it not going to be easy opportunity for courage necessary. Chris Paul and -- probably. Is that there's long been -- skill -- most of it is such a ballclub. And that's the pride and and he's stepped -- now -- And then came concept he had you know encroaching on those a point certainly territory things at the -- -- -- gunfire you can lot of help. Now the double traps so. I'm the so the -- that. To come up with -- that in that finally took its apple. Dropped the ball stopped running as popular screens make him pay the price like that may encourage. Pay him. Actually the government there's no easy out but they can't keep there were -- -- to counter. Scott -- -- the San Francisco chronicle our guests here in 95 point seven the game were talking warriors clippers with him. Yeah because it seems like -- no big -- because there's no Bogut because there's no leave for the warriors. In this series that may be it would be -- the warriors to best try to win the game was speed -- game. Outside by get their guards. But I get their guards and in in the groove as much as they possibly can now that said it is that the only way that they can possibly stay in this series against the clippers. I was trying to figure out another way there -- out. When you break it down. I don't think they have many other potent weapons and they can unleash. Now I'm like okay what -- side -- David Lee that'll work sometimes you get some guys that. As a brilliant. The explosion I think they're gonna have to look at that what what they do which has run and shoot. And and people say I Cameron -- out I don't that certain industrial. Clippers -- proven to be an American run against the state and keep. Especially if that's what you do best which appear to be what the warriors are are one of the teams that didn't do their best in the NBA. Now this series moves back from a Staples Center and now heads back out to the east -- tipoff tomorrow evening. At 7:30 PM at the ORACLE Arena for those folks who haven't had a chance to experience it for themselves. Just how cool is warrior his playoff basketball. At the ORACLE Arena because I mean let's face it's been such a rare occurrence over the last couple decades imagine this is an absolutely dynamite place to -- Yeah that we believe it was pretty special playoffs and -- 21 years in the area. And that we believe that those play games at oracle were. Exciting Iraq and everything about it. Innings or I remember appear certainly a giants -- and during the series he's sent there and play out a couple years. There's been an important matter can't get out in but. That oracle. That they gaggle on what is it is great -- that it'll be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we heard it straight up and critic of that guest -- that two. And maybe it that so maybe you know it's not that that much and I think that it's fun school. Even if you mentioned you don't psychological things in mind games and look let's face it these two teams. -- no love lost between the warriors in the clippers -- back cliche. Runs pretty true because these two teams can come into the chippy with each -- You know what when it when he comes to the psychological. The mind games and and that kind of aspect. All of this series you know things get chippy is who who's who's gonna win the psychological venture do you think so part of this series. I know you -- step curry particularly hard guy to pick out of games aren't like them he gets on my. Overwhelmed. Had knowledge -- so I don't think he's gonna crumble. And lurking about like electric flickered on and Chris Paul and the matter they get a better play. So. I thought I don't think it's gonna win on autopilot. I can open to go to trial including the coaches you know Doc Rivers. Really -- -- -- -- that you really really Smart. The market action and then. Planet it is certainly -- the psychological game is trying to plant and delivered to the officiating. Where the players that. That's what Galactica articulate that the -- a reasonable. -- -- -- And so. I would probably let -- return to work and I don't know that would do it and open a plan yet but. He's he's kind of kind of like yeah. Now we've we've seen what happens when you get under his skin we've seen that before a thirteen or maybe so maybe it's hurting the fake Heber Utah maybe that by you have budgeted figure out just a little bit couple has questions for -- us through the San Francisco chronicle. As we're talking warriors vs clippers with him. You know regular season and -- and you looked at the playoff draw and you look to what the warriors were capable of in some things. At that they can do some things they can bring to the table as far as on the rest of playoff -- is concerned. Did you think in your mind was reasonable to expect from warriors in this post season as far how far they can dance. I. What I would expect out of them and had reason to expect -- them what that they would be highly competitive. And that's where they play. And that the president. I thought that it hit a bump up for gridlock the first round but we're very compared to the six or seven games -- on the -- on the comparative. That. That can mean let them keep what they wouldn't -- Because. An -- out what should be conference champions. Got their exit out there in the conference and then -- -- -- -- And then everything changed and now down to. Certainly getting beat by forty acceptable but that being compared up against -- -- between the clippers. Win or lose would be -- I would expect now. Knowing what you know and reading some of the tea leaves that that appeared to be out there -- for whatever her work as far as what mark Jackson's future. Might be -- this squad how do you see things shaking out. In the next year potentially are so even if even if it takes that long as far as our mark Jackson's due to the squad. Are you you make me nervous about right because so much but so much tension. I have seen -- Simmering under the surface battle situation. That that I haven't ever going to get the point where our parent school mood. And I think we were ordered for another -- another year or so that constant tension is -- -- contribute fired. It is you know what it was electric which expects and it is so. I guess I would -- that. That you'll definitely not be -- in the series. And that there. And until last year country to think he kind of on trial an element in my -- you'll be happy -- That's weightlessness. And that's -- don't tension can usually work pretty well as far as relations between the coaches in the front all this is concerned and as far as coaches and players you know much reverse or does there is certain bill birthers are necessarily tension there but I mean Bill Walsh -- -- -- fashionable -- combat teams between he in the front office in the owner's box there. Back in the days. That seemed to work out pretty well so maybe this is just another instance where. You know we're we're tension can be used for the better. Yeah you -- at that level. And what expectations are under coach and I hope that that unfortunately is is it good and that's what you put up what. If you wanna. You wanna club med -- through some idiotic pocono in the job. That your plan that he. Yeah and and and that said you can you can play under the heat as long as you win that's certainly -- and helped things out. All lots does your wrap this up towards one key player you're gonna be keeping an -- on a four game three tomorrow night. When I won a key player on the north quite constant. Because he's got to. There -- to free -- -- a little bit -- got a contract early. He's got it -- -- to count those guys step to opening up to step outside. He's got to be part of the -- right so I think he's got a big game. Scott a pleasure can't -- to do it again soon thanks for joining us tonight. Are you --

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