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Terry Francona talks about bringing some hope to the cuty of Cleveland

Apr 24, 2014|

The Indians Manager talks about his series coming up with the Giants and the impact that Jason Giambi has on the team off the field

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In 2003. He's a two time World Series champion he is the reigning American League manager of the year. Terry Francona joins us here you weren't Downey and a -- I -- think -- you're gonna have a day -- you wanna have -- in San Francisco. We we we don't have a day off. What what what what I've -- there I think I don't think we have a day off. All I'm looking at the giant all the giants have a day -- so you guys are you you guys are playing today. Warren Warren Cleveland got a new -- -- typical. It's like game last night we got a new game -- that we are on one of -- we come to your lovely city. Now it would think -- how you feel about interleague play so early. Well I mean. With the unbalanced schedule now the way it is and in -- move in Houston surgeon but is going to be an early series every day -- -- okay. Man I think. If if it's good for the fans and the fans like it that regardless of how weak -- -- it you have to adjust and do about it. -- -- Auburn held here I don't know man I'll bring our unloved in my I loved my time here as a -- right announcer. Walker. -- -- You got it meant so how much how much you enjoy your time there and beautiful Cleveland all the rock and roll hall of fame is awesome. You know what I have been I haven't been there well about the line and -- that I didn't love -- here. I think that was probably the perfect place for legal land it. It'll actually cannot have a pretty good years and bought it did demand exactly like -- scripted. Let them -- pummel your word -- -- people worked for a a lot of woman. -- we get challenges but we kind of do together there and I ruling in order. They're what we need to clear up. I know that she got the nickname T go from your father that's correct. Could you give us the full story because we raised the question earlier why your called TO. How did you inherit that. Well -- when I was around the ball part of my deployed for fifteen years of probable Parker Wednesday. Revealed only little beetles do little people that the problem in order to try to and it just kind of content stock -- And -- I don't -- them. I'm quite a mental problem might bet a lot of my -- the only time it's ever uncomfortable is when he's around as he always looks like one political. What I mean actually -- -- proud of it. About like it because. -- -- -- -- -- Terry Francona AL manager of the year last year two time World Series champion joins us here putrid Tony have. 95 point seven a game you know and LeBron James left Cleveland. It was like a dark cloud over the city the browns aren't any good the Indians weren't any good. And then last year he had such a great run begin in the post season. And baseball people are fired up about baseball once again. And with the tribal what's that feeling like I know you guys haven't gotten off to the best start what's -- feeling like ditching it he got the city happy and eleven baseball yen. You know I live right downtown looked like two blocks well ballparks -- about you know who walked over the casino we're going to do what you. People or soul well beaten for a leader to be deal with a mean you know there -- -- -- what place they. They they want their team to con it'll Mir what they do they work are what they get they you know they've been worked for everything and baby got pushed around a little bit about their star quarterback. And I think that you'll say what about thirteen. I don't last year would put pampered in the playoff -- man this place woes. Was rocket and it was really cool and it and -- that we may never see -- mid nineties Padilla just because. -- times have changed year. But I do think the people that come to the games they really want well like Turkey and we wanna make problems that go to war or goals. You know you guys are down 30 in 2004 won the greatest comebacks in sports history. And we got the San Jose Sharks here up 30 against the kings what is the mentality of a team down three on a series like that. Well is not good Bosnia and the -- value of that. The one thing we tried to do one does not change anything you know -- of the but -- -- you know your odds aren't good -- you know but I think cubic yards wars. If you start to panic or make changes are to -- all -- that we had a chance was to just keep plugging away. Stay in the moment you know just don't try to think about four games -- -- about one now. And our guys also army base and give that group was incredible article for anybody could ever do again. -- that group did it once and that was good enough. I Terry took a year away and went to the dark side and did the media I think what what did you learn about the job that you have now. And about the other side in taking that year and seeing it from a different perspective. You know it's it's hard to kind of hold up to maybe the fact that that you need to step away. You know cause you know you -- his job. Really takes a lot Nadia and and then when you at Boston to that. These peoples temple like it should -- the year. And hold than albeit every year. You know YouTube watching games and you don't have the moat notable when Earl Watson and older had. And how the public good orbit for a while and then I found that sort of -- that which I also think was good. Work was amazing people there I mean I've for an they're locked up for the rest my life awards will watch about. You know what goes into Google wanted to. Guys -- open broadcast agreement. They were so good. -- -- again on there that are written there for life and who don't maybe someday -- upon what you -- again I mean not not like now. -- maybe you'll law. But it made me. Missed beaten in the clubhouse about good because then you know you come back in. To do this job right you know you got BP should go to some music cast them and I I think maybe some of that team back. I think I would think that you have to have that because of the way things happen in Boston that. That have to leave the way it ended had to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Yet did -- electorate that I would have scripted it that way. And mean I don't wake up every morning and think about it for sure what. -- IE I probably won't ever forget that he only did it was it'll mean again you would hear the -- Doctor and your team plays like that it's September you're wide open recruitment and -- -- that -- we we really. We really dropped the ball. -- there were some things that happened that portable war combat that. Has ever for a lets you go you got employer Jason Giambi is 43 years old as you know he spent eight good years in Oakland won an MVP played in the playoffs. What do you think his future is in the game do you see him being a manager. I mean his future is probably whatever he wants. He is looking a blessing to him not always be. You'll not only our players of the -- to put the organization. -- -- She knows he has cart launch to -- anybody anytime anywhere. And and were better off for -- -- on -- more. That is probably fair to him. He's got broad shoulders and he's been through at all but he's got a very you'd be. Really good ways of pocket the players and at our local man he's been great for almost. Let's bring great catching up with yet good luck today and we'll see over the weekend when you take on the San Francisco Giants he out of AT&T park. -- -- serious Francona. 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