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Bleacher Report AFC West Writer Chris Hansen Talks Raiders with Troy Clardy

Apr 24, 2014|

Chris stops in to talk to Troy about how he feels about the Raiders schedule, the improvements they've made, their draft needs and what he sees as a realistic record at the end of the season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who covers the AFC west toward the Bleacher Report you can follow him on Twitter at Chris Hansen NFL and it's Hanson. Within eight Chris thanks for talking to us and I I don't. I approach -- like that -- try. You know we strive for clarification. We strive for accuracy. On this program isn't sure you do as well. Big news of course in the NFL today the release of the schedules is now now all the football fans get to look conceived and planned -- plane rides and and all sorts of things and now we finally get to figure out. Who'll play written. Knew when. Now raider fans are already -- thrown up their hands at the Stein saying all his schedule is so difficult not just because of who they're playing. But when they are playing them. Now you're took a look at the greater schedule what sort of things pop back Q pop -- you. And you think this team might be doomed as a result of what the schedule looks like. Well you know they -- Pick -- -- and apparently there are they operate on and vote scheduled department actually NFL integrators. A paper in a lot of ways I mean there's a lot of travel. But I'm going to be a lot of traveling public matter public format that it tried to do the raiders a little bit of favorite what you make that public what they happen. You know that first stretch of four games where they go to New York fly on go to new England and then. It's been booked a net -- London and not a brutal brutal stretch from the good bye week after that nick kind of regroup a little bit so. And I think -- You know commitment to Israel and on about. About everything. You know and that's a greater than greater recognition kind of way but I really think that it will probably about it you can expect. Yeah and certainly now that said November gets really -- cold month of April the trip to a Cleveland. On the final Sunday of October as well at Cleveland at Seattle. Denver at San Diego Kansas City. And then at Saint Louis November for the raiders is really going to be. No joke would you look at this team as of right now. They -- better team right now than they work this time a year ago when your mind. Probably did any doubt about I mean added so many quality players the other veteran of the -- -- A year or two left in the tank that they can -- innovators really that well so omitted any doubt that they're better today the men were clashes that. I'm quarterback position it is more stable in the match. A better and that. Much more accomplished and whenever I ever was when the raiders brought in -- so I think you look at that team in the team that. Yeah that in -- -- that real high expectations -- the expectations are a lot better and higher than they were last year. What are your experts Haitians for the silver plaque as we speak for must before the start of the regular season. Not with him. At the schedule before it was released an opponent. 79 doable in this game. It really it. If you look at it wanted to meet you at Cleveland on and it. You know they get that they could beat to division foes you know get a couple of -- vote I went home. I'll buffalo. On picket in a potential candidacy is well winnable games got that yet on that. Few simple folk used on the political -- for the -- I think it definitely surprised some people. In 2014. I -- you look at our is going to be important. And I have that -- get it and that's really does that mean that kind of about that you know they need to get past that haven't really talks scheduled start out. Chris Hansen from the Bleacher Report he covers the NFC west for them and he joins us right now on 95 point seven game. Look at down the rest of the the AFC west as things stand as of this point was gonna Kansas City first soft. And if the chiefs don't run -- running backs against Indianapolis -- way out game last year maybe that's a bit of a different result. What are some of the things the chiefs have been up to in this off season and and and can they sustain in your mind as of right now some of the great things they are able to do last season. I think tendency in particular bit -- a step back. Next year on a lot a lot of players -- and it really outside and -- that -- with the -- -- money -- -- with the -- last year. They really didn't add a whole lot they added. Backs and guys and they -- that that. There's not a lot of players. The the second round draft -- traded that for Alex -- so. The united pitched. They're looking a little bit step back and you know to -- a lot tougher schedule and and go from plan. The last place schedule on the -- division putting the senate seat let them AFC east and second place schedule so. And a lot harder for them lookup to go to working. It's funny because usually the teams that made big strides for one year to the next they start to play that that more difficult schedule and things all and things from the start took. To to even now -- but maybe Kansas City. Falls into that same kind of mold. Our San Diego yeah I know they went to the playoffs last year and they want a playoff game and all that was nice. And -- being the harsh -- calling them probably the biggest under achievers. In the AFC west over the past few years given some the talent that they've had down there. You know I think that the perception just because of that count a natural long time that they squandered -- -- -- -- really haven't. They haven't -- that much talent people think. And last year I think defensively. They were lacking a lot of defense took talent. And operatives -- They have pretty good -- -- but you know nick and stop anybody today they kind of have you played ball control game keep people score console. I don't think they've been underachieving. Attitude about whether child level. You know are bright weather channel well most most of the -- Chris Hansen from the Bleacher Report covered the AFC west for them and he's our guest right now. On 95 point seven game going over to the Denver Broncos here they're coming off of an AFC championship year Peyton Manning. And the crew -- will be back should be an interesting season for them. But you know and die I think depth overall really cost them. When they needed it most without Clady without Von Miller without those pieces there. I think they would certainly help against Seattle much repayment of the win came against the -- of the way to equate that day but certainly they would have been able to help. What are some things you've been watching from the Broncos during this past off season. All the Broncos pretty much about separate thing you know every weakness that they believe. And to not -- perspective people think that -- did have a another big payout structure. I'm an expert on bullish on -- that not a job that the brother Robin. The markets where that truncate -- and wants sort of a probable all you had several different guys start games there they -- Puget lord. And then you know the quarterback position. Ultimately that. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the end -- the -- to lead over over -- -- so. And it -- -- problems defensively. Replaced Eric -- with -- -- that it was a great pick them. It's literally -- -- -- truck -- that we shouldn't. You don't free agency. You know they're not going to be and I have a top. You know premier top. -- slower than I'd be able to address one of the lot that way so that pretty little choice to address that period in the did that but it spoke concerned. And that to go -- you know now prove that they can be. The best in the NFC. They're gonna get -- put the niners and he talks this year cardinals are also very good so now be buried -- how they do it utility that seeking action. Yet now the Denver 11 the free agency period for whatever that's worth Washington won the free agency period quite often back in the day and reported goddamn. All that being said in your mind. How big is Denver's window how wide is that window for them to be able to compete at the low bid that they've been that there -- about they've been competing at the last couple of years or so. I think this year maybe next year and that's about it because wouldn't let it happen -- to pay Von Miller. -- to pay the -- astonished that the pace of these the only -- that they have and try to do that. And take pains me. -- and -- and obedient little there as well I think you can start -- suffered puncture them keep its. Team together so they that -- really start being the limiting factor that. What those guys start coming contract extension so the really this year and next year. And then you know after that they'll be kind of a wait and see. Thing for over how old -- -- looking into and the other guys and was productive and not. Erik Chris as we wrap this up who is the one guy at a raiders need to draft above all else and a couple of weeks in your mind. I think it's a little -- if you develop like that -- that they need. Anderson if you still available -- with the top sports teams might be split in their little bit because that Jack -- play some ball Chris Hansen can cover the AFC west. For Bleacher Report and he just joined us right here on 95 point seven game -- pleasure was to begin soon. --

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